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By Angel Garcia Carbajal, BSN

Summary of Nursing Theories
Theorist Hildegard Peplau (1952) Faye Abdellah (1960) Goal of Nursing To develop interpersonal interaction between client and nurse To deliver nursing care for whole individual To help client gain independence as rapidly as possible To help client and family to cope with and find meaning in experience of illness To reduce stress so that client can recover as quickly as possible To help client achieve maximal level of wellness To use communication to help client to reestablish positive adaptation to environment To care for and help client to attain self-care To assist individuals, families, and groups to attain and maintain maximal level of total wellness by purposeful interventions To use conservation activities aimed at optimal use of clients resources To identify types o demands placed on client and clients adaptation to them Framework for practice Interpersonal theoretical model emphasizing relationship between client and nurse Problem solving based on 21 nursing problems Hendersons 14 basic needs

Virginia Henderson (1964) Joyce Travelbee (1966) Dorothy Johnson (1968) Martha Rogers (1970) Imogene King (1971)

Interpersonal theory emphasizing nurseclient relationship Adaptation model based on seven behavioral sub-systems Unitary man evolving along life process Nursing process as dynamic interpersonal state between nurse and client Self-care deficit theory Systems model of nursing practice having stress reduction as its goal; nursing actions in one of three levels: primary, secondary, or tertiary Adaptation model of human as integrated whole based on four conservation principles of nursing Adaptation model based on four adaptive modes; physiological, psychological, sociological, and independence

Dorothea Orem (1971) Betty Neuman (1972)

Myra Levine (1973)

Sister Callista Roy (1976)


By Angel Garcia Carbajal, BSN Jean Watson (1979) To promote health, restore clients to health, and prevent illness (Marriner-Tomey, 1989) Philosophy and science of caring: caring is an interpersonal process comprising interventions that result in meeting human needs (Torres, 1986)

Ref: (From Basic Nursing Theory and Practice, Potter and Perry)

Erickson, Tomlin & Swain - Modeling & RoleModeling Theory (MRM) Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. - Life Perspective Rhythm Model Hall, Lydia E. - Core, Care and Cure Model Henderson, Virginia - Definition of Nursing King, Imogene M. - Systems Framework and Theory of Goal Attainment Kolcaba, Katharine - Theory of Comfort Leininger, Madeleine - Transcultural Nursing Model Levine, Myra Estrin - The Conservation Model Martinsen, Kari - Nursing Philosophy Mercer, Ramona T. - Maternal Role Attainment Neuman, Betty - The Neuman Systems Model Neuman, Margaret - Health as Expanding Consciousness Nightingale, Florence - (Systemic approach to health care) Orem, Dorothea E. - Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory Orlando, Ida Jean - Nursing Process Theory Roper, Logan & Tierney - The Elements of Nursing: A Model for Nursing Based on a Model of Living Roy, Callista - The Roy Adaptation Model Watson, Jean - Theory of Caring in Nursing Wiedenbach, Ernestine - The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing Parse, Rosemarie Rizzo - Theory of Human Becoming Peplau, Hildegard E. - Interpersonal Relations Model Rogers, Martha E. - The Science of Unitary Human Beings