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A DESORIPTION OF TRainkow City PROM THE Heffetin Mam Contents The Surface City in the Antarctic With Rainbow Temple and Its Location The Underground City, Terminal for the Vast Tunnel System Under all the Earth The Ancient Three and How They Operate The Circle-Winged Plane, the First Trips Inte Space and their Effect on Man The Mysterious Portals, Instently Ready to Move Anyone or Anything Anywhere Snakes in the Glass, Man's Relentless and Ancient Foe, the Serpent People Released for BSR Associates THE_HEFFERLIN MANUSCRIPT Typewritten and handwritten copies of these manuscripts have been in circulation since the Hefferling began releasing them from Livings~ ‘ton, Montana in the late 1940s. At the time the Hefferlins first heard of Rainbow City in the Antarctic, some time in 1940 according to them, the information was so fantastic as to be beyond belief, It is still unbelievable to most people that there in the frozen wastes lies a great city, comfortably warm, full cf scientific marvels from some great, hitherto unknown civilization of the past. Nevertheless they were con- vinced the information was true and cautiously released it a little at a time to the few they found understanding and receptive. Hefferlin claims he designed a flyable, circle-winged plane before Paying Saucers became news in 1947! In fact, much of his material in the manuscripts, utterly fantastic in the 1940s, now seems worthy of consideration in 1960! Most UFOlogers have heard of the manuscripts or seen references to them in Saucer literature. Mrs, Hefferlin accus Ray Palmer of misinterpreting them for his own purposes, as you will read an the introduction on the opposite page. Having reviewed a loan copy of the nanuscript, how complete is not known, the Director of BSRA decided it was time the Ascocdates had a chance to look over the mater- ial and form their conclusions. In his book "Agharta" R,Z.Dickhoff seems to have drawn liberally from Hefferlin without crediting the source, After reading this book in 1953, our former Director, Meade Layne, asked the head of the Inner Circle, Yada Di Shi-ite, if there was such vast tunnel system under the earth, To Meade's surprise the Yada confirmed its existence. In Isis Unveiled” H.P,Blavatsky writes: "Spheres unknown below onr feot; spheres still more unknown and more unexplored above us; between the two a handful of moles blind to God's great light, and deaf to whis- pors of the invisible world. . ." The whole of the MS loaned to us contains some 160 pages of mat~ erial, all of which we hope to release eventually, This first portion of 30 pages gives the description of Rainbow City. Other portions give the oceult Instructions from the Book of Imri, the philosophy of Rani Khatani of the Ancient Three, a History of Mankind vhich includes a description of the eternal conflict with the Serpent Race, and reference to the King of the World. Hofferlin also describes his radical power pleat, the GHYT motor, The Hefferlins were operating one of San Francisco's trolleys in 1949; but we haven't found anyone who knows where they are at present. They scem to have disappeared from the face of the earth, Maybe they succeeded in fulfilling their wish, of being transported to Rainbow City via one of the Portels. Who knows? * oR ® Intreduction to THE HEFFERLIN MANUSCRIPT By Gladys Hefferlin Notice to all of you who have read the Shaver Mystery by way of the stories and articles written by Richard §, Shaver. Our material has no connection with the Shaver Mystery. In cur correspondence with Mr. Raymond A, Palmer, editor of the Amazing Stories Magazine, we requested him to keep our material separate from the Shaver Mystery and rot to use it in connec ticn with the Mystery, Mr, Palmer ignored our request and has deliberately distotted our statements for his own purpose, thereby misleading the readers of Amazing Stories Magazine. This group or organization of which we speak has no name. It is not a Lodge or Mystery School or anything of that-sort. Wo ene. can buy his way into Rainbow City, We ourselves, who are the North American spokesmen, cannot enter Rainbow City at this time, Therefore we cannot promise entry to anyone else, We are not the ones who decide who shall go to Rainbow City and who shall not. The Leaders, "The Ancient Three", Who Were, Who Are, Who Will Be, decide ail those matters. The two thousand people who are down there now, were picked by the Leaders because of their peculiar abilities now, and the fact that they are re-incarnations of ancient ones who lived and worked there when Rainbow City was founded. The ancient "mem- ory" pools are awakened end they have much knowledge innate within then to help in the work now being done there. There is not enough room in Rainbow City for all of the so called worthy people of the world, much less for all of human- ity. Who is to say which ones are worthy and which unworthy? And if the icecaps of Antarctica were melted to release the six other cities from the ice to make more roou, the melted ice as water flowing into the oceans, would wreak more havoc then the atom bomb, The Leaders are the modarn reincarnations of the young Leaders who led the first migration of mankind from Mars to Earth, They, in those days, were known as "The Ancient Three ‘who were, Who arc, Wko will be, Always'." When mankind reaches a very critical period in its history, these three are born again to leed mankind in the proper path and give them another ckance, These Leaders are right now, guiding the des- tinies of three-quarters of the population of the world, and Hefferlin US, Page 1

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