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COURSEWORK Assignment 1: Subject: Semester: Due Date: Scenario The MovieLand is a well know DVD shop which wants to improve the way it maintains information about its customers and movies. The owner uses an old fashion combo database and he would like to upgrade the system with a more user friendly windows based information database call it lets say DVD Rental System to handle all information regarding its customers and all movies they rented and keep track of stock. Below is a very general description of the processes carried out by the clerk of the DVD shop when renting movies to customers System / Goals Analysis & Design Project CSC 123 Systems Analysis & Design I Spring 2012 02/04/2010 100 marks

Inputs DVDs Customers

Processes Name of DVD movie Date rented Due date Amount

Outputs DVD movies rented

Based on the above scenario the new DVD Information System database should be able to perform the following functions:

Given the ID of a customer, find his/her name, address and phone number; Given the ID of a customer, determine if he/she has any overdue videos (rented but not returned by the due date); Given the ID (barcode) of an item, find its information and whether it is available for rent or not; Given the ID of the customer and the barcode of the item, rent an item to a customer (provided the customer does not have any overdue items); For a specific rental item, (if it is currently rented) identify the customer who is renting it. Generate a report at the end of the day and/or anytime of the day of all the total movies rented for the day and/or for a specific period of time.

Generate a report at the end of the day of all overdue movies that should have been returned. Here are additional details on how the shop conducts its business: A customer can rent (possibly) many movies. A movie is given an ID bar code before entering into Stock When a movie is rented it is given barcode and a status. The status of a movie is either rented or available. If a rental movie is not returned on due date there is a fine of 3 Euros. Queries
1. Prepare a Context level DFD diagram and as many sublevel DFDs by

identifying the processes, the entities and arrows to show how the information is past from one process to another 2. Prepare an E-R Diagram showing the relationships one-to-one, one-to-many; and many-to-many listing assumptions to justify your answer. 3. The owner is thinking to add a 24-automated rental machine to facilitate his customers to rent any movie at any time of the day, 365 days of the year but before taking his decision he would like to see the response of his customers of how much they would welcome such a facility. As a systems analyst you currently do not have any customer response and you are required to prepare a questionnaire of your own choice i.e. open, closed, bipolar, etc. to gather a fair customer response regarding a 24-automated rental machine. 4. Based on query three do you think the adoption of the new facility will influence the processes carried out by the system and why. Your grade will be based on the following criteria: coverage of the topics, quality of work, comprehensiveness of issues, writing quality, clarity and form. General Guidelines When answering it is important to explain the reasoning behind your answers. This gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you fully understand the subject matter and issues involved and can discuss them in a coherent and logical manner. You should illustrate your answers with professional examples where appropriate. Remember that your assignment must be your own work and if you draw on the work of others you must provide appropriate references. Failure to do so may result in your work being deemed as plagiarism. Explain and discuss concepts in your own words. Also support your arguments with evidence from concepts, theories and professional examples. All references to other peoples work must be noted.

Format of Report The report should follow the following presentation guidelines: One and a half spaced on A4 paper Use Times New Roman font, size 11 with default margins Delivered in both printout and soft copy (by e-mail)