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Mara Gonzales Madison O Donnel Savannah Roberson English 12CP March 29, 2012 Chapter 10 & 11 Chapter 10 I.

Lockwood becomes sick A. Demands Nelly to continue story 1. Heathcliff returns after Edgar and Catherines Marriage 2. More impressive and polished man 3. Catherine is excited about his return a. Edgar become jealous 4. Announces he will stay at Wuthering Heights 5. Isabella attracted to Heathcliff Catherine thinks Isabella is crazy A. Isabella teases Catherine B. She was irritable and complaining C. Catherine threatened to send her to the doctor D. Isabella claims she is healthy and that Catherine is what makes her unhappy Catherine and Isabella argue about Heathcliff A. Catherine sends Isabella away while on a walk with Heathcliff B. Isabella thinks Catherine is selfish C. Catherine is surprised that Isabella is attracted to Heathcliff D. Isabella claims Heathcliff would love her back if Catherine allowed him E. Catherine and Nelly try to talk Isabella out of going for Heathcliff, but Isabella insist F. Nelly tells Isabella of Josephs encounter with him The next day, Catherine tells Heathcliff of Isabellas love for him A. Isabella wants to leave in embarrassment but Cathy wont let her B. Catherine tells Heathcliff everything that was talked about int their conversation the day before. C. Isabella turns red and Cathy finally dismisses her. D. Heathcliff is surprised but delighted E. Nelly hates when Heathcliff comes back around.




Chapter 11 I. Nelly goes to Wuthering Heights A. Finds Hareton 1. Gets pummeled with stones 2. Cursed at by Hareton B. Heathcliff taught Hareton to swear at father, Hindley C. Heathcliff appears, Nelly retrieves


Next day, Nelly observes Heathcliff embracing Isabella A. In kitchen, Catherine demands truth from Heathcliff 1. Catherine offers idea of marriage between Isabella and Heathcliff a. Heathcliff disregards, but wants revenge 2. Edgar demands Heathcliff leaves 3. Catherine locks them in a. Forces Edgar to confront Heathcliff a. Edgar hides his face b. Catherine taunts Edgar into striking Heathcliff c. Edgar exits through the garden i. Afraid of Heathcliff, he finds help d. Heathcliff, afraid of the three servants, departs 4. Edgar makes Catherine choose a. Refuses to speak to him b. Locks herself in a room c. Refuses to eat 5. Edgar threatens Isabella a. If she pursues Heathcliff, she will no longer be a Linton 6. Catherine eats 7. Thinks she is dying 8. Speaks obsessively about death 9. Catherine still in love with Heathcliff 10. Edgar arrives and is shocked to see Catherine so weak a. Nelly finds doctor b. Says shell be fine 11. Isabella and Heathcliff elope 12. Edgar furious a. Declares Isabella sister only by name b. Says she has disowned him

Good and Evil I. Evil A. B. C. D. Good A. B. Heathcliff wants revenge on Catherine Heathcliff teaches Hareton to curse at his own father Catherine taunts Isabella for having feelings for Heathcliff Because Cathy was angry, she plans to get revenge by making herself ill to hurt others Nelly defends Edgars point of view