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Meditations on chakras from Shimon Ben Avi Chakra 1: Muladhara (root/perineum) earth root foundation, body Sense- smell,

l, survival. Inhale visualise and enhance colour red, exhale resonate LAM Questions: Are we free to hold reality as it is? Identify thoughts and actions that enhance the experience of I or mine. Explore everyday actions that bring good to those surrounding us. Chakra 2: Svadisthana (below navel/sacral plexus) water sweetness, moon, womb Sense-taste Inhale orange, exhale VAM The tragedy of the soul of humanity prefers to succeed in another life and not be who we really are, than fail in its own life. Uniqueness/ essence/ creativity/ acceptance of self/honesty/creativity What does it mean to devote yourself? What inside of you is waiting to come forth?

Chakra 1 & 2 pranayama: inhale 5, kumbakha 5 exhale 10, kumbakha 15 Chakra 3: manipuraka (solar plexus)- fire provider of energy Sense- vision Inhale yellow, exhale RAM with no holding of the breath. What energies do we allow ourselves to meet with on a daily basis? What kind of I are we creating in others?

Chakra 4: Anahata (heart) air- open Inhale green, exhale YAM Sense- touch Is there something in me that is not completely forgiving and forgiven?

To love unconditionally, need to forgive and accept and give unconditionally Chakra 3 & 4 pranayama: inhale and exhale immediately -almost bellows breath) Chakra 5: Vissidhu (throat)- purity Inhale blue, exhale HAM What kind of relationships are you creating (with others and self)?

Are you expressing your life to the full? Does your inner life reflect your outer life (transparency)? Are you expressing outside what you carry inside? Is the relationship pure? (Not a means to gain something)? Do you trust life?

Chakra 6: Ajna Third eye (ego-less, insight) Sense intuition- internal gaze No distinction between things i.e. Right and left, but third eye sees oneness in everything, no duality, one-in-all intelligence that guides us, everything whole. Inhale purple, exhale OHM How is my everyday activity connected to what I am doing in this world? What is it about?

Chakra 5 & 6 pranayama inhale 5 kumbakha 15, exhale 10 kumbakha 5. Chakra 7: sahasrara (1000 petalled lotus- liberation- true self) Breath of silence Inhale transparency, exhale silence Do I see that which connects everything that exists? Especially in my enemies or that that I have aversion. We are also part of the ONE. Do I see the infinite possibility?