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(774) 776-0227 1011 Arlington Blvd. Apt 215 Arlington, VA 22209

GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, Communication, Culture and Technology

Master of Arts

Washington, DC May 2012 Gettysburg, PA May 2008

Bachelor of Arts: English, Writing English Honors: Completed 2008 by Invitation of the Department

Gaithersburg, MD Marketing Manager Concurrent with Degree - Present Currently generate external, lead focused hosted communication marketing programs across multiple audiences Develop and implement investor oriented social media strategy and tracking to more than double existing social network and generate new leads to company Website. Exceed expected customer retention and lead generation goals through the production of deadline-driven go-tomarket assets, new media and offline collateral. Position company as an industry thought-leader through presence in corporate blog and targeted industry publications.



Baltimore, MD 2009-2010

Executed all areas of external facing marketing & communications programs Marketing Programs Manager Developed lead-generating marketing programs and customer acquisition across multiple channels including emerging technology program initiatives, new market acquisition, and more. Guaranteed delivery of deadline-driven start-up initiatives and ensured marketing team exceeded delivery of all benchmarks to achieve overall company goals. Marketing Communications Manager Facilitated communication, coordination & agency between internal departments and external partners to publish award winning research and external facing communication. Executed forward-thinking corporate communication & branding initiatives to more than double sales leads and drive increased awareness through: press outreach, online & offline presence, corporate events and award nominations. Gaithersburg, MD Marketing Communications Coordinator 2008-2009 Executed and edited all internal and external corporate communication Produced and rebranded strategic online and offline communication presence. Coordinated processes, training and communication across inter-organization and external partners to secure and revitalize project planning initiatives.


Publications: Ghostwriter for non-fiction publication in advertising industry Several industry trade publications including Mobile Marketer & Advertising Age Featured writer and peer-reviewer for digitals blogs including gnovis, Georgetowns academic publication. Skills: Basic HTML, CSS, InDesign and Photoshop editing Georgetown Universitys Apprenticeship in Teaching training Leadership: Director Social Media Marketing, Trender Research, In. Mobile Marketing Association Committee Representative Marketing Communications Volunteer, Rock Recovery