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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

Dear Sir,
1) I (be)____________________ interested in the furnished cottage near Dedham which
you (advertise)____________________ in yesterday's Telegraph, because my husband and I (come)
____________________ to England in June and (require) _________________ accommodation for
three months.

2) ____________ you please (tell) _______________ me exactly where it (be) _______________

and give me details of bus and train services in the area?. 3) I also (like) _______________ to know
about the local shops. 4) ____________I (be able) ______________ to shop without car? 5) My
husband (hope) ____________________to hire a car, but I (not drive) ____________________ and
he (not be) ____________________free very often to take me shopping, so we (need) ___________
a cottage on a bus route. 6) _______ the local shops still (deliver) ____________________? 7) I
(know) ___________________ they (do) ____________________ ten years ago.

8) I (be) ____________________grateful also if you (tell)____________________ me whether you

supply sheets etc.and whether a laundry (call) ____________________at the house. 9) The rent you
(ask)_________________ (sound) __________________ reasonable for the size of the cottage. 10)
How________ you (like)_________________ it paid? Weekly, monthly or in advance?

11) My husband and I (be)____________________ abroad for ten years, but before that we (live)
____________________ near Dedham, which is why we (want) ________________ to spend our
holidays there. 12) My husband also (write) ______________ a book about Constable and (like)
____________________ to finish it in the area where he, Constable, (paint) _________________
most of his pictures.
13) Mr Jones, the bank manager, (know) _______________us since we (live) _______________ in
the area and I (be) ____________ sure he (recommend) ________________ us as suitable tenants.
14) I of course (be willing) ________________ to send a deposit.
15) I (be) ________________ grateful for an early reply and (enclose) ______________ a stamped
addressed envelope.

Yours faithfully
Pamela Smith