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A new member of the Nederman Filter Family

The new, all-round welding fume extraction unit

Nederman WeldFilter

The affordable all-round fume extraction solution

No longer any excuse for not investing in welding fume extraction
Nederman WeldFilter is a mobile welding fume extraction unit offering easy, trouble-free operation and flexible access. It is available with one or two* extraction arms that can be swivelled by 360. WeldFilter is the cost-effective solution wherever fume extraction is needed. Just plug it in and start welding.

Cleanable filter - low filter cost

The cleanable long life cartridge filter keeps the operating costs low. An automatic filter alarm indicates when it is time to clean. The cleaning is made with a blowgun (included) in a closed process and the dust is safely disposed in a bag.

Mobile for versatile use

Compact and user friendly design With one or two extraction arms, 3 m Cleanable filters - low operating cost Control panel with indication of operation time Automatic filter alarm - sound and light Closed filter cleaning process (blowgun included) Safe disposal of collected dust

Cleaning with the blowgun

Large front door makes the filter cartridge easy to inspect or replace

Technical Data WeldFilter C10 Arm length m (ft.) Arm , mm (in.) Max. airflow, m3/h (cfm) Filter efficiency, % Filter area, m (sq. ft.)

3 (10) 160 (6 ) Max 1100 (650) 1) 99 11.6 (125) 175 (385) Voltage, V/ electrical plug 230/ EUR UK2) 400/ EUR 110/UK

Power, kW (Hp) 1.1 (1.5) 1.1 (1.5) 1.1 (1.5)

Frequency, Hz 50 50 50

Phase 1 3 1

Part no. 12620151 12620251 12620351

Weight, kg (lbs)

1) Maximum 1100 m3/h (650 cfm) without extraction arm. Maximum 900 m3/h (530 cfm) with extraction arm. 2) UK male connector delivered separately. 3) Without male connector.

*) WeldFilter with two arms will be available autumn 2010

Welding fume is a huge problem. Nederman WeldFilter can make a big change!
Welding fumes affect the welders health conditions, end product quality and production equipment. It reduces capacity, disturbs the production and decreases the bottom line result. A prosperous business demands sound, and safe workplaces. Nederman WeldFilter can make a big change! Positive effects of welding fume extraction
Decreased number of sick leaves Lower staff costs Easier to keep co-workers Easier to attract new workers Increased productivity Improved product quality Better competitiveness Decreased cost for cleaning of premises, machinery, etc Improved image

From mobile units to large central systems

Mobile systems
MobileWeldFilter is accompanied by two other series of mobile extraction units. FilterBox is a modular extraction/filtering system that can be combined to mobile or wall-fixed units with expandable capacity. Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic filter cleaning options. FilterCart is a series of mobile extraction/filtering unit for light welding extraction and similar.

Stationary systems

Nederman offers complete high and low vacuum/filtering systems including piping and solutions to save energy. Low vacuum is used for extraction of fumes, dust exhaust and other airborne particles with extraction arms, exhaust nozzles, enclosures and canopies over machines, robots etc. High vacuum applications are extraction from welding guns, on-tool extraction from grinding and sanding tools as well as floor and machine cleaning.





FilterMax F/DF

*) WeldFilter with two arms will be available autumn 2010

Nederman total solutions improve your welding workshop

Nederman was founded in 1944. One of our first product innovations was for welding fume extraction. Today, Nederman is one of the worlds leading environmental technology companies with sales organisations in 25 countries and partners and distributors in around 30. Our global organisation with a strong local presence ensures that we are always close at hand. We have good insight into both international and local environmental and health-related legislation. Our total solutions encompass everything from consultation and design to installation and Aftermarket.

1. Extraction at-source with arms 2. Arm on rail 3. Extension arm 4. Mobile extraction/filtering units 5. On-torch extraction 6. Robotic welding

7. On-tool Extraction 8. Stationary vacuum/ filtering systems 9. Mobile vacuum units 10. Cable and Hose Reels 11. Energy Saving System

10 7 6 11 11 1 8 6

2 9 4 5

Nederman Sales companies in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Rep. Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA Nederman Agents in: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Holland, Hongkong, Iceland, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan R.O.C, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates