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Adobe Interview Experience 1st Tech Round The Interviewer had the same area of interest as mine that

was Information Retrieval. So he started my interview with a simple IR question more focused towards DS. 1. given a stream of unsorted coordinates in one dimension. the stream is so long that u cant store it on memory. now the query from user is 2 numbers x1,x2. find the numbers in the stream between x1,x2. u cannot sort the stream of integers. This was the warm up question. 2. Now he extended last question to 2 dimension plane. now x,y coordinates are given and user will input 2 coordinates we have to find all the coordinates that lie within the rectangle formed by the coordinates. First i told him doing this by linked list. he asked me to write the code for it. after the code was written. he asked me to further optimize it. He gave me hint of using binary tree and i further explained him how to do the same with BST. 3. Now the hard core IR problem. Explain each and every part of IR System indexing, preprocessing and all the stuff in IR. I did explain them he was pretty impressed with me. 4. Then came the Big Bomb. he asked me about stemming algorithm. I told him some standard laws of stemming. I had no idea about stemming. i was just saying nything that came to my mind. then he stated a problem related to Stemming. Given a dictionary of root words that contain all the root words in the English language. Now a query is given you have to convert each query term into its root word using the dictionary. Some discusion went on. and finally he said its getting complicated and we are short of time lets wrap up the interview with a simple question. 5. given coordinates of 2 rectangle x1,y1 x2,y2 and h1,k1 h2,k2 give the conditions when will they intersect. this question was in written test and i had done it wrong so he asked it again to me and said to do this problem other way around is easy.. :P

2nd Tech Round 1. he wrote two program and assigned same address to pointers in both program and said if we run both programs simultaneously then what will happen. 2. told me to write c code for allocating memory to 2d array nd do it in one malloc call. 3. given a array of positive numbers sorted order. given a number x find a number in array that is largest in the array satisfying a[i]<=x. can be done using binary search with some modifications.

4. Given a singly linked list find whether it is a palindrome. i first said about reversing the linked list and matching it with original. then he said to do it without using any extra space proportional to linked list size. then i told him about stack. he said can you do it with system stack. I told him that we can do that with recursion. then he just told me to write code for it. I wrote a nice soln pretty quickly the moment he cross checked my code he said i m done. :) 3rd Tech Round. 1. first we had a discussion about virtual memory, memory mapping, physical address, logical address, page fault then he started with coding questions. 2. asked me to write code for finding height of binary tree in iterative manner not recursive. did it with level order traversal. 3. asked me to code down serialization and de-serialization of n-arry tree. again did it with level order traversal. 4. Given two numbers a and b and b is of form 2^k, k unknown.. now you have to find if a%b=0 without using % operator. Bit manipulation question. 4th Tech Round. 1. talked about process threads 2. overriding overloading functions 3. program to count words in a line. 5th Tech Round 1. 680 X 240 pixels screen is given. each pixel takes 2 bits to store its value. the whole screen is stored in a charcter array. each byte has information about 4 pixels in the screen. given the pointer pointing to the start of screen , pixels row and column and a 2 bit value. write a function to set the 2 bit value on corresponding pixel in the screen. 2. lowest common ancestor of BST 3. given a polygon and a point find whether the point is inside or outside the polygon.