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Team Maturity Matrix-Sample evaluation

No Aspect Observations Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

1 Participation 3 out of 5 people meet 50% of 75% of members 100% of members 100% attendance though Voluntary partipation and
regularly. 1 chronic members only attend meetings attend meetings Participation is voluntary and 100% attendance though
absentee participate or and particpate in and partipate in not mandated. activities are outside office
attend meetings discussions activities hours.
2 Identity Team's name is " Xenon" Team has no Team has a name Team has a charter Team has a charter and its Team has a charter which
there is a team charter identity apart and some which states its objective is aligned with the is signed by every member
but not signed off by from the list of common identity goals and orgnisation's purpose. and is signed off by
CEO. members and for its people. objectives. theCEO.
their roles

3 working style in the meeting observed, Individuals Individuals group individuals discuss When the team discusses The team is one entity
people discussed with argue out their into functional on issues but lack issues are discussed from when it comes to
facts but stuck to their positions and background and consensus on team point of view and decsisions and takes up
positions. Resolution want the group weigh from the decisions decisions are taken by the implementation wherever
came from a senior to conform to functional point of management possible.
person and accepted their ideas.. view
more out of respect.
4 Responsibility Team charter is clear on Team members Team members Team members Tem charter has got the Team members have joint
roles and do not take even do what is told to have specific roles roles and responsibilities responsibilities and back up
responsibilities. People minimum them and responsibilities defined and people go others when they are
however were not very responsibilities but informal according to it. unable to work.
much foillowiing it. Some
were not aware of it.
5 Authority As already told, one No one has any Tem leader has all Some members in Authorities are spelt out to Leadership also changes
senior person is defacto authority. authority the team wield all and every member has and so authority gets
controlling the authority but in a some amount of authority distributed.
discussion and others subtle way.
were not asserting
6 Communication Communication is Only Minutes of Communication in Routine Communication is both Channels of
through a group created meeting case of escalation communication formal and informal and of communication change as
in intranet and every of issues. exists between high frequency per the need of the hour
Monday there is an members. and the response is same.
7 Empathy When asked, people People come People enquire Team members Team members care for Team members standby
said that they realloy do together only for about each other have a genuine each other and go out of the each other at all times.
not contact each other tasks when work is affection and way to solove the paretner's
for help. The chronic affected concern for each problems
absentee said that no other
one contacted him.

8 Capabilities Team has not been able Below the sum equal to the total Competences of Team has produced Team identified new
to tap the conmpetences total of competences of members have additional competences as competences required and
of individuals as the competences of members improved while demanded by the improved upon them on its
attendance is less. members working as a team challenges own.

9 Innovation No one said anything of Does not exist Some flashes of Innovation limited Innovation is deployable Team sets a new practice
this kind innovation to the area of organisatiowide
expertise of the

10 Agility Team is quire agile as Team is not Time wise the Team is able to Team saves time and refines Team is constantly looking
they have adjusted their flexible and it team is agile. simplfy the ways of the processes as it proceeds for improvising the
ways of working very goes in the working solutions.
well to the changes in same path
shifts of members.
Score (median)