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SCDL-Principles & Practices of Management (Q&A) 1.

The external environmental factors that influence management are=Economic , Political , Technological 2. Event management has to pay only entertainment tax not the service tax.=False 3. Name the service which has two prime necessities like co-ordination and infiltration.=Staff 4. ________ decisions relate to the day to day operations of the enterprise generally taken by middle and lower level management.=Operative 5. Successful consultants should promote their consultancy through what ?=Network 6. Decision-Making is a process of making a choice of poor alternatives.=False 7. MBO was invented by ________.=Peter Drucker 8. Profession requires definite period of what?=Learning 9. Barriers to delegation of authority would be :=Lack of trust in subordinates , Fear of loosing status by managers , Over-confidence among managers 10. Organization is apart of which type of system?=Social 11. David C Mc Celland identified three motives those are=Affiliation , Power , Achievement 12. International consultancy is said to be=Glamorous , Challenging , Trendy 13. Failure to give ________ to goal setters is a weakness of MBO.=guidelines 14. Management is the combination of Arts,Science and Profession.=True 15. Under the types of motivators, non-financial motivators are encouragement, freedom ________.=recognition 16. Who said, the heart of administration is the directing function.=Dimock 17. Management is that important process which continues till the objectives set by the administrator are actually achieved.=True 18. Communication is a composite (a) information given and received (b) a listening effort by some of them involved.=False 19. A vision statement should have the following components=ability to inspire people , achievable , precise and objective 20. One of the key features of services is that they are=intangible 21. The process of control is complete only when the organization take ________ action.= corrective 22. The factors coming under philosophy of scientific management are:=Co-operation , Maximum output , Harmony 23. Who is the most effective person are alike in one crucial way, they all have a high degree of emotional intelligence.=Entrepreneur 24. The activities of the communicator while communicating a message will include,=ideation , encoding , transmission 25. Features of Management are as follows=goal oriented , universal , continuous process 1|Page

26. Professional managers help organizations in chalking out which type of strategies?=Corporate 27. ________provides a corporate responsibility and it is the application of a proven and systematic body of knowledge.=Profession 28. Management as a discipline needs certificate of practice.=False 29. For most hi-tech service industries the major components are=Infrastructure , Knowledge , labour 30. Management=Creative, Professional Manager= Dynamic,Art = Skill,Code of Conduct= Profession, Predictive Power=Science 31. Science is a body of organized knowledge=True 32. A superior should always establish a ________ control so that his subordinates report to him periodically.=Feedback 33. It is said that communication is a meaningful=interaction 34. What does the insurance company compensate for if and when the event insured against an incident occurs?=Losses 35. Management exists at which levels of the organization?=All 36. The Indian consumer does not see shopping as an end in itself.=False 37. Retailers cannot just take their global retailing formats and try to transpose them onto the India scenario.=True 38. One of the factors which learning organizations possess is a climate of openness and the other factor is=trust 39. It is one of the good control system which not only points out the deviations but also pinpoints them where they are important to its operations is=Focus on strategic points 40. Profession needs certificate of practice=True 41. 'Span of control' is also referred to as span of management.=True 42. Learning from mistakes is often more powerful than learning from success.=True 43. The philosophy of Vedanta is compared to which animal in the dream of the person, who wakes the dreamer and makes you realise your self discovered reality.=Lion 44. The statement "We sell for Less" is deliberately ambiguous, it raises the ; 'Less than what', this is called as, ________ to communication.=Semantic 45. The theory of Bureaucracy was first propounded by Henry L.Gantt.=FALSE 46. Making sense of situations=organizing information and thoughts, Creativity=brainstorming, associating ideas ,Inquiry=interviewing, seeking information, Making choices=deciding courses of actions 47. Learning from mistakes is often more powerful than learning from________.=Success 48. One of the external environment factors that influences Management is=Legal 49. In addition to Place, Labor and Money which other internal environment Factor influences Management?=Machines 2|Page

50. Name the physical aspects of an enterprise.=Name , Location , Address 51. What is it that in communication should not be done in vacuum, instead other people should be consulted.=planning 52. Certain important motivational techniques are=Monetary incentives , Job-based techniques , MBO techniques 53. The concept of SBU includes=unrelated products and businesses that are separated , the fact that each SBU has its own CEO , a scientific method of grouping the business 54. Decision-making is a primary part of the managerial process.=True 55. Of which type of knowledge is science a body of?=Organized 56. Types of degree of delegations are:=Low degree , Moderate degree , High degree 57. The unorganized sector is mainly concentrated in metropolitan cities.=False 58. Learning organizations should imitate a task force.=True 59. Learning organizations must cope with challenge and=uncertainty 60. LPG stands for liberalization, ________ and globalization.=Privatization 61. Empathy=t is a component of leadership due to the rapid pace of globalisation, Social effectiveness=This component allows you to settle disputes amicably, Alfred Bennet=He is the father of intelligence quotient Daniel Goleman=He is an American Behavioural Scientist 62. Every company undertakes the process of forecasting by various competent authorities which can be listed as=CII , RBI , CMIE 63. Management is not just a=Process 64. The concept of value and the concept of maximization of value are related to________concept of Ethics.=Consequentialism 65. Events are occurrences designed for ________ interests.=marketing 66. Management is purposeful and what?=Goal oriented 67. Management is the combination of Arts, Science and=Profession 68. Management is=Multidisciplinary 69. General Insurance corporation was nationalized in________.=1972 70. Planning and control are closely interrelated and they do not determine the accuracy of decision-making.=False 71. There are three central ideas associated with consequentialism.=False 72. Name one of the factors that govern the span of management.=Type of work 73. Retailing categories based on ownership arrangement would be=Super Markets , Consumer Durables Stores , Departmental Stores 74. Science is a body of which type of Knowledge?=Organized 75. Peter Drucker various publications have sold about 5 -6 million copies worldwide.=True 76. Latest approach signifies organization has a part of ________ system.= Social


77. Necessity of control in business organisation arises due to number of factors, one of which is ________ of organisations themselves.=complexity 78. Which of the options best describes the employment capacity of the retailing sector? It is the=second largest employer after agriculture 79. ________organizations have systems, mechanisms and processes in place.=Learning 80. Indian business families are still avoiding joint ventures and tie-ups.=False 81. Under the principles of effective delegation, it is said that never delegate and ________.=Disappear 82. In principle the chairman and the CGO have the same role to play.=False 83. Valency is the extent to which the outcome of the activity and its success matters to the individual . (Level of motivation = Valency x Expectancy)=True 84. Advantages of delegation of authority would be:=Prompt decision making , Opportunity to subordinates to grow and develop , Satisfaction to subordinates in terms of recognition 85. A business unit must meet specific criteria, if it wants to be called an SBU. These are=Definable group of competitors 86. What does Maslow propound about the five needs ?=Hierarchy 87. Name the technique which is said to be a ploy or a future course of action.=Strategy 88. ________ is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply emotion.=Emotional Intelligence 89. Who built the first practical mechanical calculator and predicted the specialization of mental work?=Charles Babbage 90. Management and Leadership studies=Value based management, Maharshi Institute of Management=Eighteen centres in India and Abroad, Amritanandamayi Math's centre=Dr. S.K. Chakraborty, Indian Vedanta Philosophy=Swami Budhananda 91. Some of the public insurance companies are=LIC , Oriental Insurance , General Insurance 92. Focus on savings and high bargaining interests of the consumer is an obstacle in retail development in India.=True 93. Brands are associated with lifestyles and people's________.=aspirations 94. Management is always defined as dynamic, universal, ever-changing subject.=True 95. A budget as a plan of statement of expected results is expressed in numerical terms.=True 96. Name the leading event management companies in India=Midas , Pinnacle , Wizcraft 97. Who said, Management is management of Men, Money, Machinery Materials and Information?=Anonymous 98. A procedure has the following advantages=ensures uniformity of action , increases coordination , provides good standard for the manage 99. What is it that can be described as a readiness to co-operate warmly in the task and purposes of a given group organisation.=Morale 4|Page

100. 101. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111.






directors,Trust=corporate governance The retailing sector in India has been quite________.=staid and boring India has been experiencing the unique stranglehold of our_____=traditional kirana stores Emotional Quotient increases with age commonly known as=maturity The service sector has expanded because of the virtual stagnation of

the________sector.=agricultural Span of management depends upon the ability of whom?=Employees What would essentially shape the growth and future of any economy?=Adequate and Who said, Management is a multiple organ that manages a business, manages a manager ________ means draw prior conclusions about the probables of production, sales, profits in Limitations of business planning is that it has been considered as time consuming and The family owned businesses like Tata and Birla, also face major fears like=Right successor , Who said, Management is the creation and maintenance of internal environment in an

quality corporate governance and manages workers and work?=Peter Drucker the future, on the basis of research.=Forecasting ________ device.=expensive Stumbling self-confidence , Lack of professional management enterprise, where individuals working in groups can perform efficiently and effectively towards the attainment of gr=Koontz & O Donell 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. Management as a discipline does not require any________of practice.=certificate ________is at the core of corporate governance.=trust Financial institutions should maintain a close relationship to seek a seat on the board.=False Wrong medium of communication is a physical barrier.=False One of the internal environment factors that influences management is=Place Services are defined as the art and science of managing=the expectations of others , the Name the three important Generic Competitive Strategies.=Overall cost leadership , Delegation and decentralization are closely related to each other.=True It is said "Controlling can not take place in a vacuum", which means there can be no Morale is the sum total of various physical qualities.=False Direction is a ________ function performed by all the managers at all levels of the

experiences of people , the demands of the customer Differential , Focus

controlling without previous=planning



123. 124. 125. 126. 127.

Principles of effective delegation are:=Train the subordinates , Reward delegation , ________, weakness, threats, opportunities are the long form SWOT analysis.=strength To be called an SBU, a business unit must meet specific criteria such as= having a definable group of competitors , having a mission similar to other SBUs , preparing Appley L=Management is management of people and not the direction of things, Definition

Appropriate reporting system

its own integrated plans of Management=Management is management of men, money, machinery, materials and information, Koontz and O'Donell=Management is the creation and maintenance of internal environment in an enterprise,Peter Drucker=Management is a multi-purpose organ that manages a business, manages workers and work 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139. 140. 141. 142. 143. 144. ________ are at a minimum where the morale is high.=Grievances the heart of administration is the directing function.=True Empathy is particularly important today as a component of leadership for the Name the flagship companies under the group of "Aditya Birla"=Hindalco , Indo-Gulf Fredrick Winslow Taylor's Mechanism of scientific management includes,=Scientific task Future of Insurance sector would be=new players taking over the market , improved To which practice is the term "corporate governance" given?=Management A senior family member and trusted professional manager acts as what to the business Govt. services comprise________, defence and social goods.=public administration Unity of command means that employees should receive orders from one superior Posture' and Observance' are not included under the 'yogic' exercises=False Management is a creative and________process.=continuous Every manager in an organisation gives direction to his subordinates as a superior and The features of art is as follows=skill , knowledge , creativity Science as a discipline has the following features=body of organized knowledge , establishes Management is conditional=False Who formulated the l4 Principles of Management?=Henry Fayol

following=rapid pace of globalisation , increasing use of teams , growing need to retain talent Fertilizers , Birla Corporation setting , Planning task setting , Standardization of tools customer service , strong hold of nationalized players

families scions trained abroad and then return to take over the business.=mentor


receives direction as subordinate from his superior.=True

cause and effect relationship


145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 150. 151. 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 164. 165. 166. 167. 168. 169. 170.

Some of the popular forecasts are=demand forecast , sales forecastDrucker emphasized an Control=Standard, Measurement=Performance, Motivating=Employees, Deviations=Action, What does control set up for the organization?=Standards Necessary rigidity is required in the control design.=False Control has to be flexible.=True Control helps management in knowing which department needs less attention.=False By creating independent units what can be done to the need for coordination?=Reduced What does coordination do to corporate and individual goals?=Harmonizes Under planning targets of each department need not be compared with targets of all other The different leadership styles are=Autocratic , democratic , laissez faire Some of the traits of leaderships are as follows=emotional stability , communication skill , Under hard boiled type of autocratic leadership, the employees tend to become=qresentful , Which need includes the basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter?=Physiological Some of the general motivators are=job security , freedom at workplace , interesting work Many organizational problems have their root cause in what?=Misunderstandings The different types of psychological barriers to communication will be=ego , status The functional management challenges in service sector are=human resource , marketing What proportion is the organized sector of the retail market?=2 % Mass activities have started in modern times .=False Corporate Governance is the term given to which practices?=Management What is an independent business with a coherent set of products, strategies, and objectives, EQ was first brought to attention by Benott Simon .=False Tatas=Indian Hotels,Nambiars=BPL, Nulsi Wadia=Bombay Dyeing, Azeem Premji=Wipro, What is the role of management consultants?=All of these ________ is a scientific process of looking ________, which is based on past

MBO philosophy for self-help=False Flexible=Design


knowledge of human relations uarrelsome needs

consciousness , closed mind and advertising , finance and taxation

called=Strategic Business Unit


performance=Forecasting,forward ________ is crucial to an organisatons ________.=Directing,success


171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 177. 178. 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188. 189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199. 200.











plans.=feedback,implementation Theory Y assumes that people will exercise self-________ and control towards achieving The higher the ________ level of the employee, the lower the ________ ________ they are committed to.=direction,objectives satisfaction.=educational,,job _______ is concerned with what is Good and right for ________.=Ethics,society Make sure to follow the proper ________ in reporting the ________.= Guidelines,wrongdoing An ________ is a Group of related ________=SBU,businesses Emotional ________ is the Realization to ________.=intelligence, sense The aspects of corporate governance are=attracting public attention , indispensable , trust With ________ and government regulations, moving ahead requires ________ like Joint Organizations where people continually expand their ________ to create results are called Which among the following are the functions of board of directors?=All of the above The best leader is someone who is?=Cool Life Insurance Corporation was nationalized in 1956 by merging how many private ________ offer a definite ________ to the planning process.=Rules direction To avoid order and clarity there should be unity of command.=False Companies seeking to improve have taken a plethora of initiatives such as ________ and What has led to the stumbling of Indian companies?=Self-confidence ________ divide work into specialized ________.=Managers,functions The internal environment factors that influence management are= labour , machines , place Co-ordination must be visualized from which stage of planning and policymaking?=Early Management consultants do not assist implementation.=False ________ management includes ________ of tools and equipments.=Scientific,Standardization A ________ faced by the retail business is the ________ aspect.=challenge,cultural ________ should ________ its resources in key areas=SBU,Manage Frederick W. Taylor was born before Henry Fayol=False Without an efficient what can, direction not be fully effective?=Control

Ventures=globalization,strategies ________=capacityLearning organizations

insurance companies?==245

________=TQM, BPR


201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206.

Various areas of operations in Event Management are=celebrity mangement , high profile A responsible leader does not limit=discussions , development of alternatives , interactions Achieving ones potential is what type of need?=Self-actualization_ _______ involves the setting of ________ which will have to prevail in the

weddings, birthday parties , concerts

Organization=Objectives,standards What is the meaning of no physical transfer of goods in Service?=Intangibility Whose success story has taught us a lesson?=Japan, Which King insisted upon setting the Who mentioned that everybody has a divine power to face


challenges?=Vivekananda, Who was the mentor of Chandragupta Maurya?=Kautilya, Who popularize Transcendental Meditation?=Maharishi 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. Direction should not be a very continuous activity.=False Delegation of authority does not allow subordinate to develop=False Who is called the Father of Modern Management Theory?=Henry Fayol Direction helps facilitate what in the organization?=Change ________ corporate governance is ________ to resilient and vibrant capital

markets.=Strong,indispensable EQ refers to the qualities=That mark the people who excel in real life., Science is proving that EQ more than IQ=Underpins many of the best decisions., Emotional distress shrinks working memory=And so diminishes the ability to think clearly., self-motivation requires a high level of optimism=And persistence despite rejection.,Empathy involves reading unstated emotional cues=Being able to sense what others are feeling 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. 222. Due to liberalization the changes that has taken place can be summarized as=competition , Corporate governance should aim at better ________, ________ and pressure on prices , market revolution accountability.=transparency, ethics Economic considerations do not affect the choice of span.=False ________ can be viewed as an extension of ________.= Decentralization, delegation ________ can defined as the ________ of what is good and right for business.=Business Where is the attack on business families coming from?=Transnationals The old control techniques which were used through years are=unity of policies , breakSteps that a whistle blower should take into consideration=stick to facts , consult lawyer , Budgetary control involves budgets such as=sales , production , cash Event management is a modern activity.=True


even analysis , budgetary control determine the type of wrong


223. 224. 225. 226. 227. 228. 229. 230. 231. 232. 233. 234. 235. 236. 237. 238. 239. 240. 241. 242. 243. 244. 245. 246. 247.

Which among the following are barriers to communication?=Noise, time and distance , What is concerned for the good and right for the society?=Ethics The important characteristics of direction are=helps utilize capabilities , initiates action , Principles of effective communication would be=clear in use of language , attentive listening The objective of paternalistic leadership to help, guide, protect followers.= TRUE The channels through which corporate governance may bear on performance Essentials of a good plan are=must be continuous , should be time bound , must motivate Organizing=Process, Philosophy=Management,Exception=Principle, Control=Span, The extent of decentralization depends of which factor ?=Costliness Who said, direction is telling people what to do?=Dale What is essential for an order is to be carried out effectively?=Acceptance Direction helps integrate whose efforts?=Individual Some of the important techniques of coordination are=hierarchy , effective communication , One needs to se e the big picture.=True The 3-needs theory is about motivators in an organization.=True Service sector has expanded because of explosion in information technology.=True Franchisee stores can be further categorized into=apparel stores , jewellery stores , What is event management?=Interactive advertising What is the core of corporate governance?=Trust There are five channels through which corporate governance may bear.=True Key ethical principles include the following=fulfilling commitments , caring and compassion Unethical acts are results of the following factors=unawareness and insensitivity to issue , An SBU is a relatively independent business unit.=True Learning organizations must develop a capacity for fast-paced innovation and learn to love

Semantic barriers , Wrong Medium

irreplaceable task , use of right medium

are=managerial incentives , disciplining , corporate restructuring people Delegation=. Degree


footwear stores

, being accountable for decision faulty reasoning , selfishness


10 | P a g e

248. 249. 250. 251. 252. 253. 254. 255. 256. 257. 258. 259. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267.

The different disciplines mentioned in the fifth discipline fieldbook by Peter Sange Who mentioned that everyone has a divine power to face the challenges?= Vivekananda Human beings are classified under different mental conditions such as=restless equilibrium Successful consultants should promote their consultancy through what?=Network Decentralization would not be preferred in large-sized units.=False Planning ________ risk factors and ________ waste=anticipates, eliminates The need for co-ordination is felt to ________ the ________ of an

are=personal mastery , mental models , shared vision

, imperfect equilibrium , perfect equilibrium

organization=integrate,activities ________ motivating, supervising, directing, guiding of employees, are ________ of ________ maintains the ________ between ends and means, outputs and control.=Leading.elements efforts.=Control,Equilibrium ________ leader believes in helping, ________, protecting, and keeping followers happy?=Paternalistic,guiding Theory X assumes People must be ________ or controlled to do work to achieve Morale generally ________ to esprit de ________.=refers,corps ________ services comprise of social and personal services and ________.=Consumer,hotels Indian ________ must keep in mind that Indians enjoy ________ for options.=retailers,scouting An objective of corporate governance is ________ of ________ value.=enhancement,shareholder ________ is ________ management does=management,what Corporate governance may bear on performance through which of the following?=All of The tools and techniques used in the learning organizations are=creativity, brainstorming , Collective learning requires skills for sharing information and knowledge, the key skills ________=coerced,objectives

these observing outcomes , reframing knowledge mentioned are=listening and observing , holistic perspective , coping with challenge and uncertainty 268. 269. 270. 271. 272. The Indian customer likes to be served:=All of these One of the causes of low morale would be=No delegation of authority An SBU is an independent business with a coherent set of=products , competitors , In management process, the most misinterpreted word is ________.=Organizing Name the flagship companies under the Business family "Munjals"=


11 | P a g e

273. 274. 275. 276. 277. 278. 279. 280. 281. 282. 283. 284. 285. 286. 287. 288. 289. 290. 291.

Hero Honda , Hero Cycles The main strategies adopted by business families for growth are=Raising their capital , Select the guidelines for effective decision making.=Adopt a diagnostic approach to decision Audit is an effective tool of corporate governance and can act/enable=self-regulation Which among the following is an event management company?=Planet E Some managements who are very much intimated by consulting firms, what are they likely Motivating a worker is to create a need and what else on the part of a worker to better his Management is multidisciplinary, it includes knowledge/ information from=economics , The purpose of control is not to appraise current and completed action but to provide a Business ethics can be defined as the study of what is________for the business.=good and To solve the HR issues, one of the remedy is to emphasis on overall ________ development Corporatization of the service sector is essentially=professionally managed services With liberalization markets are undergoing fundamental changes including ________ and One of the external factors that influence management is=Legal Management as a discipline is the function of________.=creativity Decreased productivity is a cost of low IQ.=False A rule governing Indian companies states that policy holder's funds must be________only in The financial structure is not one of the five channels of corporate governance.=False Goals=It is a dream with a deadline and articulates the long-term goals of the

Appoint professional manager , Technology upgradation making , Involve subordinates in decision making process , Evaluate the results

to loose=Confidence present performance.=Desire maths , psychology basis for regulating future activities.=False right through training and exposure.=Personality

pressure on prices.=competition


enterprise.,MBO=More specific, financial, non-financial issues reached with a stretch. ,Mission= The philosophy that emphasizes self-control and self direction, Vision=The basically indicate the purpose of business 292. 293. 294. A set of actions that you start with and must maintain is also called as ________.Strategy Being more attuned to the feelings of those you work with is a benefit of The 7 S Framework first appeared in 'The Art of Japanese management' by Richard Pascale

________.==Emotional Quotient and Anthony Athos in 1981.=True 12 | P a g e

295. 296. 297. 298. 299. 300. 301. 302.

What does decoding mean ?=Message interpretation Some tips for improving written communication would be=Avoid unnecessary words , Use Under pre-requisites of planning performance budgeting is meaningful without The products that are grouped under strategic business units share common factors, What is the fundamental tool employed by managers in directing their subordinates MBO method has been evolved by Peter Drucker (1955).=True Control techniques affect the degree of decentralization.=True The term ________ refers to a specific administrative directive prescribing the sequential

simple words and phrases , Use short and familiar words control.=False like==underlying technology , the market , the skill ?=Order

manner in which a repetitive activity is to be initiated and completed in a goal - oriented manner.=procedure 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315. 316. 317. 318. Whose feelings and difficulties should the manager know for direction to become effective In delegation a superior transfer some duties and responsibilities to his subordinates.=False Under the disadvantages of strategic business units what is that which is difficult to What did chanakya write ?=Arthashastra How many forces of competition are there according to Michael E. Porter?=Five Producer services are trade,________communication and financial services.=transport The various tools for corporate governance are=audit , professionalism , proper functioning Economic consideration do not affect the choice of span.=False To become a successful consultant, name the skill required=negotiation ________ says you are the product of your past and you are bound by past activities.=Law of To establish contact with the creator ________ helps us to transfer our minds and reach at the The defination of decision involves following characteristics=Involves Rationality , Involves Name the need under the level of hierarchy which has the highest potency and a person ________ is effective only in big organizations.=Decentralization The concept of corporate governance has been attracting________in India.=public attention Name one of the disadvantages of strategic business units=Distortion of information ?=Subordinates

maintain in its uniformity?=Corporate image

of the board

destiny goal.=Yogic processes, social norms and values Commitment , Involves Mental Process who lacks basic necessities of life will primarily be motivated by such needs=physiological

13 | P a g e

319. 320. 321. 322. 323.

Maharishi Institute of Management has ________ centres in India and abroad.==18 Under McKinsey's 7 S model, the soft S's are:=Style , Staff , Skills The factors measuring the morale of the workers and ascertain whether it is increasing or The Indian retail sector is behind Taiwan although its retail industry is estimated to be Knowledge based decision-making.=Instead of intuition, Professional managers may have

diminishing can be listed as==Absenteeism , No. of accidents , Grievances around $40 billion only, this is because of its==81% only salary-stake= of accountability of Performance, Management can be applied everywhere=Management is universal, Management is dynamic=Changes as per time,Manager does not require any specific qualification=Anybody can become a manager, 324. 325. 326. 327. 328. 329. 330. 331. The general management challenges faced by the service sector are=Communicating the ________ provide all types of help required to make the business more efficient and The key management processes in the learning organizations would be= competitor analysis , performance measurement , capability planning Management is said to be the combination of three factors, arts, science and the third Taj Mahal are living symbols of 'creation and result of management practices'.=True Ethics of statute tries to explore the traits which help the person to lead a life that is Philosophy of scientific management=Development of each man to his capacity and ability, concept , Differentiating factors , Revenue model profitable.=Consultants


satisfying from an ethical point of view.=False Six industrial activities=-Technical, commercial, financial, accounting, security management, Five management functions=Planning, organizing, commanding, co-ordination, control, Four supervisors at implementation department=Gang boss, speed boss, repair boss, inspector 332. 333. 334. 335. 336. 337. 338. Whose behavior does control guide and integrate?=Employees What is the keynote of Indian thought?=Balance One of the popular forecasts is?=Demand Few of the ethical concepts are stated as under=ethical subjectivism , ethical relativism It is agreed that control is vital to an organization due to the following reasons=positive Internal coordination will be coordination between=branch offices , workers and managers Challenge faced by the retail business=Looking beyond price, Brands are no longer

impact , detection of weaknesses , proper implementation of plans , coordination with employees of same dept. products=They are associated with life styles and peoples aspirations, Obstacle to retail development in India=Expensive supply chains

14 | P a g e


, A favorable factor which will help the further development of retail sector in

India=Awareness being created by satellite TV channels about global products., An average Indian buying habit=Prefer to pay in cash 340. 341. 342. 343. 344. 345. 346. 347. 348. 349. 350. 351. 352. 353. 354. 355. 356. 357. 358. 359. 360. 361. 362. 363. 364. 365. 366. In the insurance sector the rules governing the foreign companies=26% equity participation Sniffing=Flavor, De merger=Downsizing,Consultants=Advisors, Mergers=Acquisitions, , can affect only special resolutions , cannot appoint majority directors on the co. board Trendy=Glamorous A consultant should have ________ of travel ________ the globe.= tenacity,across ________ the insurance ________ and forecasting Insurable population is

must.=Planning,product ________ is a ________ process=Management,continuous The products that are grouped under SBU share a common=underlying technology , market What requires a high level of optimism and persistence despite rejection?= Self Motivation Strong corporate governance is indispensable to resilient and vibrant capital markets.=True The service may or may not be tied to which type of good?=Physical Organization is like an ________ influenced by ________-building process.=individual,image 50.The last few years have shown a ________ of film ________ shows.= opportunities, celebrity Product differentiation is not a barrier to entry.=False There has been an increased ________ on ________.=reliance, consultants The different As of the service sector are=acceptability , awareness , availability Management exists only at the top levels of the organization.=False In the Needs- satisfaction chain, every ________ is a ________=step ,Motivator Organization is a set-up of what?=Relationships Problem Perception=Bounded Rationality, Benefits=Weaknesses, Takeover=Turnaround, Business families have adapted themselves to the new realities such as= customer relationship management , reliable after sales service , new product launch The Indian customers has been shying away from large stores and supermarket chains due India never had its own management practice.=False The need for co-ordination is created when managers do what to specialized Self-motivation requires a ________ level of ________.=High, optimism

, skill


to=poverty and low literacy rates , expensive supply chains , low per capita income , low taxes


15 | P a g e

367. 368. 369. 370. 371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 378. 379.

The bureaucratic type of leadership is normally criticized for=nepotism , delays The various problems faced by event management industries are=entertainment tax rates , Indian business families have focused more on their areas of core competence.=False Henry P. Towne outlined the Importance of ________ as a ________= management,science Components of planning would include=objectives , budgets , procedures According to Sehznick, the major task of a leader is not only to make a policy, but to build Direction is also done by top and middle level managers.=True What does the insurance company compensate, when an event insured against Who is the Father of Competitive Strategy?=Michael E. Porter Greater co-ordination is not needed in sequential rather than pooled

large no. of permissions required , service taxes

it into organizations what?=Corporate Culture


interdependence.=False ________ is telling ________ what to do.=Direction, people Control highlights omissions if any.=And makes it possible to take Corrective measures.,

Control is related to the future.=though it lives in the present., Changes can be anticipated=via information collected., Control gives the correct picture=of the nature of corrective action to be taken. 380. 381. 382. 383. Organisational morale is basically the individual mental condition.=False ________ is a systematic and knowledge of ________ and living.= Vedanta, Life Who propounded theory X and theory Y?=McGregor Service sector has expanded relentlessly in the past decade due to related events in the

1990s=explosion of information tech. , slow growth of manufacturing industry , virtual stagnation in agriculture 384. 385. 386. 387. 388. 389. 390. 391. Actuary ________ and deciding of a specific ________ is the biggest problem.=science, premium If you want it done right, do it yourself, is a fallacy=True Self-________ matters a lot to ________=regulation,Leaders Some of the major strategies adopted by business families for their survival and growth For most hi-tech service industries, the two ingredients are:=Only a and c Which of the following is a necessary by product of good managerial directing ?=CoFunctional authority works only when,=Assignment is clarified , The subordinates are Limitation of control are=external factors , fixing of responsibility , variation and its causes

are=appointment of professional mangers , joint ventures and tie-ups , technology up gradation

ordination allowed to participate , Feedback control is established

16 | P a g e

392. 393. 394. 395. 396. 397. 398. 399. 400. 401.

How many billion dollars is our Retailing sector estimated to be?=$ 180 billion Motivation of subordinates to meet the expectations of the manager is a feature of Name the tactics used in the intensity of rivalry amongst existing competitors.=Price Which concept of ethics tries to explore the traits which help a person to lead a life that is What is the challenge insurance will face like any other service sector?=Branding Vision without mission is incomplete and mission without vision is meaningless.=True Different rates are levied by different states for ________ tax.=entertainment Name the group of related businesses that can be taken for the sake of strategic planning, Advantage of delegation of authority results in prompt _=Decision-making Principle of effective delegation=To believe in feedback, interaction and result orientation.,

direction.=False competition , Advertising battles , Product introduction satisfying from an ethical point of view?=Ethics of Virtue

distinct from the rest of the businesses=strategic business units

High degree of delegation=The task is specified to a subordinate and is told to report back with results, Functional authority= 402. 403. 404. 405. 406. 407. This is clarifying the assignment, which is delegated to a department., Need for Span of control is also referred to as the span of ________.=Supervision One of the merits of ________ is that it recognizes importance of various individual needs and ________means that private and foreign investors can participate in the Indian Insurance Chesterd Bernard developed a theory of organization and ________ functions.=Executive Unit of command=This means that employees should receive orders from one superior only, delegation=Superior needs to concentrate on important and vital issues.

motivation, and yields a contingency model.=Vroom's theory Sector.=Liberalization

Scalar chain=Chain of superiors from the highest to the lowest ranks, Equity=Loyalty, devotion on the part of managers should be there when dealing with subordinates, Esprit De Corps=In union there is strength' 408. 409. 410. The main role of management consultant to the organisation is to provide=Recommendations The potential external opportunities faced by an organization are=additional customer The service sector has grown because of reasons mentioned below= tendency of groups , faster market groups , falling trade barriers distributing specialized knowledge and technology capital for labour in the manufacturing industry , technology no longer gives a competitive edge to manufacturing activities in the global scenario , as income increases, consumer demands for services increase faster than those for goods 17 | P a g e

411. 412. 413. 414. 415. 416. 417. 418. 419. 420. 421. 422. 423. 424. 425. 426.

Actuary is one who specializes in the________of insurance.=mathematics One of the oldest technique of checking performance is the personal observation.=True In the complex new liberalized economy business families face common problems such What articulates the long-term goals of an enterprise ?=Vission Statement You should never measure the process and develop tools that will measure your Many families were running the business with a law ________ stake of 15% to 20%.=Capital Direction initiates at the bottom level in the organisation and follows to top through the High morale is likely to be associated with superior motivation and low morale with ________, Research indicates that the limbic system learns best through=motivation , extended Advantages of learning organizations should be=Free exchange and flow of information , What type of industry is consulting-=Knowledge Which Indian pharma company has recently started an SBU?=Ranbaxy ________is a tool for corporate governance.=communication What does control maintain between output and effort?=Equilibrium Horizontal co-ordination takes place sideways.=True Who is the father of the three-needs theory?=McClelland,Who discovered the Expectancy

as=Unproductive labour , Falling share value , Transnational attach


hierarchy.=False and a lack of drive.=frustration practice , feedback Commitment to learning, personal development , Climate of openness and trust

theory?=Vroom,What is a basic need?= Food, What is an esteem need?= Self-esteem, Who propounded Theory X?=McGregor 427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. The non-financial type of motivators would be=encouragement , freedom , recognition New companies feel that________is the most appropriate type of alliance.=Joint-venture What is that the consultant must be able to recognise about the client's future needs Learning organizations are adaptive to their_environment=external Vipassana=Meditation, Visionary=Missionary, Knowledge Worker= Wisdom Worker, Event ________ has various ________ opportunities.= management,Career Fedrick Winslow Taylors Mechanism of Scientific Management includes= scientific task setting , planning the task , standardization of tools and equipments ________ is the result of human limitation to the span of management.= Delegation


Tamas=Rajas, Karma=Destiny

18 | P a g e

438. 439. 440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448. 449. 450. 451. 452.

Learning organizations must possess what type of culture?=Learning Some of the external factors that limit control are=govt. policies , market changes , economic Service denotes physical transfer of goods.=False For effective control, different departments should have uniform systems of control.=False As organizations increase their products, market diversity etc, for what type of people does The objective in corporate governance are=shareholders value maximization , growth , Name the department which plays a major role in developing a learning organization=MIS Communication barriers in the international environment are=Loss by transmission , Loss What criterion is that which the SBU must meet which is neither too large nor too Individuals have different ________ of management categories such as democratic, ________, How many event management companies are there in Pune?=215 Developing effective control is one of the weaknesses of MBO=False The summary of important trends in retailing are=market concentration , global players vs. Who is the father of Intelligence Quotient ?=Alfred Bennet Research into the average Indian buying habits have brought about the following facts=they


the demand increase?=General Managers stability

by poor retention , Poor listening small?=Proper size bureaucratic, etc.=styles,autocratic

local players , non store retailing

prefer to pay in cash , they like to touch and feel the merchandise , they want attention to be given to all members of their group 453. In the insurance sector the rules governing Indian companies are=min. paid up capital of Rs. 1 billion , domestic player cannot be subsidiary of foreign co. , no dealing in non-insurance and non-life as single entity 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. Development of the retail sector requires a slow change in our mindset.=True Succession planning is not a function of the Board of Directors.=False The following are the elements of control=authority and knowledge , guidance and direction Which type of strategies do professional managers help organizations in chalking Deontological ethics believe that mature persons have inadequate capacity to reason.=False Name the leading ad agencies in India that have a separate event section.= Vigennet , Ogilvy , Mathers

, constraint and restraint out?=corporate

19 | P a g e

461. 462. 463. 464.

What would be the percentage of equity participation under the rules governing foreign Frederic W.Taylor's middle name is ________.=Winslow The various tools employed by the companies to improve and sustain employee Potential external opportunities=Complacency among rival firms, BPR= Business process


morale=building of responsibility , rotation of jobs , job enrichment reengineering, TQM= Total quality management, Potential internal strengths=A distinctive competence 465. 466. 467. 468. 469. 470. 471. 472. 473. Some of the management functions mentioned by Henry Fayol are :=Planning , Control , CoDemand forecast is one of the popular forecasts.=True In which type of income class, does the insurance sector have to face the challenge of The different kinds of relationships for selecting the span of control would be :==One to one The fundamental objective of corporate governance is essentially= enhancement of long Policy is supposed to be immutable, unchanging and eternal.=True Under principle of effective communication what should be fully understood by all One of the popular forecast is=Demand Kautilya=Conception of administration and management, Swami Vivekananda=Political, ordination

making insurance a buying priority?=lower-middle , Cross relationship , Direct group term shareholder value

concerned.=tasks , policies , responsibilities

Social and Economic Management of state, Samartha Ramdas= Setting goals and accomplishing it.,King Akbar= Creator of social progress and prosperity 474. 475. 476. 477. 478. 479. 480. 481. 482. Costliness of the ________ is the overriding factor determining the extent of What is essential for the management to get things done in the organization?=Delegation Indian companies because of confused status have lacked self-confidence.=True Charles Babbage built the first prototype of modern ____=Computers Consultants must conduct diagnosis to redefine ________.=Problem Lower level managers need EQ most.=False Some of the limitations of business planning are=Time Consuming , Expensive device , Positive motivation makes people willing to do their work in the best way they can and Good motivation lead to low morale. High morale is the manifestation of a weak or defective decentralization.=Decision

Heavy cost of planning improve their ________.=performance motivating process.=False 20 | P a g e


The ________ principle, which is the inherent process in organization through which

authority, the antecedent co-coordinative principle, permeates the entire organized structure.=Scalar 484. 485. 486. 487. 488. 489. 490. 491. 492. 493. 494. 495. 496. 497. Human thoughts are classified as :-=Inactive , Active , Transactive Which of the options mentioned below would be categorized as a Franchisee The process of forecasting is based on :-=Future trends , Current analysis , Past performance The characteristics of knowledge worker would be :-=Egoistic , Right conscious Any morale improvement programme of management must embrace the following rules :Name the specialization where the economists consider necessary for efficiency in the use Objectives' is a wider term and ________ is part and parcel of it.=Mission The non-executive directors on the board of the company should be 50%.=True Who is the 'founder of Human Relation'?=Elton Mayo What should be included in the new governance charter?=Qualified and independent audit Managers should be effective ________ so that they may influence the activities of The term 'span of control' is also referred to as:-=Span of management , Span of supervision ________ is practiced like all other managerial functions at all levels of management.=All level Every person has different ways and means of performing art, similarly, every individual

store?=Footwear stores

=Encourage initiative , Respect individual , Be fair and just of labour :-=Division of work

committee subordinates without dissatisfying them.=Leaders , Span of authority exercise has different styles of management and these are categorized as :-=Democratic , Autocratic , Beaurocratic 498. 499. Who is the father of Intelligence Quotient ?=Alfred Bennet Management requires learning=Art requires knowledge, Science is developed=Over a of time, Management as a discipline=Has no centralized rule-making

period 500. 501. 502. 503. 504.

authority,Management is a multipurpose organ= That manages a business, Management is understood by performance= Management is Parting with authority means parting with friendship.=False According to Abraham Maslow, human needs can be classified into how many types?=Five ________ organizations have systems, mechanisms and processes in place.=Learning Fear among managers is not a barrier to delegation of authority.=False what management does

21 | P a g e

505. 506. 507. 508. 509. 510. 511. 512. 513. 514. 515. 516. 517. 518. 519. 520. 521. 522. 523. 524. 525. 526. 527. 528. 529. 530.

Henry Fayol finds ________ and responsibility to be related, with the latter arising from the Emotional distress shrinks working memory.=True A new sector has emerged in modern times, known as ________ management.=Event A direct consequence of retailing has taken place due to the emergence of :=Apparel What type of skills does management require?=Conceptual , Human relations , Technical Name the books on management written by Peter Drucker :-=Frontiers of Management , "Measuring Intellectual Capital" is one of the examples of performance measurement.=True Individuals are encouraged to develop ________, to speak out, to challenge actions.=Ideas What is the set-up of an organization?=Relationships Morale is the term usually applied to armed forces during war time and athletics teams. It The essence of control is that it is aimed at results and not necessarily at people as Virtuous acts include:-=Honesty , Integrity , Tolerance International artists' performance in India is diminishing in recent times.=False The service sector has not corporatised itself.=False Which segment of event management has the potential to gross the largest in India?=Live Few of the management principles given by Henry Fayol are:-=Authority and responsibility , Advantages of SBU's are :-=Quick response to environmental changes , Increased focus on Zurich=Hero group, ING Group=Vyasa Bank, STANDARD LIFE=HDFC, AMP=Sanmar According to Swami Vivekananda people have intuition or sacred power to face difficult In the various versus of Gita, there are many practical messages for which level of people in The potential external threats faced by an organization are :-=Entry of low cost foreign How many rules govern Indian and Foreign insurance companies?=12 Management as a discipline is the function of ________.=Creativity What require a high level of optimism and persistence despite rejection?= Self-Motivation Henry Fayol was trained as a ________ engineer.=Mining


retailing stores , Pharmaceutical retailing stores , Books, Music and Lifestyle retailing stores

The practice of management , Management, tasks, responsibility

refers to team spirit and ________ of people for a common purpose.=Togetherness such.=True

entertainment Division of work , Discipline products and market , Facilitating development of General Managers

task.=True management?=Leaders , Team leaders players , Adverse demographic changes , Slower market growth

22 | P a g e

531. 532. 533. 534. 535. 536. 537. 538. 539. 540. 541. 542. 543. 544. 545. 546. 547. 548.

To enhance emotional intelligence, ________ must refocus their training to include the limbic The strategic factor in social integration is the development and selection of leaders.=True ________ establishes, cause and effect relationship.=Science Business ________ is the calculation of probable events to provide against future.=Forecasting The technique of control is associated with planning, as a part of scientific The major books on social and political analysis by Peter Drucker are :-= The future of industrial man , The age of discontinuity , Drucker on Asia Name the various characteristics of science :-=Organized knowledge , Cause and effect Board members should have an independent sense of judgment.= True Event management Organizing is defined in different ways, viz.= Process , Relationship , Corporate citizen Charles Babbage built the first prototype of modern ________.=Computers It is said that 'Delegation is the key to control' and = information is guide to control Which is the technique where the completion of all tasks is checked in the order planned in Application of general management functions to the insurance sector is= co-ordinating , Lower level managers need EQ most.= False Certain important motivational techniques are= Monetary incentives , Job-based techniques Future of Insurance sector would be= new players taking over the market , improved Service sector is not=influenced accounting and by this system,Functional of management services=



relationship , Predictive power in India is an ancient activity.

the time scheduled is known as= Critical path method controlling , directing

, MBO techniques customer service , strong hold of nationalized players challenges=Management manufacturing activities 549. 550. Procedures establish a useful method of doing work and thus it can eliminate friction Communication forms the link between every individual and between one group and the between departments. = True other groups, what are the main facts which flow through individuals at various levels.= concepts, opinions 551. RBI's present report on currency and finance divides the sector into= consumer services , Govt. services , producer services taxation,Corporatization

Accountants,Reason for expansion of service sector=Failure to sustain an advantage in

23 | P a g e

552. 553. 554. 555.

It is that top leadership fails to teach the MBO philosophy largely because, very often it is Pursuit of excellence is an ethical principle.= True Delegation is required in which type of organization?= All type of organizations Leading companies in thissector of event management=Whizcraft Entertainment Ltd, Midas

itself not motivated.= True

Events,Fountain Head,Problems faced by event management industry=In addition to the entertainment tax, an event management company is also required to pay service tax, Areas of operations in event management=Celebrity management, television events, Definition of event management=Events are the occurrences designed for marketing interests 556. 557. 558. 559. 560. 561. 562. 563. 564. 565. 566. 567. 568. 569. 570. 571. 572. 573. 574. 575. If you don't know what you want to achieve, don't call in the________.= Consultant Who is primarily known for his Time and motion studies?=Frank Gilberth What can act as a self-regulation enabler? = Audit Of which kind of advertising is event a form?= interactive Steps to be taken into consideration while whistle blowing are: = examining your motives , Few of the benefits of direction are= ensures stability and balance , secures employees coA method of grouping the business of a multi-business corporation, which helps in strategic The important point to be noted under the definition of learning organizations is= The Internal environmental factor that influence management are Place,

verifying and documenting your information , sticking to the facts operation , facilitates change in organisation planning, is ________.= scientific Development of collective as well as individual learning Labour,machines,Money Any discipline to be called as profession must fulfill the following conditions = requires Revenue model is a challenge in the service sector.= True The contribution of the service sector to GDP has been less than proportionate to= The scope for retailing in India is great as it is dominated by the________.= unorganized sector Which of the following is not an area of operation of event management?= banking Foreign insurance companies can appoint majority directors on the company board.= False Intelligence quotient is the measurement of one's ?= Intelligence Decreased productivity is a cost of low IQ.= false The experts who dealt in Behavioral Sciences are := Max Weber , Vilfredo Pareto , Elton W.Edward Deming introduced quality control in Japan.= true The purpose of life is to raise from ________ to rajas= Tamas definite period of learning , centralized rule making authority , enforceable code of conduct



24 | P a g e

576. 577. 578. 579. 580. 581. 582. 583. 584. 585. 586. 587. 588. 589. 590. 591.

It is said that waking and dream world are both illusions, according to vedanta world as Under the role of management consultant, consultant acts as a= Motivator , Leader , Planning is based on future conditions which are dynamic, hence it is said to be= Flexible Maintaining discipline and ________ those who perform properly, is an element of direction.= Managerial function of control is the ________ and correction of performance of various Which modern trend calls for systematic attempt at controlling ?= Decentralisation "Control maintains the equilibrium between ends and means, output and efforts' by Management has been defined as the creation and direction of the internal environment in Corporate governance aims at= better transparency , ethics , accountability To which environment is learning environment adaptive? = External Which famous management consultancy first adopted the 7 S model?= McKinsey & Co. Which law states that 'you get what you deserve and not what you desire'= Law of destiny ________ degree of delegation is that in which a superior states a particular task to his Organization as an establishment is considered as the ________ aspect of an enterprise.= An organization consists of individuals in which their formal roles and structural positions Decentralization = It is viewed as an extension of delegation,Organizing= It is considered as

________.= Maya Mithya Counselor

controlling activities.= measurement

according to = Peter Drucker an enterprise= False

subordinates and tells them to investigate on that task and report back.= Low Physical bring them closer.= True a process, or any activity,Delegation= This means to give, offer, confer and allot a major part to subordinates,Span of management = It is based on the manager of average ability 592. Organization as an establishment = This is regarded as the physical aspect of an enterprise,Organization as a corporate citizen = This is regarded as the social aspect of an organization, Organization as a relationship = This is more related with the formal and informal relationships, Organization as a structure of authority = This is created out of responsibility and accountability structure 593. 594. 595. Who said, 'Direction is telling people what to do and seeing that they do it to the best of their ability'. = Dale ________ behaviour is obtained when there is a one-way transmission of orders from superior

to subordinates. = Linear

25 | P a g e

596. 597. 598. 599. 600. 601. 602. 603. 604.

The meaning and purpose of control is= knowing exactly what work is to be done , knowing The larger the organisation, the more easier is the control process with respect to overall results.= False Under the kinds of motivation, employees are different individually yet, they all want the The negative type of motivators will include= Fear , Force , Reprimands Management is just a list of functions.= False Science has no predictive power= False Professional management signifies separation of ownership and management.= True Selective Perception = In communication this means that they hear what they want to hear

that the work has been done or being done , knowing immediately of any delays, hold ups

following things from the job.= Job security , Congenial associates , Fair wages

and ignore other information, Semantic Distortion =This type of communication is said to be deliberate or accidental ,Secrecy =There is a large amount of information which is withheld bec' it will cause jealousy, Oral Communication= Frequently used by supervisors at the shop floor and by middle level managers 605. 606. 607. Service sector has grown because of________.= contracting The various departments that an event management company will have are= creative , The channels through which corporate governance may bear on performance are activated

production , client servicing through several structural and institutional factors as follows= legal, political and regulatory environment , financial structure of corporation ,structure and functioning of co 608. 609. 610. 611. 612. 613. 614. 615. 616. 617. 618. Name the growing developer and publisher software created by SBU's to handle product People with high EQ understand people's which factor ?= Expectations EQ is born largely in the neurotransmitters if the brains limbic system that governs = drives Which is the second factor of the 7S model?= Structure India should borrow management skill from other countries but one should never borrow Gita has nothing to do with leadership in management= False What is lacking in Indian business companies management ?= Professionalism Business families have started spending more on research and development.= True What is indispensable to accurate internal budgeting and to setting financial and expansion The steps included in the process of MBO are= Preliminary setting of goals at the top , Span of management is normally related to organization structure.= True development for each of the segments like child, youth entertainment etc.= Mindscape

, impulses , feelings

the use of the mechanical arts and applied sciences -= False

policies.= Sales forecasting Clarification of organisational goals , Recycling of objectives

26 | P a g e

619. 620. 621.

Control, like other elements of management process has to be ________ and not an emergency In an organisation the reports that are in the form of graphs, tables etc, are called ________= This is a type of motivational technique training given to the groups of managers

operation= continuous statistical reports themselves so that they may behave with and motivate their subordinates better.= Sensitivity training 622. Theory X =Both men and boss participate and jointly determine each individual's major areas of responsibility ,Theory Y =People do not have ambitions and they try to shirk responsibility ,MBO= technique Autocratic, democratic styles of leadership have their own implications for employee motivation. Leadership Technique =The average human beings, under proper conditions, do not shirk responsibility. 623. 624. 625. 626. 627. 628. 629. 630. 631. 632. 633. 634. 635. 636. 637. 638. 639. Science as a discipline has the following features= body of organized knowledge , What hampers organisational communication ?= Barrier The lack of communication leads to= information gap , disintegration , deviation from ________ with sympathy can reduce some of the daily frustrations in organised life and result Services need support functions to assist its operation, they are = transport, telecom, power What is one of the most significant inhibitors in customer preference while purchasing An Indian consumer is= one of the most diverse and demanding State Bank of India has collaborated with which foreign insurance company?= Cardiff Which ethical concept argues/emphasizes that all mature persons have adequate capacity Unethical acts are a result of________.= Unawareness and insensitivity to issues Loyalty to the________should occupy the place before loyalty to the organization. = country Peter Drucker is an expert on := Japanese art , History of technology , History of American Peter Durcker's classic book is known as 'The ________ of management'.= Practice Samartha Ramdas contributed to the conception of administration and management= True One of the fears family owned businesses fear is the successful planning to the get the right As Koonfz comments, ________ is deciding in advance what to do, how to do it and who is to Features of direction would be= Pervasive function , Communication , Continuous process establishes cause and effect relationship

performance in better communication. = Listening

perishable items in retail?= proximity of markets

to reason and that ethical rules can be desired from such reasons?=


person after the business ________.= Pioneer do it.= Planning

27 | P a g e


David McClelland identified three motives which compare with Maslow's higher ranking

motives; please name the missing motive. 1. Affiliation - Social, 2. Power-Esteem 3. Achievement - =Self-actualisation 641. Worker's Desires= It includes affection belongings, acceptance, friendship Basic human need of food, clothing and shelter,Management Desires =Safe, healthy working conditions economic security Lowest cost per unit, Intelligent initiative,Esteem Lowest cost per unit, Intelligent initiative Self-respect, status recognition from others, Social or Affiliation =Basic human need of food, clothing and 642. 643. This is one of the good control system where the system should confirm to the nature and Decision-making =These are the first step leading to the attainment of objectives. needs of the activity or position sought to be controlled = Suitability ,Forecasting =These are the goals established towards which the organisation activities are directed ,Planning= These are specific required action or non-actions, allowing no discretion ,Objectives= These are tomorrow's expectation, based on yesterday's achievements and today's plans. 644. 645. 646. 647. 648. 649. 650. 651. 652. 653. 654. According to Theory Y, people lack self-motivation and require to be externally controlled The names of the experts who have given recent contribution to management are:= William Correction of deviations is the point at which control can be seen as a part of the whole The service sector has expanded relentlessly in the past decades. Which of the following The qualities that matter for International teamwork are, = Mutual respect , Sense of time , It is said that always lines of communication should be open.= True Service sector in India dominates half of our national income.= True The structure of consumer demand in India is like an iceberg". What is therationale behind What is the authority for the SBU which is delegated to each person heading it, and can There are ________ forces of competition.= Five Definition of Management=Management is management of men, money, machinery, and closely supervised in order to get the maximum output for them = False Ouchi , W.Edward Deming , Peter F.Drucker system of management and can be related to other managerial functions.= True events gave it pre-eminence?= explosion of information technology Team spirit

this statement? = we see only parts of ready potential on the surface adapt quickly to any environmental change?= Decision-making

materials and information,Koontz and O'Donell =Management is the creation and maintenance of internal environment in an enterprise,Peter Drucker =Management is a multipurpose organ that manages a business, manages workers and work, Appley L= Management is management of people and not the direction of THINGS 28 | P a g e

655. 656. 657. 658. 659. 660. 661. 662. 663.

Objectives can be classified as= On the basis of time , On the basis of functions , On the basis Good competitive skills are a potential external opportunity of learning organizations= Fast food chains are not a corporatised service.= False Planning is mainly concerned with looking ahead in the future, what is it that provides the According to Dr. Chakraborty's in his model II, headvocates and gives preference to= According to Urwick, features of good plan is that which is sample , balanced , flexible ________ thinks that all knowledge is not subjective andhe is self-conceit to possess it. = ________ helps in adjusting to uncertainties in assessing work situations and the effective This is one of the method of checking performance where many business executives insist

of levels False

necessary raw material for correct planning ?= Forecasting Wisdom worker

Knowledge WORKER. delivery of services even under worst condition.= Malleability on making frequent visits to their plants so that they can see for themselves for real state of affairs= Personal observation 664. 665. 666. 667. 668. 669. 670. 671. 672. 673. 674. 675. 676. 677. 678. Companies like Godrej, Infosys are arranging which sessions for their employees = Yoga At which levels of the organization does management exist?= Top-level Philosophy of scientific management says that science is not a rule of ____= Thumb The components of competitive analysis are := Future goals , Current strategy , Capabilities Human thoughts are classified under Tamas Rajas and Hettwa= False Ethical concepts include:= Ethical subjectivism , Consequentialism , Ethics of Virtue Henry Fayol was born in England.= False What is proving that it is EQ more than IQ that underpins many of the best decisions. = It is said that, 'Don't follow practices of delegation on ________'.= Paper What are the common challenges faced by the retail business?= Special mindset to develop Robert Owen was a railroad builder in America.= False How many channels are there through which corporate governance may bear on The code of conduct for a profession should be= Enforceable The issues of insider trading can be dealt with by keeping a principle of= Disclosed or desist Name the factors governing the span of management.= Ability of the manager , Ability of the


special strategies , Coping with the change

performance?= five

employees , Geographic location

29 | P a g e

679. 680.

The different components of EQ would be= Self-awareness , Emotional management , Events like trade fairs are handled by government authorities, for example the biggest

empathy concourse under the sun, ________ is again handled by Allahabad Municipal Corporation.= Kumbhmela 681. 682. 683. 684. 685. 686. 687. 688. 689. 690. 691. 692. 693. 694. 695. 696. 697. 698. 699. 700. 701. 702. With globalisation moving ahead companies requires strategies like joint ventures for One of the external environment factors that influences Management is= Lega Disadvantages of SBUs are= Over-emphasis on short term performance , Distortion of The ________ appeared in the book, In search of Excellence.= 7 S model Learning organizations must adopt processes thatencourage interaction across boundaries= ________ learning requires skills for sharing information and knowledge, particularly implicit How many central ideas are associated withconsequentialism?= Two A budget as a plan of statement of expected results isexpressed in numerical terms.= True A set of actions that you start with and must maintainis also called as ________.= Strategy Characteristics of formal organization are := Arbitrary structure , Predetermined objectives The model presented by Dr. Chakraborty shows that Indian thought has a keynote, that is One of the internal environment factors that influences management is= Place When an insurance policy is sold, a promise is sold".= TRUE. Important ingredients of the service industry are labour and knowledge.= TRUE. What is the reason that Indian Business houses were notable to take courageous decisions.= Budgetary control involves budgets such as = sales , production , cash Which type of transmission of orders help in obtaininglinear behaviour ?= one-waY What does office management include?= staffing and equipment of the office It is said that no company is allowed to deal in lifeand non-life insurance as a single entity.= According to the Consequentialism concept of ethics, an act which does not maximize Elements of effective control are = Understandable , Corrective , Flexible Emotional intelligence is said to be the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the example HDFC - Standard Life =Your Answer Kinetic Honda

information , Dysfunctional competition among divisions

True knowledge,assumptions and benefits that are traditionally beneath the surface.= Collective

and policies ,Well defined rules and regulations =Balance

stagger or stumbling self-confidence

True value= is not ethically

power and acumen of emotions as a source of= information , trust , human Energy 30 | P a g e

703. 704. 705. 706. 707. 708. 709. 710. 711. 712. 713. 714. 715. 716. 717. 718. 719.

What is it when you are feeling and being in touch with subtle feeling about things ?= Self The four A's of the service section are=acceptability,________, affordability, availability.= Management is promotional= False Management manages a manager and manages machines and workers= False The strategic factor in social integration is the development and selection of leaders.= True Communication in industry is a phase both of organisation and moral building.= True The characteristics of a good consultant should be = Good communication skill , Team spirit A vision statement should have which option among the following components.= Precise Which ethical factor argues that there is no universal set of principles by which to judge Who called for scientific selection of workers and stressed the need for training?= Henry L. Factors determining decentralization of authority = uniformity of policy , desire for If you want it done right, do it yourself, is a fallacy= True Basic elements of control would be= setting standards of performance , measurement of The new techniques of control which has emerged are = management audit , Critical path Elements of direction are= maintaining discipline , motivation of subordinates , rewarding Co-ordination should not be what?= Rigid Leadership is a process of influencing whom?= People,What type of influences do hard-

awareness awareness

, Cosmopolitan outlook and objective mortality?= Ethical Relativism Gantt independence , control techniques

performance , comparison of performance with standard of performance method , Programme evaluation and review technique good performance

boiled autocrats use?= Negative,The leader who gives little or no direction is called?= LaissezFaire,What do you invite when your people are afraid to speak out?= Dissent,Who should Leaders trust?=. Subordinates. 720. 721. 722. 723. 724. Employees will be judged on how they will meet or exceed which well-defined criteria?= Information gaps create a communication barrier. = True The following are the services which are corporatized banking , insurance , hospitals=Your What type of industry is event management in India?= One Off International artists performance in India is diminishing in recent times.= False Performance

Answer banking , insurance , hospitals

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Ethics is concerned with =what is good ,Business ethics can thus be defined=As the study of

what is good and right for the business,Ethical relativism argues that there is no universalset of principles= by which to judge morality,Virtual acts are done willfully=And not by chance,Determine the type of wrongdoing involved=And to whom it should be reported 726. 727. 728. 729. 730. 731. 732. 733. 734. 735. 736. 737. 738. 739. 740. What type of ethics emphasize that all mature persons have adequate capacity to reason?= Ethical problems result in dilemmas for business managers.= True A wisdom worker is one who focuses on self-control.= True For survival Indian business families are raising their capital to which zone?= Comfort The liberalization and globalization has lead to restructuring of industry through= merger , Morale is a state of mind and emotions affecting the attitude to work.= True ________ is a continuous activity in which the ________ are instructed to carry out the particular One of the ________ of direction is of ________ communication.= principles, effective By putting inter-dependent ________ under one ________ coordination is ensured.= units, boss ________ divide work into specialized ________. = Managers, functions Organizational morale is basically a ________ condition of groups and ________.= mental, The level of ________ affect an individuals ________.= satisfaction, morale An important ________ in retailing is the battle of ________= trend, Formats Learning ________ is the organizational ________ that nurtures learning.= Culture, climate Some of the popular forecasts are sales=forecasts And production trends,Planning is Deontological ethics

outsourcing , downsizing

assignment.= Training, subordinates


defined as a long look ahead=And a broad look around & a searching look within,Planning makes companies competitive =And it reduces cost,Planning depends on authenticity=And reliability of information,Planning should not be rigid=It must have an inbuilt controlling process 741. 742. 743. 744. 745. 746. 747. What type of control is most important for effective delegation?= Feedback Direction helps utilize what? = Capabilities Who said, direction in business is similar to strategy in war?= Seymour Limitations of control would be= external factors , difficulty in setting standards ,variation Direction helps explore the talents of individuals.= True The democratic or participative leadership style the leader tries to lead mainly through= The different types of barriers to communication are= physical , psychological , semantic

and its causes

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Principles of effective communication would be = clear in use of language , attentive Planning is the primary management function of insurance companies= True A level playing field is an unlikely factor of success for insurance sector.= False Audit can act as a self regulation enabler = True Examples of ethics of virtue are as follows= courage , generosity , tolerance Companies must calculate what else about consultancy?= Costs Which of the following act as general motivators?= All of these Individuals normally desire a degree of independence. = True _______ offer a definite ________ to the planning process.= Rules,, direction A ________ should always be clear about what is to be ________ to subordinates.= superior, Control is ________ to decision-________.= Basic, making A favorable factor for retail ________ is reduction of ________ duties.= growth, customs The potential internal strength of an organization could be= adequate financial resources , What are some of the challenges faced by retail sector?= Looking beyond price , The people

listening , use of right medium


superior technological skills , cost advantages factor , The technological edge

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