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Electrical Installation Material Market In APAC Region

MiteshParihar 3/11/2012

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To provide a brief understanding of the electrical Installation equipment market in the APAC region Background: Electrical installation material industry in the APAC region is purely concentrated in the power/Energy/Infrastructure markets. This document is prepared by keeping the focus on these areas only.

Applicable industries: 1
1. Power generation & distribution a. Hydro Power Generation b. Thermal Power Generation c. Storage Systems d. Network Interconnection e. Transmission & Distribution f. Smart Systems g. Wind Farm Generation h. Solar Generation 2. Transportation a. Electrical installation for the Rail network b. Electric vehicles 3. Infrastructure & networking a. Function-Rich Equipment b. Energy Efficient Buildings c. Low Energy Data Centres d. Smart Network Connection e. Full Power / Data Network f. Building Management Systems g. Equipment-Specific Control

Product lines:
1. Electricity Generation, Storage, Transmission & Distribution a. Power Electronics b. Transformers c. HV and LV Cable d. Generators e. Cu-Based Solar Panels f. Batteries 2. Premise structure internal networks & equipment a. Meters b. Power / Data Wire Nets c. High Power Data Cables d. Wireless Power Systems e. Motors f. Batteries g. Power Electronics

h. Microprocessors i. Nanotechnology 3. Infrastructure & networking a) Cables b) Cable accessories c) Cable Management Solutions d) Lighting e) Junction boxes f) Switches & Sensors g) Starters & Contactors h) Fuses i) Relays

Industry Highlights:
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The growth in India is predicted at 20 percent annually. Growth is driven primarily by Electric Power sector. There is a need for electricity grid increases to cope with rising energy needs. ABB has announced a plan to invest $500 million in China between 2011 and 2015. ABB's order growth for china stood at 17% y-o-y from 2010 to 2011. 230mn people have no access to electricity in the APAC region.

Major industry players:

India BHEL Andrew Yule & Co Bharat BhariUdyog Nigam Limited Bharat Yantra Nigam Limited Honda iel power products KirloskarElectric Co Compton greaves Cummins India ABB Corp China China Datang Corporation China Guodian Corporation China Huadian Group China Huaneng Group China Power Investment Corporation ShenzenEnergy Corp ABB Corp Japan Chubu Electric Power (Chuden) Hokuriku Electric Power Company (HEPCO) Hokkaido Electric Power Company (Hokuden) Kyushu Electric Power (Kyuden) Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) Okinawa Electric Power Company (Okiden) The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Sumitomo Electric Co ABB Corp

Key Insights:
Electricity industry growth of China and India is expected to grow at more than 3% over the next 25 years. Country India China Japan South Korea
Figure 1: Power generation capacity as of 29 Mar 2011

Power generation Capacity(GW) 159 716 279 79

Figure 2: APAC Power generation forecast

Figure 3: Power project activity by year in APAC region in MW

The huge potential for growth in power sector will transcend into an equal scope for growth in the Electrical installation material markets of the APAC region. Any corporate strategy concerning the Electrical installation material industry should involve a thorough understanding of the power sector.

Disclaimer: This report is meant only for the purpose of evaluation and the author doesnt bear any liability for the data presented or the material discussed

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