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Green planet weekly

November 28th, 2011 Author: Dang Pham

Renewable equals Revivable

There are a lot of types of renewable energy; a lot of them originate from the natural world. For instance, they can be sunlight, wind, biomass, etc. The most popular type of renewable energy is wind energy. It has been used for thousands of years by sailors and by many civilizations for many purposes. Human kind has used wind to do variety of jobs, such as windmills, irrigation pumping, and recently, wind turbines to create electricity. Wind power generating rate has recently increasing by 30 percent each year. Wind power and other types of renewable energy have been providing about 16 percent of the worlds electricity and are still increasing dramatically. Renewable energy sources have brought us many advantages. Unlike finite energy sources, alternative energy sources are sustainable, so they never run out. Renewable energy facilities also require less maintenance than traditional generators. In addition, the fuel used by the facilities is originated from nature which reduces the operation cost. And even more important, renewable energy

enewable energies have been used for 4 millenniums years, when the Chinese first used wind power to pump water for their crops, or by sailor to sail the oceans. It has been recognized for millenniums, but its popularity and usage have not been so popular and even got replaced by fossil fuels, which are finite resources. Every form of energy is finite, but renewable energies are energies that can replenished rapidly or even instantly. Some day in the future, perhaps a few more centuries, fossil fuels are going to run out, but the renewable energy will still be there. Therefore, renewable energy is definitely the most important for the development of human kind.

Green Planet Weekly

produces very little or even no waste. As a result, it produces very little or even no waste. So, renewable energy not only gives us an unlimited amount of resources but also a solution for global warming. We can recognize many advantages and benefits from alternative energy sources but we must also be aware of its negatives. One big disadvantage it brought to us is that it is very difficult for us to produce as much energy as the traditional burning fossil fuel. This means that we have to reduce our energy usage if we want to benefit from renewable energys advantages. Another challenge that renewable energy have is that the availability of the supplies. Alternative energy often relies on the weather for its production. Wind turbines need wind, solar panels need the sun but when these sources are unavailable, renewable energy faces many problems. Imagine a volcanic eruption that covers the sky with dust that will limit our production of solar energy. This is very inconsistent. Also, the current cost of renewable technology is very high comparing to the traditional fossil fuel generation.

The advances of technology really help us to improve to reduce the disadvantages and step over the obstacle. The power of renewable energy is far beyond of any human kind imagination, if we fully utilize the immense power of alternative energy. I believe one day, the usage of renewable energy will be exploiting more than the traditional finite energy sources.

Green planet weekly | 11/28/2011