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(a) unpleasant (b) enjoy (c) sitting (d) kept (e) details (f) woman (g) identity (h) charm/surprise (i) annoyed (j) silent 2. 1. (c) it is exceptionally cold and hence full of discomfort 2. (b) it offers sublime spectacles of nature 3. (d) she took the stairs to her second-floor hotel room 4. (c) she enjoyed watching spectacular views of Bhutans forests and mountains 5. (a) mysterious and difficult to understand 3. 1. they are obligate predators 2. to preserve tigers 3. tigers kill their cattle 4. knowledge of exact number helps in their conservation 5. proof 4. 1. (a) cold air and storms were absent 2. (c) it was the hottest for many places in the northern region 3. (b) there will be fewer thunderstorms 4. (d) these favour an early monsoon 5. (c) the process by which hot air collects close to the earth SECTIONB (WRITING) 5. Shweta : No, I never paid attention to this aspect. Swati : What will you do with the plastic bag after finishing lunch? Shweta : Ill throw it into the dustbin. Swati : From the dustbin it flies on the drains and chokes the sewage or it may be eaten

by some stray cow and clog her intestine and prove fatal. It makes soil barren by blocking its pores and leads to water pollution. If it is burnt, it creates air pollution. Moreover, it is a danger to health. It has a corrosive effect. Perishable items like curd, milk, butter, ghee, spicy vegetables etc. get sour and contaminated if kept in open in the polypacks. Shweta : Well, if plastic bags are so harmful, why arent they banned? Swati : The government has done so, but people are slow to act. 6. Value Points Punjabi Weddingoccasion for fun and merriment Various ceremonies and functions Betrothal Mehndi Ladies Sangeet Phere Send off Festivities songs and dances decoration and lights Elaborate food and clothes various sweets and dishes colourful and gaudy dresses PRACTICE PAPER4S-76 E N G L S C I H O M M U N I C A T I V E X Wedding guests and family ceremonial welcome reception feast 7. For the Motion Respected Chairperson, members of faculty and dear friends! I want to defend the motion that reality shows for children do more harm than good. My

worthy opponents have listed the benefits of reality shows for the children. They have cited their popularity on the idiot box as an index of the benefit they give children in the form of exposure. I agree that reality shows discover latent talent. But I fear, the talent is not groomed properly. It is rather being exploited. All channels are in a rat race to cash on the craze among viewers. Parents are eager to see their children perform. The various channels are motivated by their commercial instincts to earn as much as they can. Programmes are made keeping in view the TRP ratings and the curiosity of viewers. As far as the participants are concerned these shows are doing more harm than good. Unnecessary anxiety is caused to children by adding their workload. They have to undergo untold strain and tension during rehearsals and performance. The inherent fear of failure and sense of defeat haunts them. They easily become victims of emotional instability. It is seen that even a child prodigy fails to adjust properly to the demands of life in adulthood. The negative competitiveness makes their personalities lop-sided. Negative qualities such as jealousy, disbelief, fear, suspicion, doubt etc. enter their mental make-up. The result is that they fall prey to inferiority complex. They have no time left for developing their own personality. Childhood is sacrificed at the altar of professionalism. Excuse me for a bit of plain speaking. There is nothing real in reality shows. It is all manipulated. The final show presents a resemblance of realitybut no reality at all. Thank you. SECTIONC (GRAMMAR) 8. (a) 3. are (b) 2. how (c) 4. what (d) 3. by (e) 2. have (f) 2. and (g) 1. No (h) 3. with 9. (a) 3. to conserve rainwater (b) 4. be done by collecting (c) 2. recharging groundwater (d) 1. is cleaned 10. (a) were hurt (b) was arrested (c) is strictly prohibited (d) was auctioned 11. (a) Fasting also removes poisons from the body.

(b) Take liquids every four hours during the fast. (c) Juice of lemons, grapes and oranges is recommended during the fast. (d) Your doctor may also recommend vegetable soup. 12. (a) she was going very fast (b) she had exceeded the speed limit (c) requested him to let her go that time (d) she had to report at the police station only the next day SECTIOND (LITERATURE) 13. (A) First option 1. (c) the sailors 2. (a) alliteration 3. (b) helplessnessS O L U T I O N S S-77 Second option 1. (c) Helen, the ghost 2. (d) the ghost materialising in sections 3. (b) she was too tired to materialise 13. (B) 1. The fall of Caesar and Roman values is referred to here. 2. It suggests the decline of Romans. 3. It means that Caesars own courtiers and friends plotted against him and assassinated him leading to civil war. 14. (a) The poet feels guilty as he threw a log of wood at the snake who came there like a guest to drink water. It was really a mean act. The poet wants to make amends for his pettiness or his vulgar and mean act. (b) It is called a Christian soul because it had come at such a time when the ship and the mariners were in trouble. The weather improved after its arrival. The ship could easily move then.

(c) First, the things bought at a bargain sale cant be returned or exchanged. Secondly, she was interested in the other world, if he wasnt. (d) Patol Babu gave the shot of collision with the hero. He timed it to perfection. The word oh synchronised with his body language. His exclamation and gestures had anguish, surprise and irritation. He felt fully satisfied. So he heaved a sigh of relief. (e) Antony first arouses the feelings of pity, curiosity and greed of the mob. He reads the will to arouse sympathy for Caesar and hatred against the conspirators. He proves that they are the descendants of Caesar, who has provided for each one of them in his will. 15. First option The Ouija Board Party that Lavinia Hallock organised at her home had a disastrous effect on her marital relationship. She forced her husband John to be partner of Miss Laura Hinkle, inspite of his unwillingness and protests. Laura grinned in his face like a flirtatious crocodile. Then she leaned forward and coyly held his hands in the desired position. The board became alive and named John as Traitor. John wanted to leave. Miss Hinkle read the message on the board. Someone named Helen was trying to communicate with John. This message was read on the Ouija boards of Mrs Hunt and Mrs Sprinkle. Lavinia expressed her ignorance of Helen. She looked at John through narrowed lids. Now every one of these five Ouija boards was calling Johns name. John felt ashamed and humiliated. He left the room, went upstairs and crawled into the bed. He dozed off to sleep at 3 am. Next morning, Lavinia pushed a note under the door to convey that she was leaving. Perhaps she had held her husband guilty of infidelity. Second option Patol Babu is certainly a practical man. Life has been very hard to him. During his youth he had a passion for the stage and was an amateur actor in Jatras, amateur theatricals and in plays put up by the club in his neighbourhood. He was always in demand. This was in Kanchrapara. When he shifted Calcutta, he remained busy in his office job for nine years. The

war had a chilling effect on his career. He lost his job. Ever since then Patol Babu had struggled to make a living. At first he opened a variety store. He had to wind it up after five years. Then he had a job in a Bengali firm. He gave it up in disgust when his boss began to treat him in too high handed a fashion. Then for ten long years, he worked as an insurance salesman. In short, Patol Babu tried every means of earning a livelihood without ever succeeding in improving his lot. Of late he has been paying regular visits to a small establishment dealing in scrap iron where a cousin of his has promised him a job. The visit of Naresh Dutt opens a new avenue. He may get chance to act in films. Thus Patol Babu comes to terms with whatever life has to offer.

S-78 E N G L S C I H O M M U N I C A T I V E X SECTIONA (READING) 1. (a) memories/recollections (b) died (c) aural (d) tune (e) hovers (f) smell (g) morning (h) reminds (i) blue (j) stillness 2. 1. (b) altering our environment radically 2. (d) it is an untested technology 3. (c) lining highways with artificial trees 4. (d) it has the potential to cool the earth 5. (a) to change something completely so that it is the opposite of what it was before 3. 1. to sup soupy food 2. the dinner knife evolved a rounded end 3. these helped in preparation of dishes 4. cutting and scooping food 5. out of date 4. 1. (d) they believe their pets cant possibly live without them 2. (a) they take the creatures out of their normal environment 3. (b) pet fees and deposits are too high in airlines and hotels 4. (c) to find a pet-friendly hotel and not to hide the animal 5. (b) taking somebody/something away in a quick, secret or mysterious way SECTIONB (WRITING) 5. ABDUL KARIM Mr Abdul Karim, my favourite tailor, is in his fiftees. He is about six feet tall and weighs around 70 kg but looks taller as he is slim. He has a large family to support. Besides his wife he has six childrenfour boys and two girls. Although he is educated only up to middle standard, he is educating all his children. He likes listening to film music and expects prompt payment for his services. He is popular because he is gentle, polite and true to time limit. 6. 123/67 Mangolpuri New Delhi

15 May 20XX The Chairman CBSE New Delhi Sir Sub: Suggestions regarding change in school syllabus The average school student is burdened with books, tests, assessments, exams and marks. Todays child goes to school to pass exams and then secure admission in colleges. There is no fun left in the process of learning. Due to the pressure of tests and exams the childs creativity gets arrested. He is loaded with facts by the teacher without bothering whether these are assimilated or not. Learning for the sake of gaining knowledge is almost non-existent. The school syllabus in many subjects is not even relevant to the present-day world. Most of it is of no practical value to the child. I feel that the syllabus should be more interesting and challenging. More interactive activities should be included in the curriculum to make it student friendly. I am optimistic that you will take initiative to initiate deliberations over this issue and bring out a student-friendly curriculum. Yours sincerely Ankit/Asha 7. THE VICIOUS CIRCLE OF POVERTY Poverty is the state of being poor. It means not having enough money for basic needs. Poverty PRACTICE PAPER5S O L U T I O N S S-79 compels one to have a low standard of living. Most of the children are ill-fed, ill-clad and ill-mannered. These malnourished children have neither physical strength nor do they enjoy any immunity against diseases. They are deprived of the lamp of knowledge and get very little education. Most cases of school dropouts are from the poorest sections of society. Their low efficiency makes

them prey to inferiority complex. In order to supplement the income of the family small children are engaged in petty jobs which are usually poorly paid jobs. Low income and low productivity compels the family to exist in abject poverty. Most of the poor people do not adopt family planning. Consequently they have large families with more mouths to feed than hands engaged in work. Poor health forces them to take frequent leave from work. No work-No pay means illness makes them poorer than before. The vicious circle of poverty goes on and on. SECTIONC (GRAMMAR) 8. (a) 3. by (b) 2. its (c) 3. and (d) 4. across (e) 3. having (f) 4. for (g) 3. to (h) 2. these 9. (a) 3. was celebrated (b) 4. who was the Chief Guest (c) 2. was accorded (d) 3. were inaugurated 10. (a) has been banned (b) 8 persons were injured as a crude bomb exploded (c) has developed a fan-cap (d) have launched a drive against drug peddlers who are 11. (a) It has a long forked tail on the back, a sheen and wings. (b) It has a blue band with dark red beneath it at its throat. (c) Often swallows are seen skimming over a pond or an open space. (d) Sometimes they may be found hunting insects down a busy city street. 12. (a) their new servant had (b) if anything was missing (c) he had stolen one of their blankets (d) it was the one they had taken SECTIOND (LITERATURE) 13. (A) First option 1. (c) anger and contempt 2. (d) copied

3. (b) pieces of stone Second option 1. (d) the members of the film unit 2. (c) all his labour and imagination 3. (b) reduced his acting talent 13. (B) 1. Decius Brutus speaks these lines. These are addressed to Julius Caesar. 2. The speaker refers to Calpurnias dream. 3. This dream has been wrongly interpreted. It is a beautiful dream. It predicts good luck. 14. (a) The poets attitude of love and respect changed into one of hatred, fear and violence. His safe presence in the hole was a constant danger to him. (b) They are almost dying of thirst in the middle of water. Their ship has become stationary. The water of the rotting sea boiled and presented a horrible and hateful sight. Moreover, they have become victims of a revengeful supernatural force. (c) First, his magazine had so far been the only one to print his stuff. Secondly, he had an uncanny knowledge of the narrators need for money to pay the landlord or the grocer. Jenkins supplemented his income. (d) Patol Babus wife thought that he was a drifter. He could not devote himself whole heartedly to any task. Secondly, she thought him a dreamer. He would count his chickens before they are hatched. He built castles in the air.S-80 E N G L S C I H O M M U N I C A T I V E X (e) He says that his love for Rome was far greater than his regard and love for Caesar. For him the worst punishment is slavery. He asks people if they should live in a state of slavery all their lives or that Caesar should be dead and all of them live in perfect freedom from tyranny and oppression. 15. First option Respected Chairperson and mates!

I was assigned the case of Mr. John Hallock, an upcoming writer of ghost fiction, who is always starved of ideas for the plots. I knew that his wages as bookkeeper for lumber company are inadequate to meet the grocery bills and pay for his wife Lavinias fancy shopping. I found him quite receptive. I told him how I had been helping in the past, but would not be able to do so any longer as the Ouija Board manipulators disturbed our sleep and made us work all night. I extracted a promise from him. He would use his influence to persuade his friends, relatives and acquaintances not to use Ouija Board. What incensed me was the fact that he failed to force his wife to return the Ouija Board. Then he became a player in the Ouija Board Party, though unwillingly. This was like adding salt to injury. I proclaimed him a traitor. He had broken his promise. His wife and her friends thought that he had some illicit relation with me. His wife Lavinia, threatened to break off their relationship. I materialised again and set everything right. She destroyed the Ouija Board. Now the Hallocks love each other. Peace has returned and so has their cook. Mr Hallock has started writing another ghost story. Wont you give me a treat? Second option 325, 17th Avenue New Orleans Ohio 15 March 20XX Dear Tom In order to satisfy your curiosity about computer games, I am penning the following few lines about their relative merits and difficulty levels. The Wildwest is the simplest and easiest of them all. It takes us back to the old world charm. Sheriff Dawson and the second Sheriff try to dodge the Black-Eyed Jed and his horsemen. The second sheriff is hurt.

The Dragonquest has the atmosphere of the middle ages. Fair princess Aurora is imprisoned in a tall tower of the dragon. She appeals to me to rescue her. The second knight intervenes. He asks for immediate help. I recognise him. We try to escape but the dragon gets hold of Sebastian. The Jail break has modern prison cell with winding corridors. There are sirens, guards and fierce dogs. A helicopter arrives but it is a bit slow and the twelve guards and their dogs thwart our attempt. Sebastian slips and falls down. He is injured. The Warzone is the most exciting. It is located in a modern city with tall buildings. These are window less but riddled with holes. Machine gun fire raked the sky. Walls tumbled. Bomb exploded. We try to reach the helicopter. The tank fire pushes us back to wall. We jump into a jeep to get to the helicopter. A tank hurtles after us. Sebastian applies brakes. The jeep skids into a spin. I jump into the helicopter. Sebastian is unable to come out of the jeep. The tank crashes into the jeep. Sebastian is thrown into the air. I pull him up into the helicopter. You can easily see that the last game has all the elements of thrill, excitement, planning, execution and ingenuity associated with warfare. More when we chat Yours sincerely Michae