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EC 234 PS 1


7.15. Suppose that X1, X2,...,Xm and Y1, Y2,...,Yn are independent random samples, with the variables Xi normally distributed
with mean 1 and variance 1 and the variables Yi normally distributed with mean 2 and variance 2 . The difference between the sample means, , is then a linear combination of m+n normally distributed random variables and, by Theorem 6.3, is itself normally distributed. a) Find E( ) b) Find V( ) 2 2 c) Suppose that 1 = 2, 2 = 2.5, and m = n. Find the sample sizes so that ( ) will be within 1 unit of (1 2) with probability .95.
2 2


7.19. Ampermeters produced by a manufacturer are marked under the specification that the standard deviation of gauge
readings is no larger than .2 amp. One of these ampermeters was used to make ten independent readings on a test circuit with constant current. If the sample variance of these ten measurements is .065 and it is reasonable to assume that the readings are normally distributed, do the results suggest that the ampermeter used does not meet the marketing specifications? [Hint: Find the approximate probability that the sample variance will exceed .065 if the true population variance is .04]


7.21. Refer to Exercise 7.13. Suppose that n = 20 observations are to be taken on ln(LC50) measurements and that 2 = 1.4. Let
S denote the sample variance of the 20 measurements. 2 a) Find a number b such that P(S < b) = 0.975. 2 b) Find a number a such that P(a < S ) = 0.975. 2 c) If a and b are as in parts (a) and (b), what is P(a < S < b)?


7.43. An anthropologist wishes to estimate the average height of men for a certain race of people. If the population standard
deviation is assumed to be 2.5 inches and if he randomly samples 100 men, find the probability that the difference between the sample mean and the true population mean will not exceed .5 inch.


7.57. Twenty-five heat lamps are connected in a greenhouse so that when one lamp fails, another immediately takes over.
(Only one lamp is turned on at one time). The lamps operate independently, and each has a mean life time of 50 hours and standard deviation of 4 hours. If the greenhouse is not checked for 1300 hours after the lamp system is turned on, what is the probability that a lamp will be burning at the end of the 1300-hour period?


7.59. An experiment is designed to test whether operator A or operator B gets the job of operating a new machine. Each
operator is timed on 50 independent trials involving the performance of a certain task on the machine. If the sample means for the 50 trials differ by more than 1 second, the operator with the smaller mean will get the job. Otherwise, the outcome of the experiment will be considered a tie. If the standard deviations of times for both operators are assumed to be 2 seconds, what is the probability that operator A will get the job on the basis of the experiment, even though both operators have equal ability?


7.73. An airline finds that 5% of the persons who make reservations on a certain flight do not show up for the flight. If the
airline sells 160 tickets for a flight with only 155 seats, what is the probability that a seat will be available for every person holding a reservation and planning to fly?


7.75. A pollster believes that 20% of the voters in a certain area favor a bond issue. If 64 voters are randomly sampled from
the large number of voters in this area, approximate the probability that the sample fraction of voters favoring the bond issue will not differ from the true fraction by more than .06.