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Dear Student: Welcome to the wonderiul world of instrumental music. The moment you pick up yor alto saxophone, you will begin an exciting adverture that is filed with challenges and ewards. I'you study carefully and practice regularly, you will quickly discover the joy a n of playing beautiful music for yourself, your family, your fiends, ar a fence concert ai Thope you have many rewarding years of musicenaking Best Practicing - the key to EXCELLENCE! > Make practicing part of your deily schedule. Ifyou pla it as you do any other activity, you well ind plenty of time for ft » Try to practice in the same pi :¢ every day. Choose a place where you can concentrate on making rmuisic. Start with a regular and fami warms routine, nchuding long, tones and sémplle techavical ‘exercises, Like dn athlete, you need ta warmup your mind and muscles belore you begin performing. > Set goals for every practice session. Keep tackof your practice ime and progress On the front cower Practice Journal > Practice the hard spots in your lessan assignment and ban them perfectly > Spend time practicing both alone and with the STANCARD OF EXCELLENCE reconted 2 ments > Atthe end of each practice session, play something fun, ic ewer and ave nti you can play empan ISBN 08497-59323 ©1995 Neil A. Kos Music Company, 4 PUTTING YOUR ALTO SAXOPHONE TOGETHER "MOUTHPIECE Me ligature STEP 1 ~ Open your case right side wp. Put the thin end of the reed inside your mouth fo moisten it, Crease the cork on the neck i necessary. SEP 2 Put the neck strap around your neck. Mook thebodyol the instrumentiothe neck stap, Remove the end plug. STEP 3 Pui the mouthpiece on theneckso that halfol tre corkis exposed, The Manske @f the mouthpiece should be on the Rgature only und snug. Overtightening ‘can damage your ligature. neck onto the body, caretully the connecting lever, Tighten Se Falta adattatt ts