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Syntel CQA Forum Comparison of Quality

Principles CQA Doc No 7

Points for Quality Improvement ( C –14, D - 14, J – 10)

Sl Deming Juran Crosby

No. ( 14 Points) ( 10 Points) ( 14 points)
1. Constancy of Build awareness of Make it clear that
purpose need and management is committed
opportunity for to quality.

2. A new philosophy Set goals for Form Quality improvement

improvement. teams with each
department represented.

3. Cease dependence Organize to reach Determine where current

on inspection goals and potential problems lie.
4. End lowest tender Provide training Evaluate the cost of
contracts quality and explain its use
as a tool
5. Improve every Carry out projects to Raise the quality
process solve problems awareness and concern of
all employees
6. Institute training Report progress Take actions to correct
on the job problems identified.
7. Institute Give Recognition. Establish a committee for
leadership the ‘Zero defects’ program
8. Drive out fear Communicate results Train supervisors to
actively carry out their
role in quality

9. Break down Keep score Hold a ‘zero defects day’

barriers for all employees to
highlight the changes.

10. Eliminate Maintain momentum Encourage individuals to

exhortation by making annual establish improvement
improvement part of goals
regular process of
the company
11. Eliminate targets Encourage communication
with management about
obstacles to improvement
12. Permit pride of Recognize and appreciate
workmanship the participants.

13. Encourage Establish quality councils

education to aid communication.

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Syntel CQA Forum Comparison of Quality
Principles CQA Doc No 7

14. Create top Do it all over again to

management show it never ends.

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Syntel CQA Forum Comparison of Quality
Principles CQA Doc No 7

Comparison of Principal ideas of Deming, Juran and Crosby

Deming Juran Crosby

Definition Predictable degree Fitness for Conformance to

of uniformity and purpose Requirements
dependability at
low cost

Senior Responsible for Responsible for > Responsible for

management 94% of problems 80% of problems Quality
Performance Many scales: use Avoid campaigns Zero defects
standard SPC to exhort

General Reduce Variability: Emphasis on Prevention

approach Continuos management of
Improvement human aspects

Structure 14 steps 10 steps 14 steps

SPC SPC must be used Recommends SPC Rejects

but cautions Statistically
against tool based acceptable level of
approach quality

Basis for Continuos: Project based A process, not a

improvement eliminate goals approach: set program
Team work Employee Team / Quality Quality
participation in circle improvement
decisions teams

Costs of No optimum, Optimum, Quality Quality is free

Quality Continuos is not free

Purchasing Use SPC through Complex Supplier is

strong co- problems, use extension of
operation formal surveys business

Vendor rating No Yes, but work with Yes

Single sourcing Yes No
of supply

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