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Pakistan entered into Television Broadcasting age with a small pilot TV Station established at Lahore from where transmission was first beamed in Black & White with effect from 26 November 1964. Television centers were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974 While introducing the sophisticated branch of the electronic media in the country, the broad perspective kept in mind was to inform and educate the people through wholesome entertainment and to inculcate in them a greater awareness of their own history, heritage, current problems, and development as well as knowledge of the world at large.


The study upon which the whole report is based is related to personnel and administrative activities of Pakistan television (PTV). ZAFFAR IQBAL BANGASH (General manger PTV news center) helped me a lot to start my practical work in PTV news centre. Under his supervision I learnt a lot the practical work. The teachers had been imparted me to become very clear as far as my concept about the management and role of manager and leader. The study contains some concepts like management, current affairs, production and activities related to human resource. This report contains mission, vision and different objectives of PTV. It also defines the structure of PTV with little detail of different departments and different services provided by PTV.


For Informational development and prosperity television plays a vital role. PTV is one of the biggest television channels in Pakistan with extended network outside Pakistan as well. The basic purpose of the report is the fulfillment of requirement for the degree of MBA. The secondary purpose is to show the PTV in our society and for giving suggestion where needed in case of any problem. This report shows SWOT analysis of PTV from which the position and current conditions of the PTV can be easily judged.


The base of the study is the PTV news centre Islamabad Pakistan. The main Focus in this study is on personnel and Administration division of PTV news centre. During internship the given department observed.


Most of the data is gathered through secondary sources, however primary sources are also used which includes unstructured interviews and personal observations and from different employees of Pakistan Television (PTV).


CHAPTER ONE First describes the background, scope, methodology and scheme of the report. CHAPTER TWO This section of report consists of Review of the organization. It includes a brief history of PTV. Visio, mission and overall history television sector in Pakistan, role of PTV as family channel and objective of PTV.

CHAPTER THREE This section consists of the organizational structure of PTV, board of directors; This section has brief summary of different functions of PTV. CHAPTER FOUR This section consist the main department of PTV, where every department has been briefly summarized according to their functions. CHAPTER FIVE This section consists of SWOT analysis of PTV. Where the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of PTV are described CHAPTER SIX This section consists of finding and recommendations



President of Pakistan introducing NEC Executives, Inaugurating PTV 1964. Originally a private sector project in 1961 by prominent Industrialist Syed Wajjid Ali who signed a Joint Venture agreement with Nipon Electric Company (NEC) of Japan, leading Pakistani Engineer Ubaidur Rahman was appointed by Wajjid Ali to head the television project. By 1962 after a series of pilot transmission tests the project was quickly taken over by the Ayub government in 1963 in the greater national interest of Pakistan. President Ayub Khan re-appointed Ubaidur Rahman In 1963 under the Ministry of Information joint venture collaborated with the NEC to launch PTV. The project began with a tent on the back lot of Radio Pakistan, Lahore where a transmission tower and a studio were constructed.

On 26 November 1964, the first official television station commenced transmission broadcasts from Lahore, followed by Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 1965 (then the capital of East Pakistan, a third center was established in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. In 1965 and the fourth in Karachi In 1966 later centers in Peshawar and Quetta were established. By 1974 originally broadcast in black and white, PTV began color transmission. In 1976 with this new upgrade in techniques and equipment, the Pakistan Television Academy was founded and opened. In 1987 Pakistan Television Academy was founded and opened to teach students who wished to work in the medium. In 1999 Digital TV satellite broadcasting was launched.


Our vision is a world where everyone can be connected and also our vision is to

enhance the quality of production and presentation continuously in all concerned areas, serves as the framework for our Channel and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

We work to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible. Also taking on big challenges and seeing them through. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable

to our Viewers, and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.


The Policy to start electronic media in the country was to inform and educate

the people through entertainment, awareness of their own history, heritage, current problems and development as well as knowledge of the world at large. In fulfillment of its broad and main objectives, PTV's telecast policy concerning various matters of national and international interests. Provide knowledge to people about the values that are vitally important. Are as follows: 1. These objectives have successfully been achieved through a variety of programs on religion, education, entertainment and culture. 2. PTV Corporation's broadcasts are family oriented and they carters the need of local audience by showing eastern family programs. 3. It also acts on social development theory of media, thats why it shows informative programs about health and social issues. 4. It also censors commercials and holds a conservative standard as compared to other channels. 5. It supports government policies on national and international matters.


PEMRA has been established under PEMRA Ordinance 2002 to facilitate and regulate the private electronic media. It has mandate to improve the standards of information, education and entertainment and to enlarge the choice available to the people of Pakistan Including news, current affairs, religious knowledge, art and culture as well as science and technology.


Television Sector in Pakistan is now considered among the robust Media Sources of Pakistan and is flourishing.

There used to be only Three State Owned TV Channels in Pakistan until the year 2001 which were available only on Terrestrial Network.

With the introduction of Cable TV System in Pakistan the Electronic Media in Pakistan was revolutionized.

The Variety of channels offered for viewer ship on Cable TV in Pakistan allowed a lot of New TV Channels to start their operations in Pakistan.

A Majority of Pakistani TV Channels are Free to air Satellite Television Stations but some TV Channels with label of being Pakistani on them are Encoded so you need to purchase a special Decoder Receiver in Order to subscribe to those TV Channels.

Pakistani Television Sector is now developed and you have a variety of TV and Radio channels to follow with quality content.

A lot of Television Channels whose Origins are from Pakistan having gained a lot of fame and exposure throughout the world Courtesy some brilliant efforts by Pakistani People.

Below is a list of some Television Stations TV channels that are Currently Working within Pakistan. Some are prominent and are an essential part of Every Cable TV Network in Pakistan but some are available only in selected areas.


This is a list of television stations in Pakistan. Television in Pakistan was introduced in 1964.


DAM TV Mashriq TV Prime TV PTV Global Venus TV Punjab TV Pakistan Net TV Internet Streaming Only


Ujala TV Virtual Television


AKS TV A-Plus Entertainment ARY Digital ATV Dhoom TV Express Entertainment Geo TV Hum TV Indus Vision PTV Home


PTV National TVOne Global


ARY Zauq Masala TV Zaiqa


Index TV Style 360 Vibe TV


City 42 Fun TV Metro One


ALite Ameen TV Chalta TV Fun TV Good News TV Health TV Info TV Kohenoor TV Mahboob Television Network (MTN) Music Station


Noor TV R World Roshni TV Rung TV Sohni Dharti Sun Biz Today News Tv2day Value TV Zam TV Network


Aag TV ARY Musik G Kaboom Kashish TV MTV Pakistan Indus Music Oxygene Oye TV Play TV 8XM


Filmax Filmazia Film World Silver Screen Starlite



Aaj News ARY News Channel 5 Dawn News Din News Dunya News E Pakistan News Express News Geo News Indus News News One PTV News Royal News SAMAA TV Such TV Waqt News CNBC News APNA News AWAZ News Khyber News


Ahlebait TV ARY Qtv Azan TV Hidayat TV Hadi TV Haq Tv Isaac Tv


Labbaik TV Madani Channel Minhaj TV Internet Streaming Only


Geo Super PTV Sports Mughal Sports


Kay2 TV Oye TV Aag TV


Apna Channel:-an infotainment channel. Apna News Punjab TV Punjabi TV (UK & USA)


Kook TV Panjnad Television Network Rohi TV Waseeb TV


Awaz TV Awaz News TV


Dharti TV Network Hakimjans Rahi News Kashish TV KTN KTN News Metro41 TV Mehran TV Sindh TV Sindh TV News Sujawal TV


PTV Bolan SabzBaat TV VSH News Waajh TV


AJK TV Pothwari TV - Islamabad, New Mirpur Hazara TV - Hindko Language channel from Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad Shamal TV - Hindko Language Channel from Abbottabad, Mansehra


AVT Khyber Khyber News



Pakistan television (PTV) is the only responsible family channel in Pakistan which is totally owned by govt. of Pakistan. PTV never plays any negative role against the image of Pakistan. PTV represents Pakistani culture and civilization of Asia as well as Islamic culture, so viewers from all over the world receive good and positive news and information about Pakistan.


Currently, PTV can be received via satellite in South Asia, East Asia and in the Middle East. Selected programming can be seen on Prime TV (with a partnership) in the United Kingdom and Europe Today, PTV is split up into the original channel feed:






Pakistan entered into Television Broadcasting age with a small pilot TV Station established at Lahore from where transmission was first beamed in Black & White with effect from 26 November 1964. Television centers were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974. 24-hour entertainment channel, the transmission is broadcast across Pakistan on terrestrial network and worldwide through satellite. It's Programming also include live telecast of Pakistan's cricket matches.


PTV NEWS (News & Current Affairs Channel)

PTV News, a new satellite channel was launched in the face of tough international competition. The objective was to provide updated news round the clock. 24-hour news channel which can be viewed in many parts of the globe.

PTV Bolan broadcasts regional programmes in Balochi language.PTV Bolan was launched on August 14, 2005.

Bolan Channel would promote the rich cultural heritage of Balochistan province and provides to the people entertainment in Balochi, Pushto and and Brahvi information languages.

PAKSAT-1 Unlinking Symbol Rate

PTV-QUETTA frequency ---3.2553


UPLINK PakSat-1 Symbol

PARAMETERS 6458.5MHz per second

FEC ------ 3 /4 ty ----- Vertical Elevation ------ 38.0 degree East


PTV National a channel of regional languages of Pakistan Launched in 2003 from PTV Islamabad, in 2004 it was transferred to Karachi Centre since then it has been the core source of providing Entertainment, Infotainment, and News etc. in all the provinces of Pakistan along with 52 Countries all around the world in respective regional languages of Pakistan. The programmes in all major languages of Pakistan, Sindhi, Punjabi/Saraiki ,Pushto/Hindko ,Baluchi/ Brahvi were telecast with a breakup of 2 Hrs for each province were allocated which were repeated two times in the 24 Hrs transmission. In 2005 after the launching of PTV Bolan on 14th August a Channel dedicated for the regional languages of Baluchistan, PTV National was re-sketched and since then PTV Nationals programming is equally divided in to 05 slots. This channel broadcasting programs in different languages to represent the whole of Pakistan.

PTV GLOBAL (For USA, UK & Europe Viewers)

PTV Global (For USA,UK & Europe Viewers) Every field in the world is passing through the process of globalization, likewise Pakistan Television has entered into global competition. PTV Global would provide entertainment and the latest news to Pakistanis working abroad.


Subsequent to the resolution passed by AJK Legislative Assembly requesting for the establishment of new channel in AJK & directive from the President of Pakistan in the year 2002,it was decided to establish a new TV channel in AJK in early 2004.In pursuance finally a portion of Radio Pakistan building was selected by the Chairman PTV/PBC to serve as AJK TV initially started on 5.2.2004 with its inauguration by President of Pakistan.

PTV Sports is to be a 24-hour Pakistani sports channel. The PTV Sports test transmission began emanating from AsiaSat 3S at an orbit of 105.5E on 30 December 2011.[1] According to Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Pakistan's minister of information and broadcasting, the process of digitization should be complete by December 2012.[2] It belongs to the Pakistan Television Corporation. An agreement signed between PTV and Zee TV was aimed at only promoting and broadcasting sports events on the state-run channel.



1. To give entertainment to people of Pakistan and outside the country by arranging different movies, plays and sports programmes. 2. To keep its viewers in touch with changing circumstances of world and give them current affairs information like news. 3. To increase the literacy rate by producing educational programmes. 4. As Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, therefore to convey the message of Islam and teachings to people of all religions with the help of religious programmes. 5. To bring social and cultural awareness in the people. 6. Political and social security 7. Provide information about science and technology.


Pakistan Television News Centre has tradition organizational structure with centralized authority and narrow span of control. Pakistan Television News is headed by a MD. It has departmentalization structure and each department is led by director of that

Head of Programming

Director Finance

Director News

Director Admin

Director Marketing Senior marketing manager Marketing manager Assistant Marketing manager

Manager Finance Account Manager Assistant Account manager Assistant account manager

Bureau Chief Assignment Editor Beat Reporters

Senior Admin Manager Admin Manager Assistant Admin manager


In the overall structural set up, the corporation consists of the following units:-

(a) (b)

A headquarters office at Islamabad. A central sales office at Karachi.

At present Pakistan Television has been working with six television stations which are located in 1. 3. Lahore Karachi 2. 4. Islamabad Quetta





ETV Center at Islamabad for 2nd channel

And 31 rebroadcast stations which are located in different regions all over the Pakistan which are very powerful and are linked with National Network of Micro waves offered by Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation. This network of Pakistan Television covers about 87% of population, which is about 120 million, and 37.5% of area inside Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

National News Bureau at Islamabad News units at all Television Centers and at:

(1) (4) (7)

Hyderabad Muzaffarabad Abbottabad

(2) (5)

Faisalabad Sukhur

(3) (6)

Multan D.I. Khan

(1) Sales office at all Television Centres (2) Faisalabad (3) Hyderabad (4) Multan (5) Gujranwala.


A Board of Directors appointed by the Government of Pakistan manages its affairs. The Managing Director of the Corporation, duly appointed by the Government of Pakistan and approved by the Board of Directors, is the Administrative and Executive Head of the Corporation. He is the competent authority to implement rules for the Corporation and its employees.

When PTV came into existence in 1964, there was a staff of 30 employees, which has now risen to more than 6000 persons at all Units of the Corporation. The employees of PTV are divided into 09 groups and every group has a separate pay scale. There is a regular channel of promotion for almost every post with the exception of a very few.


PTV, the national broadcasting corporation had been in dire straits and continuously declining for many years. When the current management took over the reins, the organization was at the verge of bankruptcy. Losses had been incurred, income from all spheres was restricted, viewership had reduced and the overall morale of the institution was in shambles.

The energy, innovation and vitality exhibited by the new leaders has, within a short span of one year, transformed PTV into a profitable organization with a leap of PRs. 287 million from PRs. 1431 million to PRs. 1718 in advertising income; from PRs. 148 million net operating loss to PRs. 38 million net operating profit.

The promotion of programmes has been totally been revamped in lieu of improved repackaging and tailor made programming along with energized marketing strategy. PTVs endeavor for initiative has surfaced with a number of milestones of particular significance. Deserving special mention here are the daily programs of Tilawat & Tarjuma of the Holy Quran; programmes highlighting the cause of Kashmir;

PTV World, a new satellite channel was launched in the face of tough international competition. The objective of providing a homely atmosphere to family viewers has been well achieved. The audience driven programmes have given PTV a new look and dramatically changed the views about PTV. PTV has surged ahead of its competitors and as such PTV-2 has been turned into a viable project. Generation of more than Rs 56 million within a span of five months of the implementation of the new idea speaks of this unparalleled achievement.

Technical improvement of PTV is evident from the change in screen presentation. The public has greatly appreciated this cosmetic transformation not only in programmes but


also in News & Current Affairs. Recent usage of Computer Technology to facilitate the generation of virtual sets is a significant landmark in the history of PTV.

On the other hand active participatory programmes have supplemented the authenticity of Current Affairs programmes and generated a lot of public interest. Live Open Forum; PTV has taken a lead over its contemporaries by introducing Audio-Text and Tele-text services in the region. The live cricket and hockey quizzes and the recently held PTV Awards are few examples of mass public participation through Audio text. Availability of on-line Flight Information, live surge and fall of stock exchanges, news updates etc.

Every new idea brings with it the opening of whole new vistas of creativity. Prime TV is yet another venture in this regard, which resulted in the generation of additional income. Mideast Time, an extension of PTV World, targets Pakistani expatriates in the Middle East at a time when people need to relax with family entertainment.

PTV has a lot to be proud of. It lists of accomplishment is ever increasing and every achievement is a milestone in itself, like: Salaat-o-Tarawih direct from Makkah during Ramadan Launching of PTVs Web site on Internet Special live interviews from Dubai, Saudi Arabia & New York Taji Mori at 12,500ft, one of the world's highest transmitters.



Admin & Personnel Information Technology Training Academy Security Current Affairs International Relations Engineering Marketing Programs Public relations Finance News Sports


OPERATIVE the operational function of this Department includes the activities specifically concerned with procuring, developing, utilizing and maintaining efficient work force.

MANAGERIAL The Managerial function of this Department pertains to the activities concerned with planning, organizing, staffing and directing the work of those who perform the operative



The broad functions of managerial Department are formulation and implementation of personnel policies, over-seeing personnel functions all over the Corporation, manpower planning including recruitment, promotion and transfer etc.


the Information Technology Department has been recently created to face the challenges of next millennium with special reference to bring improvement in TV Screen and ensure free-flow of information. The main objectives of Information Technology Department are as under.

1. Bring about efficiency to trigger increase in productivity. 2. To develop Internets in order to ensure speedy and accurate flow of information. 3. To introduce Computer Graphics and animation for improving presentation in its creativity and style. 4. To launch and maintain PTV's Internet Video Server in order to achieve global viewer ship and compete the challenges of the contemporary channels. 5. To introduce new concepts of Information Technology 6. Digital Video Archival Library for transmission. 7. To further enhance the use of Computer Graphics in the fields of sports and Current Affairs. 8. Management Information System. Etc. The Information Technology Department has also got the distinction of developing, launching and maintaining the Award Winning Govt. of Pakistan official Web Site on Internet. The Information Technology Department has also provided consultancies to other Govt. and Semi-govt. organizations, which has brought good name to the department in particular and PTV in general.



Responsible for training of Staff within the country and abroad, dealing with the delegations, responsible for deputing officials for Seminars, workshops Symposia, Conferences, Meetings, Exhibitions, Competitions, Advisory Missions to Foreign Agencies to make arrangement for PTV Coverage Teams deputed for VVIP coverage abroad. Training & Delegation Department is also responsible to deal with the Council Business (Senate / National Assembly).

Responsible for maintaining security of men and material of entire TV Network according to the prescribed procedure as laid down by the KPID (Key Point Inspection Directorate) of the Government of Pakistan.


Current Affairs programs have been regular features of PTV Transmission, ever-since its inception. A separate PTV Current Affairs Directorate was however, established in 1982.

Current Affairs programs, including regional languages, produced by each of the TV Centre are accommodated in regular PTV transmission. The themes of Regional Language program's mainly revolve around local and provincial matters of current affairs nature. Current Affairs Division also produces programs on special occasions such as live telecast of Armed Forces Parade on Pakistan Day, Live telecast of Flag Hoisting ceremony on Independence Day, Head of State's Address to the Nation, Documentaries on important national projects, live telecast of certain sessions of Senate and National Assembly. In the program Open Forum, Federal Ministers of States are invited to answer the questions through e-mail, on Telephone and by Media/Experts sitting in the various studios of Ptv. This program is live and is very popular amongst viewers.



I R Division of participate in the International Television Festivals/Competitions held in different countries by sending best PTV-Programs. PTV has won distinguished prizes and commendations.

A large number of programs have been sold for telecast in different counties which resulted strength of the financial condition of PTV. M/s Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Company and M/s Sports Star International are the major distributor of PTV programs.

A lot of PTV plays and documentaries have been provided to foreign countries through Ministries and our missions abroad on gratis basis for the projection of Pakistan and its people.

Dubbing and editing is carrying out by I.R.Division. Some selected programs are subtitled in English and Arabic Languages for overseas projection especially for Muslim countries. Documentaries of National Geographic are being televised with Urdu dubbing. A series of animated imported program "Treasure Island "is being dubbed in Urdu language for telecast. PTV has recently provided the satellite facilities to foreign agencies with regard to nuclear tests and earned approx.US$:04/- LAC.

PTV has procured foreign canned programs on hire/rental basis. PTV procures foreign programs including feature films, cartoons, science fiction, comedy, adventure, classic drama serials/series and general programs.


The Engineering Division takes care of the day to day operations and maintenance of PTV Centers and Rebroadcast Stations, new projects, Planning & Procurement, as well as research and Development activities.

An engineering feat at the time Pakistan began television transmissions in 1964 at Lahore long before its neighbors Iran in [1967] and India in [1971]. Over the years the system has grown into a countrywide network offering two programming channels.

1961 Phillips Conceptual B&W Test at Expo Fair in Karachi, Pakistan .1962 Private Test Transmissions in Lahore, Pakistan. 1964 Television service (PTV) in monochrome started at Lahore with Nippon Electric Company (NEC) Collaboration.

1965 Television service starts in Dhaka, East Pakistan (presently Bangladesh). 1965 Transmission begins in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. 1966 Transmission begins in Karachi. 1973 National Microwave Network commissioned linking TV centers. .1974 Quetta/Peshawar centers commissioned. 1976 Color transmission started. 1987 Federal TV center at Islamabad commissioned. 1992 Second TV Channel (PTV 2) for education commissioned. (One TV station at Islamabad & 16 rebroadcast stations).


1996 Local area transmission from four (4) stations started and extended to 3 more stations.

1998 Transmission of PTV World programs started. 1998 Up to 6 production centers (Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Islamabad-I & Islamabad-II). 35 rebroadcast stations in operation for PTV-1. 16 rebroadcast stations in operation for PTV-2.

PTV-1 - Area covered: 38%; Population covered: 86.48 % PTV-2 - Area covered: 24.19%; Population covered: 55.83 %

In fulfillment of its broad and main objectives, PTV's telecast policy concerning various matters of National and International interests has always been motivated and guided by the cardinal principles of educating viewers about the values that are vitally important in building a united, integrated and disciplined society in the light of Islamic injunctions. These objectives have successfully been achieved through a variety of programmes on religion, education, entertainment and culture etc.

The projection of new emerging social order is highlighted in PTV's general programming focusing directly and indirectly on the themes like morality, civic or national responsibilities, drive against narcotics, environmental pollution, agricultural reforms in discussions, shows, and through anchorpersons in the transmission.

PTV has started programmes AL-QURAN AL-HAKEEM one hour of Tilawat and Tarjuma by renowned Qaris is being telecast daily at 6.00 a.m. The text of the Aayat is shown on screen. This helps the viewers in reading and listening so that they can read the Qura'an correctly.



The Marketing Division of PTV is responsible for marketing the programmes and the commercial time on its screen. It is the major source of PTV's earnings. The Marketing Division launched its activities on a modest scale after the inauguration of the electronic media in the country, in November 1964. Over the years, as a result of increase in coverage, television set count, viewership, broadcast hours and the growth of business, the Marketing division has likewise, expanded itself on national level.

Central Marketing Office, the main Office of the Marketing Division, is located at Karachi, while Regional Marketing Offices are operating at each of the PTV Centers at Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. Additional Marketing Offices at Faisalabad and Gujranwala are functioning to facilitate the local business and industry. A major part of the business enacted by the Marketing Division is through advertising agencies accredited with PTV. These agencies are entitled to 15% commission on their gross billings. Direct business from clients is also accepted on cash payment. Contracts are also executed between producers of private programmes and PTV for time purchased programmes. All business conforms to clearly lay down terms and conditions, framed by the Board of Directors of PTV.

The maximum time allowed for advertising is 60 minutes per day on PTV. Advertisers can book commercial spots in the commercial breaks provided between programmes and can also sponsor programmes shown on PTV. There are usually two commercial chunks in a 50 minutes programme.

The tariff for commercial spots and sponsorships is mainly based on viewership, Television set count and the area of coverage. Special events/programmes, via satellite transmissions, live sports overages and specially negotiated privileged positions are negotiated at special packages. Discounts are offered to certain categories of advertisers to encourage them into making deals for bulk business. The Government also charges a surcharge of 12-1/2 % Central excise Duty and Provincial Taxes on all commercials







The PTV/STN Censor Board at Islamabad strictly censors commercials telecast by PTV. The Board follows the "TV Code of Advertising Standards & Practices" which lays down minimum standards applicable for television commercials. This ensures high moral code of advertising on PTV. The Director Marketing is the overall head of the Marketing Division who devises marketing strategies and polices under the guidance of the Managing Director of PTV and implements them and guides the Marketing Department for achievement of maximum business.


In the course of institutional Projection of PTV the Public Relations Department has been co-coordinating with the National Press effectively. The other activities are as under: -

i) Daily Press clippings and reports. ii) Arrangement of Press Show. iii) Arrangement of Press Conferences. iv) Issue of Press releases. v) Reply of False Stories, Propaganda & Criticism and at the same time appreciation of positive articles and items in the Press. vi) Co-ordination with the Press Artists, Producers and PTV Officials. vii) Release of PTV Advertisements.


PTV is a public limited company with an authorized capital of RS.3, 000 billion. The Government holds entire paid up share capital of Rs.1529.300 million. Government does all the financing of this cooperation; it is funded by the government and the


finance department manages all the cash inflows and outflows, managing the financial budget etc.

Pakistan Television News informs its viewers across the country on the latest newsworthy happenings on the national and international levels. During the past few years, there has been rapid expansion in the area and scope of news coverage. Enhancement in the number of bulletins has enabled PTV to keep the viewers abreast of the latest happenings here and abroad. Emphasis is now being given to on-camera reporting and special news reports on subjects of popular interest

PTV news broadcasts stretch over from early morning till midnight. There are two Urdu language bulletins in the morning transmission. In the evening/night transmission, there are four short duration Urdu language bulletins. All the news bulletins after 6.00 p.m. are being aired on the national network which is also beamed through satellite to more than 38 countries.

Regional language bulletin in Punjabi from Lahore, Sindhi from Karachi, Pushto and Hindko from Peshawar and Baluchi, Brahvi and Pushto are telecast from centres to enable people of the areas to see and listen to PTV news bulletins in their own language. It transmission reaches to the places like Azad Kashmir, Muzafarabad and all the northern hilly areas even in Balochistan.


PTV Sports Division was created in 1983 to provide healthy entertainment to our viewers. It has emerged as an extremely productive and earning division of PTV.


The chief objectives of this division are to arrange healthy sports entertainment by covering exciting moments and happening of sports.

Presently Sports Division is producing 200 minutes regular weekly transmission on PTV apart from occasional International / National sports cover.

On January 2012 PTV launched a new separate channel for sports. Named as PTV sports with the slogan of jeet ka jazba



There are 9 boards of directors working under one chairman of board. These boards of directors are rule and decision making authority of PTV policies and programs. They make amendments in the policies and introduce new rules. Through PTV SERVICE RULE, HR RECRUITMENTS ARE DONE. They do not have a proper HR department but they have personnels who do the HR duties like recruitments, selections, trainings, motivations, career developments etc. The selection is done strictly on merit. Only the first divisionary are hired. The recruitment is done by the board, it includes the interviews, written tests and then when the selection is done the hired person is given training related to his specific field.


There are six (6) levels of inductions. The MANAGEING DIRECTOR AND THE OTHER BOARD OF DIRECTOR takes tests and interviews of the currently working employees of PTV and decides for their promotion and who should be inducted at which place. 1-3 levels of inductions are done at local level and 4-6 levels of inductions are done at national level. Before doing the promotions and inductions the age limit and qualifications needed for the job and promotions gets mentioned. Only when the vacancy is not fulfilled internally it is fulfilled externally. 4and above groups are shortlisted by tests. If any vacancy of PTV is empty, the selection for this empty vacancy is done internally and if the requirements are not fulfilled through selection process then it is advertised for the outsiders. The selection for the internal employees is done through tests, interviews. 50% are the passing marks for the selection tests. 4 and above groups


are short listed through tests. But promotions in PTV are done on the basis of seniority not on the basis of qualifications, performance and training.


PTV hires people at two levels one through regular recruitment procedure for appointments covered under PTV regulations and employees are protected with regular increase in salary, provident fund and pension. The other is recruitment on contract which is the practice for the last ten years. A number of people have been hired on technical, professional and general administrative positions. These people are hired on lump salaries without any additional perks and usual benefits. The entry levels in PTV are highly overlapping and duplicating. It was observed that people from grade 1 to 8 are picked from the open market on contractual positions for two to three years. These promotions are based on favoritism and political pressures. So therefore, under these arrangements the concept of succession planning does not exist theoretically, however to meet the pressing requirements at various levels the people are hired on contract. PTV news and current affairs is the glaring example of such tendency.


There is no define procedure for postings on various jobs within the organization but for engineering staff which is in high number the postings are done at Headquarter level in Islamabad. The director engineering is the authority who takes the decisions in consultation with Director Administration and Personnel Affairs (DAPA). Internal vacancy notifications are not permissible in PTV. All positions in PTV have to be filled through open advertisements




SWOT analysis is an acronym that stands for strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats. SWOT analysis is the evaluation of an organization's internal strengths and weaknesses as well as its environment opportunities and threats. In SWOT analysis the best strategies accomplish an organization's mission by

NATIONAL CHANNEL PTV is the Pakistan's National Channel which is fully funded and owned by the government of Pakistan and generates good revenue for government of Pakistan.

PTV CHANNELS PTV has huge range of regional channels. PTV concerns about all the categories of citizens of Pakistan in all over the world. PTV launched channels for the people of different cultures and societies in Pakistan . SOCIAL INTEREST PTV Dramas are very interested and each Drama has left the lesson for every viewer. To generate an educate society in Pakistan.

ACCESIBILITY Pakistan TV is accessible throughout Pakistan without any specific logistics and sophisticated devices. Everywhere people can watch the programmes of PTV with simple antenna.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Pakistan TV has unique right of coverage of different events like President address


Parliament proceedings Budgets announcements Defense day march

TRAINIGN ACADEMY: Pakistan TV has its own academy to bring new talent and to polish them. This academy is fully run by PTV and the senior actors and actresses provide important tips and techniques to new upcoming students and actors.

PTV FUNDS Pakistan TV gets govt. grants, funds and subsidies. Pakistan TV get loan on fewer rate.

VIEWERSHIP Large number of viewers gauged from the fact that during market hours (9am to 4pm). The channel has more viewership then HINDI news and English movie Channels.

EXPENDING COVERAGE The channel has gradually widened its coverage beyond stock markets to include features, events, commodities and fine arts.

MARKET ATTERACTION PTV is more attractive for the large organization to advertise their products with then the other private channels. A advertisers from divers sector such as banking and finance, automobiles, telecom, lifestyle advertise on PTV.


POLITIICAL INFLUENCE The biggest weakness of Pakistan TV network is political influences. Most of the time PTV could not telecast the negative facts about the government because of the political influence and this is the main reason that PTV fails to become the number one channel in Pakistan.

QUALITY OF EQUIPMENT The equipment which is used in the programs and the machines to telecast the programs are not technologically up to date low quality of cameras, studios and processing units are still in use. Still far away in technological advancement

BAN ON UNIONS Union plays a very vital role in the development of any organization. As far as PTV is concerned union is banned from 1974, which is not a good sign for the development of organization.

SLOW PROMOTION PLICY The promotion policy in PTV is too much slow which creates discouragement among the employees.

DELAY IN PAYMENTS There is delay in payment to actors and the staff has to complete all the documentations to get their TA.DA. Which demotivate the employees and the actors to work here and they switch to other private channels.

CENTRALIZATION The authority is centralized in PTV. Most of the producers are not fully authorized about a particular programme so it caused of demotivation for producers and workers and their work become less effective.


HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT PTV has no human resource department which very main cause of PTVs inefficiency and ineffectiveness. PTV has admin and personnel department which is not performing the function of selection and recruitment very effectively.

LAKE OF MARIT SELECTION The selection process of the org is not on merit due to the political interference and that is the reason because of which competent persons cannot be selected.

SLOW GROWTH PTV is not introducing new products and new saying schemes. Organization should boost the product development and increase the range of facilities offered for customers

NEW CHANNELS Pakistan TV Network has huge opportunity of opening new channels globally to promote the culture of Pakistan and to motivate the tourists to visit Pakistans beautiful places. And the following channels to be more affective channel in Pakistan. Pakistan TV Entertainment Pakistan TV World NEWS Pakistan TV Quran Pakistan TV Wild life


TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT Government is taking very bold steps to promote IT in Pakistan. PTV has an opportunity to improve in technology.

PTV is surrounded by many competitors. It has opportunity to do aggressive marketing to increase its business. Add quality programs with slight change in culture

TURNOVER OF EMPLOYEES Because of the ineffective management and centralization of authority Quality producers, directors, writers and actors are switching towards the private channels

COMPETITORS PTV has many competitors, which are continuously increasing their products and marketing aggressively. It can be the source that customers of PTV shift to the competitors.

MARKET SHARE All the other leading channels and quality cable operators who have taken the market share can be problematic for PTV to operate and survive in the competitive market of IT and communication.

LOW INVESTMENT RATE The economic and political conditions of Pakistan are not good the investment rate is very low so this is a major threat for all channels of Pakistan television.


INEXPERIENCE STAFF The number of experienced and trained staff is very low. Majority of the staff working in the center is quite young and inexperienced.




The main problem area of PTV is that the organization has no Human Resource Department. A large organization like PTV with a workforce of 6000 employees currently working in it has some senior executive of government who are responsible to do HR related jobs. PTV has an increased turnover rate, their employees, anchors, news casters, directors left PTV because of less promotions, less pay raises. Pay raises are not as much to retain employees on their res PTV is working on a typical formula which every government organization uses, less promotion and promotion on the basis of seniority, no special incentives, not much increase in pay scales. This problem persists because of lack of HR department. According to PTVs manager of training of delegation We Believe On Less Cost and Maximum Output But it is noticed that PTV has a funding in millions and billions but its output, its quality of channels, dramas and news is very bad. And it needs to be improved. They dont accept their flaws which is the main reason of their downfall.


The major key problem of PTV is that it lacks HR department which is affecting the overall output and performance of the organization. To make the organization work more efficiently and effectively a plan should be developed which identifies that how the gaps can be filled by the implementation of policies and procedures discussed below, to retain the employees and decrease the high turnover rate by redesigning the management styles.



Introduction of Human Resource Department mentoring hiring of professionals restructuring of middle management on the job training optimization of human skills balance and fair distribution of staff transparent initial hiring on the job training


Human resource department acts as a bridge between the organization and the employees, to uphold the guidelines and laws as well as the practices. Growth of an organization depends upon the HR department, which is responsible for hiring, downsizing, recruitment, implementation of policies, compensation, increments, promotions, salary packages. The main purpose of the HR department is to put the right person on the right job. To achieve organizational goals PTV needs a talented HR department. Besides hiring the right people to manage and perform specific jobs, HR managers have to build up commitment and loyalty among the workforce by keeping them up to date about company plans, and laying out the implications for job security and working conditions. In PTV DAPA is operating as HR personnels but there is no proper HR department for the regulation of the policies and producer. Boards of directors are responsible for recruitment and selection which is actually the responsibility of an HR manager.


There are many perspectives on the definition of mentoring, especially since the relatively recent popularity of personal and professional coaching. mentoring have been described as the activities conducted by a person (the mentor) for another person (the mentee) in order to help that other person to do a job more effectively and/or to progress in their career. The mentor was probably someone who had "been there, done that" before. A mentor might use a variety of approaches, e.g., coaching, training, discussion, counseling. In PTV mentoring is not done properly by the senior managers which are a very important step in career development. The employees need to get trained and counseled by their senior managers so that the junior employees get to learn a lot and know their mentor. Interactive environment should be provided which lets the employees discuss with their mentor with great ease. The free time of employees should be invested with each other where they can sit with their mentor and get the quality time.


There is a bureaucratic structure in the organization and the middle management of PTV is unskilled and has an unprofessional attitude towards their subordinates and it affects their performance. There is a lot of government pressure within the organization which should be tackled by restructuring and hiring skilled employees, who are well aware of their respective jobs, so that the organization can work in a proper manner. The restructuring should be done especially in technical and professional areas of middle management i.e. engineering, programming and news.


7.2.6. HIRING
These two kinds of hiring is needed in the organization i) Professional hiring PTV should hire professionals on competitive basis with market based remuneration. By doing so the professionals can make the organization compete and flourish in an environment of global media expansion, technical sophistication and plurality of programming by competitors and resisting the government pressures on programming and coverage. ii) Transparent initial hiring Initial hiring through transparent manner which should be supervised by the High Powered Committee headed by sectary culture and represented by Ministry of Finance, ministry of information, independent mangers and PTV itself.


On the job training is lacking in PTV. If an employee is selected he is not given a proper training, his senior managers of his department do his training but this training has not a proper system. So there is a need of on the job training for the employees especially the news department.


Employees who are skilled and working within the organization should get more serious about their jobs; give more input to get an output in the form of quality and productivity for the organization. There is a lack of quality which is clearly seen in the programs. There is a billion of funding provided by the government which is not being utilized by the organization because of their unskilled workforce. Balance and fair distribution of staff to various sub departments there should be equal number of staff in each department. Each department must have a manger to supervise


the subordinates so that the work load is divided among them equally which will improve the overall work efficiency.



Chapter 8

There are some recommendations that the career plan for the organization which can help the organization in achieving the organization goals. The information gathered from most of the sources inside and outside PTV suggests the following points about the organization (PTV).

Organization is mismanaged and loose in structuring to a large extent. The management of workforce for a particular programme to be telecasted live is not through proper coordination among the senior and junior staff.


Working conditions must be improved for the employees. PTV will definitely get more benefits after some expenditure on the working conditions as it improves efficiency and productivity of the employees.


Along with the technical staff, the training must also be given to the management staff also so they can also compete with current situation. Present training program for the technical staff is need to be improved, as this program instead of improving the efficiency of employees is merely a burden for the PTV in the form of heavy T.A. , D.A. and cost.


There is also a need of proper recruitment and selection program. New young talent should be introduced to inject the new ideas. Deterioration in efficiency is mostly due to promotion without merit. So promotions must be awarded on merit.



Special attention should be given to the behavior of the employees towards their work, as electronic media is in the age of tough competition and customers the most important person for any business organization. To motivate the employees of PTV, regular bonuses and incentives should be given to them.


Some of the shares of PTV should be privatized because PTV is fully owned by government therefore PTV faces a lot of political influence by the politicians of the sitting government. If shares of PTV are privatized then the political influence can be ignored positively.


Since the man power is not hired under a prescribed well defined procedure and policies and entries are made possible at various levels of hierarchy, The PTV was not in a position to design a capacity building and training programme for its employees. It was concluding that the causes of PTVs faulty structure are internal and external both which are leading the organization to a disaster and making it less competitive in media market.

There must be a friendly environment among all the employees as it enhances the trust and sincerity. And they work in a comfort way and this is possible when the environment is friendly.


In the time of fast technological advancement PTV is still using the old equipment for the recording of programmes, while the competitors are using the latest technologies which make them leaders of the electronic media market.


All the information provided by making this Internship Report has been gathered during doing Internship in PTV news Islamabad center and from the following sources and person interviewed

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