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Singapore 5th Grade Math Worksheet: 5 Whole Numbers and Fractions Name:_____________________________

Problem 1 Aiyana was riding in the plains one day when she was waylaid by some uncouth bandits. She killed 1/3 of them with her bow and arrows. She hacked apart 2/9 of them with her ax. She blasted the heads off 1/2 of the remaining bandits with her shotgun. If she killed 42 bandits with her shotgun, how many bandits did she kill altogether?


Problem 2 I had a party in my house last night. 1/4 of the party animals were chimpanzees. 3/16 of the party animals were baboons. The remaining 2/5 of the party animals were blue whales. If 720 blue whales attended my wild party, how many party animals were in my house altogether?

Problem 3 Last Sunday, Barry the Barbarian spotted some dinosaurs sneaking up to attack his village. He immediately alerted everyone with his war drums. 1/5 of the dinosaurs were Pterodactyls. 4/15 of the dinosaurs were Diplodocuses. 3/7 of the remaining dinosaurs were Dimetrodons. If he spotted 1008 Dimetrodons, how many dinosaurs were attacking his village?

Problem 4 I was lazily picking my nose on a rainy day last month when suddenly an emerald dropped out of my left nostril. I was stunned for a moment but a short while later I began picking my nose in earnest. When I had finished an hour later, I had a huge pile of sparkling jewels in front of me. 1/6 of them were emeralds. 7/24 of them were rubies. 2/3 of the remaining jewels were diamonds. If there were 624 diamonds, how many jewels did I amass altogether?

Problem 5 I was walking in a park yesterday when suddenly I heard lovely music coming from the ground. I gasped when I looked down because I saw 442 ants and beetles having a concert. 3/4 of the number of ants was equal to 1/3 of the number of beetles. How many ants did I see?

Problem 6 My brother is an undertaker. He has altogether 1564 golden coffins and silver coffins in his basement waiting patiently for their unfortunate occupants. 3/5 of the number of golden coffins is equal to 1/4 of the number of silver coffins. How many silver coffins does he have?

Problem 7 Joshua was playing in his backyard yesterday. Suddenly, a small airplane crashlanded right at his feet. Before it burst into flames, 3503 tiny men and women scrambled out squeaking in alarm. 4/7 of the number of men was equal to 1/6 of the number of women. How many more women than men did Joshua see?

Problem 8 My Singapore math teacher was a monster. He had altogether 270 eerie eyes on his body. Some of them were bloodshot and the rest were milky white. But they all stared at you in a menacing way. 2/5 of the number of bloodshot eyes was equal to 1/5 of the number of milky white eyes. Unluckily for my math teacher, a monster hunter killed him last week, gouged out his eyes and sold them to a witch. If he sold each bloodshot eye for $3 and each milky white eye for $5, how much money did he make?

Problem 9 Simon was sick and tired of being beaten up by Bully Billy. He went to a shop and bought a laser gun for $78. He then spent 1/5 of his remaining money on Karate lessons. He still had 1/2 of his money left. How much money did he have in the beginning?

Problem 10 Tina needed a Halloween costume. She went to a shop and bought a fairy costume for $312. She then went to an ice cream stall and bought an ice cream with 1/7 of her remaining money. She still had 2/5 of her money left which she gave her brother. How much money did she have in the beginning?

Problem 11 I had some money in my wallet. I paid $3306 to my butler. I then drove to the mall and bought myself an expensive pen with 1/9 of my remaining money. I had 2/7 of my money left. How much money did I have in the beginning?

Problem 12 My doddering old grandma knocked out my teeth when I wrestled with her last Wednesday. I visited the dentist in tears and bought dentures for $684. To console myself after that, I went to the mall and spent 1/7 of my money on arcade games. I still had 3/8 of my money left which I used to buy a strong set of boxing gloves. How much money did I have in the beginning?

Problem 13 The cannibals in Gtzxla Village were preparing for a party. So Gombo, the chief cook, went to the market to buy some humans to barbecue. The butcher at the market told him that a Chinese cost $59 less than a Mexican. An Indian cost $68 more than a Mexican. Gombo bought 5 of each and paid the butcher $1560. What was the cost of a Mexican?

Problem 14 7 brothers went to the mall to buy some clothes. A satin shirt cost $41 less than a pair of jeans. A silk tie cost $35 more than a pair of jeans. The brothers all bought a satin shirt, a pair of jeans and a silk tie. They spent a total of $1323 for the clothes. What was the total cost of a silk tie and a silk shirt?

Problem 15 My uncle had a ranch that was plagued by robbers. He finally decided to buy some vicious dogs to protect his ranch. He went to a dog breeder. The dog breeder told him that a Pug cost $85 more than a Mastiff and $61 less than a Doberman. He paid $4032 for 8 of each. How much did a Mastiff and a Doberman cost in total?

Problem 16 Witch Wanda went to Magician Morlon's magic shop. She was told that a cat cost $113 more than a toad and $24 less than a newt. She bought 9 of each for $3762. How much did she spend on the cats?

Problem 17 I bought 20 boxes of cute tiny flying horses from a gypsy at $27 per box. I gave 90 horses to my little sister and sold the rest at 90 cents each. I made a paltry profit of $9. How many horses were in each box?

Problem 18 David bought 30 boxes of marbles at $51 per box. He gave away 800 marbles to his friends because he was a generous boy. He wanted to make some money so he sold the rest of the marbles at 70 cents each. He made a nice profit of $2110. How many marbles had been in each box?

Problem 19 Rocker Rubardo loved to collect skulls - not real ones. Last Sunday when he went shopping, he saw some beautiful tiny wooden skulls which he could sew onto his black leather jackets. He bought all 40 boxes of those skulls at $18 per box. He sewed 500 skulls onto his leather jackets and sold the rest to eager Algruda at 40 cents each. He made a small profit of $120. How many skulls were in each box?

Problem 20 I walked into Magician Morlin's magic shop and bought 50 boxes of cool mind-control pills at $36 per box. I used 150 pills to control my friends and my strict teachers. I sold the rest to my bratty sister at 4 for $20. I made a fantastic profit of $3700 which I used to buy an LCD TV. How many mind-control pills had been in each box?

Answers Q1 - 189, Q2 - 3200, Q3 - 4410, Q4 - 1728 Q5 - 136, Q6 - 1104, Q7 - 1921, Q8 - $1170 Q9 - $208, Q10 - $585, Q11 - $4872, Q12 - $1216 Q13 - $101, Q14 - $124, Q15 - $328, Q16 - $1521 Q17 - 35, Q18 - 200, Q19 - 65, Q20 - 25