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From America: North

1888 3393 622

From North +1 outside America: 9052722963

phone? lostorstolen
lmmediately Brightroam at+1 905272 to contact support 2963 have 5lM deactivated. made the5lM are the card Allcalls on card your you responsibility report loss theft Brightroam. until the or to

Screen displays'SlM tocked", 5lM Password", 5ubsidy Password" "5lM displays SIM Screen "lnsert (ard", "SlM Regirtration Failedi Erro4 "SlM "SlM (ardFailurei etc.
phone locked Your is your your provider,any Return handsetto phone or reputable phone to have unlocked cell shop it

Sllllincorrectly inserted

rard expired 5lM has plug Charger 0rinternational adaptor inconectly connected

(orrectly, connectors down Remove re-insert 5lM to ensureispositioned and gold the card it facing Remove 5lMcard carefully ther0ntacts a soft the and clean with clean thenre-insert SIM cloth the card (ontactTechnical to ensure the5lMcard stillactive Support that is (onfirm thebattery inserted (heck (i.e. that was correctly metal contacts t0 metal match c0ntacts). your phone's manual more for battery insertion instructions Check thatthe outlet power plugginganother has by in item . Check you using correct adapto{ plug that are the . Check thechargerfitsthephone that in Please contactTechnical toobtainnumeric code. willhave enterthe inio 5upport a PUK You to code your phone unblock it to Refer your to manual identirythe mechanhm t0 0N (i.e. Confirm thatthe batterywas inserted conectly metal contacts to metal match contactt. Check phonel your manual more for battery inserti0n instructions Entera sign + before numberbeing the dialed.See"Placing and Receiving calll,section . Check thatyou entered conect have the country code . Check you that have omitted firstzero the ofthearea rode lf poor signal, then: . Try y0u in moving another to locationcloser anopen lfyou unsure theregion are or t0 area. are thal has service, ourcoverage see maps . Switch a different (see phone's manual instructions) phone t0 network your user for . lfyou a busy (an get ph0ne signal, a m0ment retry. wait and Internati0nal circuits getcongested so you have make your may to multiple attempts before callisronnected lfno signal, then: .Your phone nothave does automatk selecllr,Cg!,rl!!!!,q{one's band band fiequencyset is correctly ie.850/1900 North for America, ofSouih most Ameri(a theCaiibbEan. a-re and tflou in generally should the900i you Europe, and Africa Asia, use 1800 frequency . Visit network forinternati0nal informalisted country. tion by Remember cellular that signals instraight hills, travel lines; mountains, (an parking tunnels, underground garages, extreme weather conditions interfere your with network signals

(charging was incorredly Phone <harging not indicator Battery inserted onthephone notanimated) is

Phone displays Blocked" or"SlM The PIN been SlM's has incorredly entered than.3 m0re timee "Phone Blocked" Phone won'tturn on
Not switched correctly on wts Battery inserted inconectly

(an't makecalls

incorrectly Dialing

(most problems tosignal Reception related strength phones indicate strength thescreen) signal on

(an't receive calls

Caller dialing incorrectly

. Ensure person iscalling does have dhtance you thatthe who not long restrictions . Ensure person iscalling includs country when you thatthe who the code dialing. CallersNorth in your America dial 1before must 01 dialing Brightroam number See Troubleshooting "Can't calll' sertion make

(most problems Reception related thesignal to strength phones indicate signal strength thescreen) on Volume toolow0rset to ring all set not at

phone's Review adjustthe and volume controls (ome voicemail. t0"Voicemail"secti0nguide AllBrightroam (ex(ept SlMs China) with Refer ofthis f0r voi(email detaik.

Unable access to voicemail

Voicemail retrieval number being is misdialed

Placing Receiving and Calls

placing alwavs thefollowing When a call use international pattern, regardles dialing ofwhere you calling To are from. placecall your phone, a on cell dial: +(CountryCodexArea CodeXPhone Number) Fil ex1mple, Brightr11n toclll Support905 2963,y0u todi1l 1905 0t 272 need + 2722963. . For pres Nokia phones, [""] and cell the'+'symbol appear. are will lfyou usingSiemens a press hold orMotorola phone, and the[0]key the'+'symbol cell until appears. . People typically provide dont a country when give their code they you telephone number. Acountry isused thenetwork identily countryorigin. a complete code by to the of For list ofcountry visit codes placing you visiting) Itlote: When a local (within country are call the always theinternause pattern tional dialing specified The above. network properly will determine whetherisa local it you orinternationaland call charge accordingly. What number people to contact do dial me? you, To reach international dial required callers the international code, access country

code, your and cellular number. Callers North from America dial: Callers UKdial: from from Callers therestoftheworld: 01 1447540680143 07540680143 00447540680143


Voice isautomatically onyour mail enabled account. ToAccess Voicemail Dial: Your VoiceMail Default PIN: Your can bechanged. PIN not Please a record it. keep of

901 3333

Text Messaging
Your cellular numberalso textmessaging is your address. International Messages: Text Local Message: Text +447540680'143 07540680143

phone's manual provides Your your user instructions detailed toconfigure phone data for services. Additional can found details be at: Homepage: APN: Primary DNS: 193,1 13.200.200 Secondary DNS: 193.1 13.200.201 Username: username Password: password

Data Services

Note: your For contactssend text to a messageyour Brightroam to service, international needs beenabled their cellular calling provider. to by local

(onnect Brightroam
Your Brightroam Access Connect Number: Was selected not Stepl:BeforeYouDepaft Forward t0theBrightroam Access calls Connect Number above. toyour listed Refer domestic your canier details how forward existing for on to numbe(s). can You forward multiple numbers Brightroam number; simply tocall you toyour Connect need forward number each toyour Brightroam Number. Acces Step Testing 2: After place call you completingcall the forward, atest tothenumber forwarded. lt should now onyour ring Brightroam lf it does ring Brightroam trycalling service. not on service the (onnect Number Brightroam Access directly. call lfthis works, problems with the lies your you call forward upand willneed reset call set to the forward your on existing numbe(s). lfcalling Brightroam Acces the Connect Number does work, please directly not c0ntact supp0rthelp. tech for Repeat test each you this with number forward. Note: placed theBrightroam service take Calls using Connect will longer connect to than traditional as system toforward calls calls,the needs the internationally. Step When Return 3: You You need cancel ofthe forwards set oryour willcontinue will to you up all call calls tobe forwarded Brightroam Refer your toyour service. to domestic fordetails canier on tocancel forwards existing how your call on numbe($. a

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