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Essay Writing Tips_1119_English 2010 CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ARE A WASTE OF TIME STAND: agree Why?

Benefits: Provide a chance for students to learn about themselves, Develop other skills not learnt in the classroom Provide leadership training Provide an outlet for students to rest and relax STEP THREE: WRITING THE ESSAY THE WRITING PLAN: 1. INTRODUCTION: Give some background information about the topic and state your stand. Example: Co-curricular activities are activities that are planned for students after school through activities in clubs and societies. Students in schools are required to join at least one uniformed society and a club. In my opinion, cocurricular activities play an important role in a students life and it is certainly not a waste of time. 2. BODY: PRESENT YOUR ARGUMENTS TO SUPPORT YOUR STAND. There should at least be three or four paragraphs with good topic sentences and body sentences .Example: First and foremost, co-curricular activities provide students with a chance to develop their talents in music, sports and other living skills. Some students are unable to shine in the classroom but they are superb athletes and musicians. Cocurricular activities provide an avenue for them to become fulfilled individuals .3. CONCLUSION: STATING YOUR STAND AGAIN Example: Many students and parents are of the opinion that co-curricular activities are a waste of time and they should be substituted with more beneficial activities. I certainly disagree with that. As we have seen, co-curricular activities play an important role in a students life. They complement the activities of the classroom. A well-planned co-curricular programme helps students become wholesome individuals. Thus, co-curricular activities are definitely not a waste of time.