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Today's Republicans: Mitt Romney: The answer [to the immigration problem] is self-deportation, which is people decide they can do better by going home because they cant find work here because they don't have legal documentation to allow them to work here, Romney said. Were not going to round them up. Newt Gingrich: We must reconcile the goal of legality with the reality that there are millions of immigrants currently here outside the law, some with a long set of family and community ties, and some with no ties. A system has to be established that establishes legality but no citizenship for those with deep ties, repatriates those with no family or community ties in a dignified way, and quickly sends home those who have committed criminal and other destructive acts. i "We are not going to deport 11 million people. There has to be some zone between deportation and amnesty Let's find someone who actually knows what they're doing It should be possible for any employer, anyone in the United States, as fast as you swipe your ATM card to get cash, to swipe a card to know whether or not they're able to hire you. ii Rick Santorum: We should not be offering to people-- particularly those who broke the law to come here or overstayed their visa--we should not be offering government benefits. iii Ron Paul: I don't think [a 700-mile fence between the American border and Mexico] can solve [the immigration] problem. I find it rather offensive. iv If our economy was in good health, I dont think thered be an immigration problem. Wed be looking for workers and we would be very generous.v Congressman Paul advocates ending birthright citizenship as a deterrent to further illegal Goldwater: "Don't raise hell about the gays, the blacks, and the Mexicans." vii The following quotes are from a statement Senator Goldwater gave on immigration in 1978 (see Pure Goldwater, 350-1). "It is the government, not the employer, who should bear the main responsibility of determining who is here legally and who is not." "I am the cosponsor of legislation that would establish a temporary worker program under which Mexican nationals could enter the United States. This type of program could be extended to other primary sending countries of illegal aliens. It addresses labor market needs and needs for seasonal

agricultural workers in a regulated fashion. American workers would be protected under my bill. Visas would be good for 180 days, not necessarily consecutive. This Bracero- type program would control the number of workers coming in, provide monitoring and channel the flow of illegal aliens through a legal mechanism. It should be noted that illegal aliens come from a variety of sources. Often people come here on a legal non-immigrant visa, such as for a student or visitor, and never return home. There is little follow up on the holder of a legal non-immigrant visa. One suggestion to help assure the individuals return upon the expiration of the visa is to require a non-refundable return airline ticket to the nationals homeland. In addition, better inspection, detection, surveillance and manpower capabilities for our Immigration and Nationalization Service, Border Patrol and Customs Service. Our personnel do an admirable job under often trying circumstances, but they need more funds, improved equipment and more manpower. We need a clearer U.S. immigration policy that is actually enforced. We need increased cooperation with the countries that are sending illegal aliens. Help providing economic incentives to encourage residents to remain in their native lands. I am not talking about foreign aid, which is something that Ive never voted for, but, rather, some kind of joint American private industry/host country ventures (manufacturing, construction, textiles, etc.) that would provide employment within the host country."

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