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Global Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility for the Star Alliance Union Coalition
Delegates present at the ITF Star Alliance Union Coalition meeting in Copenhagen in May 2005 unanimously agreed in principle to the following global code od conduct and social responsibility. As the aviation industry is in constant change, the Union Coalition will amend this document accordingly.

limit eventual job loss by using the whole Alliance network to allow for the comparable redeployment of staff provide information on strategy and overall direction of the Alliance to the relevant unions

There shall be an agreed mechanism for all trade unions and delegates representing employees throughout the Alliance to meet together. The Star Alliance is committed to promoting and complying with the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation, particularly:

2. Freedom of Association
All employers in the Star Alliance shall respect basic trade union rights, including:
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1. Employment
As the Star Alliance develops there is likely to be an impact on jobs. While engaged in this process of restructuring all employers in the Star Alliance shall:

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aim to maintain and enhance employment opportunities and the quality of work at the airline and Alliance levels ensure that all changes affecting jobs and conditions are negotiated with the trade unions representing the staff affected

the right to organise the right to organise in an environment free of harassment and intimidation the right to collective bargaining the right to strike freedom from victimisation for union activity the right to participate in legitimate trade union activities

freedom of association and protection of the right to collective bargaining (Conventions 87 and 98). elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation (Conventions 100 and 111). abolition of child labour (Conventions 138 and 182). abolition of all forms of forced or compulsory labour (Conventions 29 and 105)

Both unions and employers shall be committed to social partnership throughout the Alliance and to avoiding industrial conflict whenever possible.

3. Employment discrimination
All employees throughout the Star Alliance are to be protected against any form of employment discrimination on the basis of nationality, political opinions or religious beliefs, age, gender or sexual orientation, marital status and family responsibility or pregnancy, and lawful union activity. Job levels, salary levels and working conditions shall respect skills, qualifications and responsibilities.

Trade unions shall have access to Alliance task forces or any other bodies when these bodies hold discussions that affect jobs and conditions, prior to and when these decisions are made.

7. Monitoring
Trade unions and employees throughout the Star Alliance shall have the right to full disclosure of information concerning the corporate strategy and decision making of the Star Alliance where this affects jobs and employment conditions. The management of the Alliance airlines and a possible joint Alliance leadership body shall oversee and monitor the application of this Code. Monitoring its effective application shall be also the responsibility of national unions, employee representatives and the ITF Star Union Coalition alike. The agenda for the Union Coalition's meetings will include reports on the application of and compliance with the Global Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility.

6. Implementation 4. Safe working environment

Employees in the Star Alliance shall be provided with a safe and healthy working environment, and training on operational safety and security, where appropriate. The employers shall provide relevant training on occupational safety and health to their employees. The Global Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility shall be applied throughout the relevant Star Alliance member company. All partners involved are thus responsible for the application of this Code. The Alliance unions will seek to ensure that all member companies are a party to this Code.

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