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Job Description


Page 1 of 3 Date: 6 September 2010

Job Description

Position Title: Naval Architect – L2


Reports to:

Naval Architect

Department: Whangarei / Auckland

Staff directly responsible for:

Nil (or as assigned)


Functional Working Relationships:

Clients and their representatives Managers and staff of other divisions within the company

Primary objective of the position:


Provide naval architecture and engineering design services to projects across a range of engineering fields.

Ensure projects are undertaken in accordance with contract scope and budget.


Duties: Attaining the primary objective of this position will involve a number of key tasks/ duties which are carried out from time to time. Duties may vary and this list is not comprehensive or exclusive.

  • 1. Key Task

Provide naval architecture input and design support as required within the business

Key Performance

Timely and accurate naval architecture input is provided and all risk factors are


assessed and reported

To achieve these objectives the following will be required:

Delivery under supervision of design calculations and design studies using

appropriate software, including stability and structural. Conduct and analysis of inclining experiments under supervision.

Provide naval architecture input on ship construction, repair or modification and structural repair methodology.

Provide naval architecture input for classification and statutory compliance.

  • 2. Key Task

Provide engineering design and drafting services to projects across a range of engineering fields

Key Performance

Engineering and drafting tasks are undertaken across a range of engineering fields

To achieve these objectives the following will be required:


using a combination of standard procedures, rule software and first principle



Technical decisions are made based on independent study, analysis,

interpretation, conclusion and decision. Identify quality improvement and efficient systems engineering processes for

customers. Demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness to develop opportunities and

problem solve. Conduct feasibility studies, technical investigations and prepare reports

Provide mechanical systems expertise and knowledge to customers

  • 3. Key Task

Prepare design proposals including the production of detailed design drawings and feasibility studies

Key Performance


Design proposals are completed in a timely manner (excluding checking/approval), with a high level of competency in accordance with client requirements and agreed specifications.

To achieve this objective the following will be required:

Design estimation and work scope assessment.

Preliminary design, including the production of feasibility study reports and

design specifications. Carry out engineering calculations and technical investigations relevant to

engineering discipline. Conduct design reviews.

Produce detailed design / production drawings.

  • 4. Key Task

Maintain effective client relationships both internal and external

Key Performance

Client and staff relationships are maintained with no substantive complaints on


service or quality of work.

To achieve this objective the following will be required:


Liaise with client’s technical staff, Project Managers and operational staff to ascertain the full scope of tasks. Liaise with client’s technical staff, Project Managers and operational staff in a courteous and professional manner

Promote and maintain adherence to good marine and engineering practices. Liaise and attend meetings with customer as required. Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction through production of accurate and professional deliverables. Maintain accurate records of client communications.

  • 5. Key Task

Demonstrate leadership and management skills

Key Performance

Capable of undertaking leadership and management functions


To achieve this objective the following will be required:


Mentor less experienced Design Office staff (including seconded personnel). Perform the lead role on allocated projects.

  • 6. Key Task

Promote Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness

Key Performance

Be aware of, understand, and effectively carry out all delegated occupational health,


safety and environmental responsibilities associated with the position

The aim of the organisation is to achieve the following; There will be no Lost Time Injuries There will be no Environmental Discharges All accidents will be reported and accurately recorded All plant and equipment will be maintained to ensure that it is safe and functional for use.

To achieve these objectives the following will be required:


no action or inaction by the employee shall result in harm to themselves or any other person. the employee must ensure all contractors or visitors to the company receive a safety induction or are otherwise escorted whilst on site. hazard identification procedures are carried out prior to commencing work all accidents (including “near misses”) will be reported and accurately recorded all OHSE matters shall be dealt with in a timely manner any complaints or reports of Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS) are promptly investigated and immediate actions taken to alleviate and mitigate.

I have read this job description and fully understand and am agreeable to undertaking the duties and responsibilities as outlined



Date: _________

Person Specification

Education and skills required:




Degree or equivalent in Naval Architecture or associated technical discipline.


Project Management qualification


Special skills:



Sound design and mechanical engineering knowledge Proficient user of CAD software packages –including 3D modelling and Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) and Web based applications Ability to translate concepts and ideas into practical solutions Effective time management, - planning and estimating effort Sound analytical and report writing skills Accuracy and attention to detail, Good documentation and record keeping Strong oral communication and interpersonal skills Customer focused Able to lead and work effectively in a small team Confident decision maker - responsible and ethical


Design experience in the marine ship repair/conversion sector Project management experience in the marine sector

Professional qualifications:



Membership of an associated engineering body/council


Chartered Engineer status


Experience required:


What type:

Marine industry shipbuilding and repair; engineering position

For how long:

Current experience in a multidisciplinary Design Office involving use of CAD tools to produce mechanical engineering drawings for production and installation. Experience in the use of design standards and quality systems applicable to commercial vessels (Classification & Statutory Regulations) Experience in managing workload under time pressure, and meeting deadlines Use of management tools to ensure projects are on time, budget and to specification Minimum of five years

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