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Application for the Olympic Solidarity, 2009-2012 World Programmes: Development of National Sports Structure

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, February 2012

1. Introduction
Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the first sport federations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is a member of World wrestling federation FILA and the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is registered in 1951. And it was a member of Wrestling federation of former Yugoslavia. Its sportsmen were very successful in national and international competitions, and have achieved great results. Although great efforts are being made in developing wrestling sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a need for improvement. Development of national sports structure program therefore represents a great opportunity for Wrestling federation to make efficient structure, and improve conditions in which clubs and competitions exist.

2. Objective
The main objective of the program is to develop the structure of the Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which would improve wrestling and its rule in development of sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

3. Description of the current structure and detailed analysis of training needs

Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has a president and a secretary general. It has following bodies: 1. Board of directors consisting of President and 7 members; and 2. Assembly of the Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Clubs: y y y y y y Wrestling club Olimp (Sarajevo) Wrestling club Bosna (Sarajevo) Wrestling club eljezni ar (Sarajevo) Wrestling club Be ko (Sarajevo) Wrestling club Kazeka (Mostar) Wrestling club Sloboda (Tuzla)

Training needs Promoting wrestling sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, increasing number of wrestling athletes, involving greater number of young people, providing necessary resources to help athletes and BiH delegation to achieve a greater success on competitions worldwide. The priority of the Wrestling Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the

development and advancement of wrestling national team in all categories. The clubs duties are to enable its members to participate in all activities of the national team to accomplishing special and individual goals. The clubs need to provide more convenient training and preparation terms to wrestling athletes. There is a need for organizing greater number of seminars for coaches and judges of Wrestling federation. There was only one seminar organized on June 2011. Participants expressed satisfaction to be able to take active part in it. A debate on new developments, changes and achievements in global wrestling sport, which are changing on daily basis, and replacing old methods of training and work has been organized as well. Since the coaching structure of Wrestling federation is non existent, an initiative was raised to establish Association of wrestling coaches of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to improve internal organization and structure of the Federation. However, this did not happen, because of the lack of the resources. Therefore Wrestling Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina sees the chance for improving its coaching structure by implementing this action plan. It is necessary that the Wrestling federation do the following: 1. Review current conditions in which clubs are operating (coaching, number of elite sportsmen and coaches, financial condition etc.) and proposal for improving it. 2. Establish new clubs with efficient administrative and coaching management. Clubs should develop a plan which would provide sustainability and independence and their strategy should focus on younger categories 3. Support recently formed clubs 4. Improve management and internal organization of Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 5. Modernize computer and technical equipment and tools including making a database of wrestling athletes with all relevant information 6. Hiring external experts for certain areas, education and communication with FILA, CELA, NOC of Bosnia and Herzegovina, TWF etc. 7. Initiate sport and culture programs 8. Organize seminars for sport officials of wrestling clubs (wrestling clubs coaches) 9. Educate wrestling sport officials on project development and implementation 10. Initiate activities and work with junior group 11. Improve marketing and promotional activities by making flyers, billboards, and improving media coverage. These activities include promoting the wrestling sport, and sport in general in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as informing the public on work and events of Wrestling federation. 12. Improve the quality of web site by placing regular updates, sportsmen names and photos, information on future events and competitions, links of wrestling clubs, CELA and FILA. Web site will also be available on English.

4. Proposed action plan

The project team leader responsible for project implementation will be the secretary general of the Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He will be supported by the project team and selected club representatives. Project will have a full support by the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of human resources. The following activities should take place, as suggested by the Olympic solidarity: 1. Training of local coaches and/or persons susceptible to continue the work initiated by the expert once the project has ended At the beginning, the expert will talk to local coaches and wrestling sport officials in order to get familiar with the current situation of the Wrestling sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He will be presented with the current needs and plans of the Wrestling federation. The expert will than provide training and give instructions to local coaches, and persons who will be able to recognize what needs to be done in wrestling sport in order to make necessary adjustments and improvements. They will also know how to organize seminars for wrestling sport representatives. They will assess the need for seminars, and determine their timing, theoretical topics to be included and organize practical part of the seminar. Seminars will be mostly related to wrestling sport. However, it is planned to provide seminars on basic sport management topics and project writing and implementation in order to improve clubs management structure and increase number of projects. Seminar participants should be wrestling sportsmen and sportswomen, coaches, judges, and others involved in wrestling sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2. Improving the different training programs for elite sport There should be several annual training programs for elite sportsmen initiated by the Wrestling federation. They will involve different kinds or wrestling sport, and different categories of elite sportsmen. 3. Initiating projects for Sport for all The Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina could initiate different project for sport for all in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar. The activities involve promotional campaign, determining place for training, forming different groups and selecting coaches. 4. Talent identification programs. The Wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will give priorities to junior group. These young athletes, provided with improved conditions in clubs, more time spend in preparation, and more competitions, will make a good senior selection in the future. The Wrestling clubs should develop a strategy which will focus more on younger categories. In order to indentify talents, wrestling coaches should work closely with young wrestling athletes and develop a database to monitor their progress and achievements. There should be more national junior competitions which would provide coaches with the insight of which juniors have greatest potential. Talent identification programs are also linked to including wrestling sport in some primary schools, particularly in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar. The wrestling sport will be presented and promoted to primary school children, and depending on the interests, organize training programs in

selected schools. Introducing wrestling sport to primary school children will help reform sport activities within the education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

5. Dates and timing for different phases of the project

The expert will visit The wrestling federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina three times: y First visit (setting up the project, reviewing the action plan, making necessary adjustments and providing training for the coaches) - May y Second visit (intermediate evaluation) - July y Third visit (final evaluation) - September The dates are flexible and can be determined by the expert.

6. Detailed budget estimation

BAM BAM 2680 938 402 469 4489 USD USD 4.000 1400 600 700 6700

1. Travel expenses 1.1. Air ticket 1.2. Accommodation 1.3. Indemnities 1.4. Insurance Total travel expenses

Project activities
1.Main project activities
1.1. Training of local coaches/persons 1.2.Elite sport programs improvement 1.3. Sport for all projects 1.4.Talent identification programs Total main project activities

USD 2.000 5.000 1.000 2.000 10.000 2.000 2.000 1.000 1.000 2.000 8.000

2.Additional activities
2.1.Organizing semminars 2.2. Supporting new wrestling clubs 2.3. Improving management and organization of WFBiH 2.4. Modernization of computer and technical equipment 2.5. Sport and culture programs Total additional activities

Total activities


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