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CANTARE ELECTRONICE cluj-Napoca Ploiesti FURTUNE Tg Mures GARNITURI HIDAULICE 65654; 0268 420763

Brasov PC: Titus Mircea Faur 0749 2

INSTALATII VOSIT -POMPE- PISTOANE Brasov PC: Olimpiu Novac 0268 322834; 0744341751 POMPE VOLUMICE DISTRIBUITOARE HIDRAULICE d=52313&param=1-1-1-0-OE;jsessionid=69B64 A375775BB75336C38EBA35E785D?language=en-GB&publication=NET&ccat_id=20100&edition _id=60122&document_id=60117;jsessionid=DF83B051B1D 8186E0FF5F18A69B0D6F3?publication=NET&ccat_id=20020&action=reset_filter&remindCc at=on MATERIALE RACORDURI ELEMENTE HIDRAULICE s_brh_i/en/products_ss/07_proportional_servo_valves/02_high_response_directional _control_valves/index.jsp CURSURI,7,Slide 7 r%20Mechatronics.pps#259,22,Details of Force Feedback Design 2 ilot+pressure+with+pilot+operated+directional+ control+valves&source=bl&ots=z2uo9IiTwf&sig=XEy0hQTsce6BApgrqBwJK2q4Arg&hl=ro&ei =1xoqS8yCLpucmwPM1PX_CA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=9&ved=0CDEQ6AEwCDgy #v=onepage&q= Controlling%20pilot%20pressure%20with%20pilot%20operated%20directional%20control %20valves&f=false nd&dq=+Hydraulic+Control+Systems&printsec=abstract#v=onepage&q=Hydraulic%20Contr ol%20Systems&f=false Barnes AC/DC power units, gear pumps, motors and flow dividers. ? Bieri Hydraulik Hydraulic pumps, valves and accessories with working pressures to 1000 bar. ? Bosch Gear and vane pumps, accumulators, cylinders, valves and electronics. ? Brand Hand pumps, directional and flow controls and electronics. ? Brueninghaus Axial piston pumps and motors. ? Calzoni Low speed, high torque radial piston hydraulic motors. ? Casappa Hydraulic gear pumps and motors. ? Char-Lynn (Eaton) Orbital motors and steering units.

? Command Controls Hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds. ? Commercial (Parker) Gear pumps and motors. ? Cross Gear pumps, directional valves, cylinders and accumulators. ? Danfoss Orbital motors and steering units, valves and electronics. ? David Brown Hydraulic gear pumps and motors, directional valves, pilot control s and Powauto PTO's. ? Delta Power Cartridge valves and manifolds, hydraulic pumps, motors and power units. ? Denison Piston and vane pumps and motors, valves and electronics. ? Des-Case Desiccant tank breathers. ? Dinamic Oil Orbital motors, radial piston motors and hydraulic winches. ? Donaldson Hydraulic filters and accessories. ? Duplomatic Hydraulic pumps, pressure, flow and directional valves, hydraulic c ylinders, electronics and accessories. ? Dynex Piston pumps, vane motors and valves. ? Eaton Piston pumps and motors. ? Edi System Cartridge valves. ? Enerpac Hydraulic tools, high pressure cylinders, hand pumps and power units. ? Eppensteiner Hydraulic filters. ? Fairey Arlon (Parker) Hydraulic filters. ? Fawcett Christie Accumulators. ? Flaretite Converts 37-degree flare hydraulic fittings into no-leak connections . ? Flender Hydrex (now Hagglunds Hydrex) Radial piston motors ? Flow Technology Systems Hydraulic pump, motor and cylinder test benches, porta ble test equipment and data logging software. ? Gresen (Parker) Gear pumps and motors, valves, filters and electronics. ? Hagglunds Radial piston motors. ? Haldex AC/DC hydraulic power units, gear pumps, motors and flow dividers. ? HAWE Radial piston pumps, valves and accumulators. ? Hedland Hydraulic flow meters, portable and fixed position hydraulic test equi pment. ? Hot Flush Power flushing system for rapid cleaning of contaminated hydraulic s ystems.

? HUSCO Directional control valves. ? HYDAC Accumulators, filters, heat exchangers and accessories. ? HydraForce Cartridge valves. ? Hydraproducts Mini hydraulic power packs - AC, DC, reversible and uni-directio nal. ? Hydromatik Piston pumps and motors. ? Hydrostar Radial piston motors ? Hydrotechnik Flowmeters, pressure gauges, pressure transducers, dataloggers an d other test equipment. ? Integrated Hydraulics Hydraulic cartridge valves. ? Intermot Radial piston motors. ? Internormen Filters and contamination testing equipment ? Kawasaki Axial piston pumps and motors, radial piston motors and valves. ? Kayaba (KYB) Hydraulic gear pumps, axial and radial piston motors, and cylinde rs. ? Kracht Gear pumps and motors, valves, and electronics. ? Lake Monitors Flowmeters and hydraulic test equipment. ? LHA (Donaldson) Hydraulic filters and accessories. ? Linde Axial piston pumps and motors. ? Magnom Filtration of sub-micron ferrous particles with no pressure drop. ? Marzocchi High pressure hydraulic gear pumps and motors. ? MICO Brake systems. ? MiniBooster Hydraulic pressure intensifiers. ? Monarch DC hydraulic power units and systems ? Moog (Bosch Racine) Radial piston pumps (RKP) ? Moog Servo-valves. ? Northman Hydraulic vane pumps and valves. ? Oil Control Cartridge valves. ? Oilgear Piston pumps and motors, valves and electronics. ? Oiltech Heat exchangers. ? Olaer Accumulators.

? Parker Pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, filters and accessories. ? Pedro Roquet Hydraulic gear pumps and motors, valves, cylinders and AC/DC mini power-packs. ? Permco Gear pumps, motors and flow dividers. ? Poclain Radial piston motors, pumps and valves. ? Pradifa Hydraulic and pneumatic seals. ? PZB High pressure gear pumps. ? Rexroth Piston pumps and motors, valves, cylinders and accessories. ? Rineer Low speed, high torque vane hydraulic motors ? Rotary Power Axial piston hydraulic pumps and motors, and radial piston hydrau lic motors. ? SAI Radial piston motors. ? Salami Gear pumps and motors. ? SAM Orbital motors and steering units, and axial piston pumps and motors. ? Sauer Danfoss Piston pumps and motors, gear pumps and electronics. ? Scanwill Fluid Power Pressure intensifiers and hydraulic cylinder regeneration valves. ? Schroeder Industries Hydraulic filters ? Seal Saver Protective cover for hydraulic cylinders - increases cylinder rod a nd seal life and reduces contaminant ingress. ? Simplex Hydraulic tools, high pressure cylinders, valves and power units. ? Simrit Radial shaft seals and hydraulic seals. ? SOK Low speed, high torque motors of circulating cam construction. ? Staffa (Kawasaki) Radial piston motors. ? Stauff Filters, accessories and hydraulic test equipment. ? Sterling Cartridge valves. ? Sundstrand Piston pumps and motors, gear pumps and electronics. ? Sunfab Hydraulic piston pumps and motors. ? Sun Cartridge valves. ? Tokimec Piston and vane pumps, vane motors and valves. ? Tyrone (Parker) Gear pumps and motors. ? Vickers (Eaton) Pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, filters and accessories.

? VOAC (Volvo - Atlas Copco) Parker Piston pumps and motors, orbital motors and valves. ? Voith High pressure gear pumps. ? Von Ruden Orbital motors and steering units, vane motors and brake units. ? Wandfluh Cetop valves and cartridge valves. ? Webster Instruments (Webtec) Hydraulic test equipment, gear pumps and motors, cylinders and valves. ? White Orbital motors. Yuken Piston and vane pumps and valves. Pneumatics ? Camozzi Cylinders, valves, fittings and accessories. ? Domnick Hunter Compressed air filters ? Festo Actuators, valves, air preparation, fittings and accessories. ? Norgren Actuators, valves, air preparation, fittings and accessories. ? Parker Actuators, valves, air preparation and accessories. ? Rexroth Mecman Actuators, valves, air preparation and accessories. ? Ross Valves, air preparation and accessories. SMC Actuators, valves, air preparation and accessories. Related sites ? @ptitudeXchange Web-enabled, knowledge source for asset maintenance and reliab ility-related issues. Content comes in the form of articles, reports, whitepaper s, interactive services, training primers, and more. Part of it can be accessed for free after registration, while other parts require a subscription. ? All About Pumps Operating principles of over 70 different types of pumps, incl uding hydraulic pumps, are animated and explained. ? ARMS Reliability consulting, training and software. ? Association for Facilities Engineering Largest, dedicated network in the facil ity, maintenance, and plant operations professions. ? Bortech BoreWelders Innovative, automatic welding system for repairing hydraul ic cylinder eyes. ? Business Industrial Network Eliminates unnecessary equipment downtime by provi ding online engineering & maintenance. ? EESIFLO Water in oil sensors and flow measurement instrumentation. ? FastMaint CMMS An affordable maintenance management solution. ? Hydraulic Engineering Educational animations of hydraulic components and fluid power concepts. ? IDCON Education, training and implementation of better reliability practices.

? Insider Secrets to Hydraulics Valuable technical information for anyone with a n interest in hydraulics. ? Maintenance Resources Plant engineering, maintenance and reliability resources . ? Maintenance World Maintenance and reliability article library. ? MaintSmart Software Maintenance management software ? CMMS with reliability an alysis. ? Plant Maintenance Resource Center Maintenance articles, listings of maintenanc e consultants, CMMS and maintenance software vendors, maintenance conferences an d more... ? Preventing Hydraulic Failures The definitive guide to preventing costly, prema ture failure of hydraulic components. ? Reliability Center Reliability consulting services, training programs, softwar e products and resources for business, industry, government and healthcare organ izations. ? RSG Technologies Dry ice blasting equipment from Icesonic; Industrial cleaning technology that supports cleaning in place (CIP), minimizing waste disposal and reducing equipment downtime. ? Surplus Center Surplus hydraulic and power transmission components. ? Total Productive Maintenance Articles on lean manufacturing, root cause, relia bility and much more... ? Used Heavy Equipment Marketplace for used hydraulic agricultural, construction , forestry and mining equipment from major manufacturers including Caterpillar, Case, JCB, John Deere, Komatsu, Roadtec, Terex and many others.

Fluid power maintenance basics and troubleshooting Fluid power systems and components -- Graphic symbols and circuit diagrams -- Pa rt 1: Graphic symbols principle of hydraulics Industrial Hydraulic Systems and Circuits