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Muhammad Ferdiansyah

The Safe Sex Educati on

January 3

Muhammad Ferdiansyah

With this presentation,my thanks to god, my parents, and everyone who helped me make the presentation.I hope this presentation will be the best presentation I ever made

Muhammad Ferdiansyah

I. Introduction Thesis Statement: The safe sex education should be given in schools to give students knowledge so that the students can avoid getting the unwanted impacts of sex before marriage and learn how to use contraceptive to prevent students from pregnancy and sexual diseases. II. Body Paragraphs A. Topic Sentence: In age between 13-17 teenagers going through puberty 1. Puberty based on biology study a) Maturity of their sexual organs 2. Puberty based on pschology study b) Curiosity of sex increases c) Unstable emotion,attitude or behavior B. Topic Sentence Lack education about sex can lead them to do sexual activities without thinking about the impacts,and it may blacken their future. 1. Sexual activities in teenagers world 2. In home,parents should take care of their children a) To give them advice,examples,and build their way of thinking 3. In schools,teachers can influence them to be better persons b) To give them knowledge about sex and motivate them to avoid sex before marriage

Muhammad Ferdiansyah

C. Topic Sentence There are some factors that can trigger students to do sexual activities. 1. The temptation of doing sex from themselves

2. The lack of supervision from parents and teachers 3. The lack of sexual knowledge.

D. Topic Sentence A lot of problems caused by sex,because they dont have the knowledge.If we want to avoid and prevent ourselves from bad impacts we can hold sex education in schools 1. Unwanted Impacts i. Pregnancy

ii. Sexual diseases 2. Contraception i. Kinds


sex education should be implemented in schools for the students so that they can understand how to avoid and prevent sexual activity in their age of puberty

Muhammad Ferdiansyah

The Safe Sex Education in Schools

Many students in Junior High School and Senior High School are teenagers.Teenagers are people who are ready to become adults.Before they become adults,they face the period of puberty.Actually,puberty can increase the curiousity to their opposite sex.This curiousity can lead them into sexual activity which is forbidden for them because they are still under age.The activities have many bad impacts which can blacken their bright future.So,what should we do to make them understand about sexual knowledge? In my opinion,the safe sex education should be given in schools to give students knowledge so that the students can avoid getting the unwanted impacts of sex before marriage and learn how to use contraceptives to prevent students from pregnancy and sexual diseases. Firstly,what is puberty? Puberty is a biological proccess in our body which happens in the age between 13 to 17 years old.Puberty occurs when we are ready from children to become mature people

Muhammad Ferdiansyah whom we call adults.Puberty starts about 11 to 15 for girls and 13 to 16 for boys.In the female body,the proccess begins in the ovary while boys in testis.Recent pschology study has shown us about the behaviour or attitude in teenagers life.Their attitude sometimes is out of their control.The way of thinking still needs to be developed .Their emotional is rapidly formed into something more stable.Besides that,the curiosity to their opposite sex also increasing. Sexual activities are the most common things in the world of teenangers.They never experience such those activities before,so their curiosity of sex activities increases.Teenagers often do sex activities but most of the senior high school students and junior high school students still dont know about the bad impacts and the consequences of doing those activities.Why? because they dont have the knowledge from the right sources.The sources can come from parents,friends,and media especially in schools. The knowledge and warnings of sex should be given to students because they are in the period of puberty.The knowledge and warnings can be given from parents because parents should take care of children if they dont want their children to break their own future.The way to prevent it from children is to give them advice, examples and to motivate them so that they have their logical way of thinking.

Students spend their whole day in schools.In schools students start study at 06.30 AM and end at 15.00 PM.It means students spend about more than 8 hours in school.So,many students say that school is their second home to live.Teachers in schools are the most important persons.Teachers in schools can influence their students to be better persons including to give them the knowledge about sex and motivate them to avoid sex before marriage.So, school is the most important place to give students sex education besides at home. There will be no sexual activities if there is nothing that can trigger these forbidden activities.The causes are the temptation of making sex from themselves, the lack of supervision from parents and teachers,and the lack of sexual knowledge.The temptation of making sex can be caused by hormonal proccess and because of their own willingness which is triggered by watching porn movies,pictures and

Muhammad Ferdiansyah many more.The lack of supervision from parents and teachers also can make space for them to be free and to do the sexual activities.The knowledge is also the biggest factor in every teenagers action,so they need someone who can guide them especially in sex knowledge. Unwanted impacts such as pregnancy and sexual diseases can harm their life.Pregnancy will happen if the sperm from the boy meets the ovum in girls body.It can happen if they do the sexual activity.Sexual diseases can also come together.If they are not faithful to their spouse and they often cheat on their spouse they may get sexual disease.There are many identified diseases such as genorrhoea,HIV/AIDS,servics cancer or prostate cancer,herpes,and many more.If we dont want to suffer from these, we can control our behavior by using contraceptives.We use contraceptives only if we are above 17 years old. There are many kinds of contraceptives, such as condom,spiral (IUD),KB pills,and calendar system,spermiside,diapraghm,servics cap,and many more.We can choose which one we prefer.Condom is a contraceptive which is worn by males while spiral or IUD,spermiside,diapraghm,and servics cap are worn by females.Those kinds of contraceptives have the same function.The function is to prevent or avoid the pregnancy and sexual diseases. Finally the conclusions are : first, we can avoid the sexual activities if we have

the knowledge about it.Parents,friends,teachers,and media in schools can provide the information about it,so we can learn from them.Second,if we are mature enough we have to be faithful to our spouse and if want to have sex,we might use contraceptives to prevent ourselves from sexual diseases.