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Dronacharya College of Engg. Gr.

Dept. of Computer Science & Information Technology

Subject Name & Code: E-Commerce (TIT-501)

1. What do you mean by Mobile Commerce? Which type of Protocols are necessary
for wireless application.
2. Discuss the importance of client server network model. How can Security be
achieved with this model?
3. (a) What is WAP technology? Discuss the various mobile Information devices.
(b) Discuss the benefits of Supply Chain Management.

4. Discuss the importance of Mobile Computing Applications. Explain various

Mobile information devices in the light of Mobile Commerce.

5. (a) Explain clearly, the concept of supply chain management giving

Suitable example.
(b) Explain the difference between a packet-filtering firewall and an
Application-level proxy server.
6. (a) What are the various components of the I-way, discuss it along with a
proper diagram.
(b) Differentiate between E-Commerce and M-Commerce.
7 (i) What is WAP; discuss it with reference to mobility
(ii) What do we mean by TDMA, what technology is used in TDMA. List the
various benefits of TDMA over CDMA.
8. What do you mean by Encryption? Discuss various Encryption Techniques used
for web security.
9. (a) Discuss the mechanism of Video on demand system/server
(b) Write short notes on:
(i) Virus (ii) Trojan Horse (iii) Worm
10 (i) What are the two broad areas of security concerns in E-Commerce?
(ii) What are the various protection mechanisms employed for security.
(iii) Discuss Firewalls and Network Security.
(iv) What is health care EDI?
11. Explain the various issues involved in Electronic Payment System. Also give the
various types of EPS.

12. List the different models of Electronic Payment. Explain in details the digital token
based electronic payment system.

13. Write a short note on any one of the following:

(i) Digital token based Electronic payment systems.
(ii) Smart cards based Electronic payment systems.
(iii) Differentiate between EDI and E-mail.

14. (i) What is online banking? State the merits and demerits of online banking.
(ii)State the difference between inter and intra organizational E-commerce.
(iii) What are the two pillars of e-commerce business? Describe in detail.
Dronacharya College of Engg. Gr. Noida
Dept. of Computer Science & Information Technology

15. Give the layered structure of EDI and compare EDI versus e-mail. Conceptualize EDI
and compare EDI versus e-mail. Discuss the Legal issues related with e-commerce.

16. What do you understand by customer relationship management? What importance has
customer relationship mgmt got in E-Com? How will you implement customer
relationship mgmt in your Organization?
17. . Short Notes:
(i) Legal requirement in E-Commerce
(ii) Firewall and network security
(iii) World Wide Web and Security

18. Critically comment on E-commerce as a new and effective way for conducting
business product and providing better customer services on the Internet.

19. What is the Customer-Oriented value chain? Describe three forces lead to the www’s
emerges as the single most dynamic force in information technology.

20. (i) What is the difference between public key encryption and private key encryption?
(ii) Discuss the importance of Supply chain management.
(iii) State the advantage and disadvantage of home banking.
(iv) What are the legal requirements in E-commerce?
Dronacharya College of Engg. Gr. Noida
Dept. of Computer Science & Information Technology

Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gr. Noida

Department of Computer Science & Information Technology
Subject: Introduction to Web Technology(TIT-503)
Q1 How the object is created in Java script?
Q2 What is the difference between HTML, DHTML and XML. Explain with suitable
Q3 How List, table and images can be created in HTML.
Q4 How the security can be maintained on the web servers? Explain with suitable
Q.5 XML is replacing HTML or not. Justify.

Q.6 What is a form ? How are created for a web site ? What is the method of validation of
a form ?
Q.7 What is style sheet? Differentiate between Style sheet and XML document.
Q.8 What are basic concept of beans ? What do you mean by Bean construction
basics ?
Q.9 What is EJB enterprises Java Beans ? What is EJB architecture ?
Q.10 What is JSP technology ? What are the advantages of JSP ?
Q11 What is the JSP directives? What are implicit objects? Explain them?
Q12 What is the Servlet? What is the architecture of Servlet package?
Q13. What is the life cycle of Servlet? Explain the deployment process of Servlet?
Q14 What is HTTP tunneling in the general sense? What is inter-servlet
Q15 What is the difference between Servletcontest and servlrtconfig?
Q.16 What is JDBC ? What’s the JDBC API ?
Q.17 What is Java Struts? Explain the working of Struts.
Q.18. What are the different types of JDBC driver? Explain them.
Q.19. Define the architectural frame work of Struts.
Q.20.Explain the methods of developing Java beans in a JSP page.
Dronacharya College of Engg. Gr. Noida
Dept. of Computer Science & Information Technology