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!----------------------------------------! !----------------------------------------! !Enzoli's new style glassy logos tutorial! !----------------------------------------! !----------------------------------------!

__________________________________________________ Difficulty : medium Esimated time : - At the beggining : 10-15 minutes - After few times : 3 minutes - Best time : 1 minute __________________________________________________ A. The set up. -- We want to set up the logo for 'treatment' 1. Open the image of your logo with Photoshop. 2. Make sure you're working in rgb mode. Go to --> Image/mode/rgb mode. 3. At this point, I like to have a bright green color in background so that I se e the transparency better. Just choose the "green bg" and hit play. 5. Now you want to erase any white background or else on the logo. Anything not part of it. Select the lasso tool. choose a tolerance '30' in the tool bar. now click on the parts you want to erase and you should normally see it selected. Be carefull not to erase good parts!! 6. Resize the canvas so that there's room around the logo for the shadow to show up. Go to --> Image/canvas size or press alt/ctrl/c. Now raise width and height t ill you have at least a centimeter free around the logo. Plus make the canvas square. 7. Now resize the image in 300x300. B. The glass effect and perspective transformation. -- We are going to divide the picture in two parts. One in the bottom wich will be dark and one upper part wich will be a gradient bringin the shiny effect.-1. Make a square selection with the upleft corner starting in the middle left of your logo. The up right corner should end on the middle right part of the logo. And drag the bottom of the square till the bottom of the canvas. 2. Now make sure that the selection contains all the bottom parts of your logo. 3. Now make the top of your square rounded towards the bottom. You can use the w arp option on the "transform selection" menu. 4. Then substract any transparent part in this selection. I personnaly use the m agic wand tool. 5. Now create a new layer and fill the selection with black. Then change the opa city to 25%. 6. Select the lasso wand tool again and click on the blinking selection. Select inverse. Go to the logo layer and click on any transparent part with le lasso wand too l to substract all transparent part. 7. Create a new layer and fill it with any color. Now use the action 'Gradient f or top part'. 8. Go on the logo layer and use the action logo effect. -- At this point, don't worry, the logo will look very dark and not good.-- The "example.psd" is showing you where you should be at this point. 9. Now uncheck the green background layer so you don't see it and go to layer/me rge visible. 10. You can re-check the green background layer. 11. Now on the logo layer, use the perspective action. 12. Crop the logo so that the shadow around is really close to the border. 13. Select canvas size. An make the canvas square without cropping the logo part .

14. Last but not least. Play around with the image/adjustments/brightness and co ntrast. So that the logo is bright. I usually just add 15 or 20 in contrast. You can also take off 5 or 10 to br ightness at the same time. 15. Change image size to whatever logo size you want. And save it as a png. You've got it. CHEERS