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Jo Kuehn (* October 24th 1945 in Vienna , Joseph and Joseph Kuhn bourgeois) is an Austrian painter , graphic artist and silhouette artists.


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Life [ Edit ]

Jo Kuehn was born in 1945, the son of a laborer and a cook of the Vienna waste collection in Vienna. Early turned his handicap, a strong tremor of the right hand and dyslexia , published as an obstacle in the school system. From 1963 to 1966 he held on Crete on. Then followed a year in Turkey. Since 1967, he was back in Austria. Paintings and woodcutsat the time were his favorite techniques. In the late 1970s and 1980s he became involved in progressive artists groups, such as "Working Group realism" (socially oriented art) and "Artists for Nature" (focusing on environmental and natural). From 1980 to 1990 graduated Kuen regular short stays in Italy ( Northern Italy and Stromboli ). In 1993 he traveled to India for a year. Since 1998, the knife cut his exclusive art form, which he developed into a totally new form of international technology and unparalleled aesthetics.

Work [ Edit ]

The complete works of Jo Kuhn's is characterized by an extraordinary range of artistic expression and technique. Even as a child, Kühn practiced in painting and paper cutting. The focus of the art Jo Kuhn's man is in an aggressive and desperate world ( Expressionism ). His knife cuts were on different materials such as glass ( sand blasting ), metal ( laser cut ) and silkscreen transfer. By Wolfgang Glechner they were animated and must be used as a DVD and the web as a game.

Exhibitions [ Edit ]

1979: group exhibition gallery example, Vienna, Austria as part of a traveling exhibition in the Gallery Red Dot;

1980: Shipyard Korneuburg, graphics interactivity Berlin;

1981: solo exhibition gallery example, Vienna;

1982: solo exhibition gallery alibi Vienna;

1983: Inter Graphic Berlin, Ljubljana City Museum;

1984: Bologna Town Hall, Carinthia - Artists for Peace; Rostock - City Museum; Workshop Gallery, Vienna;

1986: solo exhibition gallery example, Vienna;

1987: desire and mood;

1990: Inter Graphic Berlin;

1991: Solo Exhibition Galerie de Portis - Salzburg, Vienna, fingerprints, Tech Museum - Artists for Nature;

1992: solo exhibition gallery studio 3A Vienna

2003: Mel-Art Gallery Soloexhibition

2005: Mel-Art Gallery

2007: Art Beijing

2008: Art Austria Vienna

2008: Art Deagu (Korea)

2008: Art Beijing

2008: Leipzig Book Fair

2009: Art Austria

2009: Art Gallery MEL groupexhibition

2010: soloexhibition Germany Kunstverein Hamburg

2010 soloexhibition Mettlach Germany (Schubert Winterreise)

Books with cuts by Jo Kuehn (selection) [ Edit ]

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