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Bachelor of Theology 360 Credits on NQF level 7 (30 subjects of 12 credits each) Subject outcomes Curriculum Please note:

The first-year curriculum consists of 10 subjects, of which 6 subje cts are compulsory. Two of the remaining four subjects must be second-year subje cts. The maximum number of first-year subjects that can count towards your BTh d egree is eight. (A first-year subject is a subject that has a 1 as the first num eral in its code, e.g. THE1121). First Year Compulsory subjects 72 credits GEN1121 THE1121 BIB1121 THE1122 BIB1123 PRA1122 Theological Research and Writing Christian Foundations Essential Bible Study Principles Biblical Worldview Words and Works of the Lord Jesus Christ Introduction to Children's and Youth Ministry Select two courses from Group A and two from Group B

First Year Electives 48credits Group A PRA1121 CYM1126 THE1123 PRA1123 MIN1121 Group B BIB2122 BIB2124 PRA2121 THE2121 PRA3123 CYM2127

Christian Relationships Connecting with Children The Doctrine of Holy Spirit Leading with Purpose Practical Ministry 1 [Year Module] The Pentateuch Book of Acts Christian Counselling 1 The Doctrine of the Church Christian Leadership Walking with Wounded Children Compulsory subjects 72 credits

Second Year BIB2121 BIB2123 BIB2125 THE2122 MIS2124 MIS2123

Hermeneutics The Historical Books Paul's Letters The Doctrine of Man and Sin Introduction to Missions The Historical Perspective on Missions Select any four from these 48credits

Second Year Electives

BIB2124 THE2123 PRA2121 PRA2122 PRA2123 MIS2122 MIN2121

The Book of Acts The Doctrine of Salvation Christian Counselling 1 The Pastoral Ministry Homiletics Contemporary Issues in Missions Practical Ministry 2 [Year Module] Compulsory subjects 60 credits

Third Year

THE3123 Apologetics THE3124 Christian Ethics THE3125 Church History BIB33120 Introduction to Biblical Languages THE3120 Contemporary Issues in Theology GEN3121 Theological Research and Writing* *Only for students who have not completed GEN1121 Theological Research a nd Writing Third Year Electives Select any five from these 60credits

BIB3121 The Wisdom Books BIB3122 The General Letters THE3121 The Doctrine of the Kingdom THE3122 The Doctrine of Revelation PMIS3121 World Religions PRA3121 Conflict and Reconciliation PRA3122 Church Management PRA3123 Christian Leadership PCM3124 Christian Counselling 2 BIB3126 Biblical View on Sexuality< MIS3124 Church Planting and Church Growth BIB4121 The Prophetic Books THE4121 African Theology MIN3121 Practical Ministry 3 [Year Module] BIB4125 Biblical Greek 1 [Year Module] BIB4126 Biblical Greek 2 [Year Module] BIB4127 Biblical Hebrew 1 [Year Module] BIB4128 Biblical Hebrew 2 [Year Module] Applying Online You can apply for two levels of tuition named below. Click on the appropriate li nk and complete the application form and we shall get in contact with you. Remem ber you can also pay the fees online, simply click the Pay online link in becomi ng student menu. PLEASE REMEMBER to pay the Application Fee of R200 (US$40 25) either online OR by depositing the money directly into the SATS bank account. The banking details ar e: Name of Bank: First National Branch: Fourways Mall Branch Number: 251655 Name of Account: S A Theological Seminary Account #: 51321182366 Undergraduate application - This is for all courses excluding Masters and Doctor ate. Once you have downloaded and completed the form, please email it to marilyn