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A Serenade for Her Romance ( Part I )

For Ja mea puella in meum cor aeterna ! aeterna ! et aeterna ! Ricardo Saul LaRosa 11 February 2012 Long Island, New York Free verse as is my love for her

I. Valentines Day creeping upon the contours of my being; again As explosions of mixed feelings unravel the false peacefulness in my life Inscribing poem after poem Verse after verse Line after line Word by blessed word Meticulously as a surgeons hand And for what ! More fleeting hopes of love that never materialize Leaving me lonelier than ever before II. Valentines Day approaching this wasteland where my soul finds itself As an avalanche of sentiments invade The consciousness of my mind Remembering past illusions of AMOR ! Whose lingering flames dimmingly still glow ! Kisses upon my willing lips; I am feeling her lips her taste on my mouth As though they were given today, though, the years have long since pasted As tears cascade from my soul into the river of broken dreams As monstrous memories mercilessly overrun my heart And my Spirit flees this earth exiling itself on Mars III. Memories of lonely Valentine Days past tearing my being apart ! Kiss by kiss Piece by piece Nerve by nerve

Love letter by more love letters Till nothingness is left of all the poems and prose and love letters I have ever written And for what ! Bitter-sweet memories that hurt ! Coupled with an unmatchable cruel hurtful loneliness IV. Valentine Day blues all these years of my life And I have no one to blame for this charade, but, myself And I have not a soul to accuse for this travesty, but, my own heart And I condemn not a sentient being for this pretense of hope, but, me Love unto itself is a splendid a majestic an awesome inspiration Love unto itself is the salvation of the soul of unimaginable words Love unto itself this eternal moment is Ja ! And alone with her; Ja and I; for she has already visited me and she has loved me in my slumber ! And kissing her lips and her mouth and her womanliness And how I am falling in love with her ! ! ! V. O Saint Valentine I implore you to take this hurt from me ! O Eternal Love ~ AMORE AETERNA ~ et amor por mea puella ! O Great Spirit of this Universe ! I beseech You to take away this pain from me ! For I am dying on the inside for LOVE denied ! And this hurt hurts hauntingly; becoming unbearable until it fights back bitterly; Unjustly in war unjustly in vengeance unjustly with hate ! Love unfulfilled becomes a revenge of coldness and indifference ! A storm out of control who cares not whom it hurts A love betrayed; forsaken; left to die alone in a desert; my heart a living dead soul drenched with odium ! VI. And then Ja came into my life

Like a warm Spring day Like a sparking star in celestial skies twinkling just for me Like an angle of true LOVE entering my world ! Her faith in me innocently Her trust in me divinely pure Her lips her eyes her mind observing mine; patiently; sweetly; infinitely For she believes in me No matter how naivet are her illusions or mine she belongs to me ! ! ! VII. And today Three days before Saint Valentines Day; justice upon my life for I love anew ! And today O how I do adore her And O how she has thrown herself upon my soul And O how sweet is her illusion for this poet Falling in love Falling fervently in love with her ! Falling in love as LOVE as never known before ! Her sweetness; my madness; her voice; my hope; her eyes shining at me; tears of love in my eyes for Ja; her hands touching mine; my consolation; the warmth of her touch upon me; my faith in LOVE again; her sincere sweet, sweet, smile has inspired in me; tonight; for her and her alone; my Ja ! A serenade for her romance ! ! !
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