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FindingDis ssertations

Disse ertationscanbefoundina avarietyofways.Keepinmindthatso me,butnota all,dissertatio onsareavaila ablefulltext onlin ne.

Find disserta ations wr ritten by U UT Health h Science Center at t San Anto onio stud dents
From20032008,UTH HealthScience eCentersomestudentthe esesanddisse ertationswer repostedtot theLibrarys DigitalArchiveElectr ronicThesesa andDissertat tionCollection n:http://libra ary.uthscsa.ed du/2011/09/etd/.This collection ncanbebrow wsedorsearch hedbykeywo ord. TheLibraryCatalog,ht ttp://briscoe. /,includesthe esesanddiss sertationswrittenattheHealthScience e Keywordsearc chfortherele evanttopicandincludeth hewordsgraduateschool sciences Center.K biomedicals (withoutt thequote)inthesearchbox.

Find theses a and disse ertations o on nursin ng topics u using CIN NAHL
Thed databaseCINAHLPluswithFullTextca anidentifybo oththesesand ddissertation nsusingtheP PublicationTy ypelimit. Completeyoursearchasyouw wouldusuallyandthenselectthelimitt thatyouneed dtoexcludea articleresults sandonly thesesordiss sertations.FindCINAHLin ntheLibrarys sDatabaselis st. findt

Find more using the P ProQuest Digital Dissertatio ons and T Theses database
TheP ProQuestdatabasecontain nsmorethan n2.3milliond doctoraldisse ertationsandmastersthes seswithcoveragefrom 1861 1totheprese entalthoughn noteverylisti ingincludesa afulltextdoc cument. FindthePro oQuestDatab base: 1. Usi ingtheLibrar rySearchbox onthehome epage,search hforProQuest 2. SelecttheDigita alDissertatio onslink, enclicktheG GotoDatabas sebuttontor reachthedat tabase. 3. The *Offcampu ususerswillb bepromptedtologinprior rtoaccessing gthe database.

UTH HealthScience eCenteratSa anAntonioLib braries

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WhentheProQue estdatabaseo opens,selecttheDissertations&These esbuttontosearchforon nlythesisanddissertation uments. docu Then n,youwillhav vetheoptiontosearchfor rthesesandd dissertations fromallover rtheworld.T Tryakeyword dsearchto findd documentsre elatedtoyourtopicorsea archbyuniver rsitynameto ofinddocume entsfromapa articularplace. De ependingonw whatyouhop petofind,the eAdvanced Se earchoptions smaybehelp pful.Schooln nameand onswhich m anuscripttyp pearebothad dvancedoptio l. m aybehelpful Us sethewholenameTheUn niversityofTe exasHealth Sc cienceCenter ratSanAnton niointheSch hoolnamebox x to ofindthebest tresults. Th heDissertatio ons&Thesesdatabasecon ntainsboth cit tationsandfu ulltextdocum ments.Ifam manuscriptis no otavailableelectronically,itmaybepo ossibleto bo orrowacopythroughInterlibraryLoanbutnot ev veryuniversit tywilllendtheirdocument ts. Ify youneedhel lpfindingsom mething,cont tactthe lib brarians!Ema ailAskaLibrari ian@uthscsa. .eduorcall 21 105672450. UTH HealthScience eCenteratSa anAntonioLib braries Page2of2 P 2/9/12kp p