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harry potter and the gem of power

written: 2003.12.09 last updated: 2004.06.19 (110521 total words)

by bretko

chapter 1 : what happens to traitors

i do not own any of characters and places.

chapter 1: what happens to traitors

rain was falling thickly from the dark grey clouds hovering above the capital of czech republic, prague. it was a dark, cold night. this summer was unusually humid, it had been raining for three weeks in a row now. some streets looked like rivers, gallons of water spilling through the town. the prague dark-there

was no electricity in many parts of the town. the only lights came from headlights of cars, leaving the city because of floods, neon lights and flashes of curses, coming from the old town. karkaroff, former headmaster of durmstrang school, managed to duck another curse aimed at him just in time. the curse missed him by inches and shuttered

a window above his head. glass shreds were falling on him, cutting deeply in every

piece of his body, tearing his robes apart. he let out of yelp of pain and shook, so the glass would fell of him. but there was no time to waste. he had to keep running. he spun around. staying against him, on the other side of the small compound, nearly invisible in

the darkness stood figure in dark robes, his face covered by mask, so only eyes could be seen through narrow slits. karkaroff recognised him as macnair,

a member of voldemorts inner circle. he was eyeing him with disgust.

how could you thought, that you can betray our master and live? he asked,

raising his wand. but karkaroff was quicker. he raised his own wand and cried stupefy!

a stream of red light erupted from the tip of his wand and hit macnair in the

chest. macnair let out a grumble and collapsed on the ground, unconscious. karkaroff wanted to finish him of, just for sure, but then he heard footsteps closing in. at least three of them by the sound of it, he thought for himself. he ran to the nearest house and pointed his wand at the door. alahomora!he entered the building and locked the door again. he fell silent and placed his ear on the door. he could hear several voices look, thats macnair! is he dead? � �just stunned i think. enervate.� �macnair, where did he go?came lucius malfoy s voice i dont know.� �damn you, macnair. lets split up. reiley, waterfield, take this path. macnair, come with me. dolohov, check over there. karkaroff didnt move for what seemed to be eternity. then he collapsed to the ground, panting for breath, exhausted. he closed his eyes, finally relaxing and drifted into uneasy sleep. he was dreaming about being in hogwarts on that fateful day, the day of the last task of triwizard tournament, when his dark mark suddenly throbbed. he rolled up his sleeve to look at it. it shone brightly, as if it was burned in only moments ago. this meant only on thing. the one, who he feared most of was back amongst the livings. he fled of immediately, not wanting anyone to know his destination. not that he knew it too. he went to london, where he stayed in the evil twins inn, where he wanted to lay down for a while, and think abou the future. the evil twins was not exactly the place, where one would want spend their vacation. it had bad reputation, mostly because of people, who could be met there. runaways pickpocketers, dangerous thieves and even murderers. there were times, when the death eaters would spend their money here, discussing their horrible

plans over a flank of firewhiskey or rum. anyone could end in pain, caused by cruciatus curse or killed in a fight by avada kedavra curse or just by a


karkaroff decided to leave the country. he firstly thought about going back to romania, but that would be the most obvious thing to do. so he contacted some people from his past, people he wished he would never see again and asked them about quiet place, as far away from wizards as possible. some of them refused to help him, because they were afraid, some people refused to help him, because they were pissed with him until one old witch told him to move to prague. but isnt prague supposed to be place, where there are a lot of wizards? it is not called magic prague for no reason.� �it used to be, but during the medieval time muggles did very terrible things to anyone who was just suspected of wizardry. men and women were tortured and executed, only one witness was sufficient. many muggles were killed by mistake, also many people used this to get rid of their enemies. after that, magic community decided it was not safe there anymore and moved. so that would be where i would move to. now go away, i dont want anybody see you with me.the old witch was right. prague was excellent place, karkaroff soon found out. with enough money you could have what you wanted. he made himself a new identity, bought a luxurious apartment and thought his past would not catch up with him anymore. but he was wrong. somebody talked. he awoke with a start. damn, how long i have been asleep? he looked at his brand new watch. only twenty-eight minutes? he felt as if he hadnt slept for so long in ages. he got up, his every muscle aching from the pursuit and placed his ear on the door. nothing. as quiet as graveyard, except for the storm. he unlocked the door, opened them and walked outside, realizing that this was a fatal mistake. whole compound was surrounded by death eaters. and in the centre stood a tall figure in dark robes with no mask. he did not recognize the person until it spun around. he could see the face of man, who haunted his dreams for past 14 years. staring at him were two eyes that shone red. the figure spoke with cold, high-pitched voice. he would have recognised that voice anytime. voldemort.

well, well, im glad you finally decided to join us. havent seen you for quite a long time, karkaroff.karkaroff quickly reached for his wand and pointed it steadily on voldemort. avada kedavra!he shouted. the acid green flash of light hit voldemort straight

in the chest, where his heart should be

nothing. voldemort touched his face, where a trickle of blood was oozing with a tip of his finger. ah, excellent karkaroff. you gave me a nosebleed.before karkaroff could react, voldemort drew his wand and aimed at karkaroff.

expelliarmus!he cried. karkaroff was thrown back, his fingers lost the grip over his wand. he got up immediately and made a dive for it. impedimenta!he froze in the middle of his jump and was knocked to the ground again. accio wand!karkaroff watched horrified as his wand flew slowly, as if deliberately, to voldemort outstretched hand. voldemort caught it and touched karkaroff s wand with the tip of his own. karkaroff s wand snapped in two with a loud crack! noooo!karkaroff screamed. now we shall play a little. said voldemort with a sinister smile. wingardium

many people came here and just disappeared.

nothing happened. or nearly

leviosa!karkaroff was lifted from the ground. the death eaters were laughing heartedly. voldemort let karkaroff hover ten feet above the ground, before slamming him into nearest wall. karkaroff realizing what was about to happen a moment before, managed to stretch his hand in futile defence attempt. he hit the wall in great velocity and heard a loud snap of his bone being broken. his head collided hard with the wall and he could see stars everywhere. the light was switched on in one of the windows. a muggle, man in his thirties leaned outside. hej, co se deje?!he called in czech. avada kedavra!the muggle fell on the pavement, dead as a green flash from lucius malfoys wand hit him in the face. shrieks could be heard from the flat, where muggle fell from. now, now, looks like i have to make it shorter than i would like,voldemort said coldly. finite incantatem!karkaroff hit the ground hardly, a few of his ribs broke by the impact. he was in great pain, he could barely move. he just wanted to stop it. you wish me to stop this, karkaroff, dont you? i shall in a moment. but nowcrucio!the pain increased hundred times, making it nearly unbearable. hot needles were piercing his skin, followed by an acid spilled on his face, then flames licking all over his body. his eyes were rolling in their sockets. he could hear nothing, see nothing, feel nothing except the pain on every inch of his body. he was screaming without knowing it. voldemort lifted the curse. karkaroff could no longer move, he could only twitch. surroundings came into focus again, and he saw that more lights in windows were on and more muggles were lying on the pavement, men, women, even kids, some death, some being tortured by death eaters, who laughed openly. he could hear voldemort footsteps and his feet came into the view. now, you see what happens to those, who betray me, fool.karkaroff wanted to stop it, he wanted to dievoldemort pointed his wand at him. i shall fulfil your wish. farewell. avada kedavra!there was a flash of green light and karkaroff knew no more.

chapter 2 : bad news and good news

i do not posses any of these characters and places

chapter 2: bad news and good news

the sun was about to rise and bath houses of privet drive, surrey in its light and warm. it promised to be another day with high temperature without any drop of water from the cloudless sky. swimming pool would once again become the most precious treasure, people would be sunbathing or eating meals outside, because it was unbearable to be in house during the day, even with air condition, everybody would be enjoying perfect summer. everybody except for harry potter harry was lying on his bed, still in unease sleep. streams of sweat were trickling down his forehead, as he was twitching, his mind still in his naightmares. i shall fulfil your wish. farewell. avada kedavra!he muttered. he awoke with a start, looked around him. realizing where he was, he let out a sigh of relief. knowing that it would be impossible to fall asleep again, he got up and went to bathroom. he washed his face and looked at his reflection in the mirror. his face was swollen, skin was as white as walls and his eyes were puffy. he barely slept lately and when he managed to drift to sleep, he was haunted by nightmares. it was always the same. cedric lying dead on the ground of graveyard, duel with

voldemort, sirius falling through the veil, the feeling when he was possessed by voldemort. sometimes another images appeared- ruins of hogwarts, hermione and all weaslys lying crumpled on the floor, dead and sirius, his face sullen, saying it s your fault im dead harry, its entirely your fault.he would awake wet from sweat, his scar would throb uncomfortably. mercifully, he would almost forget the dreams instantly. oh, sirius, if i hadn t played hero, you would be alive. you are right. it is only my fault you are dead. if i only listened to dumbledore and learned to master occlumency.he said to himself. he missed his godfather very much. his parents had been murdered when he was one year old and sirius was the closest thing to parent harry ever had. and no he was gone too. he dressed himself in his shabby muggle clothes and went downstairs to have something for breakfast. the dursleys, the only relatives he had left, used to be mean to him and hadnt fed him properly, until last summer, when his former professor remus lupin and other members of the order of phoenix threatened them. from that time he could eat how many he wanted, but on the other hand the dursleys were ignoring him completely. he appreciated that at first, but after four weeks, when he had no one to talk he would be happy to hear uncle vernon yelling at him, just to assure himself, that he still existed. deeply in thoughts, he walked down stairs, but suddenly stopped. he could hear quiet voices. petunia, dear, i cant manage another night like this. that potter boy was muttering and screaming in his sleep again. i still dont understand why they are not police officers at our door, aiming at us with guns and demanding immediate relase of our hostage.uncle vernon growled. why can t we just send him to an orphanage?� �i told you hundred times that he has to stay. and dont ask me why, i am not telling you.came aunt petunias respond. petunia, be reasonable�� vernon started, but at that moment harry entered the room. morning�� he said gloomily. no response. harry went to a fridge, opened it and grabbed some food. he sat down at the table, ignoring hateful glances from his fosters. he was just about to bite from his sandwich when headline on morning newspaper caught his attention. he managed to read a mysterious deaths in prague, when uncle vernon turned to another page. latest newspaper were full of such headlines and harry knew why. it was now useless for voldemort to stay low and he again started his reign of terror. not hungry anymore, he abandoned his sandwich and left for his room again. when he entered his room, an owl was waiting for him with daily prophet tied to its leg. he untied the knot, took the newspaper and deposited a silver sickle to leather pouch tied to owls leg. he unrolled the daily prophet and gasped in horror. on the first page was picture of bodies lying on the street. he began to read an article.

karkaroffs body found in prague

today, in early hours, muggle policemen in prague, czech republic, were called to a scene of crime by many frightened muggles. they found a horrific sight. twenty one dead bodies were sprawled across the small compound in old town. apparently these persons just died for no reason, although according to witnesses, they were murdered by a group of robed people, wearing masks, killing with green flashes of light, erupting from what it seemed to be wooden sticks. representatives of czech ministry of magic were summoned to the scene of crime immediately and discovered, that you-know-who, and his supporters, known as the death eaters were behind this attack.

a team was dispatched to clear the scene and modify memory of all

witnesses and policemen. this is by far the highest death toll since you-know-who return, that he is responsible for. it is also believed that karkaroff, former headmaster of durmstrang, wizard school in romania, is amongst the dead.

harry flickered through the rest of the daily prophet. entire wizard world was in panic. many people disappeared, many muggle-born witches and wizards have handed out their wands and broke any relation to wizard world. as he was reading his newspaper he suddenly remembered his latest dream. he actually saw the death of karkaroff. this can mean only one thing. there is still connection between my and voldemorts mind, he thought. he immediately took some parchment and ink from his closet, dipped his quill and wrote a letter to dumbledore.

dear sir im sure you are aware of recent incident in prague of death of mr. karkaroff. the reason i am writing you is that i saw it all, in my dreams. the connection between my and voldemorts mind is still active. im afraid something like last year can happen. please advice me. hope you are well.

harry potter

he opened cage, which stood on his table and a beautiful snow-white owl flew out. it was hedwig, his pet and the only company he had. hedwig, i need you to take this to dumbledore, quickly.he told her, tying the letter to hedwigs leg. she hooted reassuringly and took of immediately. harry was just about to close the window, when he spotted two owls closing in fast. the first one, a big brown one landed on his table neatly, dropping a letter with

a hogwarts sign and taking of immediately. the second one was tiny and

it zoomed around his room excitedly. harry snatched it and the owl hooted happily.

pig, he thought for himself. he took the letter, recognising the untidy writing as rons. he released pig, who drank a little water from hedwigs cage and took of immidietly too. he opened the rons letter first.

dear harry, havent heard from you for quite a long time from you, mate. we are really worried about you, hermione, ginny and me. i cant wait to see you again, but dumbledore insists on you staying there he says that you will know why. anyway, we are going to grimwald place tomorrow and we are going to stay there for the rest of our holiday, so we will meet you here. harry, i just want to let you know that we are here for you.


harry reread the short letter thrice. tears were trickling down his face. he moped them moped with sleeve of his shirt. oh, how he missed them. but he was not talking to them for no reason. it was all because of that stupid prophecy. he was destined either a victim or a murderer. anyone who was with him was in danger, he thought, remembering the fateful night at the department of

mysteries, when sirius was killed and his friends were injured. he grabbed the second letters only to cone across another thoughts. he ripped it open, took out the letter and started to read.

dear mr. potter, enclosed in this letter are your o.w.l.s results and the list of your n.e.w.t.s classes you will attend to in this year. you will find your list of needed books other supplies at the end of this letter.

p.s. due to resignationof ms. umbridge you have been given back the position of seeker in gryffindor quiditch team. i would also like to offer you a position of captain. please, let me know as soon possible wheter you accept.

o.w.l.s results

defence against the dark arts: outstanding charms: outstanding transfiguration: exceeds expectations herbology: exceeds expectations potions: exceeds expectations history of magic: poor astronomy: acceptable divination: dreadful care of magical creatures: outstanding

n.e.w.t.s classes

defence against the dark arts charms transfiguration potions care of magical creatures herbology

p.s. it was very hard to get you into potions without o mark. i told professor snape that you will get good marks. so do me a favour and study hard this year, will you?

hope you are well, minerva mcgonagall deputy of headmaster

harry groaned. this looked like a hardest year ever.

chapter 3 : surprise

i do not posses any of the characters or places

chapter 3: surprise harry was lying on his bed, trying to sleep when he heard a knock on the door. enter,he said curtly. dudley dursley, his mean cousin entered his room. he looked at harry unfriendly. dudley has gained some weight over the last school, and was on diet again. the only thing that made dudley survive the diet used to be the fact, that the rest of his family, including harry, were eating the same food as him. but now, with a warning remus lupin gave his aunt and uncle, it would be unwise to starve harry.

what do you want, dud?harry asked him coldly. mum and dad want me to tell you that its about time you send another letter to your freaky friends,he said to harry the letters to lupin were the only thing dursleys cared about harry. well, look into my cage, stupid. it does not look i am sending a letter, when my owl is gone, does it. or are there any other owls in this house that i dont know about?harry asked. don t provoke me or, dudley said threateningly, raising his fist. or what? you are going to beat me out?asked harry. he reached for his wand and started playing with it, making sure that dudley could see it all the time. one day, i will catch you unprepared. and i shall enjoy that moment very much.dudley yelled at harry, slamming the door. harry let himself to slid down on his bed again. he sighed. teasing dudley wasnt any more. in fact everything had changed since he found out about his prophecy. he closed his eyes. why i cant live just another ordinary life, he thought for himself. what have i done to deserve this. everybody told him that he was meant for great things. but he didnt care. he would give all his possession for another life. as he was deeply in thoughts, something knocked on the window. harry raised his head and saw hedwig waiting behind the closed window, a letter tied to her leg. he got up, opened the window and let hedwig inside. she landed on his shoulder and extended her leg, so harry could get the letter. he untied the knot, stroking hedwig semiconsciously, unrolled it and began to read.

dear harry, im sorry, but i cant do nothing about your problem right know, while you are still with your relatives. just try to free your mind of any thoughts before you go sleeping, when your mind is most vulnerable. but dont worry, you are perfectly safe at privet drive. once we will be able to pick you up, i will assign someone to give you occlumency lessons again. it will be soon.


harry crumpled the letter in rage and tossed it into a bin. even though he now knew the reason why he had to be here, it did nor make it more bearable. he was really looking forward to next year, when he would leave the dursleys forever. to ease some of his anger, he sat up at his desk and started writing a letter to ron.

hey ron, im sorry i havent been in touch for such a long time, but im trying to sort my thoughts out. dont worry about me ill be fine.


he hated to be so cold to his best friend, but he wasnt in friendly mood. after finishing this letter he took another piece of parchment and wrote another letter to lupin.

dear remus im ok, the dursleys are civil with me.


he took the letters and walked over to hedwigs cage. hedwig, im sorry i have to send you away so soon, but i need these letters delivered. this one is for ron and this one is for remus lupin,he said as he was tying the letters to her leg. she hooted reassuringly, as he opened the window and took of from his outstretched hand. harry was watching her, until she was out of sight.


harry was lying on a field in the country, unaware where he was. he got up and looked around him. the surroundings were comforting. green grass grew up to his waist. he let his hand ran across it, enjoying its smoothnes. everything looked so peaceful. he could see a form of hogwarts in distance, bathed in the orange light of sunset. the sky was perfectly cloudless, the weather was warm. he inhaled the pleasant scent of the air, relaxing his mind at last. somebody has slipped hands around his waist and pulled him into tight hug. harry felt as the person eased her head on his shoulder. beautiful, isnt it?said a soft girl voice, which was familiar to harry. he was just about to turn his head to the girl, when his scar erupted with pain without warning. he collapsed to his knees, reaching for his forehead. no, please, not again,he muttered. he raised his head. the surroundings were no longer pleasant. the high grass was burned. there were bodies, lying all over the field. bodies, that lay still, their eyes wide open and unfocused. the hogwarts castle was in flames, smoke was rising thickly from it, covering whole sky. something grasped his shoulder viciously. he looked upwards, firstly at the skeletal hand, that was crushing his shoulder, then raising his head, he saw who to hand belonged to. the rotten face of sirius was staring at him with lifeless eyes. this is all your fault, harry. only your,he hissed. harry awoke with a start, sat quickly and looked on his shoulder. there was no hand there. easing himself on the bed again, he let out a sigh of relief. he checked his warch: 1:3o a.m. 7.31. hey, ive been sixteen for and hour and half. i wonder whether the dursleys would ignore my birthday as usual, he asked himself before finally drifting to peaceful and dreamless sleep. he awoke at 10 a.m., feeling totally relaxed. he tried to remember, if he had any dreams but couldnt think of any. he got up and put on his glasses and went downstairs to have some breakfast, snatching todays copy of the daily prophet from the table. the dursleys were gone. as he was expecting there were no presents waiting for him, no surprise party. he took some food out of the fridge, sat to the table and started to read the daily prophet. nothing fishy happened lately, the newspaper were full of vague reports of latest events and theories, what might be the voldemorts plans. he was on his way back to his room, when he heard a door bell. curious, he went to the door and opened them. surprise, harry!yelled ron, fred, george, ginny and mr. weaslys in union, as

squealing hermione jumped on him and embraced him in a rib-breaking hug. why what are you doing here?he stuttered, as hermione let him go. well, i hope you are ready to go. we are here to pick you up.said mr. weasly, beaming. harry couldnt believe his ears. he was leaving! finally. hurry up, harry, i dont think you would like to be here when your uncle returns,mr. weasly said. why? not another imaginary lawn competition.? he asked mr. weasly with a grin.

sort of

harrys birthday party.� �a birthday party?harry asked unbelievably.

fred, george take care of harrys luggage. we dont want to be late for

what, did you think, that we forgot about it? said ginny with a wink. harry couldnt believe this. a birthday party! where are we going?harry asked. to grimwald place,said ron. harry gulped. he would appreciate more if they would go to burrow, not to place, where everything would remind him of sirius.

we are going to use a portkey. we could use floo now, when the order and ministry are on the same boat again, but dad doesnt want to ruin muggles living room weasly left a note to dursleys on the dining room, and joined them again. meantime fred and george brought down harrys suitcase-he was always packed and ready to go, as if he was expecting something like this might happen. ok, are we ready to go? wait, i need to desillusion us, we dont want to make a commotion, do we?he cast the spell on each person in the group. shame we couldnt have stayed longer, i would like to see this house more through fully.ron rolled his eyes, and catching harrys eyes he grinned. as they stepped out, mr. weasly stopped abruptly. just a moment, we don t want to get your relatives robbed, do we?asked mr. weasly as he pointed his wand at the door. colloportus!� �but mr. weasly, would be the dursleys able to open the door with an ordinary key? harry asked him curiously. honestly, harry, i dont weasly said with a wink. now gather around,

everybody� �

chapter 4 : the best birthday ever

everybody who read this story, please reivew, even if you say "the worst fanfic ever". i just want to hear your comments

i do not posses any of the characters and places.

chapter 4:

harry and the weaslys landed in the dark entrance hall of headquarters of order of phoenix. harry got up from the ground. filthy mudbloods and half-breeds, mugglelovers, disgrace of our kind, you dare to step into the noble house of black �� apparently, the members of order still hadn t found a way to dispose of shrieking portrait of mrs. black, siriuss mother. torches and candles all around the hall lit up as remus lupin emerged form the kitchen door. not again,he muttered to himself, as he marched to the portrait and closed the curtains before it. the shrieking stopped abruptly. he sighed and the turned to harry. hello harry, nice to see you again,he said, smiling rather gloomily. harry surveyed him through his glasses. the robes lupin wore looked more shabbier than harry remembered. apparently lupin had not found a job yet. he looked very pale and his hair turned greyer. but the thing harry was most concerned was that the sparkle in lupins eyes, which was there during times sirius was alive, was gone. err nice to see you to�� he stuttered. im sorry harry but there is an order meeting right now, and i need to be there. ill see you later in the evening. arthur, fred, george, you better come along too, he motioned to them. ron, help harry with his luggage, you know where your room is. stay there, ill call you when everything is ready, mr. weasly said. then he, the twins and lupin went inside the kitchen. ron and harry dragged harrys huge suitcase up to room, which they were sharing,

followed by hermione and ginny. the house looked as if was new, everything was clean and shining. when they entered the room,. something suddenly hit harry in his stomach, knocking the wind out of him, and he collapsed on the ground. harry potter, sir!came the squeaky voice harry recognised.

hi dobby, he said, gasping for breath. he stood up and looked him. dobbys clothes were tidy and neat as usual, and his tennis-ball eyes were shining with excitement. what are you doing here? arent you supposed to be at hogwarts?� �yes indeed sir, but dumbledore came to see dobby and ask him whether he would not do him a favour. he said that harry potter is coming to grimwald place in the end of july and he wanted to house to be cleaned properly. he insisted on giving dobby a pay rise, but dobby refused. he owes this to harry potter, because harry potter set him free. � �i already told you hundred times dobby, you dont owe me anything.harry said. oh, harry potter is so modest and generous.dobby squealed, making harry turn red. dobby, how is winky?hermione asked suddenly. dobby turned his head to her curiously, as if realizing just now that they were other people in the room with him. winky is a lot better nowadays, young lady. she finally starts to understands that she is free and has no master anymore. but she still neglects her clothes and her appearance,dobby said.

well, err

bitterness in dobbys voice. harry potter, sir, dobby has to go now, prepare everything for harry potter s birthday party.� �i told you, you dont have to do this, dobby. harry said, but too late, dobby was already gone. harry looked at ron and they both grinned. so, had a good summer, mate?ron asked harry. harrys mind shifted to sirius instantly. hermione must have recognised it. ron, how could you say something like that?she said, rolling her eyes. what do you mean, hermione? why would a person be offended by this question?ron said, looking daggers at her. you ll never change, ronald weasly,she said, fuming. now what was that supposed to mean, hermione granger?ron yelled at her. come on, ron, calm down.ginny pleaded. oh, dont you say me to calm down �� harry couldnt stand this anymore. he left the room, closing the door behind him silently, so no one recognised that he was gone. he walked over to a study, which he remembered from last year. he entered and closed the door behind himself, regretting that there was no lock. he wanted to be alone now. he looked around the room curiously. he recognised instantly that this room missed dobbys cleaning raid. it was small, but cosy. the walls were lined up with bookcases. harry let his finger run across dusty books, when he stopped abruptly. memories, which should never be forgotten. it appeared that this book was taken out and returned many times recently. he took it out sat on an old sofa, clearing the dust from it beforehand. he flickered through the pages of the book. they were full of photos. one shown sirius as a cute baby. there was another one, showing sirius on a broom, beaming, as he zoomed in and out around the picture. he turned to another page and his stomach gave an unpleasant jolt. in the picture, there were three boys, eleven or twelve years old, in hogwarts uniforms, wearing gold-red scarfs. they were beaming at harry. harry recognised them instantly as sirius black, remus lupin and james potter, his father. he turned few more pages and another picture alerted his presence. his father was carried on the shoulders of older looking boys, his eyes full of triumph,

say hello to her from me.hermione said, taken aback by sudden

raising the quiditch cup over his head in one hand and the golden snitch in his second. he turned a page again and there was another picture his father, carrying the quiditch cup, only this time there was a girl, standing next to him, kissing him on the cheek. he recognised her by her eyes-his eyes. it was lilly evans, harrys mother. tears were now trickling on his face, he simply couldnt help it. he turned to another page. the next picture was probably taken just after n.e.w.t.s test. james, sirius, and remus were standing in front, each of them wearing looks of triumph and happiness, each of them embracing a girl, which were beaming too. but there was one person who didnt look happy at all. harry felt a sudden surge of anger all over his body. peter pettigrew, the one, who betrayed his parents was standing next to remus and his girlfriend, his expression showed gloominess and perhaps envy. harry longed for a revenge. i will make you pay for what you have done, wormtail, he though for himself. there was a knock on the door and it opened. harry, are you here?ginny asked. go away, i want to be alone,he said, drying his face with a sleeve of his shirt. harry, you cant keep avoiding everyone for the rest of your live. there are people who care about you, you know,she said, coming over to the sofa and taking a seat. but thats the only thing i can do. see everyone, who gets involved with me is in great danger. it was my fault cedric died, it was my fault sirius died, it was my fault you and the others got hurt that night. the world would be so much better without me�� harry started. now stop self-pitying yourself, its no good. if it weren t for you, the whole wizard world would be probably destroyed now. it was you who stopped you-know-w, well, voldemort eleven years ago. it was you who ruined his plans, not once, but five times already. it was you who saved my life in the second year, when voldemort possessed me�� she interrupted him. ginny, i dont know how much more i can bear� � harry said, his voice trembling. well, thats what you ve got friends for. to help you carry your burden.ginny said, pulling, him into a tight hug. harry, mate, are you here?came the voice of ron. im here, ron.harry said, letting go of ginny ron entered with hermione. i just want to tell you, that me and hermione stopped arguing. we came here to apologize.� �no need. listen, i know that you want to help and i appreciate it, really�� harry started, but was interrupted by fred, who came upstairs. where are you everybody? the meeting is over, harry s party is about towhat are you all doing here?he asked as he entered the room. nothing, just talking.harry smiled at all of them. shall we get prepared, then?


harry and ron went to their room to prepare themselves for the party. harry dressed up in his best muggle clothes and tried to comb his hair, but it wouldnt stay flat, no matter how hard he tried. sighing, he gave up. when the boys were ready, they went downstairs. harry just entered the kitchen, when he was embraced in tight hug by mrs. weasly. oh, harry, how are you? is there anything i can do for you? are you hungry, thirsty? oh, just look at how skinny you are,she fussed, leading him to the dining room, where everything was prepared for the party. she lead him to the table, which would almost collapse under the amount of food and drinks. take whatever you like, all is for you, she said, beaming. harry didn t need telling twice. he pilled his plate wit all his favourites and

took a bottle of butterbeer. looking around the room, he noticed there were only him and ron. mrs. weasly returned to the kitchen, not telling why. where is everybody else?he asked ron. ron, who had his mouth full of food, just shook his head, meaning that he did not know. the door opened and hermione, accompanied by ginny and crookshanks entered, hermiones cat entered. hermione was dressed in what appeared as her best muggle clothes, ginny as well. both were wearing some make-up. they walked over to a free table, where they put their presents for harry. ron, realising that he forgot his own in his room, left and returned a moment later. by then, more people started coming. fred and george came first, carrying an enormous present, lupin, dressed in his new robes, which he bought for this opportunity, tonks, her hair acid green, moody, his magic eye spinning excitedly, mr. and mrs. weasly with their eldest sons bill and charlie and even professor mcgonagall dropped by. harry greeted everyone happily. harry started opening his presents. there was his own golden snitch, given by ron. harry couldnt help but grin as he rembered seeing his father in the dumbledore s pensieve, showing of with the golden snitch, which he nicked. what could he expect from hermione than a book- advance spells for gifted students. next came the present form lupin-another set of defence against the dark arts books. just thought they might come in handy,he said. when he opened the present from the twins, he couldn t belive his eyes. they got him a model of quiditch pitch, with a figures of quiditch player, that were actually moving. it was similar to the model oliver wood, former quiditch captain, had, only this was much bigger. ah, that might come in handy, when you would sometimes plan your strategies as the captain. did you consider my proposal already?asked him professor mcgonagall. actually, i have and i accept. it will be an honuor,he replied. excellent, im sure you would make an excellent captain,she assured him, then she left to talk to tonks about some recent science breakthrough on animagi and mathamorphagi. tonks gave him a book about the history of the aurors, moody gave him a flask. when harry eyed him curiously he just said: youll never now, when someone might slip something into your goblet. mark my words, youre going to find that useful one weasly gave a set of muggle clothes, which he enchanted himself. underpants and socks, that were producing heat, shirt that changed colour, when touched by a wand and trousers, which would grow with him. mrs. weasly knitted him on of her usual sweaters and gave him an enormous box of various sweets. ginny bought him a rememberall, just in case he needed it sometimes. bill gave him a book about the history of egyptian pyramids and charlie gave him some special food for hedwig. thank you charlie, bill, these might come useful.he thanked for the presents. not at all,they replied in union. what about percy, has he already contacted you?harry asked. yes, he has, actually, we are going to see him tomorrow morning, dad, bill and me. he now lives on the outskirts of the town, he has been given a small house as a treat for his exceptional and spotless work record. charlie said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. he lives there with his girlfriend, penelope cleanwater. im sure you remember her from hogwarts. harry was just about to ask how could a normal person live with percy form more than one day, when another person entered the room- dumbledore. harry ran over to him. professor dumbledore, im so glad you could come,harry ran over to him, beaming. yes, im glad too, although i can t stay too long. important order business to

attend and im afraid ill have to take most of your guests along. i just

came here to give you my presents. firstly, i was able to find a teacher for your occlumency lessons. after considering the possibilities, i think that

i would be the most suitable person,dumbledore said.

err yes, wonderful,harry wasnt really sure if he appreciated this gift. harry, i understand that you are suspicious toward occlumency, given your experiences with it. but its very vital for you to master it. my second gift isnt from me, rather from someone else. by sirius last will, this house and all the possession in is yours, when you become mature. also, remus lupin was announced as your guardian, till you reach your maturity.harry didn t know what to say. he looked over to lupin, who was in deep conversation with moody. im sorry, but you will have to wait to talk to lupin tomorrow. im afraid he has to leave with me. goodbye harry, see you soonhe left. lupin, tonks, mr. weasly, bill and charlie went with him. fred and george left as well, they were saying something about some paperwork for their joke shop. mrs. weasly started cleaning. when harry and his friends told her that they would help her she refused, sending them to bed, instead. harry glanced at his watch, he couldn t belive it. it was past midnight. time was really going fast amongst his kind. perhaps he had too much butterbeer, but as he was falling asleep, listening to rons snores, he thought that this was his best birthday ever.

chapter 5 : another betrayal

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chapter 5: another betrayal harry was still in very good mood when he woke up. perhaps it was because of protection around the headquarters of order of phoenix, but he had slept


whole night, undisturbed by any nightmare. he looked over to ron s bed. it was empty, he probably had gone downstairs to get some breakfast. harry got up, dressed himself and went downstairs. he entered the kitchen. good morning.he said happily. nobody answered. there was no one there. harry was just about to start looking form someone all over the house, when he heard sobs, coming from the living room. at least, one person, by the sound of it. he opened the door and all of his happiness evaporated in an instant. mrs. weasly was sitting on a sofa, her head in her hands, rocking forwards and backwards, as she was crying hysterically. mr. weasly was trying to comfort her, and harry saw that he was on the verge of tears. the twins and charlie were standing in the corner, the sparks from their eyes gone. they were just standing silently. ginny was sitting in the armchair, tears were trickling down her face, as she sobbed. ron who, was sitting on the farthest sofa, his head in his hands also, was shaking uncontrollably. hermione was sitting next to him, hugging him and patting him on the head. she was the only one, who looked up when harry entered and there were tears in her eyes too. harry came over to bill, who was standing by the wall of the room and seemed the only one capable of communication. � �bill, whywh-what happened?he stuttered. why is everyone crying? bill looked at him. i have already told you that we were going to visit percy and his girlfriend this morning. well when we arrived on the place, we found the house on fire and the dark mark was hovering above it. he said. harry gulped. is everyone ok? i mean��

percy and penelope, theytheyre �� he suddenly lost control too and left harry. he kneeled next to his mother, trying to help his father to comfort her. don t worry, son, they will be alright, came growling voice. harry spun around. professi mean mr. moody, is percy and his girlfriend alright?he asked him. moody sighed .no, im afraid they re not. theyre dead. they were murdered by the death eaters. they left the servant, who was working for percy weasly alive. he told us, that they were interrogating. they used the cruciatus curse on him, and when even after that he refused to answer their questions, they forced him some verritaserum. they asked him several questions- where are the headquarters and what are the plans of the order of phoenix, your whereabouts and they asked him about the spells, that are protecting hogwarts. when they finished the interrogation, they put the imperium curse on him and forced him to kill his girlfriend. then they killed him and left. harry didn t know what to say. of all the weaslys he liked percy weasly least, but he couldnt help to be sorry for them. they were like his family, after all. mr. moody, percy knew nothing about the plans or whereabouts of the order, didnt he?. i mean�� he asked moody don t worry, dumbledore didnt tell him about the grimwald place. you and all inside here are perfectly safe,moody answered. thank you,he said. he looked around the room. nobody, not even hermione was no aware of his presence. he decided that best thing to do was leaving quietly. he ran upstairs to his room and locked himself inside. his entire body was shaking with anger. if voldemort was here no, he would strangle him with his bare hands. there was a knock on the door. harry, i need to talk to you,came remus lupins voice. harry did not response. lupin knocked again. harry, i know you are inside let me in, please.harry lay on the bed still, when suddenly he heard lupin muttering alahomoraand the lock clicked open. harry stood up, furious. what do you want?! just leave me alone, will you?he yelled at lupin. im afraid i cant do this, he said, entering harrys room. you probably know now, that ive been proclaimed as your guardian until you reach maturity, which is not for another year.� �honestly, remus, i dont care. it would be better if you and the others left me alone.harry spat. harry, if this is because of the incident with percy weasly�� he started, but harry didn t let him finish. he took a vase from a table and threw it at lupin. lupin raised his wand. reducto!he cried and the vase broke into hundreds of tiny parts, just before it hit his face. he aimed his wand at harry. petrificus totalus.harrys legs and hands snapped together and he fell to the ground, rigid as board. if lupin thought this would calm me down, he couldnt have been more mistaken, harry thought. now you listen to me, boy. dont try to blame yourself for what have happened. few weeks after what happened at the department of mysteries, when fudge has realized, that voldemort is once again alive, he was afraid something like this might happen. because of this circumstance, several important employees of ministry of magic were given houses, which were protected by various spells. the location of these houses was known only by one secret keeper. those, who were given the houses, were told that it was for their exceptional work record and similar things like this. it appeared to be an excellent plan. but then someone, who is serving more than one master at the moment, told voldemort about this plan. the traitor apparently knew the identity of the secret keeper, because yesterday at night we found him dead in his house. that was the

reason, why everybody has left your party. we feared that the location of the houses were compromised. but nobody except for the secret keeper knew the locations of the houses,he said. it looked like all was lost and all the persons, who were supposed to be safe, would be death. but then we got a word from a spy, who is amongst the death eaters. he told us, what were the locations, where the death eaters left to. we saved many lifes tonight. unfortunately we arrived late to the houses of three representatives of the ministry of magic, including the house of percy weasly. so, as you see there is no way, how you could be responsible for this. harry, do not let make voldemort think that. the only reason why he let the servant alive was, that he would tell us what said. he pointed his wand at harry again. finite incantatemhe muttered. harry could move his body again. he got up from the ground, anger still in his eyes. lupin turned and he was just about to leave harrys room, when harry called at him. he stopped, but did not face harry again. thank you,harry said to him. he just nodded and left the room, closing the door after himself.

chapter 6 : troubles in diagon alley

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chapter 6: troubles in diagon alley the time in grimmald place passed quickly, although after what happened to percy weasly, it was very miserable. the weaslys were grieving very much. they reminded harry very much of victims to dementor kiss-they were like soulless bodies. harry tried to talk to ron or ginny many times, but they refused to talk about what happened, as if they ignored it, it had not really happened. with all this harry was happy to come to his last weekend of holiday. harry was awaken by mrs. weasly on his last friday. whats wrong, mrs. weasly?he asked her groggily. we are going to diagon alley to get your stuff for this year, harry,she said. she looked very tired and harry suspected she was crying whole night again. she then woke ron and left. they got up and dressed themselves silently. ron dressed up in black robes, that harry havent seen before. then they went to kitchen to get something for breakfast. hermione was already sitting at the table, a bowl of cereals in front of her, todays daily prophet propped against the milk jug. she lifted her eyes as they entered. good morning, harry, ron,she greeted them cheerfully. morning, hermione,he replied. ron didnt greet her at all. she exchanged a look of worry with harry, when the door opened again and ginny entered the room. without any word she sat at the table. she was wearing black robes as well. her eyes were puffy, she was most probably wake for whole night too. harry was about to finish his third toast, when mr. weasly entered the room. hurry up, boys and girls, we dont want to be late, he said. harry did not understand mr. weaslys comment, but they got up anyway, ron and ginny barely touched their food they gathered around the fireplace, they would travel by floo. the weaslys went first, then hermione and then harry. he never really accustomed to travelling by floo-it had always made him sick. he leaved the grate on the other side, the leaky cauldron, brushing ash out of his clothes. mr. weasly came to him. well, harry, we need to take care about something before we go shopping, so why dont you and hermione order something? we will pick you up in a hour. mr. weasly said to harry.

err ok,he replied, wondering what was mr. weasly talking about. the weaslys left them and he and hermione went to leaky cauldron. the place was packed with wizards and witches as usual. harry bought them two bottles of butterbeer and they sat at the table in the corner. they sipped their butterbeers silently at first. i wonder where the weaslys have gone�� he said, breaking the silence. oh harry, isnt that obvious,she said with a sigh. harry just gaped at her stupidly. they went to percys funeral. harry suddenly remembered that all the weaslys were wearing black. how could he be so thick? im very concerned about all of them, mainly about ron and ginny. this is so unfair, why it had to be them? theyre so nice,she said as a huge tear appeaered in her eye. life isnt fair hermione,harry said bitterly. hermione was now crying openly. harry moved over to her bench and sat by her. he hugged her and patted her on her head. come on, hermione, its gonna be fine,he was saying, nothing is going to be fine. not until voldemort is still alive.� �then he must be killed,he said. finally, he managed to cope with his prophecy. what do you mean?hermione eyed him curiously. nothing,he said quickly. he still wasnt entirely sure if he wanted to share his prophecy with someone else. look, the weaslys are coming,he said. hermione ceased the hug and moped her tears away with the sleeve of her robes. mr. and ms. weasly came to their table. shall we go, harry, hermione,asked mr. weasly they finished their butterbeers in one gulp and got out. ron and ginny were standing by the wall which lead to diagon alley. they didn t say a word to ron and hermione. mr. weasly tapped the wall three times with his wand and the passage opened. they got through and harry once again found himself standing in the crowded diagon alley. they went to the gringotts, the only wizard bank, to get some money first. harry would enjoy the neck-breaking ride by the cart, which took them to their valuts, if he hadnt noticed the look on rons face. harry withdrew enough money for his year. then they went to weaslys valut. ms. weasly took some money, for once in her life she didnt look embarrassed. hermione changed her muggle money for coins back at the counter and they left the bank. then they went to various shops. firstly they went to buy their books and supplies for potion hours and then they scattered. hermione wanted to buy herself a new quill and ink, ginny wanted to get new robes, because she grew a lot during the summer and ron wanted to buy some treat for his owl, pig. hey, harry, ron,came the voice of hermione, when they were standing by the shop window of quiditch best supplies. they went through the street together. they met some of their fellow students on the way. seamus finnigan and dean thomas, who was walking hand-in-hand with ginny. she looked oblivious to the fact, that her boyfriend was with her and was gazing nowhere. they met also hannah abott and susan bones from hufflepuff and luna lovegood from ravenclaw, who looked like lost. unfortunately, not all the people they met were their favourite. they were passing olliwanders wand shop, when a cold familiar voice said. well, look who it is? famous harry potter and his foolish friends.harry, ron and hermione spun around. standing against them were malfoy and his sidekicks crabbe and goyle. what do you want, git?harry spat. careful potter, watch your mouth, or ill show you, said malfoy. come, harry, ignore him,hermione said, tugging on his robes. and look who is talking, that i-know-all mudblood.ron drew out his wand quickly and pointed it at malfoys face. what, you fool. you want to hex me? well be my guest, but dont forget you are

still underage, weasly.malfoy smirked. but were not,came the voices of fred and george, who appeared out of nowhere, their wands drawn. george, fred, stop it,hermione said. then she faced malfoy. how does your father enjoy his stay at the azkaban, malfoy?and she spun around and walked away. boys were following her lead, when malfoy suddenly called after them. they stopped. it was very entertaining watching your pathetic brother, begging for his quick death and for life of his girlfriend. i personally enjoyed using cruciatus curse on him. first time is the best time,malfoy said with a smirk. ron launched himself on malfoy and he hit him in his face. malfoy collapsed to the ground. crabbe and goyle tried to attack ron, but they were hit by two stunners, aimed from george and fred. ron ran over to malfoy and kicked. ronald, what are you doing?! impedimenta!came the voice of ms. weasly. ron froze in mid-air and fell to the ground. ronald weasly! what are you doing?! its this the way how i raised you up?she moved over to him and malfoy. i apologize for my son, mr. malfoy.� �your words mean nothing to me, pathetic fat cow,he said to her, as he got up and walked away, leaving stunned crabbe and goyle on the ground behind. ms. weaslyloooked after him in disbelief. then she sighed and picked up ron from the ground. she looked very disappointed. people all around were staring at ron, their faces full of fear. and you two! you should have stopped him, you are mature, and you degraded to his level instead. what would your father say when i tell him? we go home now, all of you!!!yelled ms. weasly the weaslys, harry and hermione, went to leaky cauldron. mr. weasly was waiting for them by the grate, a glass of firewhiskey in his hand. gnny was standing by him, a bottle of butterbeer clutching in her hand. everybody ready to go?he asked his face falsely cheerful. they moved over to grate and flooed back to the grimmald place.

chapter 7 : jouirney to hogwarts

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chapter 7: journey to hogwarts harry got up early on his last sunday on grimmald place. finally, he thought for himself, ill be going home today. he tried to fall asleep again but couldnt. he got up, dressed himself and went to the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea. the kitchen was deserted when he came. there was an empty bottle of firewhiskey on the table, harry knew that mr. weasly was drinking a bottle a day since death of percy. he sighed and sat at the table. harry was sipping his tea, staring at the wall opposite of him, when the door opened and ginny came in. oh, sorry. i didnt realize that somebody was here, she said, and was just about to leave again. wait ginny, i think this room can hold both us,harry said with a grin. ginny grinned slightly, poured herself a cup of tea as well, and took a seat opposite of harry. harry surveyed her thoughtfully. her eyes were not puffy, as they were lately, she looked like she managed to get some sleep finally. harry noticed that

she had grown up a lot during the summer indeed, she was now as tall as him. she was not the small, shy girl anymore-she had grown up to nice girl. harry was still watching her, when he realized she was saying something to him. umsorry, ginny, my mind drifted somewhere else, what did you say?he asked her. i asked you why you were staring at me like that, harry?she asked him curiously. umm no reason, i think im just tired thats all,he said. stay cool, don t blush, he thought to himself. half an hour passed in utter silence. i dont see how you manage to do this harry,ginny said suddenly. huh,he let off, not knowing what she meant. i mean how you can through this all. you lost your whole family, even your godfather too and you manage. look at me, i lost one brother and im a nervous- wreck,she said. ginny, if you think that im not grieving you are very wrong. this summer has been hell for me.� �but you always seem so cool, always above the thing,she said, on the verge of tears. yeah, i was definitely above the thing when you found me at the study on my birthday,he said bitterly. oh no, harry, please, i didnt mean to offend you.� �don t worry, you didn t. ginny, look, what had happened happened, and you can do nothing about that. all you can do is go on with your life,he said. harry, why it had to be him?he said suddenly. he wasnt important, he knew nothing. goddamn, he even wasnt member of the order of the phoenix.� �voldemort doesn t mind if he is important. only he cares about is if he is worth his life.there was another awkward silence. harry, im very concerned about ron. i dont really know what happened in the diagon alley, but it had to be dreadful. ive never seen him like this before. im afraid he might do something very stupid.� �what malfoy said would make anybody angry,he said silently to himself. what did you say, harry?ginny asked him. uh, nothing. listen ginny, me and hermione tried to talk some sense into him. but he wasnt listening. in fact, you werent listening to us too. you are more similar than you would think-both of you are really good friends, i can rely on you but both of you are awfully stubborn,he said. im sorry, i really tried and i don t know what can i do fro him anymore.� �i know, i know. but i cant just stand and look at how he gets into trouble,ginny said, sighing. don t worry, i wont let it happen,harry said reassuringly. she got up, walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek. thank you, harry,and without further ado she left. harry was looking at the door for a long time. then he got up, washed the dishes and went upstairs to pack his things to hogwarts.


the morning was very chaotic. it appeared that whole order of the phoenix and many aurors came to supervise the departure. people kept bumping on the stairs and landings, muttering words of excuses. harry tripped over someone feet twice, dropping his suitcase once, which fall down the stairs, opened and his things spread all around the grimmald place. he managed to pack his things with a little help from tonks, who he told what he was missing and she summoned it by summoning charm. accio socks!she said and a pair of socks zoomed to them. well, harry, is that

all? � �yeah, thanks a lot,harry said with a grin. no problem,she replied, winking at him. two cars from the ministry of magic were waiting for them before the headquarters of the order. harry couldnt see how would they all fit to two what looked like ordinary muggle cars, but then he remembered how all the weaslys and him fitted in old ford anglia, which was enchanted, comfortably in his second year. he, the weaslys and hermione took the first car, while tonks, kingsley shackbolt, hestia jones and few others aurors and members of the order took the second. they arrived at the king cross station few moments later with plenty of time left. they walked through the secret passage between platforms nine and ten and found themselves on the platform nine and three quarters. the platform was crowded with many wizards and their children. some of them wore their hogwarts robes already. hey harry,his fellow gryffindor neville longbottom greeted him. he was standing by a very old witch, who was his grandmother. ah, here are your friends, neville. nice to see you again, mr.potter. and the weaslys, of course. i just wanted to tell you how our family commiserates with yours,she offered her hand to mr. weasly, who shook it, nodding. thank you,he muttered. tonks walked over to harry. now harry, go and find you a seat, we will be at the front of the train, next to prefects compartment if you need us,tonks told him what? i didnt realize you were travelling with us. why is that?he asked her curiously. oh, nothing to worry, just a precaution,she waved her hand and went to the front of the train with kingsley, hestia and a pack of another aurors and order members. ms. weasly hugged each one of them and looked at ron. ron, promise that you wont get yourself into any trouble. please, avoid draco malfoy.she pleaded him mum its ok, malfoy is just stupid git, he means nothing, when his father is in prison.� �ron, please, promise me.� �ok, i won t get into trouble with the stupid git.� �fine. i love you all. have a nice term, she said. something about the tone, which was she using talking about malfoy didnt felt right for harry, harry, ginny and neville went of to find themselves a free compartment in the train, ron and hermione went to the front of the train, where the prefect compartment was. harry and the others found themselves free compartment and took their seats. moments later the door of the compartment opened again and seamus and dean came inside. dean took a seat next to ginny and placed a kiss on her cheek. harry couldnt help but to recall the kiss ginny gave him that morning hey harry, had a good summer?seamus asked him. yeah, it was ok.harry said, not looking at ginny. the journey was uneventful. the boys were talking about quiditch, ginny occasionally piped up, but most of the time she was staring out of the window silently. moments later ron and hermione came from the prefects compartment. they were talking about the quiditch again, hermione was rereading her school books for the second time. the time went on and on and harry suddenly felt that the train was slowing. they arrived at the village of hogsmeade. they left the train, when harry recognised a familiar voice. first yers, ovr here, come on, first yers.hagrid was calling, swaying his large lantern. hello, hagrid,harry greeted him happily.

all right there, harry,he replied with a wink, as he left with a bunch of terrified looking first years. harry and the others moved over to the carriages that would pull them up to the castle. harry shivered as he saw that the therstrals were still pulling the carriages. threstrals were huge, skeleton, reptilian-like horses, which you could see only when you saw somebody die. ginny entered one carriage in lead. harry, ron, hermione, neville, dean and seamus went after her. they arrived at the castle moments later and went to the great hall, which was already packed with students from other carriages. they sat at the gryffindor table and harry looked over at the teachers table. professor snape, teacher of potions was sitting on the left end, eyeing the students dangerously, next to him sat professor flitwick, a tiny charms teacher, who was speaking to professor sinsitra, teacher of the astronomy. firenze the centaur and professor trenlawey, teachers of divination were there too. hagrid and proffesor mcgonagall werent there yet, they were still taking care about the first yers. in the centre sat proffesor dumbledore, who was talking to- harrys jaw dropped. sitting at the table, next to dumbledore was no other than remus lupin. harry couldnt belive this. what was he doing here. then he scanned the table once again. wait, there is no new teacher for defence against the dark arts, he thought for himself. and than it suddenly hit him. he looked over to hermione, who was gaping at the teachers table as well. their eyes met. yes!they yelled in unison. what?asked very confused ginny and ron. look at the table!hermione said. ginny looked over there and her jaw dropped too. � �no way, she managed to say. what is it? what are you all so shocked about?ron asked, not understanding. lupin is going to be our new defence against the dark arts teacher.hermione told him. ron eyes shone with happiness for the first time harry saw from the death of percy weasly. look over to malfoy. oh, he is definitely not very happy abou this!he yelled happily. true, malfoy was looking at the table with hatred. harry was suddenly distracted from malfoy, as hagrid and mcgonagall entered the great hall, the terrified looking first years were tailing them. gather over here. when i announce your name you are to come and sit on this stool. i will then place the sorting hat on your hat and you will be sorted into your house. the houses are gryffindor, slytherin, ravenclaw and hufflepuff. during your study here, your house would be like your family�� she talked for a very long moment before she stopped and looked at the list. avery, douglasshe announced. a mean-looking boy came forward and mcgonagall placed the hat on his head. slytherin!the hat announced the slytherin table erupted with cheers. harry was curious if he was related to one of the death eater harry knew about. aureily, emilly!� �gryffindor!the sorting went on for another twenty minutes. gryffindor had six fresh years- four boys and two girls. dumbledore stood up and cleared his throat. the whole great hall fell silent. to those who are new, welcome. everybody else, welcome back. before we begin the feast i have a few announcements to make out. firstly, i would like to remind all students, i mean all new and old too, that the forbidden forest doesnt bare this name for no reason. also i would like to remind you that the list of things which are prohibited in the corridors is posted on the door of mr.

filch, our caretaker. also i would like to introduce you to our new defence against the dark arts, some of you might remember him as he was teaching here three years ago. now, enjoy. the golden plates filled up with food. harry was eating like he hadnt before. also it appeared that rons taste came back as well, he was showing the food into his mouth with incredible speed. harry merely smiled. when everybody finished their meal, dumbledore stood up again. and now, off to bed all of you.harry groaned in disappointment. he wanted to speak to lupin, but his questions will have to wait.

chapter 8 : the darkest time ever

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chapter 8: the darkest time ever harry was sitting on the throne in a dark room. it appeared to be some sort of dungeon. walls were made of great stone boulders. the room was very damp. harry looked around him. kneeling in front of him were many figures dressed in black robes, their faces were hidden under masks. death eaters. and behind them, in rows, stood tens of creatures harry feared most-dementors. tall, cloaked figures, that suck happiness out of the area around them and made everyone

miserable. even the death eaters, harry thought as he saw that several of the death eaters were shivering. he got up to his feet and walked over to one of the persons. he drew his wand. lucius, you remember what i told you would happened if you would disappoint your master again,he said, his voice cold as ice. he pointed his wand at the death eater. no, my lord, be merciful,came the voice of lucius malfoy from under the hood. harry merely laughed. crucio!he cried. malfoy collapsed to the ground and started to twitch. he was screaming for his life. voldemort lifted the course and laughed again coldly. lucius, none of this would happen, if you brought me what i wanted,he said. but, my lord, its impossible�� �crucio!malfoy was screaming of pain again, as harry woke up and fell from his bed. he reached for his scar, which throbbed painfully. he stood up and looked around the room. everybody was sleeping deeply. thank god, at least i havent screamed this time. he tiptoed to his chest and opened it with loud creak. damn it,he whispered silently and looked around the room once more. everybody

he leaned over his chest again and withdrew his invisibility

was still sleeping

cloak and maradauer map. he got to talk to dumbledore immediately. he went downstairs to the gryffindor common room, opened the portairt door and stepped into the corridor. he tapped the map and said i solemnly swear that i am up to no good.. lines started to spread on the blank parchment and in a moment a map of hogwarts appeared. harry checked, if the coast was clear-the map was showing persons too. filch-in his office, snape as well. he tucked the map into his robes and threw the invisibility cloak over himself. he was walking the corridors silently, careful not to bump into the prefects, who were doing there routes, or make any sound, which would be most suspicious. moments later, harry was standing in front of the door to headmasters office. suddenly he came across an obvious fact- he didnt know the password. damn it. open up. why dont you just open up, i need to speak to dumbledore its really urgent.

the gargoyle which usually sprang aside given the password stood still. harry suddenly remembered how the map showed him how to open the secret passage to hogsmeade in his third year. he took the map from his pocket and surveyed it. on the spot next to the door to the dumbledores office, written in tiny black writing was word zonko. zonko,harry said. the gargoyle sprang aside and let harry pass. he ran up the circural stares, taking two steps each time. he reached the door and opened them. proffessor dumbledore, i�� he said, but stopped abrubptly. sitting at his desk, proffesor dumbledore was talking to remus lupin,. they both smiled as they saw harry, but their smiles evaporated when they saw his face. harry, is there something wrong?asked dumbldore. proffessor i just now had a dream, which was another vision from voldemort. he was gathering with his death eaters and sirthere were the death eaters, who are supposed to be in custody. lucius malfoy, for instance. and there were dementors too. sir, i think that azkaban has been overran! harry said in one breath. dumbledore didnt move, nor did lupin. dumbledore just sighed. please sit down, harry.dumbledore said calmly. what do you mean by sit down? you must alert the ministry and the order! you cant just sit!harry yelled at him, suddenly full of anger. im afraid that the ministry and the order are aware of the fact. i regret to tell you that we lost control over azkaban during the first week of july,said dumbledore harry sat, lost for words. but thats impossible i meanwhy didn t you tell anybody? are you telling that only the ministry and the order are aware of the fact that the most dangerous death eaters are on the loose again?harry said. im afraid that s true,said lupin. but why keep it secret, everybody has the right to know the truth�� harry said. indeed, but not this time harry,dumbledore said. the wizard world is already in great panic, because of the recent attacks. imagine what would happen, if they found out that their only hope of safety azkaban had been overran. imagine what would happen, if they found out that the azkaban guards are now serving voldemort. imagine what would happen, if they found out that giants joined voldemorts ranks�� �what?! the giants joined voldemort?� �yes, most recently,said lupin harry was lost for words. this cannot be happening,, he thought. im afraid that it is harry. harry, i would be honest when i say that we have the darkest times before us. but dont give up, there is always a chance,dumbledore said with a wink, like he knew something harry didnt. now please, remus would you be so kind and escort harry to his dormitory?he said. harry stood up and was just about to leave when dumbledore called after him. oh harry, this incident reminds me of your occlumency lessons. tommorow, six oclock, transfiguration classroom,he said yeah, goodnight proffesor,harry said gloomily. harry and lupin were walking silently through the corridors, which were now completely deserted. remus,i mean professor lupin, why didnt you tell me that you are going to teach us this year?harry asked lupin curiously. dumbledore wanted to keep it secret until it was school year. you probably know why, lupin said bitterly. yeah,harry said. not many parents approved werewolf teaching their children. well, here we are harry,hu turned to him and placed his hand on his shoulder. harry don t worry. everything is going to be fine.� �no, its not, harry said as he said the password to fat lady and stepped inside.

chapter 9 : n.e.w.t.s classes

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chapter 9: n.e.w.t.s classes harry was awoken next morning by ron. whats up?he asked groggily. hurry up, harry, you dont want to be late for your classes,ron said, beaming. it looked like he was very happy about something, more happy than he was since august. harry looked up at him. what are you so happy about?he asked him curiously. oh, no reason,he said quickly. harry dressed up and they went downstairs to great hall for breakfast. the great hall was already packed with students, who were enjoying their breakfast, talking about the classes they would have. harry and ron sat next to hermione and ginny. good morning, harry, ron,hermione greeted them. she looked at ron and smiled at him. ron blushed at him. what is it?harry asked, eager for answers. oh, nothing,she just said and returned to her daily prophet. harry loaded himself a bowl of cereals, still curious what was going on between his two best friends. at the teachers table, proffesor mcgonagall stood up and started to hand out the timetables at the slytherin table. oh, i forgot to ask youhow many o.w.l.s did you get. which n.e.w.t. classes would you attend,harry asked his best friends. happiness disappeared from rons face instantly. well i got o from defence against the dark arts and care of magical creatures�� ron said. thats excellent! and how about the others?� � �ee from transfiguration, ee from charms, p from potions, astronomy and herbology, d from history of magic and divination. i will attend defence against the dark arts, transfiguration, charms and care of magical creatures,he suddenly buried his head in his hands. oh, why didnt i study more. im nearly as bad as fred and george were.� �oh, come on, ron,hermione comforted him. this doesnt mean anything. look at fred and george- they got only three o.w.l.s and no n.e.w.t.s and now they re rich.� �hermione, how about you?harry asked. welli got o from all,she said, blushing furiously. mcgonagall just came to their table, which was perhaps lucky, because ron opened his mouth and was just abou to say something. she handed them their timetables. harry and the others scanned through it. oh, weve got defence against the dark arts today!hermione said excitedly. and potions in the afternoon,harry added gloomily. you are in potions too harry?hermione eyed him suspiciously. yes, mcgonagall got me there. i received only ee in potions.they got up and went to their first lesson of the day- defence against the dark arts. they arrived first to the classroom. come on, weve got to grab decent seats,said hermione as she hurried over to the desk in the first row. harry and ron looked at each other, shook their

heads and grinned. they took their seats, hermione in the middle. the class began to fill up soon. harry was really happy and proud that everyone of his club, the dumbledore army managed to get to defence against the dark arts n.e.w.t.s class, even neville, who appeared to be squib, a wizard with no wizard power at all. harry remembered how bravely he fought with the death eaters at the department of mysteries and for the first time he understood why was neville sorted to gryffindor. ah, i can t wait for class to begin, its supposed to be really interesting with proffesor lupin, he said to dean and seamus, who took their places next to him. the door of the class opened again and proffesor lupin strode inside. the chatter died instantly. hello everybody, id like to welcome you all to the defence against the dark arts n.e.w.t.s. im happy to see that so many of you managed to get inside. now this year will consists most of theoretical classes. wands away, please. open your books on the page 28, chapter how to recognise a death eater,he looked around the class, smiling. the class was staring at him. nobody couldnt belive what lupin said. im just kidding. books away, get your wands and follow me,he stood and went out of the classroom. where are we going?asked very confused ron. probably another practical lesson, like with the boggart, said hermione. you re right hermione, ive managed to get another boggart. i just want to see how much from my classes you forgot,said lupin, beaming. they went to the dungeons. harry wasnt feeling very comfortable in the dungeons since snapes classroom and office were there. lupin opened the door and the whole class stepped into some kind of storage room. a big wooden chest was next to the fartherest wall. it shake as they entered. so everyone remember what to do? imagine your worst fear in your mind and then give it comic appearance the incitation is riddikulus. neville, i remember you were quite good, why don t you start?said lupin encouragingly. harry remembered how neville was afraid in their third year. but he has changed a lot since then. neville moved to the chest confidently. ready?asked him proffesor lupin. neville nodded. alahomora!a tall figure rose from the chest. but it wasn t snape anymore. the figure was woman, dressed in dark robes, her face was covered under hood. it was a death eater. ah, longbottom, how i was looking forward to this moment, she said in cold voice. harry recognised it instantly. it was belatrix lestrange. she raised her wand slowly. riddikulus!neville cried loudly. nothing happened. belatrix raised her wand and a green flash erupted from the tip of her wand, but hit her instead of neville. she collapsed to the ground. she ripped of her mask and started to vomit slimes. whole class laughed heartedly. excellent! now pavarti, your turn.she stepped in front of the boggart. with a crack like from a whip the figure of vomiting lestrange changed into the green skull with snake as a tongue- the dark mark. ri-ridikullus,she yelled. with a loud crack the image changed, the dark mark changed from the acid green to warm yellow, and it was smiling and sticking a normal-looking tongue out. the class laughed once more. very funny. now dean, of you go.dean stepped in front and the boggart changed again. this time it was a giant. he was lying on the ground, because he was too big and was just about to grab dean viciously, when he cried ridikullus and the giant was suddenly as small as goblin. he started to cry.

excellent, dean, excellent. and now harry, your turn.harry stepped forward. an image of stumbling dementor was in his mind and he raised his wand, when boggart suddenly changed. but it was not dementor this time. it was dead sirius. everything is your fault, harry,he said. harrys mind froze. this cannot be happening. harry, use the spell, he heard lupin from somewhere. ridikullus,he said, not too confident. nothing happened. the hogwarts will be destroyed. all your friends will die and it is only your fault,sirius said again. ridikullus,harry cried again. the image changed to voldemort. yes, harry, everything is your fault,he said in cold voice and laughed. ridikullus,came lupins voice. the boggart shifted to the shape of moon. lupin waved his wand once again and the boggart exploded into thousands tiny silver bits. harry collapsed to his knees, gasping for breath. what happened?lupin asked harry. i dont know it always shifted to dementor�� harry said as he got up. he looked around the room. everyone was staring at him. he could hear pavarti whisper to lavender.

why would anyone be afraid of sirius black? and what was he talking about?� �well now, i think well return to the class now. nice job everyone,said lupin and left the room. the class was following his lead. they were writing down notes for the rest of the class. were finished for today. class dismissed. harry, id like to have a word with


harry waited until the rest of the class left the room. then he walked up to the teacher desk. i dont want to talk about what happened,harry spat. neither do i. i wanted to ask you if you kept the information we gave you yesterday for yourself.harry nodded. but i still dont agree with it.� �i know, harry. belive me, its difficult to me also. now i wanted to ask you another thing. me and dumbledore would like you to reinstate the da,lupin said. harry didn t now what to say. but proffesorwouldn t it be futile to have da, since we have proper defence against the dark arts lessons now with you,harry said. on the contrary harry, i feel the opposite. you know maybe i can show you some spells and practical things, but most students need to cope with the fact that im werewolf. people belive in you harry. they think you are their only hope in this dark times. naturally, if you would like me to help you supervise the lessons, i would be very glad to do that,lupin said. ill think about that,harry said finally. all right. now of you go, you don t want to be late for your next class,lupin said with a small wink. harry managed to get into his next class, transfiguration, just in time. he took his seat next to ron, who was talking about something to hermione, but stopped abruptly, when he saw harry. good morning students, let me welcome you in your transfiguration n.e.w.t.s classes. as everyone of you proved, that you can handle with transfiguration we will proceed to something more difficult this year. during our normal classes we were doing just minor transfigurations. this year we will do mayor transfigurations. for example,she said and touched her desk with the tip of her wand. with a flash of light the desk disappeared. mcgonagall kneeled and picked up something very small. it was a needle. ill tell you the truth:

this is going to be your hardest year ever.

everyone was staring at her with disbelief. now, well start with something more simple. ms. granger, come over here and give every student one of these pillows. i want you to change them into was the most difficult task harry was given. all he managed to do was turning his pillow into feather. mr. potter, this is not satisfactory. i expect a lot more success from you. essay about what mistakes you did and how to avoid them next time, to be handed on wednesday.mcgonagall said. harry wasn t the only one who was given extra homework-only hermione managed to transfigure her pillow. well, time is up. mr. potter, i would like a word.� �ill see you in the great hall,harry called after his friends as he gathered his things and moved over to mcgonagall. what is it proffesor? harry asked. mr. potter, i wanted to tell you that quiditch captain meeting will take place next wednesday, in lockers, at six oclock. please be punctual.� �o.k. goodbye, proffesor,harry said as he left the room. he entered the great hall and took a seat next to his friends. what did mcgonagall wanted? ron asked him. oh, nothing just something about quiditch.ginny came from her classes and joined them at the table. hey guys, how were your first classes?she asked them. exhausting�� harry said. hermione, lupin just asked me to reinstate the da. what do you think?� �but harry, that s excellent idea. in fact i was thinking the same way. i think everybody could use some extra defence classes, after what happened recently,hermione said. what do you think, ron?harry looked over to ron. what?ron said, his mouth full of food. oh, nothing,he grinned as hermione eyed ron in disgust. harry, we have to go now, or well be late for snape.� �right,harry replied gloomily. good luck, mate. dont kill him,ron said encouragingly. like its not going to be the opposite. harry and hermione stepped down to dungeons and entered the potions classroom. they took a place at the back of the class, as far as possible from snapes desk. harry looked around the others who were in this class. dean thomas, seamus finnigan, susan bones, ernie mcmillian, hanaah abbot, some slytherins harry didn t knew and� �what are you staring at potter?malfoy said. he was at the first desk, his bodyguards crabbe and goyle were sitting next to him. how such stupid morons managed to get into this class harry didnt know. ignore them harry, just ignore them,hermione muttered. the door banged open and snape strode inside the classroom. good afternoon, students, let me welcome you to the potion n.e.w.t. class. some of you deserve to be here, some of you dont,snape said as he looked at harry. now this year is going to be the most difficult ever. if i see that some of you is falling behind, he will be thrown out immidietly. now lets start with something easy. instructions are on board. you may start.they were making the sleeping draught, which was indeed quite easy. harry was confident for the first time in his life with his potion. now fill your flacons, everyone and hand them to me.snape said. harry walked over to his desk, not really looking at him, dropped his potion and left the classroom immidietly. he and hermione went up to the common room afterwards. how was snape?ron asked harry. not up to his usual standart,said harry as he collapsed to his armchair. now, the only think i will do now is get some nap, than dinner and than a nice

long sleep, he thought for himself. harry, hedwig brought you something, when you were on your classes,ron said, as he handed him a letter. harry opened it.

harry, i just want to remind you about our occlumency lesson. tonight, six oclock, transfiguration classroom.


harry groaned. well this spoils everything, he though for himself.

chapter 10 : accident

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chapter 10: accident no! stop it, i cant do it,harry shouted as he once again collapsed on his knees. the stone floor was cold and his knees were hurting from continuous falls. he opened his eyes and the transfiguration class came into focus again. harry, are you alright?dumbledore asked him in soft voice. no, he said. i cant do it, im too dumb�� �please harry, you have to keep trying, there is no other way. belive me, i wouldnt have put you through it if i hadnt thought that its essential. now please, stand up, we will try again.harry stood up unwillingly and pointed his wand at dumbledore, as dumbledore pointed his own at harry. legillimens!dumbledore yelled. images ran through his mind- cedric, lying on the ground, his eyes empty and unfocused; cho was approaching him the room of requiments, her eyes were full of tears; sirius, falling through the veil; sirius emerging from the wooden chest, yelling at him� �enough!harry yelled. dumbledore lifted the curse, sighing. would you like to rest for a while, harry?he asked. yeah,harry said and lay on a desk in the first row. dumbledore conjured a comfortable armchair for himself and sat. harry glanced at his watch. quarter to nine, i cant belive we are here for nearly three hours. nearly three hours of images i would rather never see again, he thought. although occlumency with dumbledore was much more bearable than with snape it was uncomfortable nevertheless. after five minutes of silence dumbledore stood up. harry, are you ready to continue?he asked harry. im not, but it wont get any better�� he said as he stood up from the desk. now harry, concentrate. try to free your mind of any emotion. thats essential.he raised his wand and pointed it at harry. legillimens!again images started to appear in harrys mind. uncle vernon, yelling at him. dudley forcing him into a dustbin and once again cho, cho approaching him in the deserted room of requiments, closing her eyes. no, i wont let anyone see this. but cho continued to approach him nevertheless. she was now inches closerno, get out.

the image of cho started to dissolve and dumbledore, standing in front of him, muttering something under his breath became visible again. do you hear me? get out! the image changed instantly. harry saw himself destroying dumbledore office last year. the image changed and harry saw an old castle and felt a wave of coldness ran over him. the image changed again and harry saw a high-security valut door at gringott s, being opened and very small stone on the ground� �harry, stop it! the shout distracted him and the transfiguration classroom came into focus again. dumbledore was lying on the ground, panting. horrified, harry ran over to him. proffesor dumbledore, are you o.k.? whatwhat happened?he asked him as he helped dumbledore to his feet. dumbledore turned his head to face harry gasped in horror. this face was not surely dumbledore s. this face belonged to some old man, who just looked abou to die. yet when the man spoke, it was clearly dumbledores voice. i dont know. it seems that you have beaten the spell by will and then unwillingly rebound the spell on me�� �these imagesthese images were yours?harry asked him in disbelief. yes, indeed. curious, dumbledore muttered. proffesor, i didnt mean to do that, i swear� � harry started, but dumbledore just smiled. do not worry, harry. i cerantily do not blame you. things like this happen, although with older wizard,he winked at harry. i think we are done tonight, we both had enough. one last thing,he said as he withdrew a vial from his cloak. i want you to take this before you go to sleep.harry recognised the potion instantly. he had seen it before. the sleeping draught. sir, why do i have to take this?he asked dumbledore curiously-. harry, im sure you are remember from the last year, that until you master occlumency, your mind is very vulnerable, while studying it. especially when you are asleep. this sleeping draught will provide you with deep, dreamless sleep. now, off you go, harry. good night,dumbledore said. harry walked out of the room. at the door he shot a backward glance at dumbledore- he was sitting in his conjured armchair, his head in his hands and he was shaking slightly. apparently what happened left him more shaken then he would admit. harry took his route to gryffindor house deeply in thoughts. what just happened? how i managed to penetrate dumbledores mind? where was that castle i saw? it looked quite familiar. and why would dumbledore think about the philosopher stone, when it was destroyed. for harry recognised the gringotts valut and the stone lying on the floor� �ouch! watch it, young boy,came the voice of fat lady. umm sorry. threstral. harry said and the portrait swung open. he entered the gryffindor common room. it was quite empty. the creevy brothers were sitting at one of the tables. younger dennis, third year, was trying to comfort his brother colin, fifth year. harry caught few words from the conversation- youll do fineyou have nearly one year come on its only o.w.l.s. harry couldn t help grinning. seamus finnigan, lavender brown and pavarti patil sat with neville longbottom at the large table. it seemed that neville was giving others some advices on their essay from herbology. dean thomas was sitting on the sofa, staring into the fireplace and cradling sleeping ginny in his arms. harry moved over to the table in the corner where ron and hermione sat. well?hermione asked him, as he sat down. how was your lesson?harry told them what happened. both ron and hermione were staring at him, ron mouth was wide open. hmm and you say that you broke into dumbledores mind? and you saw some of his

own memories. but how is that possible?she asked him finally. i dont know, i really didn t mean it to happen, it just happened.� �wow, you must really have strong will. but you ought to be very careful. you should really practice it or you might maybe hurt someone. oh, for god s sake ron, behave yourself,hermione yelled at ron, who shut his mouth instantly.

now harry, i was thinking about the da since you told me about it on lunch, she continued. and? what do you think?harry asked her. well, considering the recent events i must agree with what proffesor lupin said.

i say we should call a meeting as soon as possible.

wellif you say,harry said uncertainly. great, how about tomorrow?she asked him. what?harry yelled. the entire common room turned their faces to him. ginny stirred, opened her eyes and stretched. all of the people eyed him curiously.

oops, sorry,he managed to choke out. then he leaned over to hermione. so soon?he whispered. harry, belive me, the sooner the better,she said. he sighed. alright,he said. than he got up and searched his robes for his purse. he withdrew his magic galleon, the way how the members of da would now about every meeting. he touched it with his wand and it glowed brightly as he sat

the date

robes immediately. they withdrew their galleons and looked at harry eagerly. he just nodded. cool,was the only comment from colin creevy who was suddenly cheerful again. well, im off to bed, im exhausted. good night,harry said and walked to his dormitory. he washed himself, dressed up his pyjamas and then went to his bed. then he suddenly remembered about the vial. he got up, took it from his robes and layed again. he drained it in one gulp, when suddenly one think hit him. hagrid was the one who took the philosophers stone from gringotts not dumbledore. harry fell asleep.

there was an instant answer-nearly everybody searched their

chapter 11 : da reunited

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chapter 11: da reunited harry woke up extremely early next day, but felt as he had not slept so good for years. he tried to remember if he had any fishy dreams but couldnt think of any. he washed himself, dressed and went downstairs to common room to get started on his transfiguration essay. a new message was pinned on the notice board and harry went over it to read it:


next hogsmeade visit will take place in the last weekend of october. no students without the permission or under fourth year are permitted.

minerva mcgonagall deputy of headmaster

fourth year?! it used to be since third year. probably just another precaution after the recent events, harry thought for himself. harry sat at his usual table, unrolled a roll of parchment, dipped his quill in ink and began to scribble. he worked for half an hour before he stopped. he couldnt concentrate, not with all things that happened yesterday.

what is the thing i saw yesterday in dumbledores mind if its not philosopher stone? his thoughts were disturbed by hermione who came downstairs, probably to do some

of her schoolwork. oh, good morning harry. trying to study?hermione asked him cheerfully, as she took seat next to him.

yeah, you got the right word-trying

listen harry, did you think about today s da meeting? like what you are going to show us?hermione asked him. harry gulped. in fact, no. i think today should be just organising meeting-we should agree if we still want to meet, everyone should give their ideas what we should study this year etc.� �yes, that would be wise. but there is another thing about the da, which you should consider. hermione said. what?harry asked. since the da is no longer illegal organisationwell, since dumbledore approved, i think its time to tell about the da to other students and maybe recruit some new students,hermione started. harry gaped at her. well, i think everyone has the right to learn how to defend themselves and� � �hermione, do you realize what you are saying? new students? perhaps slytherins? i would rather die than teach slytherin how to fight!harry spat angrily. harry, please be reasonable,hermione said and a huge tear appeared in one of her eye. at least think it over, please,she pleaded him. alright, ill think about that. but not today. today i want to have just old crowd, right?� �right,hermione said, smiling. now, if you could help me with this�� harry started, but hermione just rolled her eyes and snatched the paper out of his hands and started scribbling furiously, occasionally asking harry questions. great, are you doing homework for us again?ron asked cheerfully, as he appeared in the common room. hermione shot him a furious look. just joking,he said, beaming. they were studying for another hour before the common room started to fill up and they decided to go for a breakfast. after the breakfast they went to theirs today classes- charms, herbology, care of magical creatures. all of the teachers, even hagrid were talking about how would this year be difficult, although none of them resembled to the pep talk mcgonagall and snape gave. whole day passed in one blur, and harry was surprised to see that he was facing his final class of the day- one period of defence against the dark arts. harry wasn t to eager to sit in the first desk because of the incident of the last class, but sat there nevertheless. today s classes were interesting, although as not interesting as last time- they were studying ancient monsters, which were mostly extinct- medusas, which resembled to basilisks because of their petrifying glare (harry remembered the basilisk as much as did not wanted, for he killed one in his second years, sirens, beautiful woman, who lured travellers by their sing and then they ate them, harpys, half woman, half eagle reptilians and many others. excellent job today, everyone. twenty points to gryffindor. harry, please, id like a word,said proffesor lupin in the end of class. harry waited till he was alone with lupin and then came to his desk. what is it, proffesor? is something wrongharry asked him curiously. nothing, i just wanted to ask you about the da. did you think about it?lupin asked him. oh, yeah, we are going to have a meeting today. would you like to come? seven oclock, do you know where is the room of requiments?harry asked lupin and was slightly, surprised when lupin nodded with a wink. ok, seven oclock. i must go now, i have another meeting to attend, he said hurriedly as he

harry said gloomily.

swung his bag over his shoulder. he left the room quickly, not really wanting to talk to lupin, afraid that dumbledore might have told him about their occlumency lesson.


how many will turn out do you reckon?ron asked harry in the room and requiments. harry and ron were there alone for the moment- hermione had arithmacy in the afternoon and they havent seen her since. i dont know,harry replied. he wasnt sure all of them were eager to come to da after what happened to several of its members at the department of mysteries

last summer. ron shifted uncomfortably. harry, i have got to talk to you about something �� he started, but the door of the room suddenly opened and a pack of people entered. dean hand-in-hand with ginny, neville, seamus, colin, dennis, lavender and pavarti. they barely said hello when the door opened again and another people entered. this time it was rawenclaws- padma patil, luna lovegood and michael corner hand-in-hand withharrys stomach gave unpleasant joltcho. chos friend marietta was nowhere to be seen, perhaps she was not so keen to see them again after hermione turned her face to one red fleck. hello harry,padma, luna and michael greeted him. hi, harry replied. ermhi, cho,he greeted her nervously, blushing a bit. hi, harry,she answered, smiling at him. harry went over back to ron. not a bad turnout,ron said, looking around the room.


the room opened once again and hermione entered, followed by another pack of people (ernie mcmillian, hannah abbot, terry boot, even zacharias smith turned up) and finally proffesor lupin came precisely at seven, locking the door behind himself. few heads turned to him in curiosity. don t worry, im not going to give you any detention for this gathering. ill sat over there and pretend that im not here,he said as he moved over to the corner and conjured himself a chair on which he sat. right, it seems nobody else is coming,harry said, mainly to himself. thank you everybody for coming. i called you all here today because i would like to hear from you what do you think about the da- whether you want to continue it�� �of course, you though you would get rid of us so easily?colin creevy said and few people laughed. come on, im trying to be serious here, harry snapped at him. but so am i. harry, we need to learn how to defend ourselves. and im sure that i can speak for all when i say that you are the best teacher we had up till now,colin said (all of them nodded, even zacharias smith) no offence, proffesor, colin shot a nervous glance at proffesor lupin. none taken,he replied with a grin. harry felt himself flushing with pride. ok, now when we agreed on that our meetings will preserve, there are few other things i would like to discuss. for instance, hermione here thinks we should involve more students� � there was a quiet muttering going on and harry could say that nearly none of them felt very enthusiastic about the idea. you mean slytherins too?ernie mcmillian inquired. i dont think thats a very good idea, granger,zacharias said. ron hands curled into fists again. but it wasnt ron who spoke. on the contrary, i think thats an excellent idea and i would propose it myself, if hermione here hadnt beat me. everybody has the right to learn how to fight, zachary. imagine how it would be if you faced death eaters and didnt know how to fight,lupin said.

yeah, not bad,harry replied.

yes, but allow a slyth�� zacharias opposed. i dont know why are you all prejustied to slytherin. not all the bad wizards are from slytherin, you know. trust me, i know one gryffindor, who chose to serve lord voldemort very well� � he said angrily. harry knew who he was talking about-peter pettigrew was in gryffindor as well.

zacharias didnt oppose, but anger was still in his eyes. so i take it you all agree, harry said. all of them nodded silently, but not all of them willingly. ok, now we shall decide what do you want to do this

year ��

the meeting went on for some time. they agreed on some revise and simple curses, such as expelliarmus or stunning, then on some hexes, patronuses and defence spells. they were just arguing about asking dumbledore to drop to one visit to show a bit of occlumency, when harry looked at his watch-half past nine. wow. weve been here for two and half hours, the curfew is in half an hour. hey, listen everybody. im sorry but i have to dismiss this meeting. we have half an hour to curfew,harry said. oh, who cares,colin groaned. i do,came the voice of lupin. harry nearly forgot that he was there. by the looks on other faces he wasn t the only one. harry is right, you know. lets agree on next meeting and then we go,lupin said. i will tell you all abou the next meeting the usual week, harry said. all of them nodded and started to disembark, proffesor lupin in the lead. harry, ron and hermione were staying behind, waiting for everyone to go before them. no, you go ahead, i will meet you in the common room,harry heared chos voice. he gulped. come on, ron,hermione nudged ron in the hand, taking the point. we will meet you at the common room, harry,she said. harry shot them pleading look, but ron merely winked at him as he closed the door behind himself. the only people left in the room were harry and cho. there were few moments of arkward silence, deja v?Cho said, with a slight smile. yeah�� harry said nervously. harry, i wanted to apologize for how i waslets say emotionally unbalancedlast year� � she started, but harry interrupted her. no, its me, who should apologise you wanted to talk, you wanted to sort thinks out and i wasnt there for you. i was such insensitive�� harry said. no, i was the insensitive one, always talking about cedric, how he died��, she stuttered. harry suddenly remembered their date in the hogsmeade teashop. yeah�� he let out, regretting it instantly, because tears appeard in chos face. no, cho, i didnt mean it like that�� but it was too late, cho was crying now. harry didn t know what to do. he could think of only one thing- he moved to cho and hugged her tightly. i am sorry i didnt want to make you cry. look, can we forget what happened and start again?he asked her. she broke the hug, extended her arm and smiled at harry, still sobbing slightly. friends?she asked. friends,harry said as he took her hand and shook it. they smiled at each other. we better go or we might meet someone. i think snape would love to take points from both of our houses for no reason,harry said. they left the room together, harry could hear how the door sealed behind him. they walked to their common rooms, talking normally. how was your summer, cho?harry asked her. oh, quite normal i managed to finally sort my things and feelings. i wanted to write you many times, but perhaps i was afraid you would refuse to write back,she said nervously. and yours?� �ohperfectly normal, he said quickly, hoping that she wouldnt hear the note of

lie in his face. ohnice,she said, but she didnt look at him when she said that. they reached another fork where they stopped. well, my common room is this way, she said. well, goodnight,and she took her route. harry was staring suddenly, when a sudden idea struck his mind. cho! hey, cho, wait!he yelled at her. she stopped, looking puzzled. are you happy with michael?he asked. why do you ask this?she asked him. umno reasonsorry,he said and was just about to go� �yes, i am,cho said. im glad to hear that. goodnight cho, see you around,he said and walked away.

chapter 12 : slytherin taunts

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chapter 12: slytherin taunts harry, ron, hermione and ginny were enjoying their breakfast in the great hall next day, when suddenly a school owl landed on the gryffindor table and stretched its leg to which a letter was tied to harry. harry took it curiously and unrolled the letter. he began to read.

dear harry, its time fro another occlumency session. same time, same place, today. dumbledore

harry looked up at the teachers table, but dumbledore wasn t there, perhaps he was on some order business. whats that?ron asked him curiously. nothing, just a letter from dumbledore, about our next occlumency lesson,harry said. you are still gonna do it? even with what happened last time?ron asked him. of course, ron. harry has to master it or another think like the last time could happen,hermione said. you are going there, arent you?hermione turned to harrys direction and her eyes flashed. of course, even tough i am not very enthusiastic about that. i wish i had never heard the word occlumency,harry said gloomily. don t worry, youll do fine. now we better go or snape will kill us. see you, ron, hermione said as she stood up. yeah, see you,harry said, as he got up and went after hermione. they entered the classroom and sat at their usual places- as far from the teachers desk as possible. snape strode into the class moments later. now, class, i thought i would never say that, but your last work has been satisfactory, especially yours mr. malfoy,he said, malfoy swelled with pride, now the only one who was unsuccessful in the making of the sleeping draught is potter,he said as he faced harry and shot him icy smile. draco was looking at harry, smirking. harry stared at him in disbelief. he was sure he had done everything correctly, he double checked his potion. potter, essay on the correct procedure and uses of sleeping draught, two parchments, to be handed on monday. now, due to potters incompetence we won t start anything new today. now who can tell me the use of�� they were revising on potion ingredients and mixtures for the rest of the double period. snape clearly enjoyed giving harry difficult questions and draco the most simple, always comparing them. he was ignoring hermione s hand steadily.

by the end of the class, he had managed to strip gryffindor for thirty points, adding the same amount to slytherins. when snape dismissed the class, harry left as quickly as possible, not giving snape another chance to take points from gryffindor. their next classes was charms. harry sat next to ron, hermione on his other side. that bastard,he muttered. what happened?ron asked him curiously. oh, nothing, just we have our old and loved snape back,harry said sarcastically. what do you mean?� �he gave me zero and embarrassed me in front of the whole class again, and i even dont know why, i thought i did alright, harry said. but harry, are you sure that you made it alright?hermione said. of course i am!!!he yelled at her. come on, harry, calm down. dont you see? hes trying to make you angry, he did that on purpose� � ron inquired, but hadn t finished as tiny proffesor flitwick entered the classroom. they spent their double period on healing spells. now, healing spells is very advanced magic and it can go terribly wrong, when performed by laic. therefore we will learn only theory and how to perform the simplest here. the rest of them depends on which career you chose� � proffesor flitwick squeaked. the iniciation is therapheus minnimus� � by the end of class harry was so exhausted from continuous tries he was glad that he now had a lunch and then break- next class was history of magic, which he didnt attend. harry, maybe you should start on your potions essay during the break, two parchments are long and�� hermione started but stopped at furious look harry shot her across the table in the great hall during the lunch. granger is right potter, you know. you should study harder, or youll be kicked, which i would be most delighted,came the cold voice of draco malfoy. get of, malfoy, harry spat at him. now, now, manners potter, remember im prefect and i can put you into so much detention that�� malfoy said smirking, but then he suddenly spotted the look on rons face. harry had never seen that look on ron before. it looked like he was just about to kill malfoy. ron, please, ignore him,hermione whispered in ron s ear. luckily, malfoy noticed that his bodyguards crabbe and goyle were sitting at the table already and he dared not to provoke ron without them. he left without another word. ill make him pay for what he had done to my brother,ron said, got up and left the great hall, his lunch untouched. harry changed a worried look with hermione and they both got up and went after ron, their lunches untouched as well.; they both hurried after ron, but it was too late, he was gone. harry, we have to find him, before he will do something stupid, hermione said. the map!harry shouted suddenly. they both ran up to gryffindor common room. threstral, come on hermione, keep u- ouch!� �ow, harry watch it,ginny smiled at him, rubbing her forehead. her smile evaporated instantly when she saw the look on harrys face. whats wrong? where is ron?� �no time to explain, come along,harry called after her as he ran the stairs to his dormitory, taking two steps at a time. he reached his door, opened them quickly and went inside. hey harry, what s the rush? neville greeted him. harry didn t bother to answer, he dashed to his chest, withdrew the maradauer map and left, leaving the confused neville behind. i solemnly swear that i am up to no good,he said and tapped his map on the way to common room, where ginny and hermione were waiting for him. they put

their heads together and searched the map for a dot labelled ronald weasly. oh no,ginny said breathlessly. what? where is he?harry asked her. the astronomy tower,she looked at him, horror-struck. they sprinted out of the common room as fast as they could. what is he doing?hermione called after harry breathlessly. harry checked the map. nothing, he isnt moving,harry yelled after them and gathered even more speed. moments later he banged the door of astronomy tower open and searched the room with his eyes. ron was sitting on the floor near the huge telescope, his head in his hands, and was shaking slightly. harry could hear his quiet sobs. he moved over to him slowly as hermione and ginny ran into room, panting. ron, are you alright? harry asked him quietly as kneeled next to him and put his hand on his shoulder, hermione and ginny doing the same on the other side. how does he even dare to come so close to me, after what he had done? after he said what he had done? and what did i do to avenge percy? i merely sat there and stared at him. i could have done something �� ron said angrily. come on, ron, life isnt only about revenge. besides, the malfoys are danger�� �malfoy means nothing, when his father is in prison! ron spat. harry gulped. ron, azkaban has fallen. all the imprisoned death eaters are free once again and the dementors joined voldemort, he said gloomily. everyone was staring at him in disbelief, even ron raised his head. preposterous,ginny said, belive, me its true. dumbledore told me three days ago�� �but howwhen?hermione stuttered. i dont know how. it happened in july. dont tell anyone, you shouldn t know too� �but why they keep it secret? those stupids�� hermione said. so, ron, dont get involved with malfoy, at least for now, please,harry pleaded him. we will have our revenge, dont worry,ginny patted him on the head. hermione, you are going to miss your history of magic lesson,ron said stupidly. to hell with history of magic,hermione said as she stroke ron s cheek. ginny nudged harry in the ribs and leaned over to him. i think we should go now,she whispered softly in his ear. harry took the point and got up. dont worry, ron. everything will be all right,harry said. ron raised his head, tears still trickling down his face. how can you know? ron said. just belive,harry said not very confidently and shot him a nervous smile. then he and ginny went away. they went back to the common room in awkward silence, it was for the first time their were alone since that kiss. listen, ive got to go nowtransfiguration, you know,ginny said. right. see you.


harry had not seen ron nor hermione before their last lesson transfiguration. ron looked slightly more cheerful, although there were still traces of cry on his face. harry was tactful and didnt ask them what have they been talking about for so long. transfiguration was hard as ever. even hermione looked like she couldn t concentrate- she wasnt able to change her needle into sword up to the end of the class. proffesor mcgonagall was so furious when even hermione failed her that she gave extra homework for the whole class. after quick dinner, harry faced the transfiguration door for second time today- this time for his occlumency lesson. dumbledore was already waiting inside

when harry entered. hello harry, how are you?dumbledore asked him cheerfully. fine, sir,harry lied. well, shall we start immediately, he said as he drew out his wand. it was worse than ever, even worse than with snape. images of unpleasant things swirled in harry s mind- deaths he saw, new boggart form, crying ron� �harry, there is no point in continuing todays lesson. you seem totally distracted. i understand that you are worried about your friends, but thats the thing voldemort is waiting for. he is waiting that you will show him your weakness. dont give up so easily, dumbledore said with a small smile. now, i have another sleeping draught vial for you, please, take it, thats very important. now, goodnight.harry to his dormitory at once and laid on his bed. he looked over to rons bed- the curtains were closed and harry heard loud snoring. ron was asleep, now a little nice nap and then i should get on some studying, he thought and fell asleep.

chapter 13 : the spy

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chapter 13: treachery

harry found himself in the cold dungeon room once again. once again the hooded pictures were standing in front of him, kneeling. harry stood up from his throne and walked over to one of the death eaters in the first line. my dear macnair, you have done really well. now tell me, when will the first giants come, im very anxious to meet them.harry said in cold voice. first of them are to arrive this morning, my lord,macnair said, his voice shaking slightly. excellent, you have really done well and lord voldemort rewards highy his most devoted servants.� �thank you my lord, thank you,macnair said, as he bowed so his head touched the floor. harry walked over to another death eater, who looked somehow familiar. and what about the gem?voldemort asked the familiar death eater. my lord, dumbledore withdrew it from gringott s after our last attempt. he hid it somewhere else, most probably in hogwarts, but i have been unable�� voldemort drew out his wand very quickly and pointed it at the death eater. crucio!the death eater collapsed to the ground and started shrieking. harry was pacing around him and talking as he was screaming. my dear severus, you have returned to me year and half ago, claiming that you were waiting for my return, gathering information. though some of the information you provided were very useful, i must confess that your incompetence of getting me what i most desire is somehow disappointing, and i must question your real loyality�� �my lord, its true, im your�� the death eater managed to say between the shrieks. enough!harry spat and lifted the curse. legillimens!the room felt silent for a moment, as harry was searching the death eaters mind. then he suddenly stopped. you are hiding something from me. tell me what is it!� �nothing my lord, nothing�� �crucio!harry shouted once again. the death eater was twitching on the ground and screaming once again. as he twitched the hood slipped off and reveald the face of severus snape. harry was laughing, his laughter was full of insanity.

mate, wake up!came rons voice. harry woke up suddenly and sat upright. there were a lot of people gathered around his bed- ron, dean, seamus, neville, hermione and ginny. nearly all of them had their robes still on. apparently he has slept for a short time only. are you alright, harry?hermione asked him worriedly. yeah,he lied. what happened?harry asked them. i dont know, ive just had another dream�� �oh, harry, dont tell me you forgot to take your potion,hermione groaned. harry looked over at his bedside table. the vial was still on the desk. damn it, he thought. he suddenly remembered what he witnessed in his dream. ive got to see dumbledore, now!he yelled. harry, what did you see?hermione asked him softly. i was in that dungeon again, the death eater were there, snape� � harry stuttered. snape?everyone yelled. ive got to go now,he said, as he stood up and searched his chest for his cloak and map. harry, its half an hour after the curfew�� hermione fussed. i dont care,he spat and left the room, leaving all of his friends staring after him. he walked down the staircase and exited through the portrait door. he threw his cloak over himself and tapped the map with his wand. i solemnly swear that i am up to no good,harry said and the map started to draw itself. harry checked if the coast was clear. filch was on the first floor, running after dot marked peeves. the teachers were in their offices, snapesnape was nowhere to be found. so he is the traitor, harry thought to himself. he managed to get in front of dumbledore s office in record time. zonko!he spat. the gargoyle sprang aside. he ran the stairs up and didnt even bothered to knock, he banged the door open. harry, what�� he stopped as he saw harrys face. you neglected your potion, didn t you?harry stared at him in amazement. then he remebered why he came. yes i did and i had a dream again andand�� harry tried. harry, calm down. now take a long deep breath and tell me what you saw.� �i was in voldemorts mind once again, i could see through his eyes. i was in that dungeon room once again and the death eaters were gathered around me. voldemort was talking to some of them. macnair, he told him about the giants-they are coming, sir, they are coming tommorow, and than i saw snape, snape! voldemort was asking him abou something he mostly desired, something snape told him you removed from the gringotts earlier, snape said you probably hid here, in hogwarts. and then voldemort tortured him and used the legillimens curse on him for some reason.dumbledore was looking at him through his spectacles calmly. you didnt hear me?! snape is the spy! why are you looking at me like this? harry yelled angrily. harry, severus snape, proffesor snape for you, is indeed a spy, but for our side, he is the one who saved those people, who lived in the safe houses and he is the one, who told us about the defeat of azkaban. it changed from prison to voldemort fortressand you say they were torturing him and interrogating him? dumbledore asked him a not of concern in his eyes. yes, they were, harry said quietly. proffesor dumbledore, how can you be sure snape is really on our side? harry asked him. as i told you before, that is between me and proffesor snape only.� �sir, voldemort can read minds�� harry said quietly. i am aware of that fact. but you think that i assigned proffesor snape as your occlumency teacher before for no reason. he is one of the most gifted in this discipline. his lies can be very persuasive.� �proffesor dumbledore, voldemort was talking about something he longed to have, something you took from the gringotts�� harry suddenly put two and two

together. i saw you took when i broke into your mind, didnt i. it was some kind of gemand voldemorts wants it,harry muttered mainly to himself. he faced dumbledore once again. what is it?dumbledore sighed. alas, i cant tell you that, not yet.� �do you remember what happened last time you hid something from me?harry spat hatefully at him. yes i do. but belive me harry, this doesnt concern you. at least for now,he said. now, i want you to go to bed and take the potion before sleep. the link was too short today, but remember that every time you are connected to him he is connected to you and he can get some information you would like to conceal. good night harry.dumbledore said. harry left dumbledores office, still furious that dumbledore was hiding some information from his again. was he afraid my mind might slip, he asked himself. he found himself in front of the portrait of fat lady earlier then he thought it would be possible. threstral,he said and the portrait swung open. harry entered the room and spotted the group of his friends sitting at the fartherest corner. they motioned him to come to them. listen, im tired�� harry tried, but was cut by anxious ron. is snape really a spy?he asked harry. no, harry said and told the whole story. i still dont see how can dumbledore trust that bastard,ron spat angrily. come on, weve been over this for several times- snape is on our side. now im more curious about that think voldemort longs forand you have no idea, harry?� �no, i just know that its some kind of gem, but dumbledore wouldnt tell me more,harry said, still a bit angry with dumbledore. hmm gem, you say?hermione muttered and without any ado she went to her dormitory, probably to look into some book.

chapter 14 : brooming and snitching

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chapter 14: brooming and snitching the rest of the week passed quickly and harry was glad to face his first weekend. he got up on saturday very late, dressed himself and went down to breakfast. nearly all of his friends were there already, enjoying their meals. ron, ginny, dean and seamus were chatting enthusiastically about the quiditch, while hermione was reading the daily prophet. hey harry, had a good sleep?ron asked him. listen we were just thinking it would be nice to get some flying on broomsticks, what do you think?� �yeah that would be nice.harry said. you haven t started on your on your potion essay yet,hermione said, without raising her head from the papers. oh, give him a break, hermione,ron said, smiling. so harry, what do you say?� �let him have a breakfast at least, ron, ginny said teasingly. harry loaded his plate with his food. who else is going?� �me, ginny, dean, seamus, maybe neville if we could wake him up. we might also tag along someone from hufflepuff and ravenclaw,ron said. what about you hermione, would you like to go?� �no, im lousy with broomstick, dont you remember that?hermione said, rolling her eyes. harry finished his meal quickly, he couldnt wait to get on his fireball again and practice some flying before the trials on wednesday. he and his friends got up and walked to the common room, ron went to ask the hufflepuffs and ravencwlaves. they changed their clothes, woke up neville and then went to the lockers room to gather their broomstick. ron came moment later, with large group

of people tailing him-cho chang, michael corner, zacharias smith, ernie mcmillian, justin-finch flitchey, hannah abbot and some more third and fourth years harry didn t know. pity we dont have any balls, we could do with a bit of practising,cho said gloomily. harry put his hand into his robes and withdrew the tiny golden snitch he got from ron and showed it to cho. oh, you got your own snitch! how nice,she said, looking at the ball with awe. the rest of the group changed their robes and then walked to the grounds. they all mounted their broomsticks and kicked off from the ground. harry felt the familiar feeling, it was so great to be on his firebolt again. he zig-zagged around the grounds, laughing madly. he was just imaging how would they win this year again for the third time in the row, when suddenly he saw a blur circling him. the blur stopped and harry saw cho chang hovering on his level, riding a brand new firebolt. when did you get that?he called after her. i got it in july, for my exceptional results in my exams. first at the astronomy tower gets a butterbeer in three broomsticks,she said cheerfully and sped off. harry leaned on his firebolt as flat as he could and flew after cho at the greatest speed he could muster. he was slowly gaining on her but the astronomy tower came closer and closer, but cho was still ahead. faster, faster, faster, he urged his firebolt. he was behind chos ankles, the astronomy tower was closer, he was level, the astronomy tower inches awayhe touched the tip of the tower. he stopped suddenly. ha, ha, im still better!he called after cho teasingly, grinning. well see, harry. release the snitch!she called after him encouragingly. he searched his pocket and withdrew the tiny gold ball. he held it up to his palm, not really knowing what to do. suddenly, it released its wings and hovered inch over his palm. ready?he asked her. she nodded. he leaned his face over the tiny ball. go!the snitch disappeared immediately. harry and cho, were circling around the air, occasionally shooting each other a grin. suddenly she dived, her eyes focused on the spot near the ground. harry didnt see the snitch so he sped after her, hoping that he will spot it. they were close the ground, when cho suddenly ceased the dive. harry couldnt help to grin, as his feet brushed the grass as he pulled from the dive-he was tricked by one of the famous moves- wronski faint. he heard cho laughing and when he looked up he saw the struggling golden snitch in her right hand. now you dont feel that confident with you winning the cup again, eh? she asked him teasingly. let s try it again,he called after her. she nodded and released it again. this time it took them much more time to spot it. they were speeding through it, when suddenly third blur appeared out of nowhere. it got the snitch and then sped away. hey, stop, that s mine!harry yelled. the blur stopped and the snitch appeared again, held by draco malfoy. this one is yours? how nice. draco vs. potter, hundred fifty to zero! malfoy said, laughing. hand it over or ill knock you off that broom,harry said angrily. and how do you propose to do that?harry sped to malfoy suddenly, hoping to catching him unprepared, but malfoy ducked easily. you are gonna have to do better than this, malfoy laughed and flew away. harry was tailing him, but couldnt catch him. how come his nimbus if so fast, he asked himself. malfoy was laughing loudly, he was clearly enjoying this. you re so pathetic,he called after harry, when he missed him for what appeared to be tenth time. something was definitely wrong with malfoys broom.

this isnt nimbus for sure, he thought as he missed malfoy once again. damn it, im fed up with this, he said as he checked the height. they were around eight metres above the ground. he should survive that, harry said to himself as he drew out his wand. malfoy!harry called after him. are you going to give me that or not?� �are you kidding, ive never had so much fun in my life,malfoy called. as you wish. stupefy! harry cried as he pointed his wand at malfoy. malfoys face changed from happiness to horror before the beam hit him in stomach. he clutched it and then fell to the ground, unconscious. he was just about to hit the ground, when harry suddenly heard hermiones voice. mobillicorpus!malfoys body stopped inches from ground and hovered in the air. harry landed nearby, outraged. he got of from his broom and saw the others flying towards him, cho in the lead and hermione running to him, her wand drawn and pointed steadily on malfoy. why did you do that?! he deserved it,he yelled at hermione, who stopped abruptly. what do you mean? do you know how much deep you would be in trouble, if i hadnt done that, hermione said taken aback by the anger in harrys voice. no one asked for your help, harry spat at her coldly. tears appeared in hermiones eyes. she stared at harry for a while and then ran back to the castle. harry was staring after her realising how mean he was. hermione, wait, i didnt mean what i said�� he called after her but it was futile, she was gone. ron, cho and the others landed near him. ron looked after hermione and then turned to harry. what was that about?he asked harry. what happened?� �malfoy stole my snitch, so i went after him. i couldnt catch him, i still cant figure out why. so i stunned him and he fell to the ground. hermione caught him and i yelled on her. she just wanted to keep me away from troubles. oh, im so stupid.harry groaned. don t worry, mate. lets go now, we don t want to be caught now, lets go talk to her, ron said as he placed his hand on harrys shoulder and lead him off. wait,harry stopped suddenly and returned to malfoy. he searched and found his snitch and pocketed it. they were just about to leave for lockers, when harry saw malfoy s broom lying next to him. firebolt. now im not definitely very confident about the cup, he thought.


she s probably in her dormitory,ron said, when there was no trace of hermione in the common room. well, let s go, harry said and was just about to climb the stairs when ron stopped him. what?he asked him, slightly annoyed. the slide, remember?ron told him. right,harry answered. he withdrew his wand and pointed it at himself. wingardium leviosa.his feet left the ground and he was hovering few inches above the floor. it wasnt as comfortable as with the broom. he slowly managed to fly up to half, when suddenly a honk sounded and the charm ceased. harry was still hovering for a very short time, before his feet touched the slide and he slipped, sliding all the way down back to the common room. he gathered himself from the ground and brushed the filth from his robes. all the people in the common room were laughing and pointing at harry, even ron. harry shot him an angry look and he stopped immediately. its no good, ive told you that girls dormitories are well protected against the

boys,came voice of hermione, as she sided down the slide. she got up and looked at harry, traces of tears still on her face. listen, hermione, i want to apologize for what have i said. you had done right think preventing malfoy from the fall�� harry said. her lips slightly twitched, but then she returned her strict face. harry, that temper of yours! it will get you into trouble sometime,she said. i know,he said staring at the floor. he raised his head and faced hermione again. do you forgive me?hermione just smiled. what about malfoy? what have you done with him? she asked. we left him there,ron and harry said at once, staring into the floor again, afraid hermione might yell at them again. serves him right. i hope he wakes after the curfew and is caught by one of the proffesor. oh, how id love to see that git put into detention.

chapter 15 : not all the slytherins are bad

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chapter 15: not all the slytherins are bad harry and the others spent the rest of the weekend studying, harry finally got something written about the sleeping drought for snape, although he managed to fulfil the two parchment quote by enlarging his writing a bit in the end then all of them had done the extra homework on transfiguration- it was very odd, watching hermione doing extra homework. with all what happened and with all studying the weekend ended very quickly and harry and the others were

eating their breakfast facing their second week of classes. harry and the others enjoyed interesting double period of defence against the dark arts when lupin provided them with a short obstacle course. it took place in the dungeon, where the students were fighting against various dark creatures. harry was very relived when he finished the course and found no boggart on his way. excellent harry, full marks,proffesor lupin called after him cheerfully, when he finished. when the class finished, harry went over to the teachers desk. hey, harry. how are you?lupin asked him. ok. and you?� �well, full moon is coming soon, you can imagine how i feel now. do you need something? � �actually, yes,harry answered him and handed him a galleon. whats that for?lupin asked him, confused. thats how we told each other about the da meetings. when i will decide the next meeting, ill set the date and the time of the meeting on the coin. it will warm up so you can notice.� �harry, who made these?� �hermione, she said its protean charm or whatever the name was� � harry said- lupin just shook his head and smiled, as he pocketed the galleon. proffesor lupin, i wan to ask you a favour,harry said nervously. yes, what is it?lupin asked him. well since not anybody is aware of the room of requiments, i was wondering whether we could could use your classroom? just for the first meeting,harry


of course, harry, no problem,lupin replied, beaming.

next came transfiguration, as hard and exhausting as ever. at least by the end of the class harry managed to transfigure his bottle of butterbeer to small barrel of firewhiskey by the end of the class and he was not given extra homework from transfiguration for the first time harry could remember. next came the lunch and then double potions. they were doing practical classes once again. cheering drought this time. harry wouldn t belive he would do this particular potion with snape. he double-checked every step, careful not to spoil anything and by the end of the class even hermione admitted that harrys potion looked ok. he corked his vial and put it on the teacher table, returning snapes glare as he left. harry and ron spent the rest of the afternoon studying, while hermione was on her ancient runes classes. then six oclock came and harry was once again facing one of his most unpopular subject- occlumency. despite his opinion on it, he managed to protect his mind twice, giving dumbledore only few images. excellent harry, you have done very well tonight. but remember, every image could give out your weakness. now harry, remember practising, clearing your mind and taking your potion every night before you go to sleep,dumbledore told him, as he handed him the vial. harry, returned to the common room, exhausted but happy, that he at least managed to do some progress with the occlumency. he sat at the table, where ron, hermione and ginny were studying. ��and dont neglect the simplest spells such as levitation or light, they came up on the last o.w.l.s too,hermione told ginny. hello, harry, how was your lesson?� �it was o.k., i seems i finally start to handle it. at least nothing happened like the first time�� �harry, since you have your occlumency lessons on monday and wednesday night, what do you think about setting regular basis in our da meetings for tuesday?hermione asked him. well i cant see no reason against,he said and set the time on his galleon. right, but i think that won t do it this time. we wanted to involve more students, remember?hermione asked him. im still not very enthusiastic about that idea, hermione?� �me neither,ron piped up. to harrys surprise ginny spoke not hermione. harry, what would happened if i hadn t attended the da and met the death eaters, like on the night in the department of mysteries. everyone has a right to learn how to defend themselves.� �you wouldnt be at the department of mysteries, if you hadnt attended the da first place�� harry said gloomily. thats not the point. what i say that if it wasnt for you i would face the death eaters with nothing more then expelliarmus or rictusempra curses. i mean look, at what neville was and now what he is,ginny said nodding towards the table on the opposite side of the room. neville, dean, seamus, pavarti and lavender were sitting there. harry remembered how neville was shy, not very confident and not able to perform the simplest spells. but he changed that night at the department of mysteries, as if finally facing his greatest fear started a change in him. that night he faced belatrix lestrange, the woman who made his parents insane with cruciatus curse. neville was chatting with others now and it seemed that lavender was sitting closer to him than she would before. you are righteverybody has to face their fears prepared.harry said finally


the first think harry did next morning when he got up was making a note he would pin on the notice board.

todays world is dangerous.

do you want to know learn how to defend yourself? then come to the defence against the dark arts classroom. tonight at seven in the evening.

this has to do it, he thought for himself. then he woke up ron and they went to breakfast together, harry pinned the notice on the way. hermione came few minutes later. i saw your notice harry, great. some of the students are talking about that already.hermione said happily. and it was true, indeed as harry saw on his way to his first class, double period of charms, a large people was gathered around the notice board, people were pointing at the note and talking excitedly. i wonder whether the lupins classroom would be sufficient?harry said curiously. let s hope,hermione said grinning. harry had hard time to try to concentrate on the classes, his mind always drifted to upcoming evening. he was given extra homework from every single class, even hagrid gave him some. probably he was bit angry to harry, since harry hadnt came to see him this year. see ye all on thursday,he said to them, when he dismissed the class. harrys classes finished for today, but there was still lot of time left, so he and ron went to play a game of chess, while hermione was on her arithmacy class. harry barely ate that dinner, he was merely playing with his food. why arent you eating?hermione asked him. no reason, im just not hungry i guess, harry said quickly. don t be nervous, you are going to do fine,she said, as she glanced at her watch. we better go now.� �hermione, weve got an hour left, ron moaned. somebody has to set up the classroom, dont you think?ron sighed, but they got up nevertheless and went to the classroom. they moved desks and chairs along the walls, which took them quite a long time- harry fears of the size of the classroom vanished as he looked around himself. the room was at least five times bigger than the room of requiments. locotomor desk, hermione said as she moved the last desk to the wall. well, now we should just wait,she looked at her watch: quarter to seven. the room of the classroom opened and ginny, dean, seamus, neville, colin, dennis, lavender and pavarti entered. thats odd,colin said as he looked around the class. the rest of them nodded in agreement, everybody was fond of the room of requiments. the door opened again and the hufflepuffs and ravenclaws entered, only the old crow. but moments later the door opened once more and nervous looking first-years, whom harry remembered vaguely from the sorting. are we here right for the dueling club? emily aureily asked nervously. well, not for the dueling club. this is dumbledore army, but if you came to learn how to defend yourself, you are on the right place,hermione said, smiling. time was running on and at seven oclock, harrys fear returned. the whole room was crowded, there were at least eighty people, even five or so slytherins, who looked slightly terrified at the sight of so many gryffindors, hufflepuffs and ravenclaws. harry could harldy imagine how they would fit into the room of requiments. harry i dont think anybody else is coming,hermione said at five past seven, when the door remained closed for a while. ok, he nodded nervously and walked to the centre of the room, the chatter died instantly and all the eyes turned upon him. err hello everyone, let me welcome you in the dumbledore army my name is harry potter, but im sure everybody knows that,he chuckled nervously. no one was laughing, all of the people were eying him interested. now, the dumbledores army or da, as we call it is here for your�� harry started but never

finished because the door opened with a bang. another group of older-looking slytherins entered the room, draco malfoy in the lead. malfoy was eyeing harry dangerously, apparently he was still furious about the incident on the brooms. he eyed the whole room with a disgusted face. crabbe, goyle, pansy parkinson, nott and some of the other older slytherins were in the group also. traitors, he spat at the five or so slytherins first and second years. this is so pathetic�� �malfoy, youre not welcomed here. those are, so go away,harry said as he pointed his finger at the slytherins, and drew out his wand with his right hand. are you gonna make us or what?seventh year boy asked.

who are you?harry spat at him. oh, how impolite of me not introducing myself,the boy said in mock voice, which sounded somehow familiar and made him goose flesh. my name is andrew


you arent related to that death eater, are you?came the voice of neville, who stepped on harry s side. in fact, i am. im his nephew. and you are longbottom the squib, aren t you? my auntie had the pleasure of meeting with your parents hadnt she? lestrange said sarcastically. neville turned deeply red in anger. if you came here to here to insult us, you can go straight away,harry said. and who is gonna make us? you and the squib, alone? lestrange said. he will not be alone, said hermione, ron and ginny as they drew out their wand and stepped next to harry and neville. you are still only five and we are twelve,malfoy sneered. at this colin, denis, luna, cho, dean, seamus and even zacharias drew their wands and stepped next to harry. harry looked around himself in disbelief. i wont fight squibs and kids, potter,malfoy laughed at the sight of neville and denis.