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Student Head Injuries and Concussions in Extracurricular Activities

Presentation to the Franklin School Committee February 7, 2012

MGL 111 Section 222; 105 CMR 201.00

MA Law effective July 19, 2010

DPH Regulations effective for the 201112 School Year

Focus is on prevention, training, management and return to activity decisions regarding students who incur head injuries in extracurricular athletic activities


Impacts all public MS and HS, grades 6HS graduation and other schools subject to MIAA requirements

Includes athletes, marching band, cheerleaders, intramural sports, certain clubs

Annual training and documentation of participation for athletes, parents of athletes, parent volunteers, coaches, athletic trainers, nurses and physicians, athletic directors, marching band directors

Reporting Requirements and DPH Forms

Annual Physical and Preparticipation forms for each sport season

Report of Head Injury

Removal from play procedures

Medical Clearance for Return to Play

Graduated Post Concussive ReEntry Plans

School District Requirements

Documentation to DPH that an Interim Policy is in place by 1/1/12, final policy/procedures by


FSC Policy was adopted 7/12/11

Needed to develop a document to articulate specific Procedures and Protocols for consistent practice throughout the district in line with the regulations

DW team consisting of administrators, AD, trainers, health and wellness teachers, school psychologists, nurses, physicians, guidance counselors

FPS Procedures and Protocols on Sports Related Head Injuries

DPH provided template addressing 17 sections for each of the requirements of the regulations

Will be posted on school web site—link to athletic dept. web page

All requirements and required forms available

Language in the student handbooks— translatable to our ELL students and families

Next Steps…

Many of the requirements have already been implemented

Will begin utilizing the DPH required forms and implementing the training requirement for spring sports 2012

Providing overview to ATeam, principals, nurses, psychologists, counselors, coaches, music department, PE teachers, etc.