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Greetings brothers and sisters!

For years Adventist teachers have traditionally taught that the doctrines inherent in Dispensational th Futurism can be traced back to the Jesuits, primarily Cardinals Francisco Ribera (16 century), Robert th th Bellarmine (16 century), and Manuel de Lacunza (18 century). However, when this information is put forward to some of the more learned Dispensationalists of this era, they come back with a seemingly convincing counter-argument that Futurism originates in the teachings of the early Church Fathers in the nd rd 2 and 3 century A.D. long before any Jesuits existed. This they claim is proof that the Jesuits were not responsible for the doctrines of Futurism in the Protestant world. Getting to the bottom of this problem, some diligent Adventist students of Bible prophecy and history decided to delve much deeper into this subject to see if this claim is true. The results in this research were quite shocking, and it is something EVERY Adventist teacher, pastor, evangelist and professor needs to become aware about! The primary purpose of this email is to encourage you to listen to the following Radio Program by Mike Warren and D.S. Farris, along with D.S. Farris accompanying document entitled Futurism: The Counterfeit Prophecy found at the bottom of this email. However, below is a summarized outline of facts to get your feet wet concerning the issues that will be discussed in the Radio Show and accompanying document in relation to the major problems of Dispensational Futurism. To many Dispensationalists, the following information may prove to be quite shocking. There is much to chew on here that is not discussed within eschatological circles:

A Summary of the Origins of Dispensational-Futurist Theology:

1. The Jesuits created the modern system of dispensational futurism. Although the Jesuits derived certain aspects of this myth from "futuristic elements" embedded in the teachings of the early church fathers, the evidence is clear that they elaborated the elements of this myth from the early church fathers as a tool to destroy and counter the Protestant Reformation by attempting to lift the heat off the Papacy as the identity of Antichrist. 2. The theological elements of Futurism are derived from the extra-biblical writings, such as: The Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, The Sibylline Oracles, Baruch, 1st and 2nd Esdras, T. Levi, The Ascension of Isaiah, etc. etc. 3. The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha writings were written by Hellenistic Jews. These Jews mixed Babylonian, Persian, and Greek paganism with Judaism. 4. Long before the first advent of Christ, mystical Jews believed that an anti-messiah would come and oppose the Messiah; the anti-messiah was called "Beliar"; and he was believed to be the devil incarnate in human form. 5. The early Church Fathers such as Ireneaus, Hippolytus, and Apollinaris borrowed Futurist elements from these mythical, pseudepigraphal writings. 6. The Jesuits created Futurism from the Beliar myth found in these writings, indicating that modern Dispensational Futurist theology is nothing more than pagan mythology convoluted around real scripture. 7. The Protestants of the Reformation era knew about this fable, and Protestants separated the real Bible from the extra-Biblical writings. 8. When the Protestants studied the Bible without the fables of the Catholic Church fathers - the Beliar myth - they clearly identified the Papacy as the Antichrist. 9. Modern Protestant Churches the world over have abandoned the Protestant Reformation, and they now teach Catholic theology from the Council of Trent which commenced in 1545 A.D. The th Jesuit Cardinals Francisco Ribera (1537-1591) and Robert Bellarmino (1542-1621) in the 16 th and 17 centuries were foremost at setting out to accomplish this Protestant destroying task in scraping every bit of knowledge they could formulate from the Early Church Fathers to concoct

and repackage the fantastical Jesuit scheme of Futurism. Jesuit Cardinal Manuel de Lacunza in the early 19th century, also an advocate of Futurism, deliberately attempted to take the pressure off the papacy by proposing that the Antichrist was still off in the future, and also laid the foundation for much of modern-day dispensational ideology. On the other hand, the Spanish th th Jesuit Luis de Alcazar (1554-1613) in the 16 and 17 century was set to the task of concocting the Preterist scheme. Both schemes blossomed about the same time and successfully got the "heat" off the Papacy from detection of Antichrist. It took about 300 years before the Protestant world allowed itself to become infected by these two deadly viruses. Dr. Maitland, James H. Todd, Henry Newman (who later became a Catholic Cardinal after accepting Futurism), Irving, and later Darby and Scofield all came to accept major elements of Ribera's and Bellarmine's fantastical views of a singled-out, future, one-man Antichrist (stemming from the Beliar myth that comes from Persian dualism and Zoroastrianism) as well as the incredible disjointed "gap" theory by which the Jesuits adopted from Hippolytus' erroneous construing of the first 69 units, or weeks of years, as reaching from the first year of Cyrus (or Darius the Mede) to the incarnation of Christ-a chronological impossibility without elongating the period. This "faulty reasoning" of Hippolytus inspired modern Futurism's "gap" theory. 10. Dispensationalism is simply another branch of Catholicismdeveloped by the Jesuits in the Counter Reformation. After all is said and done, the Roman Catholic Jesuits must still be identified as being responsible for concocting and inventing the Futurist schemes of prophetic interpretation seen so rampant today in the Protestant and Evangelical world. Why? Because they concocted their Futurist interpretations based on outdated futuristic elements embedded in the teachings of the Church Fathers who thought the world would end no later than AD 500, not to mention many of their Futuristic views were shaped through the lenses of the extra-Biblical, Psuedepigraphal books written by uninspired authors. After the passing of some 1000 years, the Protestant Reformers were able to look back in retrospect comparing history with prophecy and were clearly able see the manifestation of Antichrist and that Little Horn of Daniel 7 in the Roman Church State. It now becomes the duty of the reader to verify and evaluate the data which supports these facts for themselves. Although it will be very tempting for any Dispensationalist to ignore this material, to such I entreat with utmost sincerity; that they wholly refrain from the temptation to embark upon this injurious mindset. May the truths presented in this exposition ring loud and clear in the Protestant and Christian world! My research has lead me to conclude that not only is Dispensational-Futurist ideology wholly at variance with the Sacred Declarations of Holy Writ, but also an ideology developed by the Counter Reformation, and will be used as a catalyst to help bring about the New World Order. I invite you all to listen to the following Radio Audio program as well as read the accompanying documents to help establish a foundation for all the forthcoming material. The proof is in the pudding, and I believe you will find in the following radio program and document all the necessary sources to back up the claims outlined above.

Click Audio: The Truth About Dispensational Futurism - Part 1 & 2 ( (2 hour Radio
Program) - by Mike Warren and D.S. Farris YouTube version: Cut 1 - Cut 2 - Cut 3 - Cut 4 - Cut 5 - Cut 6 - Cut 7 - Cut 8 - Cut 9 - Cut 10 - Cut 11 Along with the above audio/radio program, I recommend the following document that goes along with the audio above:

Futurism: The Counterfeit Prophecy: (PDF

Document) by D.S. Farris -- this article goes along with the audio program above (NOTE: I STRONGLY ADVISE you to read it thoroughly FROM BEGINNING TO END CAREFULLY, as it will lay a crucial foundation. It is my sincere prayer and hope that the data presented in this article will not be ignored by any dispensationalist or futurist.) - Differences Between Protestantism And Catholicism, The Jesuit Scheme Of Prophetic

Interpretation, Ribera and Bellarmine, The Early Church Fathers, EXTRA BIBLICAL INFLUENCES ON THE CHURCH FATHERS, The "Beliar Man" P.S. The above Radio Program and Document can be found at (these men hold to Adventist beliefs, and have done a PROFOUND job in their research. You can find their full list of audio programs as well as a free online copy of D.S. Farris book entitled: Prophetic Toolchest for Dismantling the Dispensational Delusion (about 550 pages long divided into 12 chapters). Feel free to support their ministry if you like what you read and hear. Note: Some people find difficulty viewing the link, as people complain that their anti-virus protection blocks it because it detects a Trojan. This seems to happen, especially with Internet Explorer. But there is no virus or Trojan associated with this site. For some reason, it is only the homepage that gives this trouble, but not the rest of the pages. First, I encourage the viewer to use Google Chrome or Firefox when opening it. If you still get the warning, you can bypass the home-page and view the Book section here ( (click the Table of Contents to see all 12 chapters) and the Audio Library here (