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Key Term Journal; Chapter Two Quiz; Homework Hands-on Projects 2-1 and 2-2; Case Project 2-1

Doug Tramill Intro to Networking CNT 1000 Chapter II Homework Hands On Projects 2-1 1. Access the Internet and navigate to The IEEE standards Association Home Page appears. 2. On the navigation bar near the upper-right side of the screen, click the PROJECT SEARCH link. The information database IEEE Standards Status Web Page appears. This one is set up a little differnet now.. there is like a widget thing on the home page that has a search option for standards. 3. In the text box below the search for prompt , type Ethernet, then click the search button. 4. Note the number of abstracts your search returned. For those abstracts that give designation numbers(ie 802.3av), note the numbers as well. It says that about 63 results found... some of the designation numbers are 802.3.1-2011, 802.3-2008, 802.3-REVam-2005, 802.1H1995, 802.3bg-2011, 802.3bc-2009, 802.3ap2007, 802.3ah-2004, 802.3ak-2004, 802.3-2000, 802.3av-2009, 802.3ba-2010, 802.3an2006, 802.3aa-1998, 802.10f-1993, 802.3-1985/* there is a whole lot to this question im coming baqck to it its driving me crazy just typing these numbers over and over again */ 5. What was the revision date of the most recent standard beginning with 802.3 ? why do you suppose this standard would be updated frequently ? 802.3 is the standard for Ethernet, the most common type of network cable that I know of. This being used all the time and its wide acceptance calls for frequent updates of the standards for improvements etc. the most recent update was in 2011. 6. if you were to click on the standards returned by this search, you would need to enter a logon id and a password to read that standard. However, IEEE 's 802 (LAN?MAN) committee has made available its archives at no cost. To access the free online standards, point your browser to the following web page The Get IEEE 802 portfolio of IEEE standards Web Page Appears 7. The list of IEEE 802 committee standards should look familiar to you. Click the link for 802.3 called CSMA/CD Access Method ( This is the method of sharing a single channel that devices use on an ethernet network , Chapter 5) The IEEE-SA GET IEEE 802.3 LAN?MAN CSMA/CD Access Method Web Page Appears. 8. Click IEEE 802.3-2005 Section One GET ieee 802 802 LAN/MAN Committee Support the 802 Program 802 WGs & Committees ieee get program

Contact IEEE Get Program GET IEEE 802: LOCAL AND METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORK STANDARDS Terms of Use for IEEE Standards Publications Delivered in Electronic Form The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. ("IEEE") shall deliver this IEEE standards publication to you in electronics format upon your acceptance of the following Terms of Use. Read the Terms of Use carefully. By providing the required information and selecting the "accept" button at the bottom of this page, you agree to be legally bound by the Terms of Use contained herein. If you select "do not accept", the file transfer for this standards publication will not continue. Copyright The IEEE Standards publication(s) ("Document") is approved by the IEEE Standards Association ("IEEE-SA") Standards Board and is published in accordance with established IEEE-SA Standards Board bylaws and operations procedures. IEEE owns the copyright to this Document in all forms of media. Copyright in the text retrieved, displayed or output from this Document is owned by IEEE and is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and by international treaties. IEEE reserves all rights not expressly granted. IEEE is providing the Document to you at no charge. However, the Document is not to be considered within the "Public Domain", as IEEE is, and at all times shall remain, the sole copyright holder in the Document. Terms of Use You may retrieve, download and print one (1) copy of each Document in this Program for your personal use. You may retain one (1) additional copy of this Document as your personal archive copy. Except as allowed by the copyright laws of the United States of America or applicable international treaties, or as explicitly allowed in these Terms of Use, you may not further copy, prepare, and/or distribute copies of the Document, nor significant portions of the Document, in any form, without prior written permission from IEEE. Requests for permission to reprint this Document, in whole or in part, or requests for a license to reproduce and/or distribute this Document, in any form, must be submitted via email to the Standards Licensing and Contracts, or in writing to: IEEE-SA Licensing and Contracts 445 Hoes Lane Piscataway, NJ 08855 Limited Warranties & Limitations of Remedies IEEE does not warrant or represent the accuracy or content of the Document and expressly disclaims any express or implied warranty, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose or that the use of the document is free from patent infringement. The document is supplied ONLY "AS IS." To Report Technical Problems or to Make Inquires Regarding Electronic Delivery of this IEEE Standards Publication If you are unable to receive this Document as requested, or if there is a problem with the transmission, please send a us a detailed email. For Inquiries About These Terms of Use If you have questions about these Terms of Use or wish to inquire about options for licensing this Document or any other IEEE Standards Publication, contact Standards Licensing and Contracts for

more information. I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the foregoing information and agree to abide by these Terms of Use. OK... I ACCEP T ALREADY !! 9. WOW THIS FILE IS BIG... 671 PAGES... O MAN 10. ETC ETC ETC ETC /* IF THIS WERE C WE WOULD BE COMMENTING... ARE THEIR ANY MATH PROBLEMS WE CAN DO FOR THIS CLASS ? */ 12. Suppose you want to know the maximum frame size for an Ethernet 802.3 frame To find this information in the standard , click the small Search Icon binoculars in the Acrobat task bar... Minimum frame size The CSMA/CD Media Access mechanism requires that a minimum frame length of minFrameSize bits be transmitted. If frameSize is less than minFrameSize, then the CSMA/CD MAC sublayer shall append extra bits in units of octets (Pad), after the end of the MAC Client Data field but prior to calculating and append-ing the FCS (if not provided by the MAC client). The number of extra bits shall be sufficient to ensure that the frame, from the DA field through the FCS field inclusive, is at least minFrameSize bits. If the FCS is 68 Copyright 2008 IEEE. All rights reserved. IEEE Std 802.3-2008 CSMA/CD (optionally) provided by the MAC client, the Pad shall also be provided by the MAC client. The content of the Pad is unspecified. ok... that's what I found... 13. In the What word or phrase would you like to search for ? etc.. etc above.. Next part 13 which is the parameter that indicates the minimum length for an ethernet frame. Minimum size 64 octets so 64 bytes 64 x 8 bits = 512 bits maximum size 1518 octets so 1518 bytes x 8 bits = 12144 bits