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MIP TIMIP THE Best OF WHITNEY HOUSTON Contents AILAL Once Didn't We Almost Have It All The Greatest Love Of All Hold Me How Will I Know It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be 1 Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) Love Will Save The Day Nobody Loves Me Like You Do One Moment In Time Saving All My Love For You So Emotional Someone For Me Take Good Care Of My Heart Thinking About You Where Do Broken Hearts Go You Give Good Love You're Still My Man ALL AT ONCE Words by JEFFREY OSBORNE & MICHAEL MASSER Music by MICHAEL MASSER Siowty andexprenively | = 6 / ria GO) gy cm F Feb ge ae ot mp (with pedal) Gbot @ ayy a fi nlllytook__ amo = mentand—. I'm re al- iz ing that ie Copyright © 1985 Prince Sreet Music/Wamner Chappell Music Ld, 129 Park Steet, London WIY 3FA ‘Alo March 9 Musie Right forthe United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, PRS Territories excluding Batish Far East Testis of Hong Kong, “Malaysia and Singapore) controlled by Rondor Music (London) Lid, Rondor House, 10a Parsons Green, London, SW6 STW. All rights reserved. Pu | a