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Basically it is a promotional Startegy. Push makes use of a company's sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for a product. where Pull startegy is to sell directly to the consumer. In Push strategy the products has to be promoted by Producer to Wholesalers to Retailers to Consumer. In Pull Strategy we have to use the toold like Consumer Promotions , advertising etc.

It is good you know the responsibilities of development officer and include them in your cover letter. This will give an impression to the employer that you know what is involved and expected from you. A business development officer reports to the chief executive officer and in some situation to the board of directors. The officer consults with the executive management on the business strategies which pertains to the new products. The main function of the officer is to plan strategic way to communicate to the subordinates in regard to the business expansion, acquisition and marketing. He or she may be responsible to set goals of product research and development. Formulating on focus group research and testing that determines of how a new product will be received. Employers usually look for candidates who can work in an office environment and organize projects and tasks with the help of an executive administrator. He or she is also expected to address a range of topics which may include acquisition of a company, new products and services or other personal issues. This is demanding job because of time constraints to review development of new business processes. Below is a sample cover letter for business development officer cover letter that will show some important tips and guide to write one letter of your own.

Sample Business Development Officer Cover Letter

Victor Guardian 453 Happy Valley Road Town Ville, USA 4536 April 25, 2011 Mrs. Nazareth O'Mara Head Hiring Manager City Office cooperation 4378 Middleton Street Town Ville, USA 3590 Dear Mrs. O'Mara, As a skilled business development manager with an extremely outstanding background technology and communication skills in sales projects, I am seeking to align myself to be a part of your progressive company. I have an extensive work experience working with talented sales teams, delivering a good class of sales solutions and meeting aggressive revenue targets. I am confident enough that I can help your company to meet up challenges that you are currently facing. My ten years experience at (mention the name of your previous employment), I seek for a professional opportunity to leverage my exceptional sales and records. Furthermore I would like to prove my account management skills that will surely benefit your company as well as your clients. I have the drive and the skill to become one of your top

performers. With this clear goal in my mind, I have attached a resume along with this letter that outlines my qualifications. I welcome an opportunity of a possible interview and look forward to your questions related to this. I appreciate for your valuable time and consideration and look forward to meeting with you as soon as possible. Sincerely, Victor guardian Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

This is how you can write a business development cover letter and increase your chances to get a call for an interview.


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Golden rules
There are three golden rules to writing an attention-grabbing cover letter: 1. Remind the recruiter what they're looking for. 2. Tell them you are what they're looking for (how you fit the job description). 3. Demonstrate why you are the best choice. Keep it that simple. Future bosses and hiring managers need to assess candidate suitability in a matter of seconds. They will use your cover letter to make sure you tick-off the job description must-haves and only move onto your CV for more detail if you do. Heres an example to guide you through crafting a faultless cover letter. Lets start with the ad you need to respond to....

Sample job ad: call centre manager

About the role Credible from the word go, you'll ensure the smooth running of call centre operations at either our Swansea or Cardiff sites (300-350 seats in each), championing exceptional customer service. More than that, we'll look to you to devise, develop and deliver new call centre strategies, constantly improving our call centre operations. About you There's no rulebook or script for you to follow just your instincts. After all, your knowledge of call centre technology and industry developments is in depth and up to the minute as is your practical call centre experience. Experience in a similar role is essential.

Intrepreting the job ad

The description of the role requires you show evidence of: leadership skills to ensure the call centre runs smoothly.

ability to implement your own ideas to improve call centre operations.

The candidate description requires you can demonstrate: knowledge of call centre technology and industry developments. practical experience in a similar role. All of this will need to be included in your cover letter. Note that there may be implicit requirements too; use your experience and industry knowledge to make on a call on this.

Planning a response (by email)

Here are a few tips to help you with the structure and content of your cover letter. Try and find out a contact name so you can personalise your letter or email Use the first paragraph to briefly explain why youre writing to them here its your interest in the call centre manager vacancy. Over the next paragraph or two Outline your qualifications and match them to the job spec. Use bullet points to get maximum impact with as few words as possible. Be specific if you can include a figure or two, so much the better. Be enthusiastic and show them youve done your research on the company. In the final paragraph, point the addressee to the CV you have attached or enclosed for further details, and thank that person for his time and consideration. Its a good idea to sign off with a positive statement to prompt the recruiter to take action. Be assertive and never apologetic. With all this in mind, heres a sample response on email. Note that a written letter should be more formal; address to a Mr/Mrs and finish with Yours sincerely/faithfully.

Sample response
Dear Catherine, Im keen to be considered for the call centre manager role based in Swansea or Cardiff as seen on, ref: Z1234. I have three years' experience as a call centre team leader, managing 65 people for leading UK household insurer, Endsleigh. During this time I have: Decreased customer waiting times by 4% by incentivising quick call responses and a colour coded display to inform team members of customer waiting times. Cross-trained the team which has increased job satisfaction (reducing absenteeism and sickness) and eased holiday or off-site training cover. Championed implementation of WidgetsRus load balancing software as presented at the Annual Call Centre Technology Conference. Early indications are that the software has increased productivity by 2%. I would relish the challenge of working for such a high profile company and admire your commitment to customer service. I can assure you that my experience, industry knowledge and track record to date make me a strong candidate for this role. Please find my CV attached for further details. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Chris Jones To sum up, keeping your cover letters short (about 250-300 words long), specific and upbeat will increase your chances of job hunt success!