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Prepared by:

World Shine Ministries (WSM) Programs Coordinator’s Office, P.O. Box 10262, Kampala-UGANDA

Telephone Contacts:

Rev. Dr. Medad Z. Birungi Chairman / President +256 752 501 691

Mrs. Connie Birungi Director / Administrator +256 772 897 799

Mr. Samuel Amutuhaire Bakutana Programs Coordinator +256 782 163 416

January 2012

“Preparing the church to shine for Christ for the Healing of Nations”

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010


Greetings & Introduction

We deliver greetings from World Shine Ministries, to you all, brethren in Christ Jesus. May Peace and grace be upon you!

We are very grateful to God for all that He has done in our midst, His enabling power that works in us, His grace that helps us keep going, His infinite love that brings comfort to the soul, His hand of provision that has made many things achievable, and His heart of mercy that has saved us from His wrath at our daily letdowns. We are indeed humbled by what He is, and what He does.

We are also exceedingly indebted to all those friends in ministry who have not got weary of supporting God’s work, empowering us for the proclamation of the gospel of Christ – monetarily, morally, technically, and spiritually through prayers. Without this teamwork in ministry, the Great Commission would never be accomplished. It is very exact that the work we together do for the Lord is by no means to no avail (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Rev. Medad Birungi is now a doctor as he graduated on 17.1.2012 with a PhD in leadership

Ethics and integrity. His PhD dissertation has been published into a

b o o k .

Tombstones and Banana trees has been ranked among the 10 best- selling in David Cook publications. He is now resigning his job to do WSM Work on a Full time basis. We are now glad to underscore a few key updates that have taken place over the last few months. These are fundamental updates pertaining to the advancement of God’s work through World Shine Ministries (WSM) here in Uganda.

work through World Shine Ministries (WSM) here in Uganda. H i s b o o k

H i s

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World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010


World Shine Foundation School – Rwentobo

The school has been progressing both in the academic, spiritual, and infrastructural dimensions of growth and development. On 17 th January 2012, we held a joint evaluation meeting between the WSM Staff, the teachers of the staff, and the guardians / caretakers of the children. This meeting took place at the school premises and its major purpose was to make a frank appraisal of how far the school has gone, and what needs to be done in connection to where we need to see it go, as far as impacting the lives of these children and the surrounding communities is concerned.

Already on ground

Below are few of the chief observations highlighted by the meeting participants:

A general improvement in the morals of the children due to the emphasis on the impartation of Christian values, and the collaboration between guardians and teachers on issues of discipline.

This is irrespective of some children whose moral behaviours are still

a challenge due to the nature of the caretaker families from where they come, or how they have grown up;

A noteworthy increase in the children’s love for school and education

due to the care given to the children while at school;

The considerable improvement in the general academic performance

of the pupils due to the laudable hard work by the available teachers,

their role modeling, and sure effort in shaping the young ones to be

responsible citizens. This is irrespective of the teacher-pupil ratio that is still high;

A remarkable improvement in English speaking among the pupils due

to the deliberate emphasis on developing their skills for meaningful communication and self-expression;

Availability of the classrooms built so far. This is irrespective of the need to improve them (completing the closing phase, plastering the walls, stocking with more furniture, hanging more learning charts) and the need to set up other necessary structures;

Continuous provision of food to the pupils at school, which has improved on their nutrition and health unlike before when some of them suffered from malnutrition-related illness like kwashiorkor;

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010


Availability of water at the school, irrespective of the need to put in place means of tapping the rain water as a boost to the amount of water needed for use.

Guidance, counseling, and care given to the pupils by the teachers and the school Matron which is greatly helping the pupils in making informed decisions and embarking on the journey of goal setting in their lives.

Land that was purchased and need to build a 3 stored block to accommodate 300 children and host the High School Section.

Current needs and issues for Future consideration

Further concern for future consideration was expressed on the practical need to:

stock more textbooks for pupils’ & teachers’ use in the teaching / learning process;

have the Boarding Section in place due to the many children who either come from a far distance from the school premises or have nowhere to be accommodated;

fence the school for matters of easy monitoring of security;

build a dining hall from where children can have their meals in a comfortable environment;

buy a water tank to harvest natural rain water for use at school

build accommodation for the children at risk and renovate the Pope House

install electricity in the school both for lighting the rooms and running equipment such as computers for secretarial demands of the school, when later purchased;

link the school with other good schools in and outside the country, for mutual collaboration and exchange arrangements, in a bid to improve the standards of the school – academically and spiritually;

build a school chapel as a centre of spiritual activity – fellowships, morning devotions, scriptural study sessions, praise and worship services, etc – in the school;

build more classrooms and renovate the currently existing ones

Purchase more land for the expansion of the school.

Increase salaries for staff

Increase the number of teachers

Registration for examination centre at the school

Renovate the Nursery section.

More support and God’s grace, as you can really see, are still needed in plenty so as to put in place a school that will indeed help in raising up

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010


holistic beings - nurturing unique children, imparting Christian values in the society through these children, but also helping the needy children that God has put under our custodian stewardship. This support can be financial, material, moral, or spiritual in nature as the Holy Spirit guides you.

We can’t stop thanking all those who have been supporting this school, planting seeds that can’t fail to germinate. Some have sent gifts to the children they sponsor and such gifts have been safely delivered to the respective children. We are now beginning a candidate class with 35 children. Pray that we will get good Primary leaving exams. Our headmaster, Daniel Busingye will be leaving us after his wedding in February. He will be going to Kisoro Teachers College in his home area who will be going close to his wife who will be working in a government hospital. We cannot separate them. Pray for a Godly man/woman.

Leadership Development

Where there is no leadership, there is no direction; but where the leader is not equipped, empowered, informed, and transformed, he gives the wrong direction and guidance. As such, World Shine Ministries - through her Department of Leadership Development - has also given emphasis to developing God-transformed leaders for kingdom building and better guidance for God’s people.

This has taken place through Leadership Training seminars and workshops for church leaders, home cell leaders, student & youth leaders, and market place leaders in different professions and occupations. Most recent were the 4 leadership training events in March, held in different parts of the country as follows:

We held a Leadership Training Event for church leaders (Lay leaders, Pastors and Mission coordinators) in the Diocese of Soroti, Kapchorwa Anti Female genital mutilation leader conference, Ntungamo church leaders conference, Kapchorwa diocesan leaders conference, Luwero diocesan leaders conference, Youth quake in Kampala, Youth conferences in Ankole diocese, West Ankole diocese, Kabale brethren conference and Masindi women’s conference.

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010



In a tireless Christ-centered effort to “prepare the church to shine for Jesus Christ for the healing of nations,” we have continued to carry out missions and conferences for spiritual growth and development and spiritual guidance and counseling for Christian maturity. Below are some of the missions we have held in the last 5 months:

We have held missions in Kampala, Masaka, Kabale, Kumi, Soroti, Bushenyi, Kabale, Katanga, and Kyambogo University, Kamwokya, Rwentobo, Kyamate, Masaka, Kakiri, Mombasa, Bukoto, Ntinda, Kiwuririza

c o u and Uganda Christian University.

As the mission was coming to an end, the missioners demonstrated love for God’s creation and concern for environmental conservation by planting many trees in the church compound! In this mission, many sick people were healed; others were delivered from satanic bondages, while many more people gave their lives to Christ, tears running down their cheeks!

During the above mission, every evening, a Christian film would be displayed on the projector screen as another tool for evangelism. Many people were healed of various bondages & disease while others gave their lives to Christ including one 49-year old James who, after accepting Jesus Christ, demanded to be baptized which was done in a joyful church service on Sunday.

Kyambogo University Mission Week & Golden Jubilee celebrations:

We also participated in and supported the Kyambogo University Mission Week which was crown by the Golden Jubilee celebrations for St. Kakumba Chapel. Besides supporting this mission financially, we physically participated in faculty meetings, evening crusades, community outreach programme, and one-on-one expeditions, among others. Among the main speakers was the Bishop of Singapore – Bishop Renis and his team from Singapore, the archbishop of Uganda, among others. It was a grand mission celebration. We thank God for the opportunity to partake of the blessedness of involvement.

Home Cell Ministry

Home Cells have continued to flourish and impact the lives of the Christians therein. On March 12, 2012, we held a major Leadership Training Event for the Home Cell Leaders in Kampala as already mentioned above, to equip the leaders of these home cells with skills of leading as

Jesus did, encouraging them to cause – by the guidance of the Holy Spirit –

a new wave of living a lifestyle of prayer, accountability, and service.

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010


Currently, Kyambogo continues to remain the core of the home cell ministry, with 28 home cell groups for adults and 52 for university students. 15 other cells have been started in Kyambogo College, a high school near the university, while 10 other cells have been started in King Solomon Secondary School near the university too. We also sponsored a home cell leaders training in Kyambogo University and also sponsored Kyambogo College School as they did their training. We started a home cell in Kitala Church of Uganda where training was done and all is going on well. We helped St Luke Chapel Mulago to start home cells and they too are moving on well. Home cell activities at St Johns Church Kamwokya are moving on very well too.

VOICE OF WOMEN Radio Program

This radio program has continued to be of great help especially to the women who listen to it. It is a 30-minute radio program that airs every Saturday. The Voice of Women has remained a voice reaching out to women (and men as well) with the gospel of peace, biblical equality, hope, love, encouragement and words of wisdom.

Topics Handled On Radio:

During this program, numerous highly enriching topics have been handled for the benefit of the listeners who sometimes participate through the call- in session towards the end of every programme. These topics include:

Practical love, Deliverance, Salvation- A Gift from God, Praying without ceasing, It is well with you woman, In witness and confidence, Firm foundation, Discussion on Family, Be teachable, Full Armor of God, Trusting in God, Self control, Rejoicing amidst trials, Woman as a suitable helper, A God of impossibilities, Friends of God, Blessed are the peacemakers, Challenges of women, I make everything new, New man new woman, among others.


Through exposure to such topics on air every Saturday, the beneficiaries of this radio program – especially the women whom it directly targets - have been able to learn how to say “it is well” by the Grace of God even when things are not well as we need them to be, how they can find rest in the presence of God, how they can stand every storm in their life, challenges in the family and how to overcome such challenges. They have also been able to understand how to get ready for the Banquet which Jesus has invited us for; the Righteousness that Christ gives us, and how to live a life of being Jesus’ friend. In addition, they have been amply taught about being refined as pure Gold, common mistakes that women make and how to avoid these

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010


mistakes. But more important, they have been enabled to embark on a journey of husband and wife understanding one another in their marital relationship so as to glorify God in their families.

World Shine Couples’ Fellowship

World Shine stake holders have realized that the family is indeed under a very severe and significant attack. This is evident in the increased levels of divorce and separation among the married people, many cases of infidelity, increasing rate of homosexuality, and many other problems that have attacked the family unit in our communities.

We have therefore started a Couples’ Fellowship that meets once a month. In this fellowship, we tackle contemporary and/or real issues that have affected marriages. We then try to come up with credible solutions to those family-threatening problems, making ourselves accountable to such solutions through implementing them in our families thereafter.

We have a goal of holding a conference for the married people every year, and our prayer is that this fellowship will continue to grow both numerically and spiritually, and thus holistically impact the lives of as many people as God will cause to be transformed by it.


Jesus encourages us saying, “Ask and you shall be given…” (Matthew 7:7) and God asserts thus, “Call to me and I will answer you…” (Jeremiah 33:3). Apostle Peter advises similarly thus, “Cast your anxieties upon Him, for He

cares for you” (1Peter 5:7) and no wonder therefore, the singer says “Take it to the Lord in prayer.” That is why we humbly implore you by the mercies of God to please join us in prayer for the following prayer items, confident that God answers prayed prayer!

1. The school:

Accommodation for the pupils

Buying more land for expansion

Electricity into the school

Water tank for rain harvesting

Medical clinic in the school for the health needs of the pupils

2. Missions:

For God to release funding for the missions

Missions to schools and universities targeting the young people

Ministry van to transport the missioners

3. Leadership Development:

For the Kampala Chapter to grow

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010


Funding the pending leadership trainings for the pastors, and other emerging leaders


Women ministry:

Women’s conference in Kabale in September 2010

5. Men:

The Bold Adventure Men’s Retreat to be held in Kampala also in September

6. Home Cells:

Financial support for the cell activities

Wisdom and ability to handle the steady growth of this ministry



Radio program

More ministry partners

Praise the Lord, great things he has done.

Medad Birungi

World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010
World Shine Ministries Progress Report, January 2010