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First, see that there is no you. Hold on, let's back up a bit.

What do I mean by "a new way of living"? I've spent a good portion of the last 8 months exploring the answer to this question. At first I thought it was a way o f living with less suffering, or more emotional stability, or increased mental c larity. All of those are a part of it - and I must admit, they are nice. But what all of those stem from, and what this really comes down to, is a way of living in whic h life is free from having to maintain a fictional self-image. A way of living i n which authenticity and honesty seem more sane than drama and lies. Living for the sake of living, not for the sake of an image. If that's of interest to you, keep reading - it's about to get a lot more intere sting. If you're skeptical, keep at it, you'll need skepticism to trigger this. Test the credibility of everything I claim in your own life. "There is no you"- Sounded odd when I first heard it. I didn't know what to take it for. I mean, I spent my whole life being me, of course there is a me. But, I was open to the concept, though only because I was interested in the supposed benefits ( for me, of course). Anyway, what it basically means is this: What you think of as you, what the self -concept in your brain and the sense-of-self in your body both allegedly refer t o doesn't exist. These words exist. Well, the perception(/experience) of these words exist, obvio usly. That reality in which they exist, the reality of experience happening exac tly right now, does not include a you. What s in ans, hich we think of when we say "I" (and test me on this, look at how credible it i your own life) isn't the human organism. We sometimes say that's what it me but in reality, "I" refers to an alleged, personal experiencer of life to w life and experiences happens, and which pilots thoughts and actions.

Right? When you say "I think", you mean there's something outside of the thinkin g, doing the thinking. "I breathe"? Something outside of the breathing, doing the breathing. "I feel"? Something behind the feeling, to which the feeling is happening. Your entire life you've lived through the perspective that this you is real. You 've probably asked "Who am I?", or if you're especially philosophical, "Am I?", but the real question, the new game in town, is "Is it possible that there is no I, that there's just life happening on it's own?"

If you ask that, with a full honest intention of discovering if it's actually tr ue (which means looking outside of concepts into the reality to which they're su pposed to refer), you might just see that it is.

Some people who have tried this noticed the absence of a self directly; a void i n the area where the experiencer was assumed to be. I noticed that all of life runs on autopilot - thoughts, feelings, actions, driv es, and experiences are all definitely happening and locatable, and they all see m to be triggering each other. A self outside of them, causing them to happen, i sn't part of the equation at all. Basically, what happens when you see this is that your mind's belief in the self is permanently recognized to be false. From there, the self-image loses its sig nificance, and attention naturally focuses on authentic reality as opposed to fi ctional beliefs. This isn't the end of all problems, or dishonesty, or the self-image, as you'll find. What it is, is a major stepping stone in dealing with all of these. It's in life's best interest to check this out.