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aa te Pe ts listed for EL eT ca LN aN clea TOMBS H TRL AVI SCS f fi INDEX SECTION 1. Die-Cast Aluminum Shade Units / Series 10000 » “Lido” Shade Design ~Pages 3 & 4 Rr, Ds sce oeien—reaese ee SECTION 2 ‘Samoa” Shade Design ~ Pages 1 & 2 Die-Cast Aluminum Lampholdes / Series 11000 “yyy SECTION 3. Spun Aluminum Lampholders / Series 12000 A a A SECTION 4 Adjustable Basic Components ABC" Tine) SECTION 5. lodine Quartz Adjustable Lighting Units Series 14000 SECTION 6. Spike Units 7 Boxes, Covers, Fittings, Wiring Troughs, Slip Fitters, ‘Adapters. / Series 13000 oe Ae SECTION 7. UNION MADE THE SWIVELIER STORY I, may sound presumptuous, but itis nevertheless true, that the sun never sets on Siwiveli ‘Over 25 yeats of specialization in Adjustable Lighting have won us unchallenged world leadership in this field, Wherever you go, in the United States or abroad, from imposing institutions like the United Nations and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the newest store in the smallest town, “Swiveliers” will high-light your way. But, alas, all that swivels s not Swivelier. Specify with confidence: Only Swivelier products are made with the patented, spring-tension Swivelier swivels, providing “hairbreadth’” lighting accuracy and adjusting without the use of wing nuts of set screws. (US. Air Corps tests indicate “no de- ‘crease in tension after 10,000 adjustment") We're also proud of the Swivelier engineering depart- ment-a complete, permanent staff of talented specialists ‘ho literally “tailor” every “Swivelie.” They design each part to perform a specific function in the finished prod- luct: there's no making-do, no slapping together. Right down to the smallest terminal screw, every part "be- longs,” every part is just right for the job it must do. ‘And that’s not all that makes Swivelier unique. Every ““Swivelier’ is completely fabricated in our own modern plant with quality-controlled parts. In manufacturing, as- sembly, inspection—even in packaging—no detail is small ‘enough to be bypassed or overlooked, no pains are too great to be taken, to create a product worthy of the Swivelier name. With this new group of outdoor units, we believe we {ean state with more confidence than ever that whenever the situation demands an adjustable lighting unit, there's 2 fine Swivelier product to do the best job. 1e sure it’s a genuine Swivelier product » e swivelier ’ De UL acer aaa) 1 ( 0) Wea reenact ea erst Pome) UP TO 150 WATT PAR-38 LAMPS. 10121 AN Adjustable Unit sith Re tractable spike, Weighted Base, Cord & Plug. Spe Seti! Pin it Spike retracts ite bare when not in use ‘iver Glow Finish any ADJUSTABLE SPIKE UNIT ar ae cee e ation without intrusion Precision die cast from high purity aluminum, finished in Sen a ee nn re ind, shock and vibration, beautify come fro TRA LR eC It Pee NU SEE TO) 4 ADJUSTABLE UNITS 10100 $A “Threaded Stem Uni EE NPT Thread, 42" leads 10102 SA 2-lite Canopy Unit with Universal mouating plat, | DP. 10104 SA ‘ute Canopy Unit with Universal mounting pate canopy gasket, leads 10103 BK tte Canopy Unit with Universal mauating pate, Eenapy gasket, leads NON-ADJUSTABLE UNITS BI oss Seas 10111 SA Tllte Canopy Unit with Universal mounting pat, canopy gasket, leads zeste ona vy Se QULLETIN NO. 173 mala rfe=t=] Section 1 page 1 a | oat oF | ze Lie (mit cr et