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Bret Stauffer 1931 Pin Oak Drive, Flower Mound, TX 75028 Cell:804-338-5066 bs1e38e7a@westpost.

net Position Desired: Process Engineer SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: Process Engineering: * Experience working in an ISO environment, and writing and maintaining ISO comp liant specifications. * Experience setting up and maintaining Statistical Process Control (SPC) contro l charts. * Multiple years of experience in a semiconductor manufacturing environment. * Experience with multiple manufacturing toolsets in a semiconductor manufacturi ng environment. * Experience creating, modifying, and improving Diffusion process recipes. * Experienced using DCN, ECN, TCN, and ICN. * Extensive experience using SPC and QDR for process control and lot disposition ing. * Experience running process experiments for process improvement and cost reduct ion. * Lead a successful 8D process investigation team for yield improvement on an an neal furnace. Manufacturing Engineering: * Experience writing and debugging Process Recipes on Diffusion Furnaces. * Experience troubleshooting equipment issues on Diffusion Furnaces. * Experience making process adjustments on Diffusion Furnaces to keep the SPC ch arts on target. * Experience interfacing with vendors for support, replacement parts, and softwa re upgrades. * Experience training new users/operators. * Experience working with tool PLC to properly control the Diffusion Furnace. * Experience writing operating procedures for Diffusion Furnaces. * Experience documenting maintenance procedures and tool history. * Experience working with vacuum systems, pneumatics, electrical components and diagrams on a Diffusion Furnace. * Experience writing process recipes in a computer controlled environment. Data Analysis: * Experience using JMP, Excel, and Access for data analysis. * Experience using Workstream, Promis, Datalog, and Semy in a semiconductor manu facturing environment. * Experience using MS Project to plan projects. * Experience using VB and SQL. * Used JGA data capture tool for tool sensor data capture. Equipment Engineering: * Experience troubleshooting process and equipment issues. * Experience using FDC for tool fault monitoring. * Experience conducting source inspection on a new tool. * Qualified 2nd source suppliers. * Reviewed and recommended tool purchases for a new 300 mm factory. Training and Mentoring: * Mentored technicians and gave technicians projects for career development. * Taught Diffusion Process Overview Class to operators to improve operator knowl edge of diffusion. * Peer trainer for new employees.

Personal: * Enjoy working in a high pace semiconductor manufacturing environment. * Have positive attitude and can do attitude. * Have excellent written and oral communication skills. * Can multi-task. Experience: NStar Global Services Field Service Engineer Sunnyvale, CA 2011 * De-installing a diffusion furnace (Tel303i) at a customer site (Spansion). Retronix Semiconductor Field Service Engineer Minneapolis, MN 2011 * Assist with new tool installation at a customer site (Polar Semiconductor). Oklahoma State University-Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma Semiconductor Cleanroom Fab Manager 2009 to 2011 * Coordinating with vendors and contractors for tool deliveries and tool install ations. * Performing source inspection of new tools. * Negotiating with tool vendors for the price and configuration of desired tools . * Researched business practices of other academic fabs in order to form a busine ss plan. * Coordinated with purchasing for payment of tools. * Coordinated with building contractor for completion of fab. * Coordinated with gas supplier for safety training for graduate students. EPV Solar, Lawrenceville, NJ Product Development Engineer 2008 * Designed, Programmed, and Implemented Department Database. * Conducted study on Production Line for Cp/Cpk of cell dimensions. * Coordinated with vendor to produce BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) Insulated Glass Unit prototype. * Conducted study on the failure strength of PV unit boot adhesive. * Conducted study on temperature response of Insulated Glass Unit under solar ra diation. * Conducted literature search for the procedure for proper testing of Skylight U nit to conform to building codes to achieve Commercial certification. Hitachi-Kokusai Semiconductor Equipment Corporation, Manassas, VA Customer Service Engineer 2006 to 2007 * Supported Customer Quixace Zestone 3 LPCVD Diffusion furnaces (Nitride, Polysi licon, and Teos) and ALDINNA Atomic Layer Deposition furnaces (ALD). * Troubleshot tool issues to assist customer with process/equipment issues.

Infineon Technologies Richmond, Virginia

Diffusion Process Engineer 2001 to 2005 * Process Owner Front End Oxidation Processes o (Gate Ox, Sacox, Node Reox, Collar Anneal, ASGA, Padox). * Used MS Project for project planning for new 300 mm factory startup. * Protected product from premature equipment failure by implementing Fault Detec tion Control (FDC) methods to detect changes in tool performance and implemented corrective action as necessary. * Prepared and Presented Process changes/improvements to the Process Change Revi ew Board such as monitor reduction/elimination for cost reduction, recipe speed improvement and cross-qualification of tools for WIP throughput improvement. * Lead a successful 8D process investigation team for yield improvement on an an neal furnace. * Maintained SPC Control Charts for manufacturing processes, and tightened contr ol limits for reduced process variability for Cp/Cpk improvement. * Qualified new Tel303i Oxidation furnaces (300 mm) in factory startup. * Mentored technicians and gave technicians projects for career development. * Used data analysis software (JMP, Excel, Access) for data analysis. * Generated Failure Mode Analysis (FMEA) on new processes and equipment. * Qualified 2nd source suppliers. * Wrote and maintained ISO 9000 compliant specifications. * Taught Diffusion Process Overview Class to operators to improve operator knowl edge of diffusion. * Reviewed and recommended tool purchases for a new 300 mm factory. Intel Corporation, Aloha, OR Manufacturing Technician, Diffusion 1994 to 2001 * Planned production schedule on manufacturing tools as per Theory of Constraint s Manufacturing Strategy. * Peer trainer for new employees. * Performed periodic maintenance on Kokusai Vertron 3 furnaces (Atmospheric and LPCVD). * Performed metrology using Thermowave Optiprobe, Tencor Surfscan 4500 and 6200, Semitest SCA 2500, Rudolph FE3 ellipsometer, CV plots with the HP CV plotter. * Monitored the process with control charts using SPC. * Participated in the Emergency Response Team (ERT). * Performed Safety audits as a member of the Safety Team. Hitachi Semiconductor, Irving, TX Diffusion Operator 1991 to 1993 * Planned production schedule on manufacturing tools. * Multitasked by running multiple tools with multiple processes. * Operated Kokusai Vertron 2 furnaces (Oxidation, POCl3), SCP 8400 wetbenches, a nd Dexon wetbenches. * Performed metrology. * Recovering furnaces and wetbenches from robotics errors. * Performed tube changes on furnaces. Education: MS Electrical Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute Emphasis in Semiconductor Physics and Manufacturing BS Electrical Engineering Technology, Oklahoma State Univers ity AS Engineering, Tulsa Community College Other: * Proficient in MS Office/Windows. * Member of IEEE.

* Passed EIT exam. * GMAT Score: 710 (94th percentile). * Knowledge of SQL, VB, Promis, Semy, Datalog, Workstream, JGA. * IEEE CEU Challenges Near the Limit of CMOS Scaling. * Have run 3 marathons (Texas Half-Marathon, Jan, 2011, Dallas Rock and Roll Ha lf Marathon, Mar., 2011, Wounded Warrior Marathon, Irving, TX, June 12th, 2011) , a 15K (Tulsa run, Oct 2010), and many 10Ks and 5ks.