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- - - -
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M. MacGreor Mathers, tr. (88y)
. Tradition.-The Book ol Concealed Mystery is the hook ol the equilihrium ol halance.
|The word Dtzenioutha is dillicult to translate, hut I think its meanin is hest expressed hy the
words Concealed Mystery. I have explained in the Introduction the qahalistical meanin ol the
words equilihrium and halance, aq|
a. Tradition.- Ior helore there was equilihrium, countenance heheld not countenance.
|By the two countenances are meant Macroprosopus and Microprosopus. See Introduction, a,
y, 6. 6. 6y. y. and yy.|
. And the kins ol ancient time were dead, and their crowns were lound no more, and the earth
was desolate.
(The kins ol ancient time mean the same thin as the Edomite Kins, that is, they symholize
worlds ol unhalanced lorce, which. accordin to the Zohar, preceded the lormation ol this
universe. I have explained this also in the Introduction, and 6. This and the immediately
lollowin sections are supposed to trace the radual development ol the Deity lrom neative into
positive existence, the text is here descrihin the time when the Deity was just commencin His
manilestation lrom His primal neative lorm. Therelore, accordin to the qahalistical ideas, the
universe is the arment as it were ol the Deity, He not only contains all, hut is Himsell all. and
exists in all.)
. Until that head (which is incomprehensihle) desired hy all desires (proceedin lrom AIN SVP,
Ain Soph, the inlinite and limitless one), appeared and communicated the vestments ol honour.
|This Head, which is here descrihed as proceedin lrom the inlinite and limitless One, the Ain
Soph, is the lirst Sephira, the Crown Kether. otherwise called Arikh Anpin, or Macroprosopus.
the Vast Countenance. Irom this lirst Sephira the other nine emanations are produced. I have
explained all this in the Introduction, 8-y, in treatin ol the Sephiroth.|
. This equilihrium haneth in that reion which is neatively existent in the Ancient One.
|By the expression This equilihrium haneth in that reion which is neatively existent in the
Ancient One, is meant that the other nine Sephiroth (which are equilihrated hy their lormation
in trinities) are as yet not developed in the lirst Sephira. hut exist within it as the tree exists in
the seed lrom which it sprins. By the Ancient One is intended the lirst Sephira, the Crown
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a - -
Kether. one ol whose appellations is Autkeqa, the Ancient One. Irom this Sephira, as I have
helore remarked, the idea ol neative existence depends hack towards. the AIN.|
6. Thus were those powers equiponderated which were not yet in perceptihle existence.
|These powers are the other nine Sephiroth. which are, as it were. powers ol the lirst Sephira, as
soon as they are equated they hecome positively existent throuh correlation ol lorce. The next
two sections explain the manner ol their equilihration while yet neative entities, or rather ideas |
y. In His lorm (in the lorm ol the Ancient One) existeth the equilihrium. it is incomprehensihle,
it is unseen.
|But the lirst idea ol equilihrium is the Ancient One (the lirst Sephira, or Crown Kether),
hecause it is the lirst potential limitation ol the houndless liht which proceeds lrom the
Limitless One. That is, the central point ol Kether is the equilihrium, hecause the halance does
not yet exist, the two opposite poles which lorm the halance not hein yet developed. We must
not conluse the two terms, equilihrium and halance. The halance consists ol two scales
(Opposin lorces), the equilihrium is the central point ol the heam.|
8. Therein have they ascended, and therein do they ascend-they who are not, who are, and who
shall he.
|Therein (in the equilihrium ol Kether) have they ascended (developed when they hecame
positively existent), and therein (in the equilihrium) do they ascend (have their lirst existence),
they (the Sephiroth) who are not (exist neatively), who are (then hecome positive), and who
shall he (exist permanently. hecause they are counterhalanced powers). This triple expression
am not, are, and shall he, also relers to the triple trinity ol the Sephiroth.| (See Introduction.
a. 6, 6 and 66.|
q. The head which is incomprehensihle is secret in secret.
|This head is Macroprosopus, the Vast Countenance, and is the same as the Ancient One, or
Crown Kather. It is secret. lor therein are hidden the other potentialities.|
c. But it hath heen lormed and prepared in the likeness ol a cranium, and is lilled with the
crystalline dew.
|The crystalline dew is the creative lux or Aur. AVR. proceedin lrom the Limitless One. The
Mantuan Codex calls the skull or cranium the lirst, and the crystalline dew the second
conlormation ol Macroprosopus.|
. His skin is ol ether, clear and conealed.
a. (His hair is as) most line wool, lloatin throuh the halanced equilihrium.
|The ether is the clear and insupportahle hrillianceol his lory. The hair is white - i.e., spotless as
wool-to denote the utter ahsence ol matter and ol shell. The Mantuan Codex calls the ether the
third conlormation. and the hair the lourth, which latter it relers to the Sephira Netzach, victory.|
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
. (His lorehead is) the henevolence ol those henevolances which are manilested throuh the
prayers ol the inlerior powers.
|The supernal heninity which transmits their qualities, powers and ollices, to the lower
Sephiroth (the inlerior powers). it must he rememhered that each Sephira receives lrons that
which immediately precedes it, and transmits to that which next lollows it. Thus. each Sephira is
said to he leminine or passive as reards its predecessor, and masculine or active in respect to its
successor. (See Introduction, and .) The Mantuan Codex calls this the lilth conlormation,
and relers it to the idea ol the ninth Sephira, Yesod, loundation.)
. His eye is ever open and sleepeth not, lor it continually keepeth watch. And the appearance ol
the lower is accordin to the aspect ol the hiher liht.
|Were the eye to close (the directin thouht Divine to he ahstracted lrom the Sephiroth), the
whole universe would ive way, lor its mainsprin would he withdrawn. Because the appearance
(development) ol the lower (nine Sephiroth) is accordin to (dependent on) the aspect (rulin
thouht) ol the hiher liht (Kether, the lirst Sephira). The Mantuan Codex terms this the sixth
conlormation ol Macroprosopus, and relers it, as in the case ol the lourth conlormation. to the
primal idea ol the Sephira Netzach, victory.|
. Therein are His two nostrils like mihty alleries, whence His spirit rushes lorth over all. (The
Mantuan Codex adds that this is the seventh conlormation, which relers to MLKVTh, Malkuth,
or the kindom, the tenth emanation or Sephira ol the Deity.)
|The creative spirit, or the hreath ol lile.|
6. (When, therelore, the Divine law heinneth) BRASHITH BRA ALHIM ATH HSHMIM
VATH HARTz, Berashith Bera Elohim Ath Hashamaim Vaath Haaretz. In the heinnin the
Elohim created the suhstance ol the heavens and the suhstance ol the earth. (The sense is. Six
memhers were created, which are the six numerations ol Microprosopus-viz., heninity as His
riht arm, severity as His lelt arm, heauty as His hody, victory as His riht le, lory as His lelt le,
and the loundation as reproductive.) Ior instead ol BRASHITH, Berashith, in the heinnin, it
may he read, BRA SHITH, Bera Shith, He created the six. Upon these depend all thins which
are helow (principally the Queen, who is the lowest path, or the hride ol Microprosopus, and all
the three inlerior worlds.)
|The view which the Siphra Dtzenioutha here lollows out is that the heinnin ol Genesis
descrihes not only the creation ol the world, hut the development ol God, lor it considers the
universe as the outward and material expression ol the power ol the thouht Divine.
Microprosopus is as it were the rellection ol Macroprosopus, lor as Macroprosopus has six
principal titles, so is Microprosopus composed ol six ol the Sephiroth. (See Introduction. a. y
and yy.) ShITh, Shith, is the Chaldee lorm ol the Hehrew ShSh, Shash, six. The queen is Malkuth,
the tenth Sephira. The three inlerior worlds are Briah. Yetzirah, and Asiah. See Introduction,
y. And the dinity ol dinity haneth lrom the seven conlormations ol the cranium. (This is the
heard ol the venerahle and Ancient One, which is divided into thirteen portions).
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
|The Ancient One is the lirst Sephim, Macroprosopus, as I have helore remarked. The heard, in
continuation ol the symholic representation ol the head, is divided into thirteen portions, which
answer hy Gernatria (see Introduction, ) to the idea ol unity. Ior AChD, Achad, unity, yields
the numher hy numerical value.|
8. And the second earth came not into the computation. (That is, the kindom ol the restored
world, which elsewhere is called the Bride ol Microprosopus, came not into the computation
when the six memhers were said to he created. Or otherwise, when in Genesis iv. a it is said in
another way, And the earth, that earth is not to he understood ol which mention hath heen lirst
made, since hy the lirst is to he understood the kindom ol the restored world, and hy the second
the kindom ol the destroyed world), and this is elsewhere said.
|The kindom ol the destroyed world is that ol unhalanced lorce. (See Introduction, and 6.
and also note Section . loreoin.) This relers to a period prior to the development ol the
Sephiroth. and must therelore he relerahle to the Edomite kins.|
q. And it hath proceeded out ol that which hath underone the curse, as it is written in Genesis
v., aq, Irom the earth which the Lord hath cursed. (The meanin is. That the kindom ol the
restored world was lormed lrom the kindom ol the destroyed world, wherein seven kins had
died and their possessions had heen hroken up. Or, the explanation ol the world, ol which
mention is made elsewhere, proceedeth lrom the kindom ol the destroyed world.)
|These seven kins are the Edomite kins helore mentioned in Section .|
ac. It was lormless and void, and darkness upon the lace ol the deep, and the Spirit ol the Elohim
vihratin upon the lace ol the waters. Thirteen (these words, lrom it was lormless down to ol
the waters, are thirteen in the Hehrew text ol Genesis) depend lrom the thirteen (lorms) ol the
dinity ol dinity (that is, the heard ol the Macroprosopus, or lirst lormed head).
|I have helore remarked that the numher thirteen expresses unity. The author ol The Book ol
Concealed Mystery here arues that the very numher and order ol the words in the Hehrew text
reler to certain lorms ol the Deity. The terms lace ol the deep and lace ol the waters hear a
strikin analoy to Macroprosopus and Microprosopus, the Vast and the lesser Countenances. In
this sense the lace ol (lrom) the deep (ahyss) is the countenance lormed lrom Ain Soph, the
limitless One, namely. the lirst Sephira, the Crown Kether.|
a. Six thousand years depend lrom the six lirst. This is what the wise have said, that the world
shall last six thousand years, and it is understood lrom the six numhers ol Microprosopus. But
also the six lollowin words ive occasion to this idea. VIAMR ALHIM IHI AVR VIHI AVR,
Veyomar Elohim Yehi Aur Vayehi Aur. And the Elohim said, Let there he liht, and there was
|By an exeetical rule ol numhers, not so olten employed as the others. simple numhers or units
sinily divine thins, numhers ol ten, celestial thins, numhers ol a hundred, terrestrial thins, and
thousands sinily the luture. what shall he in an alter-ae. Hence are the six thousand years
deduced lrom the six lirst words, which also are said to reler to the six Sephiroth ol whom
Microprosopus is lormed, the idea ol six hein extended into as many thousands, to symholise
that numher on the plane ol a luture ae.)
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
aa. The seventh (the millennium, and the seventh space, namely, the Kindom), ahove that One
which alone is powerlul- (i.e., when the six derees ol the memhers denote mercies and
judments, the seventh deree tendeth alone to judment and riour). And the whole is desolate
(that is, the Kindom, MLKVTH, Malkuth, in the hiher powers, is the antitype ol the sanctuary,
and like as this is destroyed, so also the Schechinah, or Kindom, is itsell exiled) lor twelve hours
(lor the Hehrews include all this time ol their exile in the space ol one day). Like as it is written.
It was lormless and void, 8c. (lor lrom the word it was lormless, down to upon the laces ol,
are twelve words in the Hehrew text ol Genesis.)
|By the same rule, the millennium is deduced lrom the seventh word. The seventh space here
means Malkuth, the kindom, or the queen, which toether with the six ol Microprosopus,
makes up the seven lower Sephiroth. (See Introduction, yy. lurther. lor the idea ol the halance
ol mercy and judment.)|
a. The thirteenth (that is, ol the waters, HMIM, Hamim, which is the thirteenth word) raiseth
up these (that is, as well the sanctuary which is ahove as that which is helow) throuh mercy
(since the water symholizeth that measure ol mercy throuh which judment and punishments
are mitiated), and they are renewed as helore (lor the six words lollow alresh, as in the
heinnin the six memhers are enumerated). Ior all those six continue and stand last (they are
the memhers ol the Microprosopus, and are not as his hride, and lrom them is the restitution),
since it is written BRA, Bera, created (which hath a sense ol permanence), and then it is written
HIThH, Hayitha, it was (which also is a phrase ol permanence and not ol interpolation), lor it is
very truth (plainly, therelore, the kindom perished not, althouh it miht he lormless and void,
hut it retaineth hitherto the essence).
|Mercy and judment are opposites, and lrom the side ol judment comes the execution ol
judment, which is destruction.|
a. And at the end ol the Iormless and the Void and the Darkness (that is, at the end ol the exile
this sayin shall have place. Isa. ii. ). And the Tetrarammaton alone shall he exalted in that day
(that is, in the time ot Messiah).
|The Tetrarammaton (see Introduction, 6y) comprehends the whole ten Sephiroth, and
consequently expresses their three trinities ol halanced lorce also, consequently, when the
Tetrarammaton appears, the lormless and the void and the darkness disappear, and lorm, lulness,
and liht replace them.|
a. But there are excavations ol excavations. (The excavation is the receptacle, like that which is
hollowed out, or carved out, like a cave, or any other receptacle. Therelore all receptacles are
inlerior with respect to the superiors, amon which the shells hold the last place, which here
are descrihed, which are) under the lorm ol a vast serpent extendin this way and that.
(Concernin this serpent the author ol the Royal Valley speaks thus in his Treatise ol the
Shells. The lraments ol the receptacles, which have lallen into the world ol Creation, ol
Iormation, and ol Action, therein exist lrom the Outer, and judments are more consonant to
these, which are called prolane, and have their hahitation in the middle space hetween the Holy
and the Unclean. And lrom the head is lormed that reat draon which is in the sea, and is the
sea-serpent, which is, however, not so harmlul as the earthly one. And this draon hath heen
castrated since his crest (or memhrum enitale), toether with his mate, have heen repressed, and
thence have heen lormed lour hundred desirahle worlds. And this draon hath in his head a
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - 6 6 - -
nostril (alter the manner ol whales) in order that he may receive inlluence, and in himsell he
containeth all other draons, concernin which it is said. Thou hast hroken the heads ol the
draons upon the waters (Ps. lxxiv. ). And here the idea or universal lorm ol all the shells is
understood, which encompasseth the seven inlerior emanations ol the queen alter the manner ol
a serpent, as well lrom the riht as lrom the lelt and lrom every side.)
|The excavation or receptacle ol a Sephira is that quality wherehy it receives the supernal
inlluence lrom that which immediately precedes it, hence each Sephira has a douhle quality ol
receivin and ol transmittin. which passes throuh the lour voids, in each ol which the
Sephiroth exist, thouh in radually decreasin liht. (See Tahle suhjoined.) The shells, Qlisoth,
are the demons, in whom aain is a lorm ol the Sephiroth, distorted and averse. This reat draon
which is here descrihed is evidently identical with the leviathan ol oh. He is the executor ol
judment. the centripetal lorce, the old serpent ever seekin to penetrate into Paradise, linally, in
a more exoteric sense he is Satan and the devil, the accusin one. In the Sepher Yetzirah, a most
important qahalistical hook, he is called Theli, ThLI, the draon. Now, hy Gematria, ThLI = cc
+ c + c = c, and il we repress his crest -i.e., take away the lirst letter, which is Th, Tau,-
cc, there will remain LI=o=M, Mem, the water. The cc desirahle worlds are the numerical
value ol Th, and sinily the power ol the Tetrarammaton on the material plane (See note to
section a, loreoin). There is much alchemical symholism contained in the Siphra
Dtzenioutha. The Seven Inlerior Emanations ol the queen, are the seven lower Sephiroth -viz.,
Chesed, Gehurah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth, or Microprosopus and his
hride, the kin and queen. Shells, Qliphoth, are the evil spirits.|
a6. His tail is in his head (that is, he holdeth his tail in his mouth, in order that he may lorm a
circle, since he is said to encompass holiness). He translerreth his head to hehind the shoulders
(that is, he raiseth his head at the hack ol the hride ol Microprosopus, where is the place ot most
severe judments), and he is despised (since in him is the extremity ol judments and severities,
whence wrath is the attrihute ol his lorms). He watcheth (that is, he accurately searcheth out and
seeketh in what place he may ain an entry into holiness. And he is concealed (as il layin traps,
since he insinuateth himsell into the inleriors, hy whose sins he hath access to the holy rades,
where the carryin out ol judments is committed to him.) He is manilested in one ol the
thousand shorter days. (Numhers are called days, and numhers ol the inlerior world short days,
amon which tens are attrihuted to the lactive, on account ol their decimal numeration, hundreds
to the lormative, since they are numhers ol the liht ol their author, and draw their existence
lrom the tens, hut thousands to the creative, lor the same reason. But that draon hath ahout this
his most powerlul location, whence, il a delect occurreth only in one numeration ol that system
throuh the lault ol the inleriors, he is immediately manilest, and thus commenceth his
accusations helore the throne ol lory.)
|Here is the oriin ol the well-known symhol ol a serpent holdin his tail in his mouth, like a
circle-the serpent ol Saturn. The reason that he raiseth his head hehind the shoulders ol the hride
(Malkuth) is hecause he is. so to speak, not only the executor ol judment, hut also the destroyer,
destruction as opposed to creation, death as opposed to lile. Ior the whole Sephiroth are
represented as hein the halance ol mercy and justice, and the tenth Sephira is especially ol the
nature ol justice, as also is Gehurah, the lilth. He is concealed, hecause he is not called into action
till justice requires him. The term decimal numeration ol course relers to the ten Sephiroth.
The presence ol the serpent when revealed, is an accusation, hecause it shows that the halance is
destroyed, just as in a watch, il one ol the wheels he injured. irreularity is at once manilested.
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - y y - -
Now, lile, when it consists ol hirth into another lorm, necessarily implies death in the previous
lorm. The throne ol lory is the Briatic world.|
ay. There are swellins in his scales (that is, like as in a crocodile, hecause reat in him is the
heapin toether ol judments). His crest keepeth its own place (that is, there is in him no
lurther power ol hastenin to thins heyond in the Outer).
|There is in the destroyer no hastenin to the outer, hecause he is centripetal and not
a8. But his head is hroken hy the waters ol the reat sea. (The reat sea is wisdom, the lountain ol
mercy and lovin-kindness, which, il it sendeth down its inlluence, judments are pacilied, and
the hurtlul power ol the shells is restricted), like as it is written, Ps. lxxiv. . Thou hast hroken
the heads ol the draons hy the waters.
|The waters ol the reat sea. are the inlluence ol the supernal mother, Binah, ol whom Malkuth
is the rellection. But Binah receives the inlluence ol Chokmah. See Introduction.|
aq. They were two (male and lemale, whence the text ol the Psalm speaketh ol the draons in
the plural numher, hut when the plural numher is iven in its least lorm, two only are
understood). They are reduced into one (lor the lemale leviathan hath heen slain, lest they should
seek to multiply judments). Whence the word ThNINM, Thenanim (in the helore-mentioned
passae ol the Psalm), is written in a delective lorm (purposely to denote that restriction).
|I may reler the reader to the Talmud lorlurther inlormation reardin ewish ideas ol the
Leviathan. Thenanim is. written in a delective lorm, hecause the letter I ol the plural is omitted.
Written lully, it should he ThNINIM, instead ol ThNINM.|
c. (But it is said) heads (in the plural numher, lor the purpose ol denotin a vast multitude, as
well ol species as ol individuals in that enus), like as it is written, Ezek. i. aa. And a likeness as a
lirmament ahove the heads ol the livin creature. (Where also the word livin creature, ChIH,
Chiah, is put in the sinular as a enus ol anels, and heads in the plural lor the purpose ol
denotin species and innumerahle individuals.)
|Thou hast hroken the heads ol the draons (Thenanim) hy the waters. It must he rememhered
that this draon is said hy the author ol the Royal Valley to he the kin ol all the shells or
demons. Now, the demons are divided into ten classes, correspondin to the ten Sephiroth, hut in
an averse lorm, and are called in the hook, Beth Elohim, the impure Sephiroth. The heads ol
the leviathan (cl. the Lernn Hydra which Hercules slew) are prohahly these. Compare the
description ol the heast in Revelation.|
. And the Elohim said, let there he liht, and there was liht. (The sense may he souht lrom
that Psalm xxxiii. q) where it is written, Since He Himsell spake, and it was done. (Iirst,
therelore, is commemorated) the Path HVA, Hoa, (that is, the mother ol understandin, who is
called ALHIM, Elohim, near the heinnin ol the verse. And the Elohim said. She also is called
HVA, Hoa, in the words ol Psalm xxxiii. q, on account ol her truly secret nature) is alone (as
well with Moses as with David). The word VIHI, Vayehi, and it was done, is also alone. (As il
the six memhers were considered separately, seein that V, Vau, occupieth the lirst place in the
word VIHI, Vayehi.
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - 8 8 - -
|This statement, that the supernal mother symholized hy the word Hoa, He, seems at lirst siht at
variance with the statement in another place, that Hoa represents Macroprosopus. But the letter
H in the Tetrarammaton symholizes the supernal mother, and this is also the initial letter ol
Hoa. And aain hy Gematria (see Introduction) Hoa, HVA=+6+=a, and the diits ol a
+a=. And symholizes Binah hecause she is the third Sephira. Seein that V, Vau, occupies
the lirst place in the word VIHI, hecause V stands lor the numher 6. See Tahle ol the Alphahet,
8c., in Introduction.)
a. Then are the letters inverted, and hecome one. (Il, namely, in the word VIHI, Vayehi, the
letters I, Yod, and H, He, he placed in lront so that it may read IHVI, Yahevi, it maketh one
Tetrarammaton, which exhausteth the whole Divinity. But since these helon to the mother,
lrom whom arise the judments, hence this tetrarammaton is here written in retrorade order,
which mode ol writin is relerred hy qahalists to the judments, on account ol the nature ol
averse thins, whence this ouht to he written in this way. IHVI, Yahevi, IHV, Yeho, IH, Yah, I,
Yod. But since in the path ol understandin those judments themselves do not exist, hut only
their roots, while in itsell this path is only pure mercy, hence the retrorade order is inverted, in
order that it may he posited entire in this manner as at lirst). I, Yod, IH, Yah, IHV, Yeho, IHVI,
Yahevi. (But it is not written in the usual manner, IHVH, Yod, He, Vau, He, hecause the word is
derived lrom VIHI, Vayehi, whose metathesis is here discussed. And nevertheless the letter)
which is last (namely, I, Yod, which is put in the place ol the last H, He, in the ordinary lorm ol
the Tetrarammaton, denoteth), the Schechinah (or the queenly presence) which is helow (that
is, a path ol the kindom, namely, MLKVTh, Malkuth, the tenth and last Sephira), like as (in the
other instance) the letter H, He, is lound to he the Schechinah.
|The reader will he utterly unahle to lollow the reasonin in this section, unless he reads carelully
what I have said in the Introduction concernin the Literal Qahalah under the heads ol Notariqon
and Temurah, to which therelore I reler him. Any lour-lettered name is ol course a
tetrarammaton, hut this term is especially applied to the word ol lour letters called hy hihlical
translators ehovah. It must he rememhered that the natural course ol writin Hehrew and
Chaldee is lrom riht to lelt, and that when it is written lrom lelt to riht, it is said to he written
hackwards, in retrorade order. or averse. By the path ol understandin is meant Binah,
the third Sephira. Schechinah is ol course the Divine Presence manilested in the path ol Malkuth
I have explained in the Introduction the meanin ol the term path as employed in the Zohar.|
. But in one halance are they equiponderated. (The halance denoteth the male and the lemale,
and the meanin is, that the letters I, Yod, and H, He - ol which the lormer is masculine and
relerreth to the path ol the loundation, and the latter is leminine, pertainin to the queen-are
interchaneahle, since whilst the equilihrium existeth there is an intercomunication hetween
them, and they are joined toether as one. Add to this that the queen is also called ADNI,
Adenai, wherein the letter I, Yod, hrineth up the rearuard ol the army, as it were, hecause also
it is accustomed to he called, the Lesser Wisdom.) And the livin creatures rush lorth and return.
(This is what is said in Ezek. i. concernin the livin creatures, which it is accustomed to he
said concernin those letters ol the Tetrarammaton, which sometimes hold the last place and
sometimes the lirst, as when I, Yod, rusheth lorth unto the last place, and when it returneth unto
the heinnin aain, and so also the letter H, He. Likewise, then, also the livin creatures are said
to rush lorth, when the Tetrarammaton is written with the linal H, He, hecause then the whole
system ol emanatives is exhausted. But they are said to return when the Tetrarammaton is
written with the linal I, Yod, so that the sense may he collected in such a manner as to return
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - q q - -
lrom the last path ol the queen into the penultimate ol the loundation, which is desinated hy
this letter I, Yod.
|I have delined halance in the ntroduction, aq, which see. The path ol the loundation is ol
course Yesod, the ninth Sephira, while the queen is Malkuth. the tenth. Yesod is therelore the
connectin link hetween the Microprosopus and the hride. The letter I hrineth up the rearuard
as it were in the name ADNI, Adona. hecause it is the last letter. Ezek, i. . the Qahalists hy
the term ChIVTH HQDSH, Chaivoth Ha-Qadesch, the Holy Livin-Creatures, understand the
letters ol the Tetrarammaton. With reard to the letters ol the Tetrarammaton, which
sometimes hold the last place and sometimes the lirst, the lollowin are two examples - namely,
as in the lorm IHVI, Yod. He, Vau, Yod, the letter I, Yod, is hoth at the heinnin and end ol the
word, and in the lorm which is more usual IHVH, Yed, He, Vau, He, the letter H, He. is in the
second and last place.)
. Like as it is written. And the Elohim saw the suhstance ol the liht, that it was ood. (Here a
reason is adduced lrom the proposed text itsell, showin how the last letter ol this lorm ol the
Tetrarammaton, namely, I, Yod, may he said to symholize the hride, since God himsell miht
hehold in that liht the path ol conjunctive loundation, which the word oodness pointeth out,
hut when the loundation is in the act ol conjunction - that is, under the idea ol communicatin
oodness - there then is the hride. But also that the word oodness denoteth the loundation is
proved lrom Isa. iii. c, where it is said, Say ye unto the rihteous man (that is, to the path ol
loundation, hecause the lirst man is said to he the loundation ol the world, Prov. x. a), that it
shall he well with him. Therelore, then do they ascend within the equilihrium. (That is, these
two letters, I, Yod, and H, He, mean one and the same thin. Or, aain. But hehold, how in
halanced power ascend the letters ol Tetrarammaton. That is, how those letters aree when in
conjunction, which helore were standin separated in the word VIHI, Vayehi.)
|The path ol loundation is ol course the ninth Sephim. Yesod, which is the sixth memher ol
Microprosopus (see section 6. loreoin). and typilies reproductive power. Maikuth is the queen.
We must rememher that in the Tetrarammaton. IHVH, I, Yod is the lather (who is not
Macroprosopus, thouh he is implied therein, as the top point ol the Hehrew letter Yod is said to
symholize him), H, He. the supernal mother, V, Vau, the son (Microprosopus), and H. He, linal,
the hride (the queen). And this is their proper order. Other variations ol the Tetrarammaton.
therelore, alter the position ol the letters with reard to each other, their normal and correct
position hein IHVH.|
(Whilst the spouse, Microprosopus) was at lirst alone (he was standin hy, whilst the letter V,
Vau, occupied the lirst place, then was he separated lrom his hride). But all thins returned into
the unity. (That is, not only were lather and mother conjoined into one, hecause the two letters,
I, Yod, and H, He, were comhined, hut also the Microprosopus returned to his hride, whilst V,
Vau, was placed next to I, Yod, in the Tetrarammaton, IHVI, Yahevi. Ior) V, Vau, descendeth
(when in the word VIHI, Vayehi, and it was done, it occupieth the lirst place, hut in the
proposed metathesis it descended into the third place, in order that it miht he IHVI, Yahevi).
And they are hound toether the one to the other (male and lemale, V, Vau, and I, Yod, the path
ol heauty and the queen), namely, I, Yod, and H, He (hy which are shown wisdom and
knowlede, lather and mother), like unto two lovers who emhrace each other. (By two lovers are
understood either V, Van, and I, Yod, only-that is, at the end, or I, Yod, and H, He, toether-that
is, at the heinnin).
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - c c - -
|The path ol heauty, or Tiphereth. the sixth Sephira, is sometimes represented hy V, Van, and
therelore sometimes stands lor Microprosopus hy itsell, it is really the central Sephira ol the
roup ol six Sephiroth which compose him. The numerical value ol Vau is 6.|
6. (Now the author ol the Siphra Dtzenioutha hasteneth to the latter explanation ol these
letters, I, Yod, and V, Van, and concernin V, Van, he saith). Six memhers are produced lrom
the hranch ol the root ol his hody. (The hody is Microprosopus, the root ol the hody is the
mother, who is symholized hy the letter H, He, the hranch ol the root is the letter V, Yau,
enclosed and hidden within the letter H, He, and lrom that very hranch were produced the six
memhers - that is, the entire letter V, Van, now havin ohtained the head.)
|The mother here mentioned is ol course the third Sephira. Binah. The six memhers ol
Microprosopus lormin the entire letter Vau is an allusion to the numerical value ol that letter
hein 6.|
y. The tonue speaketh reat thins (see Dan. vii, 8. And hy the tonue is understood the
loundation -namely, the letter I, Yod, joined with his hride, the speech is the marital inllux
llowin lorth lrom the hride, lor the queen is called the word, hut the reat thins are the
inleriors ol all rades produced.)
|The inleriors ol all rades or paths are the Sephiroth in the inlerior worlds.|
8. This tonue is hidden hetween I, Yod, and H, He. (Ior lather and mother are perpetually
conjoined in ISVD, Yesod, the loundation, hut concealed under the mystery ol Daath or ol
|The conjunction ol the letters V and H at the end ol the Tetrarammaton IHVH is similar to
that ol I and H at the heinnin.|
q. Because it is written (Isa. xliv. ). That man shall say, I am ol the Tetrarammaton. (The
word ANI, Ani, I, when the discourse is concernin judments, pertaineth to the queen. But
whensoever mercy is introduced it relerreth to the understandin, like as in this place. In order
that the sense may he. The supernal path, which is called I, or the understandin in act ol
conjunction with the lather, is lor the purpose ol the lormation ol the Tetrarammaton, and this
is one conjunction hetween the lather and the mother lor the constitution ol the six memhers.)
And that shall he called hy the name acoh, IOQB, Yaqoh. (To call hy name is to preserve, and
another conjunction ol lather and mother is introduced lor the purpose ol preservin the
Microprosopus, which is called acoh.) And that man shall write with his hand, I am the Lord's.
(To write heloneth to the written law, or the heautilul path, and the same also sinilieth to llow
in. With his hand, BIDV, Byodo, is hy metathesis BIVD, Byod, hy I, Yod-that is, throuh the
loundation, in order that the sense may he, it may he lormed lrom his inllux, so that the
Tetrarammaton may he written with I, Yod, as we have ahove said.) And hy the name ol Israel
shall he call himsell. He shall call himsell thus in truth. (Ior the conception ol the Microprosopus
is more properly under the name ol acoh, whose wile is Rachel, and his conomen, as it were, is
Israel, whose wile is Leah.)
|The understandin is Binan, the third Sephira. which is relerred to the supernal H, He, The
heautilul path is Tiphereth, the sixth. The loundation is Yesod, the ninth. It is the linal Yod, I,
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
ol the lorm ol the Tetrarammaton IHVI. which is relerred to Yesod, and not the initial, which
helons to Chokmah, the second Sephira, the Iather.|
c. That man shall say, I am the Lord's, he descendeth. (That is. that very conception ol the word
I, which is elsewhere attrihuted to the supernal mother, lorasmuch as in her aree the three
letters ol the word ANI, Ani, I, namely A, Aleph, is the hihest crown, N, Nun, is the
understandin itsell, in its lilty celehrated ates, I, Yod, is the loundation or knowlede ol the
Iather, hut in this instance it is attrihuted to the lowest rade ol the lower mother, and now is
ADNI, Adona, without the D, Daleth, D, or poverty, hut lilled with the inllux, and is ANI, Ani.)
And all thins are called BIDV, Byodo (that is, all these thins are applied to IVD, Yod,
concernin which this discourse is.) All thins cohere hy the tonue, which is concealed in the
mother. (That is, throuh Daath, or knowlede, wherehy wisdom is comhined with the
understandin, and the heautilul path with his hride the queen -, and this is the concealed idea, or
soul, pervadin the whole emanation.) Since this is opened lor that which proceedeth lrom itsell
(that is, Daath is itsell the heautilul path, hut also the inner, whereto Moses relerreth, and that
path lieth hid within the mother, and is the medium ol its conjunction. But whensoever it is
considered in the outer, when it hath come lorth lrom the mother, then is it called acoh.)
|The reader is relerred to the Introduction lor the names, 8c., ol the Sephiroth. Nun in its lilty
ates relers to the numerical value ol the letter N, which is c. The lower mother is ol course
the linal H ol the word IHVH. the hride. Daath, enerally symholizes the conjunction ol the
second and third Sephiroth.|
. (And herein IHV Yod, He, Vau, dillereth lrom, the whole name and lrom all the lour letters.
Now, he turneth hack to the other portion ol the lour-namely, IHV, Yod, He, Vau-and saith.)
The Iather resideth in the heinnin (that is, that the letter I, Yod, which is the symhol ol the
wisdom and ol the lather, in that part holdeth the lirst place, like as in the whole system, since
the crown nevertheless is hidden, and is only compared to the hihest apex ol the letter I, Yod).
The mother in the middle (lor the letter H, Hi, which is the symhol ol the unlormed
understandin and the supernal mother, holdeth the middle place hetween I, Yod, and V, Vau,
even as in the supernals she is comprehended hy the Iather lrom ahove, and hy the
Microprosopus, which is her son, she is covered lrom helow, in whom she sendeth hersell
downward into the Dath ol Hod, or ol lory.) And she is covered on this side and on that (hy the
two, lather and son). Woe, woe unto him who revealeth their nakedness' (Since this can he done
hy the laults ol the inleriors, so that Microprosopus loseth this inllux, wherehy he is ol so reat
power that he can seek to enshroud his mother, lor that coverin is the reception ol the supernal
inllux, and the capahility ol transmittin the same to the inleriors, which cannot he done il the
mother he uncovered and taken away lrom the Microprosopus, as the Israelites did when they
committed the sin ol the call.
|IHV is ol course the Tetrarammaton without the linal H. It is interestin to note that in the
qahalistical work called the Sepher Yetzirah, this trirammatic name is used instead ol the
Tetrarammaton. The crown which is hidden is Kether, the lirst Sephira, or Macroprosopus, who
is AHIH, and is therelore not openly shown in IHVH. The path ol Hod is Ehe eihth Sephira.
The lather and the son, hy whom the mother is enclosed, are ol course the letters I and V in the
word IHV. With reard to what is said reardin the Israelites when they committed the sin ol
the call, I imaine that it is intended to intimate-(a) That the call as a symhol ol ALHIM, Elohim,
not ol IHVH, lor the Israelites had said, Make us Elohim to o helore us. (h) That this name
Elohim is applied to the leminine portion ol the Tetrarammaton HH. (c) That therelore the
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a - -
lorce was unhalanced which they adored, and that it would have heen just as wron to adore IV
a. And God said, let there he MARTh, Maroth, lihts in the lirmament ol the heaven. (Now he
hasteneth to the third part ol that quadrilateral name, namely, to these two letters IH, Yod, He.
But hy lihts are understood the sun and the moon, the heautilul path and the kindom or hride.
And herein the sense is this. althouh usually hy these two letters are accustomed to he
understood the Iather and the Mother, or the wisdom and the understandin, yet in this place the
supernal lihts are wantin, like as the word MARTh, Maroth, is written in a delective lorm, and
the meanin is proper to he applied unto the lirmament ol the heaven- that is, to the loundation,
extended and prepared lor marital conjunction, lor the spouse is called the heaven, and the
memher ol the treaty is the lirmament, like, as, therelore, the two last paths in the whole name
IHVI, Yod, He, Vau, Yod are desinated hy the letters V, Vau, and I, Yod, so likewise these in
this portion ol the square are desinated hy the letters, I, Yod, and H, He.) The hushand hath
dominion over the wile (since it is not written hy V, Vau, hut hy I, Yod, which is the symhol ol
the memher ol the treaty, and herein denoteth the actual comhination with the lemale). like as it
is written (Prov. x. a). And the just man is the loundation ol the world. (By this sayin he
illustrateth his meanin, hecause hy the letter I, Yod, is understood the lundamental memher hy
which the world is preserved in'existence.)
|Il the reader relers to the Introduction, he will there lind in the Tahle showin the operation ol
the Sephiroth in the lour worlds. 8c., that in the world ol Asiah the sun is relerred to Tiphereth
and the moon to Yesod. Iurthermore, the circumstance ol certain words hein written
delectively or redundantly is commented on in the Introduction, . The term square, or
square name. is sometimes applied to the Tetrarammaton. The phrase memher ol the treaty
prohahly alludes to the symholism ol circumcision. In this sense. I, Yod. in the path ol Yesod, the
ninth Sephira, has a symholical phallic sinilication.|
. I, Yod, therelore irradiateth two. (That is, the letter I, Yod, in this square ol the
Tetrarammaton hath a douhle sense ol inllux, lorasmuch as in the lirst instance it sinilieth the
lather who illuminateth the mother, and lorasmuch as in the second instance it sinilieth the
Microprosopus, or rather his treaty, which illuminateth the kindom.) And (aain in another
manner) it shineth (that is, and also hath a third sinilication, whilst in the complete name it
constituteth the last letter), and passeth on into the woman. That is, and denoteth the hride ol
Microprosopus, as is shown ahove, hecause it is put in the place ol the last H, He, ol the
Tetrarammaton IHVH, like as also it hath the same power ol sinilication in the connection ol
the names ol existence and domination in this manner, IAChD, VNHI.)
. (Now he turneth to the last part ol this square, which is I, Yod, alone, and saith), I, Yod,
remaineth one and alone (in order that it may show that all llow out lrom the one sinle letter I,
Yod, which is in the lorm ol a point, yet partakin ol three parts, concernin which see
elsewhere, yet in this place denotin only the woman, or the kindom, wherein are contained all
the supernals.).
|Yod at the end ol the Tetrarammaton denotes the synthesis, the circular movement hy which
the and returns to the heinnin. In the secret qahalistical alphahet known as the celestial
alphahet, Yod is represented hy three circles at the anles ol an equilateral trianle with the apex
uppermost. Malkuth, the tenth Sephira, ol course receives the inllux ol all the other Sephiroth
(see Tahle showin the reception and transmission ol the Sephiroth in the lour worlds.|
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
. And then (il now the Tetrarammaton he not considered in the manner just descrihed, hut in
this manner ol institutin the square, IHVI, IHV, IH, I, then Yod also is in a certain sense solitary,
hut in a plainly contrary sense. Ior it ascendeth in its path upwards and upwards. (That is, it doth
not so much receive the hiher sense, in order that it may denote the heautilul path or the
loundation, hut the hihest, that is, the lather or the wisdom.) The woman is aain hidden. (That
is, in this instance, the lormer meanin hy which it denoted the hride ol Microprosopus, namely,
the last letter ol the ahove-written lorm ol the Tetrarammaton, ceaseth in itsell.)
|This is in the converse manner. The letter I no loner sinilies the hride when it ceases to he the
linal letter ol a Tetrarammaton.|
6. And the mother is illuminated (that is, in the second part ol the ordinary averse
Tetrarammaton, which consists ol the letters IH, to the letter I, Yod, which hath the
sinilication ol the lather, is added the letter H, He, which is the mother, and hecause these two
are comhined hy themselves, hence that luminous inlluence is denoted wherewith the
understandin is imhued hy the supernal wisdom), and is opened out into her ates (that is, il
these two letters he hound closely toether, then out ol the dead the pentad oriinateth the
numher So, hy which are denoted the lilty ates ol the understandin, these are said to he opened
hecause the letter H, He, is last and upprotected, not hein shut in hy any other succeedin
|This is takin the letters IH separate lrom the rest ol the Tetrarammaton, hut themselves
conjoined. And as I=c and H=, these two conjoined (multiplied toether) ive N=c. And
these are the lilty ates or properties ol the understandin. These are opened, hecause in the
word IH, Yah, the letter H is last, not hein shut in, as hy VH in the Tetrarammaton IHVH, or
V in the triram IHV.|
y. The key is added which containeth six, and closeth its ate. (That is, in the third part ol this
averse lorm, which is IHV, the letter H is not altoether the last, hut V, the third letter ol the
Tetrarainmaton, closeth it in on the other side, wherehy are denoted the six memhers ol the
Microprosopus, superinvestin the six memhers ol the mother in such a manner that her last ate,
which is the path ol lory, HVD, Hod, is closed, and comhined with the remainder, which are-
Beninity, Severity, Beauty, Victory, drawin their existence sinly out ol the decad.)
|In the Triram IHV, V may he called the key, hecause it closeth the lilty ates symholized hy
IH, hy comin next to H, so as to close or shut in that letter hetween itsell and L By the decad
is meant the ten Sephiroth, which are symholized hy the numerical valae ol . which is c.|
8. And it applieth to the inleriors and to this part. (Or, as others read, it applieth to this side
and to that. Now, the discourse is concernin the lourth part ol the square, where the name is
complete, whether written as H or as I in the last path, so that, nevertheless, the hride ol
Microprosopus may he added. Therelore on either side hath Microprosopus a connectin link, lor
he superinvesteth the mother lrom the supernal part, so that he may receive her into himsell as
his soul, and he also aain is covered hy his hride lrom the inlerior part, so that he in his turn may
himsell hecome her soul.)
|The hride, the inlerior H, He, is said to he a rellection ol the mother, the supernal H, He, in the
Tetrarammaton, just as Microprosopus is said to he the rellection ol Macroprosopus.|
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
q. Woe unto him who shall open her ate' (The ates are said to he paths throuh which
inlluence rusheth lorth, they are said to he closed, hecause, on the other hand, too much
inlluence cannot he taken away lrom the inleriors, wherelore the memhers are said to he
overshadowed hy the memhers, so that the liht may diminish in its transit. But when those very
concatenations and cohihitions ol the lihts are separated hy the sins ol the inleriors, no inllux
can come into the universe in a proper manner.)
|Iollowin out the symhol ol the equilihrium in the Sephiroth, the sin ol the inlerior paths would
he the introduction ol unhalanced lorce. The reader will at lirst lind a little dilliculty in lollowin
the reasonin ol these last lew sections, hut alter readin them over once or twice, their meanin
will seem clearer to him.|
. THE heard ol truth. (That is, now lolloweth a description ol the heard ol Macroprosopus, and
its thirteen parts, which are more lully descrihed in the Idra Rahha.)
|The heard is the inllux which descends lrom the lirst Sephira throuh all the others.
Macroprosopus is ol course, as I have lully explained in the Introduction, the lirst Sephira,
Kether, or the crown also called the Ancient One.|
a. Ol the heard mention hath not heen made. (The correct Mantuan Codex hath this correction,
so that the word DQNA, Deqena, is here inserted in the oriinal text. The meanin is, that
Solomon in the Son ol Sons maketh mention ol all the other memhers, hut not ol the heard.)
Because this is the ornament ol all. (It is called an ornament hecause it covereth the rest, just as a
arment which ornamenteth the hody covereth that. But this heard covereth not only the
Macroprosopus, hut also the lather and the mother, and descendeth even unto Microprosopus.
Whence, on account ol the communication ol so copious a liht, it hath also itsell heen clothed as
with a arment with the reat reverence ol silence.)
|By this heard, coverin not only Macroprosopus, hut also the lather and the mother. is meant
that, while it is an important attrihute ol Macroprosopus (who is, he it carelully rememhered hy
the reader Eheieh, AHIH, and not IHVH. in which latter name he is only alluded to as -the
uppermost point ol the letter I, Yod), it also extends throuh the Sephiroth, lor it covers the
lather and the mother (ie., the second Sephira, Chokmah, wisdom, and ihe third Sephira, Binah,
understandin, the IH ol IHVH). Thus, therelore, thouh proper,y speakin a part ol AHIH, and
not ol IHVH, it extends throuh the Tetrarammaton IHVH, lor it descendeth even unto
Microprosopus, the next six Sephiroth, the V ol IHVH.|
. Irom the ears it proceedeth ahout the circumlerence ol the open space, the white locks ascend
and descend. Into thirteen portions it is distrihuted in adornment. (Ol all these see the
explanation in the Idra Rahha and Idra Zuta.)
|These thirteen divisions ol the heard ol Macroprosopus are all descanted upon at lenth in hoth
the Greater and Lesser Holy Assemhly, in the lirst mentioned ol which a chapter is devoted
to the consideration ol each division. I therelore shall not need to enter into the suhject here, as
the reader will lind all the inlormation he requires in the latter part ol this volume. By Gematria
(see Introduction). the word AChD, Achad, one, unity=. The heard therelore is a lyph ol the
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
. Concernin that ornamentation it is written (er. ii. 6). No man passed throuh it, and where
no man dwelt. Man is without, man is not included therein, much less the male.
|The verse runs in the Enlish version. Throuh a land that no man passed throuh, and where
no man dwelt.|
. Throuh thirteen sprins are the lountains distrihuced (hy which there is an inllux upon
Microprosopus and the inleriors). Iour are separately joined toether, hut nine llow upon the
hody (or, as others read, hy advice ol the correct Mantuan Codex), encircle the arden (that is,
the Microprosopus).
|The lour, separately joined, prohahly reler to the lour letters ol the Tetrarammaton, and the
nine to the last nine Sephiroth - i.e., exclusive ol Kether. The Garden, or Paradise, is another term
expressive ol the whole Sephirotic system in Atziloth. tne archetypal world.|
6. This ornamentation heinneth to he lormed helore the ate ol the ears.
y. It descendeth in heauty into the heinnin ol the lips, lrom this heinnin into that heinnin.
8. There existeth a path which oeth out heneath the two alleries ol the nostrils, in order that he
may seek to pass over transression, like as it is written, Prov. xix. And it is lory to pass over
a transression.
|The partin ol the moustache on the centre ol the upper lip. It is his lory to pass over a
q. Beneath the lips the heard oeth ahout into another heinnin.
c. Beneath that another path oeth lorth.
. It covereth the approaches to the aromatic heinnin which is ahove.
a. Two apples are heheld, to illuminate the lihts.
|The two ,apples. or apple-trees. are the cheeks. Compare with this the imaery ol the Son ol
. The inlluence ol all lloweth down as lar as the heart (therein han suspended the superiors
and the inleriors).
. Amon those locks which han down, none shineth lorth ahove another.
. The lesser cover the throat like an ornament, the reater are restored to perlect proportion.
6. The lips are lree on every side. Blessed is he who shall hecome the receiver ol their kisses.
y. In that inlluence ol all stream down thirteen drops ol most pure halm.
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - 6 6 - -
8. In this inlluence all thins exist and are concealed.
q. At that time, when the seventh month draweth nih, those months shall he lound to he
thirteen (lor in the Codex, so olten said to he correct, this word ThRISR, Tharisar, or twelve, is
expuned, as il it were then shown to he a year ol thirteen months, accordin to the numher ol
those thirteen divisions ol the inlluence) in the supernal world, and the thirteen ates ol mercy
are opened. At that time (hy which principally the day ol expiation is meant, accordin to that
passae ol Isaiah, iv. 6). Seek ye the Lord while He can he lound.
|The thirteen divisions ol the inlluence in the supernal world are ol course these thirteen parts
ol the heard ol Macroprosopus considered in the sense ol Atziloth, the archetypal world, the
hahitation ol the pure Sephiroth alone. Seek ye the LORD while he may he lound.|
ac. It is written, Gen. i. .. And the Lord said, Let the earth hrin lorth ermination, (let there
he) rass yieldin seed. (Il here the word IHI, Yehi, let there he, he inserted, they make nine
words.) This is that which is written. And humhle your hodies in the ninth ol the month at
even. (This is to he understood concernin that time concernin which we have spoken ahove,
hecause then the Lord is to he souht out.)
|VIAMR ALHIM ThDShA HARTz DShA OShA MZRIO ZRO, eiht words, to which il IHI he
added, we have nine. The Enlish version = And God said. Let the earth hrin lorth rass, the
herh yieldin seed.|
a. (In that passae, Deut. iii. a, where it is written). Adona ehovah, thou hast heun to show
unto Thy servant Thy reatness, the name, Tetrarammaton, IHVH existeth perlectly written in
its sides. (So that the name ADNI, Adona, denoteth the inlerior H, He, lrom the one side, and
the points ol the name ALHIM, Elohim, denote the superior H, He, lroni the other side.)
|In its sides -i.e. in its aspects. The points are the vowel marks.|
aa. But here in this proermination ol the earth it is not perlect, hecause IHI, Yehi (let there he),
is not written. (But we read it so that also these letters do not represent a perlect name.)
a. (But therein is represented to us) the superior I, Yod (that is, the mark ol supernal mercy,
which is that most holy Ancient One, as the correct Mantuan Codex shows in a marinal note),
and the inlerior I, Yod (that is, the mark ol inlerior mercy, which is Micioprosopus with the
inlluence which he hath lrom Macroprosopus, which two II, Yods, are also represented in that
passae, Gen. ii. y). VIITzR IHVH, Vayeyetsir, Yod, He, Vau, He, and Tetrarammaton lormed
(the supernal I, Yod, (and the inlerior I, Yod).
|The only way that I can possihly see that VIITzR IHVH will hear the construction put upon it
here is this (in which an eminent Hehrew scholar, Mr. Mew, arees with me). V, Vau, and I,
Yod, the Yod, ITzR, Yetzer, he lormed (namely, the) IHVH, Tetrarammaton. In this
construction the lirst letter Yod in the word VIITzR is taken as the ohject ol the verh ITzR, and
not as a pronominal prelix. The most holy Ancient One is the oriin ol Kether in Ain Soph when
in the condition ol the Ain Soph Aur (see Introduction), while the inlerior Yod is the symhol ol
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - y y - -
a. (But in) IHI (hesides) the superior and inlerior (also existeth) the H, He, hetween hoth (like
as) a connexion ol perlection (wherehy the inllux is derived lrom the Macroprosopus and passed
on to the Microprosopus.)
a. (Wherelore) it is perlect (since it is this name without separation), hut it is not turned to
every side (hecause therein is no symhol ol the hride ol Microprosopus). (Therelore) this narne is
taken out lrom this place and planted in another (that is, those letters also receive another
sinilication lrom the inlerior paths).
a6. (Ior) it is written, Gen. ii. 8. And the Tetrarammaton Elohim planted. (Wherehy is
understood) that H, He, which is hetween the two II, Yods, ol the word IHI, Yehi, which in the
supernals is) the position ol the nose ol the more Ancient One over the Microprosopus
(concernin which see lurther in the Idra Rahha, y)- (Ior this) existeth not without the
(Ior this H, He, symholised in Elohim, is rather the supernal He alone. than either the inlerior He
alone, or hoth conjoined. The nose ol Macroprosopus is said in the Idra Rahhi to he lile in every
part - i.e., it, the lile, existeth not therelore without the inllux ol the spirit which rusheth lorth
therelrom (See ante, Chapter . .)
ay. Throuh H, He, therelore, it is perlected (rather hy reason ol the mother than hy reason ol the
hride, ol whom it is the soul). Ior the one H, He, is ahove (namely, desinatin the lirst
understandin ol the Tetrarammaton, and the other is) the H, He, helow (denotin the queen
and the hride).
a8. Like as it is written, er. Xxxii. y. AHH ADNI IHVH, Ahah, Adona, Yad Be Vau He. Ah,
Lord ehovah, 8c., where there is a cohesion ol the connectin links (that is, in the word AH H,
Ahah, those two HH, He's, are comhined which elsewhere are the media ol the connectin path).
Ior hy the spirit is made the connection ol the halanced equilihria (that is, ol the comhinations as
well ol the lather and mother as ol the Microprosopus and his hride).
aq. (Now the author ol the Siphra Dtzenioutha descendeth to the inlerior paths, leavin out
Macroprosopus, and examineth the name IHV, Yod He Vau. In this are represented lather and
mother and Microprosopus. And lirst occurreth) the supernal I, Yod (the symhol ol the lather),
which is crowned with the crown ol the more Ancient One (that is, whose hihest apex
denoteth the hihest crown, or Macroprosopus, or, accordin to another readin ol the passae,
which is surrounded hy the secret thins-that is hy the inlluence or heard ol Macroprosopus,
which covereth hoth the lather and the mother). It is that memhrane ol the supernal hrain
which, on account ol its excellency, hoth shineth and is concealed. (Concernin this matter
lurther, see the Idra Rahha, 8.)
c. The supernal H, He (then presenteth itsell), which is surrounded hy the spirit which rusheth
lorth lrom the entrances ol the alleries (or the nostrils ol Macroprosopus), that it may ive lile
to all thins.
. The supernal V, Vau, is that tremendous llashin llame (which is the heinnin ol judment,
seein that douhtless hitherto the Microprosopus existeth in the mother) which is surrounded hy
its crown (namely, the mother).
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - 8 8 - -
a. And alter are the letters taken in extended lorm (so that this name is written at lenth, in this
manner. VV, Vau, HH, He, IVD, Yod, which lorm, when it is perlect, is usually called BN, Ben,
hecause its numeration is a), and in Microprosopus are they comprehended (seein that then he
emhraceth his hride).
|See Introduction, pae , Tahle showin the writin ol the Tetrarammaton in the lour worlds.|
. When (this lorm) heinneth, they are discovered in the cranium (namely, these letters, and
therein are they distrihuted in the most supernal part ol Macroprosopus).
|In the cranium (or skull), BGVLGLThA, Beeloltha, or in Gololtha. In the New Testament
it is worthy ol note that esus Christ (the Son) is said to he crucilied at Golotha (the skull),
while here, in the Qahalah, Microprosopus (the Son), as the Tetrarammaton, is said to he
extended in the lorm ol a cross, thus-
-in Golotha (the skull). The text ahove says, at the end ol section . ol Macroprosopus hut I
think this is a misprint lor ol Microprosopus.|
. Thence are they extended throuhout his whole lorm (lrom the oriinal heninity), even to
the loundation ol all thins (namely, as the soul ol the inleriors).
. When it is halanced in the pure equilihrium (that is, when the white locks ol the most holy
Ancient One send down the lihts or names) then are those letters equilihrated. (That is, lrom
their virtue cometh the liht.)
|The lihts or names are the ten Sephiroth and the Divine names associated with them (see
Introduction), which are (with the exception ol the lirst Sephira) comprehended in the
Tetrarammaton IHVH.|
6. When he is manilested in Microprosopus (namely, Macroprosopus), in him are those letters,
and hy them is he named.
y. IVD, Yod, ol the Ancient One, is hidden in its oriin (that is, the lather, who is usually
symholized hy I, Yod, and is himsell also called the Ancient One, is shrouded hy the heard ol
Macroprosopus, or otherwise. Instead ol that manner in which the other two letters duplicate
their literal parts - e.., HH and VV-I, Yod, hy reason ol his very nature, cannot he expressed hy
this duplication, hut remaineth one and alone), hecause the name is not lound, that is, hecause il
II he put, it can no loner he pronounced as I, Yod, therelore is it written IVD).
|The Ancient One is one ol the titles ol Macroprosopus, the lirst Sephim. But the letter I, Yod,
ol the Tetrarammaton is relerred to the second Sephira, Chokmah, which is also called the
Iather. See Introduction, 6y.|
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - q q - -
8. HA, He, is extended hy another (He, as it is written HH in open and plain writin, hut also it
is sometimes written in another way, HI, also HA, the one in the name OB, Auh, the other in the
name MH, Mah), and in the leminine symhol it denoteth the two lemales (namely, the supernal
mother and the inlerior mother, the understandin and the kindom). And it is discovered
throuh the lorms. (That is, when the heard ol Macroprosopus, and its lorms or parts, send down
his liht into Microprosopus, then herein is his hride produced in the liht, and the supernal H,
He, is rellected hy another inlerior H, He.)
|See introduction, wherein a tahle is iven showin the writin ol the Tetrarammaton in the lour
q. VV, Vau, is extended hy another (Vam, as it is written VV, lor likewise it is elsewhere
written with I in the name OB, Auh, and hy A in the names OG, Se, and MH, Mah, in this
manner VAV. So also in the name BN, Ben, it is thus written, VV. But to he disclosed it is lully
written). Like as it is written, Cant. vii. q, Goin down sweetly to my deliht (wherehy
sweetly are understood these two letters VV properly extended).
|The Authorised Version renderes it. And the rool ol thy mouth like the hest wine lor my
heloved. that oeth down sweetly, causin the lips ol those that are asleep to speak.|
c. In that tremendous llashin llame (is he lound in Microprosopus, seein that in a lesser deree
he hath in himsell unmixed judments), lor the purpose ol enshroudin that ate (that is, in order
that he inay he advanced to the condition ol maturity, and may then superumhrate his mother,
who is symholised hy the lilty ates).
|He, that is the letter V, Vau, ol the Tetrarammaton. I have helore noticed that the lilty ates
ol the understandin are equivalent to I and H, to and , multiplied toether, which yield c =
numerical value ol the letter N, Nun.|
. (He is therelore called) the supernal V, Vau (Daath or knowlede, and) the inlerior V, Vau
(that is, the external Microprosopus. And thus also) the supernal H, He (the mother), the inlerior
H, He (the hride). But I, Yod, is ahove all (symholizin the lather), and with him is none other
associated, he is I, Vod, as at lirst, neither ascendeth he in himsell (throuh the heiht ol the
numeration, like as with H, He, the pentad, with Vau, the hexad, ascend to a similar heiht)
except as a symholic lyph. (That is, the decad, which is expressed not in that same letter I, Yod,
hut hy a hexad and a tetrad).
|But Vau, V, is produced hy addin the numerical values ol I and H (the lather and the mother ol
the Tetrarammatnn), and then takin the least numher ol the result. thus. I+H=c+=, and
hy addin the diits ol toether, +, we ohtain 6=V, Vau. By the phrase with H, He, the
pentad (). with V, Vau, the hexad (6), ascend, is implied the numerical value ol those letters
taken as symholical sephirotic lyphs. The decad is repeated in the word IVD, Yod, hy the
addition ol the last two letters. V and D, which =6+=c. I, Yod. aain.|
a. Ior when the douhle lorms are manilested (namely, the letters ol the name in the ahove
proposed lorm, as HH and VV) and are united in one path, in one comhination, in order that
they may he explained (that is, when they are lully written out in the ahove manner), then VD,
Vau, Daleth (and not another I, Yod), are added unto I, Yod (so that also in it there may he a
certain hidden analoy ol the equilihrium).
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a ac c - -
. Woe' woe' when this is taken away, and when the other two alone are manilested (that is,
when lrom those two letters VD, in the word IVD, the letter I is taken away, seein it
representeth the ahstraction ol the latlier lrom the Microprosopus and his hride, who are as yet
hidden in the mother, so that the disclosure ol these two is vain and ahortive, hecause the
enerative power ol the lather is ahsent ' ') ' '. (Or, in another sense, il the inllux he hindered
and the supernal paths suller disruption). Iar, lar lrom us he that ellect'
. (But that this may he done hy the sins ol the inleriors is clear lrom these words) Ezek. i. .
And the livin creatures rush lorth and return. Also Num. xxiv. . Ilee unto thy place. Also
Ohad. i. . Thouh thou exalt thysell as the eale, and thouh thou set thy nest amon the stars,
thence will I cast thee down.
. (Aain it is said) Gen. i. a. And the earth hrouht lorth ermination. When: When the
name is planted therein (that is, when Microprosopus receiveth his proper conlormation,
accordin to the requisite numhers - a8 ol the memhers, and 6 ol the veins.)
|These numhers. a8 and 6, are lormed hy an elahorate comhination ol Gematria, too
complicated to enter upon here.|
6. And then the wind hloweth (that is, the vital inllux rusheth lorth lrom Macroprosopus) and
the spark ol llame is prepared (that is, Microprosopus, who, reat as he is, yet is in respect ol the
superiors only as a spark compared with lire, as he is produced lrom that terrilic liht.)
y. And amid the insupportahle hrilliance ol that mihty liht, as it were, the likeness ol a head
appeareth. That is, the hihest crown is lound in Macroprosopus.)
8. And ahove him is the plenteous dew, diverse with two-lold colour. (Like as in
Macroprosopus it is white alone, so here it is white and red, on account ol the judments. See
Idra Rahha, .)
|Ahove Microprosopus, not Macroprosopus.|
q. Three hollow places are manilested, wherein the letters are expressed. (These are to he-
understood as symholizin his three-lold hrain, ol wisdom, understandin, and knowlede, which
here appear more plainly, whereas in the supernals they are more concealed.)
|The letters. that is, IHV, the lirst three letters ol the Tetrarammaton|
c. The hlack (locks issuin) lrom the lour (sides ol the head) lloat down over the curved
openins ol the ears, so that he may not hear.
|So that he may not hear. Rememher, this is Microprosopus, or Zauir Anpin, not
Macroprosopus, or Arikh Anpin.|
. Riht and lelt is here iven (in all parts ol the lace and head).
|Riht and lelt. that is, Microprosopus is symholized hy a lace in lull, while in Macroprosopus
all is riht- i.e. is symholized hy a prolile. This and the lollowin sections are considered at
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a - -
lenth in the Idra Rahha Qadisha (The Greater Holy Assemhly ), and the Idra Zuta Qadisha
(The Lesser Holy Assemhly ), to which the reader is relerred.|
a. One slender hiher path existeth. (The partin ol the hair.)
. His lorehead, which shineth not, reulatin the lar distant luture when it is his will to hehold
the same. (All the qualities, with their antitheses, which are lound in Macroprosopus, are more
lully descrihed in the Idra Rahha and Idra Zuta, which see).
. His eyes are ol triple colour (that is, red, hlack and old) so that terror may o helore them,
and with litterin lory are they lazed.
. It is written, Isa. xxxiii. ac. Thine eyes shall hehold erusalem at peace, even thy hahitation.
6. Also it is written, Isa. i. a Rihteousness dwelled in it.
y. The peacelul hahitation is the Ancient One, who is hidden and concealed. Wherelore thine
eyes is written OINK, Auinak (without the letter Yod. All these thins are explained in the
Idra Rahha.)
8. There is also the nose, to dinily the lace ol Microprosopus.
q. Throuh its nostrils three llames rush lorth.
6c. The prolound path existeth in his ears lor hearin hoth the ood and the evil.
6. It is written, Isa. xiii. 8. I am the Tetrarammaton, that is my name, and my lory I ive not
to another. (Now the author ol the Siphra Dtzenioutha heinneth to explain the ulterior
dillerence hetween Microprosopus and Macroprosopus, even as to their appellations, where the
word ANI, Ani, I, in the ahove passae relerreth to the Microprosopus, since it involveth the
idea ol the hride.) Also it is written, Deut. xxxii. q. I slay, and make alive. Also it is written,
Isa. xivi. . I will hear, and I will deliver you.
|In the word ANI, Ani, the idea ol the hride (Malkuth. the H linal ol the Tetrarammaton) is
implied hy the letter I, Yod, hein last, where it symholizes the ninth Sephira, Yesod, which is
the connectin link hetween Microprosopus and the queen. Also N. the second letter. symholizes
the conjunction ol the lather and the mother, I and H. as I have helore ohserved.|
6a. (Now, indeed, Macroprosopus is not so closely known hy us as to address us in the lirst
person, hut he is called in the third person, HVA, Hoa, he.) Like as it is said, Ps. c. . He hath
made us, and not we ourselves. And aain in joh xxiii. . And He existeth in the unity, and
who can turn Him aside:
|Ior Macroprosopus is only the commencement ol manilested Deity.|
6. (Therelore in the third person, HVA, Hoa, is He called who is the Concealed One, and is not
lound ol any. He, who cometh not helore the eyes ol man, He, who is not called hy the Name.
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a aa a - -
|He. who is not called hy the Name, lor, as I have lrequently helore noticed, the lirst Sephira is
not comprehended in the Tetrarammaton.|
6. (Hitherto hath the disquisition heen concernin Microprosopus, to whom also was relerred
that lulness ol lorm ol the letter H, He, wherein it is written hy the duplicated HH. But now
another point is taken into consideration, namely, concernin the remainin two modes ol writin
that letter, when It is written with A, Aleph, and with I, Yod, ol which the lormer is made in the
name MH, Mah, and the latter in the names OB, Auh, and SG, Se, which two lorms are iven
conjoined in the name AHIH, Eheieh (translated I am in Exodus). Therelore are to he
considered) HA and HI. (Whilst, therelore, it is written HA, this lorm can he resolved into
HVA, Hoa, he, that pronoun ol the third person concernin which mention hath heen made
ahove. hecause A, Aleph, in itsell containeth V, Vau, to which latter letter the middle line, in the
lorm ol the character ol the letter Aleph, can he assimilated. And thus, while it is written HA,
the word HVA can he symholized, hut not vice versa. Ior althouh) V in itsell containeth A
(hecause the liure ol the letter A may he said to he composed ol VIV, il its middle line he
divided, so that also, without takin the whole character A into consideration, it may he read HV.
this HV) nevertheless doth not contain in itsell any real lorm ol writin H, so that it can he read
HV or HI.
|The reader must rememher that the arument in this section is concernin the shape ol the
Hehrew letters mentioned, alone, and that neither their numerical value nor articulate power is
taken into consideration. The shape ol the Hehrew letters can he seen in the Tahle ol the
6. (Moreover, in that same lorm ol writin HA, like as A passeth into V, so that HVA, Hoa,
may he read, so also) A is pronounced Aleph (and this is the second way ol pronouncin the
writin HA, which simply is relerred upto MH, Mah. But, moreover, also) Aleph is pronounced
as IVD, Yod (hecause the lorm ol the letter A is usually resolved into these three letters, so that
Yod may he ahove, Vau in the middle, and Daleth helow. So that same written lorm HA in itsell
comprehendeth also that suhlimer triune idea. But not vice versa, lrom HI is HA to he
understood, lor I, Yod, is not pronounced Aleph, hut IVD is pronounced as I, Yod, which is
concealed with all concealments, and to which VD are not joined (like as that lorm is to he
lound in the shape ol the letter Aleph.)
|H, He. in Hehrew is the delinite article, so that H-A may he read He-Aleph, the Aleph.|
66. (But this lorm, which in itsell includeth V, Vau, and D, Daleth, is usual in the inlerior paths,
and also in the lather. And) Woe' when I, Yod, irradiateth not the letters V, Yau, and D, Daleth,
(and much more) when I, Yod, is taken away lrom V, Vau, D, Daleth, throuh the sins ol the
world, (hecause then) the nakedness ol them all is discovered.
6y. Therelore it is written, Lev. xviii. y. The nakedness ol thy lather thou shalt not uncover.
(Ior VD, Vau Daleth are the same as H, He, and when it is written IVD, it is the same as il it
were called IH (namely il V, Vau, he inserted in D, Dakth). Woe' when Yod is taken away lrom
He (that is, wisdom lrom understandin, which is the conceivin mother) hecause it is written,
Lev. xviii. y. And the nakedness ol thy mother thou shalt not uncover, she is thy mother, thou
shalt not uncover her nakedness. Revere her, she is thy mother, hecause it is written, Prov. ii. .
Because thou shalt call understandin thy mother. (This is arrived at hy readin the word AM in
this passae with the pointin Tsere, instead ol with the usual Ckireq pointin.)
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a - -
|VD=H. This is aain relerrin to the shape ol the letter in question.|
|I have already stated in the Introduction. lor the henelit ol those ol my readers who are not
Hehrew or Chaldee scholars. that the Hehrew alphahet is chielly consonantal, the vowels hein
supplied hy small points or marks placed close to the letters.|
. Nine are said to he the conlormations ol the heard (ol Microprosopus). Ior that which
remaineth concealed (that is, the other lour lorms, which meanwhile are not lound in
Microprosopus), and which is not manilested, is supernal and venerahle (that is, properly and ol
itsell doth not reler to Microprosopus, hut nevertheless descendeth upon him in another
|It must he rememhered that the heard ol Macroprosopus had thirteen divisions, therelore the
other lour lorms are the dillerence hetween the nine ol Microprosopus and the thirteen ol
a. Thus, therelore, is this most excellent heard arraned. The hairs overhan the hairs lrom helore
the openin ol the ears, even unto the heinnin ol the mouth.
|This is the lirst conlormation.|
. Irom the one heinnin even unto the other heinnin (ol the mouth. This is the second
conlormation -namely, the heard on the upper lip).
. Beneath the two nostrils existeth a path lilled with hairs, so that it appeareth not. (This is the
third conlormation.)
. The cheeks extend on one side and on the other. (This is the lourth conlormation.)
6. In them appear apples red as roses. (This is the lilth conlormation.)
y. In one tress han down those hairs stron and hlack, even unto the hreast. (This is the sixth
8. Red are the lips as roses, and hare. This is the seventh conlormation.)
q. Short hairs descend throuh the place ol the throat and cover the position ol the neck. (This is
the eihth conlormation.)
c. Lon and short descend alike. (This is the ninth conlormation.)
. Whosoever is lound amon them, is lound stron and rohust. (That is, he who directeth his
meditations herein.)
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a - -
a. It is written, Ps. cxviii . I called upon Yah, IH, in distress. (In this place) David
commemorateth (these) nine (conlormations) even unto (those words) all nations compassed
me ahout, in order that they (the nine ahove mentioned) miht surround and protect him.
. (It is written, Gen. i. a). And the earth hrouht lorth ermination, the herh yieldin seed
alter its kind, and the tree hearin lruit, whose seed is therein, accordin to its kind.
. Those nine (paths ol Microprosopus) are evolved lrom the perlect name (that is, lrom the
understandin or mother, in whom they were conceived, lor unto her pertaineth the name
IHVH, which is Tetrarammaton expressed and Elohim hidden, which lorm the nine in power).
And thence are they planted into the perlect name, like as it is written, Gen. ii. 8. And IHVH
ALHIM planted (that is, these nine letters ol the perlect masculine and leminine name, so that
they may he a arden-that is, Microprosopus in action).
|By the expression Tetrarammaton expressed and Elohim hidden, is meant that the lormer is
written with the vowel points ol the latter. They lorm nine in power, hecause the lour letters
IHVH toether with the live letters ALHIM make nine.|
. The conlormations ol the heard (ol Microprosopus) are lound to he thirteen when that which
is superior hecometh inlerior. (That is, whensoever the heard ol Macroprosopus sendeth down its
liht. But in the inlerior (that is, Microprosopus taken hy himsell), they are heheld in nine (parts
ol that lorm).
6. The twenty-two letters are liured lorth in their colour, not only when the law is iven lorth
in hlack lire upon white lire, hut also in ordinary writins, hecause this heard is hlack.
|The numher ol the letters ol the Hehrew alphahet is twenty-two. Black lire and white lire
are the colours ol the heards ol Microprosopus and ol Macroprosopus respectively.|
y. Concernin this (heard, that is understood which is said) concernin him who in his sleep
heholdeth the heard. When any one dreameth that he taketh the upper heard ol a man in his
hand, he hath peace with his Lord, and his enemies are suhject unto him.
|By the upper heard is meant the moustache.|
8. Much more (il he seeketh to touch) the supernal heard. Ior the inlerior liht, takin its rise
lrom the supernal liht which existeth within the heninity (thus the heard ol Macroprosopus is
entitled), is called in Microprosopus the heninity in a more simple manner, hut when it hath its
action within the liht, and it shinath, then is it called ahoundin in heninity. (Others read this
passae thus. - He who dreameth that he toucheth the moustache ol a man with his hand, he may
he sure that he hath peace with his Lord, and that his enemies are suhject unto him. Il that
happeneth hecause he heholdeth in sleep such a thin as this only, much more shall it occur il he
he lound sulliciently worthy to hehold what the supernal heard may he. Ior this, seein that it is
the superior, and is called the heninity, irradiateth the inlerior. But in Microprosopus, 8c.)
q. It is written, Gen. i. ac. Let the waters hrin lorth the reptile ol a livin Soul (Ch-IH, Ch-iah,
livin creature is to he here noted).
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a - -
|To this section helons the annotation which is placed at the end ol this chapter, which see.|
ac. Like as it is said IH, Yah (CH-IH, Ch-iah, the corrected Mantuan Codex hath it, so that it
may explain the word ChIH, Chiah, livin creature, out ol the eihth path ol the understandin,
which is that water ol the name Yah, which denoteth lather and mother. Ior when) the liht ol
the lormer is extended unto the latter (which is the movin ol the water) all thins reproduce
their kind at one and the same time - the waters ol ood and the waters ol evil. (That is, there is
reproduction as well in divinity and sanctity as amon terrestrial livin creatures and man, lor hy
the reptile lorm souls are symholized.)
a. (Ior) while it saith. IShRTzV, Yeshratzu, Let them hrin lorth ahundantly, they have vital
motion, and the one lorm is at once included in the other lorm, the livin superior, the livin
inlerior, the livin ood, the livin evil.
aa. (So also it is written, Gen. i. a6) And Elohim said, Let us make man. (Where) it is not written
HADM, Ha-Adam, this man , hut Adam, man, simply, in antithesis ol the Hiher One who
hath heen made in the perlect name.
|Reardin the lorm ol the heavenly man, see Introduction, .|
a. When that one was perlected, this one also was perlected, hut perlected as male and lemale,
lor the perlectin ol all thins.
a. (When therelore it is said) IHVH, Yod, He, Vau, He (then is expressed), the nature ol the
male. (When) ALHIM, Elohim (is joined therewith, there is expressed), the nature ol the lemale
(who is called the kindom).
|The lemale who is called the kindom, i.e., Malkuth, the tenth Sephira.|
a. (Therelore) was the male extended, and lormed with his memhers (in order that he miht
have), as it were, reenerative power.
|The memhers ol the male are the six Sephiroth which toether lorm Microprosopus.|
a6. By means ol this reenerative power those kins, who had heen destroyed, were herein
restored, and ohtained stahility. (Ior when the lihts were sent down throuh narrow channels in
less ahundance, the inlerior intelliences could take possession ol them.)
|The kins who had heen destroyed are the Edomite kins. the worlds ol unhalanced lorce,
who could not suhsist hecause the lorm ol the heavenly man was not as yet. See Introduction,
ay. The riours (ol judments, which are symholized hy those kins), which are masculine, are
vehement in the heinnin, hut in the end they are slackened. In the lemale the contrary rule
a8. (We have an example ol this in this lorm ol the name) VIH (where the male hath two letters,
and the lemale one only, and the masculine also the letter in the heinnin lon, and alterwards
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a6 6 - -
short. But also in this lorm) the channels ol connection are shrouded heneath His coverin (that
his, the supernal letters are douhtless connected in marital conjunction, hut they are enshrouded
in the letter Vau. And) Yod (is in this place) small, (a symhol ol the loundation, hecause) in the
very lorm (ol the lemale, that is, even as he is hidden within H, He, which also is not ttie
supernal hut the inlerior H, He) he is lound. (And all are judments, hecause the supernal inllux
is wantin.)
aq. But il (these) judments are to he mitiated, necessarily the Ancient One is required (that is,
the lirst letters ol the Tetrarammaton, denotin, IH Yah, the lather toether with the crown,
which is the apex ol the primal letter, and is called Macroprosopus.)
c. The same species ol riours and judments occurred in the inleriors. Ior like as to the He ol
the hride, are added the two letters Yod and Vau. under the idea ol the leviathan, (so) the
serpent came upon the woman, and lormed in her a nucleus ol impurity, in order that he miht
make the hahitation evil.
. Like as it is written., Gen. iv. . And she conceived and hrouht lorth ATH QIN, Ath Qain,
Cain, (that is) the nucleus QINA, Qaina, ol the ahode ol evil spirits, and turhulence, and evil
occurrences. (See lurther in the Treatise ol the Revolutions ol the Soul.)
|The Treatise ol the Revolutions ol the Soul is not puhlished in this volume|
a. (But this name VIH) is restored (il it he written IHV, and thus) in that man (the supernal,
concernin whom it hath heen spoken ahove, and also) in those two (namely, the lather and the
mother, also in the androynous Microprosopus, and also partly) in enus (seein that Vau alone
symholizeth hoth the Microprosopus and his hride) and in species (seein that Yod and He are
placed separately as lather and mother).
. (But just as much) are they contained in the special (representation ol those spouses, as) also
in the eneral (that is, as much in lather and mother as in Microprosopus with his hride), les and
arms riht and lelt (that is, the remainin riumerations, collected toether in two lateral lines,
With the middle line representin Vau and Yod.)
. (But) this (that is, the supreme equality) is divided in its sides, hecause Yod and He are placed
expressly as the lather and the mother, hut in another equality) the male is conlormed with the
lemale (like an audroyn, hecause the last He is not added. Whence are made) IHV.
. I, Yod, is male (namely, the lather), H, He, is lemale (namely, the mother), V, Vau (however,
is androynous, like as) it is written, Gen. V. a. Male and lemale created lie them, and hlessed
them, and called their name Adam.
6. (Thus also) the lorm and person ol a man was seated upon the throne, and it i written, Ezek.
i. a6. And upon the likeness ol the throne was the likeness as the appearance ol a man ahove it.
|This piece alludes to the Tetrarammaton itsell, showin the hierolyphic lorm ol a man. the
I=head, H=arms, V=hody, and H =les. See Introduction and Tahle ol Alphahet.|
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a ay y - -
(Belonin to q, loreoin.)
. Another explanation. Let waters hrin lorth ahundantly. In this place, in the Chaldee
paraphrase, it is said IRChShVN, which hath a eneral meanin ol movement. As il it should he
said. When his lips hy movin themselves and murmurin, produced the words, like a prayer
lrom a rihteous heart and pure mind, the water produced the livin soul. (The meanin is
concernin the act ol eneratin lile.)
a. And when a man wishes to utter his prayers rihtly helore the Lord, and his lips move
themselves in this manner, (his invocations) risin upward lrom him, lor the purpose ol
manilyin the majesty ol his Lord unto the place ol ahundance ol the water where the depth ol
that lountain riseth and lloweth lorth (that is, understandin emanatin lrom wisdom), then (that
lountain lloweth lorth plentilully, and) spreadeth ahroad so as to send down the inllux lrom the
Hihest, downwards lrom that place ol ahundance ol water, into the paths sinly and conjointly,
even unto the last path, in order that her hjuntilul race may he derived into all lrom the hihest
|H, He, the supernal mother.|
. Then indeed is such a man held to intertwine the connectin links ol (them) all, namely, those
connectin links ol true and rihteous meditation, and all his petitions shall come to pass,
whether his petition he made in a place ol worship, whether in private prayer.
|Such a man -i.e. a rihteous man, when prayin sincerely. Links ol them -i.e., the paths.|
. But the petition. which a man wisheth to make unto his Lord can ordinarily he propounded in
nine ways.
. Either () hy the alphahet, or (a) hy commemoratin the attrihutes ol the most holy and
hlessed God, mercilul and racious, 8c. (accordin to the passae in Exodus xxxiv. 6, 8c.), or ()
hy the venerahle names ol the most holy and hlessed God, such are these \. AHIH, Eheieh (in
respect ol the Crown), and IH, Yah (in respect ol the Wisdom), IHV, Yod He Vau (in respect ol
the Understandin), AL, El (in respect ol the Majesty), ALHIM, Elohim (in respect ol the
Severity), IHVH,) Yod He Vau He (in respect ol the Beauty), TzBAVTh, Tzahaoth (in respect
ol the Victory and the Glory), ShDI, Shaddai (in respect ol the Ioundation), and ADNI, Adona
(in respect ol the Kindom). Or () hy the ten Sephiroth or numerations, which are. MLKVTH,
Malkuth, the Kindom, ISVD, Yesod, the Ioundation, HVD, Hod, the Glory, NTzCh, Netzach,
the Victory, ThPARTh, Tipereth, the Beauty, GBVRH, Gehurah, the Severity, ChSID, Chesed,
the Beninity, BINH, Binah, the Understandin, ChKMH, Chokhmah, the Wisdom, and KTHR,
Kether, the Crown. Or () hy the commemoration ol just men, such as are patriarchs, prophets,
and kins. Or (6) hy those canticles and psalms wherein is the true Qahalah. And (y), ahove all
these, il any one should know how to declare the conlormations ol his Lord, accordin as it is
honourahle to do. Or (8) il he may know how to ascend lrom that which is helow to that which
is ahove. Or (q) those who know also how to derive the inllux lrom the hihest downward. And
in all these nine ways there is need ol very reat concentration ol attention, hecause il he doeth
not that, it is written concernin him, Sam. ii. c. And they that despise Me shall he lihtly
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a8 8 - -
|() hy the alphahet -i.e. accordin to the mystic qahalistico, theosophic values ol the letters. (a)
Exod. xxxiv. 6, y. And the LORD passed hy helore him, and proclaimed, The LORD, the LORD
God, mercilul and racious. lon-sullerin and ahundant, in oodness and truth, keepin mercy
lor thousands, lorivin iniquity and transression and sin, and that will hy no means clear the
uilty, visitin the iniquity ol the lathers upon the children, and upon the children's children,
unto the third and to the lourth eneration. () By the Divine Names associated with the
Sephiroth. () The ten Sephiroth. () Those analoous to his desire. (6) Phrases hearin on the
suhject. (y) The qahalistical development ol Deity. (8) By the paths. (q) The converse ol (8).|
6. Hereto also pertaineth the meditation ol the word Amen AMN' which in itsell containeth the
two names IHVH, ADNI, Yod He Vau He Adona (the numeration ol the lormer alone, and ol
these two toether yieldin the same, q), ol which the one concealeth its oodness and
henediction in that treasury which is called HIKL, Ha-yekal, the palace. (Which word hy equality
ol numeration is the same as ADNI, Adona, hut this name is said to he the palace ol
Tetrarammaton, hecause, in the lirst place it is pronounced hy its aid, also, in the second place, it
is minled with it alternately, letter hy letter, in this way - IAHDVNHI.
|A+M+N= +c+O=q. I+H+V+H+A+D+N+I=c++6++++c+c=q. Aain.
H+I+K+L=+c+ac+c=6. A+D+N+I=++c+c=6. The ews, when they come to the
word IHVH in readin the Scriptures, either do not pronounce it at all and make a sliht pause,
or else suhstitute lor it the word Adona, ADNI.|
y. And this is pointed out in that sayin, Hah. ii. ac. But the Lord is in His holy temple, let all the
earth keep silence helore Him. (HIKL, Ha-yekal, the temple, or palace, HS, Hes, keep
silence, and ADNI, Adona, Lord, all have the same numeration-namely, 6.)
8. Ior which reason our wise men ol pious memory have said mystically, that every ood thin ol
a man is in his house, accordin to that which is written, Num. xi., y. He is laithlul in all Mine
house. Which is the same as il it were said in all which is with Me.
q. But il any man attentively meditateth on the nine divisions ol these lorms (see ante), like as
it is meet to do, that man is one who honoureth the Name ol his Lord, even the Holy Name. And
hereunto heloneth that which is written, a Sam. ii. c. Since those who honour Me will I
honour, and they that despise Me shall he lihtly esteemed. I will honour him in this world, that
I may preserve him, and provide him with all thins ol which he hath need, in order that all
nations ol the earth may see that the Name ol the Lord is called upon hy him, and that they inay
lear him. And in the world to come he shall he lound worthy to stand in the tahernacle ol the
c. Wherelore such an one seeketh nothin ol which he hath need, hecause he is kept under the
special providence ol his Lord, and can meditate concernin Him, as it is riht to do.
. But what is to he understood hy that passaeAnd they that despise Me shall he lihtly
esteemed: Such an one is that man who can neither institute the union ol the Holy Name, nor
hind toether the links ol truth, nor derive the supernals into the position required, nor honour
the Name ol his Lord. Better were it lor that man had he never heen created, and much more lor
that man who doth not attentively meditate when he saith Amen'
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a aq q - -
a. Ior which reason, concernin that man especially who moveth his lips (in prayer), with a pure
heart (meditatin) on those purilyin waters, in that passae expressly and clearly written, Gen. i.
a6. And the Elohirn said, Let us make man. As il it were said concernin such a man who knew
how to unite imae and likeness, as it is riht. And they shall have dominion over the lish ol the
sea, 8c.
Hereunto is the annotation.
. THE Ancient One is hidden and concealed, the Microprosopus is manilested, and is not
|The Ancient One is Kether, Eheieh, Macroprosopus, the Vast Countenance. See Introduction,
. a, yy.|
a. When he is manilested, he is symholized hy the letters (in the ordinary lorm in which the
Tetrarammaton is written).
. When he is concealed, he is hidden hy the letters which are not disposed accordin (to the
proper order) ol the letters, or (accordin to another readin ol this passae) in their proper place,
hecause also in him their superiors and inleriors are not rihtly disposed (hecause ol the disturhed
. In Gen. i. a it is written The earth hrouht lorth the livin creature alter its kind, cattle and
reptile, 8c. Hereunto heloneth that which is written, Ps. xxxv. yc Lord, thou shalt preserve
hoth man and heast.
. The one is contained under the eneral meanin ol the other, and also the heast under the
eneral idea ol the man (on account ol the mystery ol the revolution ol the soul).
6. (And hereunto pertaineth that passae) Levit. i. a. When a man shall hrin lrom amon you an
ollerin unto the Lord, 8c. Ye shall olter, 8c. Because animals are included under the eneric
term man.
y. When the inlerior man descendeth (into this world), like unto the supernal lorm (in himsell),
there are lound two spirits. (So that) man is lormed lrom two sides-lrom the riht and lrom the
8. With respect unto the riht side he had NShMThA QDIShA, Neschamotha Qadisha, the holy
intelliences, with respect unto the lelt side, NPSh ChIH, Nephesh Chiah, the animal soul.
|These answer to the riht and lelt pillars ol the Sephiroth. See Introduction.|
q. Man sinned and was expanded on the lelt side, and then they who are lormless were expanded
also. (That is those spirits ol matter, who received dominion in the inlerior paths ol the soul ol
Adam, whence arose hase concupiscence.) When (therelore) hoth were at once joined toether
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - c c - -
(namely hy hase concupiscence, toether with connexion, and the animal soul) enerations took
place, like as lrom some animal which enerateth many lives in one connexion.
c. (There are iven) twenty-two letters hidden and twenty-two letters manilested (which are
the symhols ol those suhlime lorms).
. (The one) Yod is concealed, the other is manilested. (The one is the understandin or mother,
the other is the kindom or queen, so that at the same time it looketh hack to the superior
paths.). But that which is hidden and that which is manilest are halanced in the equilihrium ol
lorms. (That is, masculine and, the one, the lather and the mother, the other, the
loundation and the queen, meanin principally the lemale idea, which includeth lorm and
a. Out ol Yod are produced male and lemale (il, namely, it he lully written as IVD, Yod, they
are then its aument), Vau and Daleth. In this position Vau is male, and Daleth is lemale. And
hence arise DV, the two letters which are the duad male and lemale, and not only the duad, hut
also the co-equal duads (ol the superior and inlerior conjunctions).
. Yod hy itsell is male (the lather), He, lemale (the mother).
. H, He, at lirst was D, Daleth, hut alter it was imprenated hy I, Yod (so that thence it miht
produce the lorm H - namely the I, Yod, placed at the lelt hand lower part ol Dalelh) it hrouht
lorth V, Vau. (That is, the mother imprenated hy the lather produced Microprosopus. But in
the shape ol the letter out ol that minute I, Yod, which is hidden within the H, He, V, Vau, is
said to he lormed. Or lrom the upper horizontal line ol the letter H, which is one V, Vau, and
lrom the riht-hand vertical line, which is another V, Vam, and lrom the inserted I, Yod, is made
VIV, the lull lorm ol letter Vau.)
|This is aain relerrin to the shape ol the letter. See Tahle ol the Alphahet lor Hehrew lorm.)
. Whence it is plain that in the letter H, He, are hidden the letters D, Dakth, V, Vau, and in
IVD, Yod, is hidden H. whence are lormed IHV. Therelore it appeareth that IVD in its own
lorm containeth IHV, whensoever it is lully written hy IVD, which are male and lemale (namely
I, Yod, male, and V, Vau, D, Daleth, in the lorm, H, He, lemale), hence is compounded (the son,
who is) V, Vau, and who overshadoweth his mother. (That is V placed alter H, so that IHV may
lorm the lather, the mother, and Microprosopus.)
6. (Therelore in the letter IVD, Yod, and in the name IHI are hidden two males and two
lemales, which is symholized in that sayin, Gen. vi. a. And the sons ol the Elohim heheld (the
plural in its least lorm denoteth two) the dauhters ol men (and this also). This explaineth on
this account that which is written, osh. ii. . Two men as spies, sayin (hence is revealed the
mystery ol the two men). But how (is it proved that two lemales are understood) hy the words,
Dauhters ol men: Because it is written, Kins iii. 6. Then came there two women unto the
y. Ol these it is written, ihid. a8. Because they saw that the wisdom ol Elohim was in him.
(Here are involved the two males, in the wisdom, the lather, in Solomon, Microprosopus.
Therelore) then came they (even the two women, the understandin and the queen) and not
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
8. In the palace ol the union ol the lountains (that is, in the world ol creation) there were two
connexions hy conjunctions amon the supernals, these descended lrom ahove, and occupied the
earth, hut they rejected the ood part, which in them was the crown ol mercy, and were
crowned with the cluster ol rapes. (That is instead ol heninity, they were surrounded with
judments and riours. Which also can he explained concernin Microprosopus and his hride, lirst
in the mother, and alterwards in the existences helow, and in exile with surroundin riours and
|Relerrin to the previous symholical explanation ol oshua ii, .|
q. (Also we lind these two equations in that sayin) Exod. xiv. . And the Lord said unto
Moses (who is relerred to the mother), Why criest thou unto Me: (But also a cry is relerred to
the mother, just as a roan is to the heautilul path, and an exclarration to the kindom. But) ALI,
Eli, unto me (note this is the same as, and unto I, Yod, or the lather). Speak unto the children
ol Israel (the speech is the queen, Israel is the heautilul path) that they set lorward. Wherein
note well the word VISOV, Vayesaau, that they set lorward, wherein are VI masculine letters,
SO leminine letters).
|But also a cry, 8c. Meanin the three Sephiroth, Bipsah, Tiphereth, and Malkuth.|
ac. Irom ahove the power ol lile llowed down in equilihrium, lor he entreated the inlluence ol
the Venerahle One.
|The Venerahle One -i.e., the lirst Sephira, proceedin lrom the AIN SVP AVR, Ain Soph Aur.
See Introduction.|
a. Hereunto also pertaineth that passae, Exod. XV. a6 And il thou shalt do riht in His eyes,
and shalt hearken unto His precepts, and shalt keep all His statutes. (Where in the last word also
two equations are placed.) Because I am the Lord thy God who healeth thee. (Note this,
hecause aain here is hidden the mystery ol the understandin and the wisdom, ol the path ol
heauty and ol the conreation ol Israel.)
. (IT is written) Isa. i- . Woe unto the sinlul nation, unto the people heavy with iniquity, unto
the seed ol evildoers, 8c. (Here the author ol the Siphra Dtzenioutha reasoneth concernin
the small word HVI, woe, which also is a lorm ol the name. And this word is alone separated
lrom the lollowin portions ol the sentence.)
a. Seven are the paths (il the Tetrarammaton he written in this way partially complete), IVD,
HH, V, H, (where the lather and mother are written in lull, Microprosopus and his hride are
written uncovered. Il here the last and lirst letters he comhined, and the penultimate and second,
and therelore the paths at either extremity, so that they may lorm the letters) HI and VV
(mother and son), then are produced (the three middle letters) HH, D (which are the symhols ol
the queen, heavy with judments. But il mother and dauhter he comhined) HVI and HH, (then)
is produced lorth VV (or Microprosopus)as well as DV (or the androyn, who also is a condition
ol judments), lor occultly Adam is denoted, or the male and lemale, who are that DV
concernin whom it is written (in the place cited ahove) corrupt children.
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - a a - -
. (When it is said) BRAShITH, BRA, Berashith hera, In the heinnin created, (the supernal
paths are under stood. Ior) BRASHITH, Berashith, is the speech (one ol the ten rules ol Genesis),
hut BRA, Bera, is the speech halved. (But there are here understood) Iather and Son, the hidden
and the manilest. (And also)
The superior Eden is hidden and concealed. (That is, no mention is made ol the crown.) The
inlerior Eden cometh lorth so that it may he translerred (towards the inleriors) and manilested
(throuh the voice ol its oriinal, which denoteth wisdom.)
|No mention made ol the crown -i.e., Kether, the lirst Sephira, Macroprosopus.|
. Ior the name (Tetrarammaton) IHVH, Yod, He, Vau, He, includeth the name IH, Yah,
(which is ol the lather, and the name) ALHIM, Elohim (which here lolloweth in the text, and
pertaineth unto the mother).
6. ATH, Ath (the lourth word ol this text, which in another manner sinilieth the name) ADNI,
Adona, Lord (namely, the path ol the kindom, also the name) AHIH, Eheieh (that is, the
path ol the crown, and thus symholizeth in itsell the two extreme paths, here denoteth) the riht
and the lelt (that is, heninity and severity), which are united in one (equilihrium).
|Ath, ATH, means the, the very suhstance ol. Qahalistically it sinilies the heinnin and the
end. and is like the term Alpha and Omea used in the Apocalypse. Ior as Alpha and Omea
are respectively the lirst and last letters ol the Greek alphahet, so are Aleph and Tau ol the
Hehrew. The two extreme paths are the crown, Kether, and the kindom, Malkuth, the lirst
and tenth Sephiroth, the hihest and the lowest, Macroprosopus, and the queen. Il the reader turn
to the Introduction, to the Tahle showin the Sephiroth arraned in three pillars, he will see that
Malkuth is, as it were, the antithesis ol Kether, and hence it is said that Malkuth is Kether alter
another manner. And this recalls the precept ol Hermes in the Smaradine Tahlet. That which
is helow is like that which is ahove, and that which is ahove is like that which is helow.
y. HShMIM, Ha-Shamaim, the heavens (the lilth word ol this text, and) VATh, Vaath, and
the suhstance ol (the sixth word, they are relerred unto the paths ol heauty and victory) like as
it is written, Chron. xxix. . And the heauty and the victory. These paths are joined toether
in one.
|The heauty and the victory are Tiphereth and Netzach. the sixth and seventh Sephiroth.|
8. HARTz, Haaretz, the earth (the seventh word ol this heinnin denoteth the queen joined
toether with the lory and the loundation), like as it is written, Ps. viii. a. How manilicent (this
is the path ol lory) is Thy name in all the world (wherehy is symholized the loundation), the
earth which is the kindom. Also) Isa. vi. . The whole earth is lull ol His lory (where these
three paths aain concur).
q. Let there he a lirmament in the midst ol the waters, to make a distinction hetween the Holy
Place and hetween the Holy ol Holies. (That is, hetween Microprosopus and Macroprosopus.)
c. The Most Ancient One is expanded into Microprosopus (or the Crown into the Beauty), and
adhereth (unto it, so that it may receive increase. Il) it he not perlectly expanded (so that
Microprosopus as it were existeth hy himsell, hut instead is retained in his mother's womh) the
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
mouth speakin reat thins moveth in that place (that Microprosopus, so that he may he lully
horn), and he is crowned with the lesser crowns under the live divisions ol the waters. (That is,
Microprosopus receiveth the inllux ol the live heninities, which are called crowns, hecause
they descend lrom the crown, or Macroprosopus, hut lesser crowns, hecause they take their rise
lrom heninity in the Microprosopic path, and they are called the live divisions ol the waters,
hecause the water heloneth unto the heninity, and in this verse, Gen. i. 6, y, the word MIM,
Meim, waters, lilleth the lilth place).
. Like as it is written, Num. xix. y. And shall pour upon him livin waters in a vessel. (But
the lile looketh towards the mother, and it) is (understood to he that path which is called)
ALHIM CHUM, Elohim Chiim, the Elohim ol lile, and the kin ol the universe (that is, the
understandin. Whereunto helon also the lollowin sayins.-) Ps. cxvi. v. q. I will walk helore
the Lord in the lands ol lile. Also Sam. aq. And the soul ol my Lord shall he hound in the
quiver ol lile. Also Gen. ii. q. And the tree ol lile in the midst ol the arden. (All these, I say,
reler unto the understandin, lrom which the six memhers receive the inllux. And to it also
pertain the lollowin names, namely, the name) IH, Yah (whensoever it is written in lull with A
in this manner.) IVD HA, Yod Ha (and containeth the numher ol the numeral powers ol the
letters ol the Tetrarammaton, namely, a6, unto which also is relerred that lorm ol the name
helonin unto the intellience), AHII, Eheii (where in the place ol the linal He, Yod is put, as in
a lormer instance. (See Chap. I. a.)
|In the Hehrew, CHIIM. Chiim. ivin, in our version ol the Old Testament it is translated
runnin water. Chiim is plural.|
a. Between the waters and the waters. (Since there are the superior) perlect waters, and (those
which are in Microprosopus) imperlect waters (or those minled with severities, hecause in
another manner it is said) perlect compassion, imperlect compassion. (Now lolloweth a mystical
explanation ol Gen. vi- .)
. And the Tetrarammaton hath said. My spirit shall not strive with man lor ever, seein that
he also is in the llesh. (In this passae, when it is said.) And the Tetrarammaton hath said, (it
is to he noted that) alter that there was lormed (the supernal structure), in the last place
concernin Microprosopus (this name is understood). Ior when it is said, He calleth this also hy
the name, the Ancient One speaketh occultly in a hidden manner.
|The Ancient One is symholized hy the pronoun He in the sentence. He calleth this also hy the
. My spirit shall not strive with man. (Here is understood, not the spirit ol Microprosopus,
hut) that which is lrom the supernals, hecause lrom that spirit which rusheth lorth lrom the two
nostrils ol the nose ol Macroprosopus the inllux is sent down unto the inleriors.
. And hecause it is written (in the same place) And his days shall he a hundred and twenty
years, I, Yod, is either perlect (whensoever its sinular parts exist in the lorm ol decads) or
imperlect (when they are in monads or units). When (therelore Yod (is placed hy itsell) alone (it
is understood to he perlect, hecause in itsell it containeth) a hundred. (But il) two letters (are
put, then are understood the ten units) twice reckoned, (hence are produced) the hundred and
twenty years.
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
|The sinular parts ol Yod are the numhers lrom one to ten, lor the numher ol Yod is ten. But
when Yod is taken as its square IxI=cxc=cc. But II=IxI+I+l (or the two letters hoth
multiplied and added toether)= cxc+c+c=ac. But when Yod = cc, its diits are tens and
not units--namely, the numhers c, ac, c. 8c.. instead Ol , a. . 8c.
6. Yod is alone whensoever he is manilested in Microprosopus (that is when the lihts ol
Macroprosopus descend into Him, then indeed the paths ol the decads are increased, and this
decad) is increased into ten thousands (hy the paths joined with the lour letters ol the
Tetrarammaton) ol years. (But) hence (il it he conceived only accordin unto the power ol
Macroprosopus, it hath that position) which is written, Ps. cxxxix. , And thou shalt place upon
me thine hand. KPKH, Khephakha. (Where this word KPKH, il it he written accordin to the
usual custom KPK, Khephakh, yieldeth the numher ac. But now hy addin the paraoic H ol
the lemale, there is iven the numher a, on account ol the live severities.)
|This decad is increased into ten thousand hy the paths joined with the lour letters ol the
Tetrarammaton --i.e. the paths are the Sephiroth = the numhers lrom one to ten, and they are
said to he joined with the lour letters hy multiplyin the decad to the lourth power, or c

Hence lor , the lirst letter, we have cx=c, lor H, the second letter, we have cxc=cc. lor
V, the third letter, cxcxc=,ccc, and lor H, the lourth letter, cxcxcxc=c,ccc.
In the Shemitic lanuaes. a paraoic letter is one which is added to a word to ive it additional
y. There were iants in the earth, Gen. vi. . (Il this word HIV, Hayu, is considered, which also
is a lorm ol the olten varied name, it taketh its rise lrom the kindom.) This is that which is
written, Gen. ii. c. And thence is it divided, and is in lour heads. (Where is understood the end
ol that emanation which the separated universe lolloweth. Nevertheless) lrom the place where
the hody is divided, they are called those trees (or, as the Mantuan Codex correcteth the passae.
Where the arden is divided, and the seven inler,or emanations are understood, where then it
divideth the universe into the inlerior worlds and provideth a hahitation lor the shells or spirits ol
matter). Hence it is written. And lrom hence is it divided.
|The shells =elemental spirits. The Qahalah always calls the evil elemental spirits ol matter
8. They were in the earth in those days, hut not in the lollowin time, until oshua came. (That
is, they are applicahle unto the path ol the hride, which also is called the land ol Canaan, wherein
oshua lound the iants. Ior the word NPILIM, Nephilim, occurreth not lully, except when it is
used in the incident ol the spies, Num. xiii- .)
q. And the sons ol the Elohim. are uarded (nor is mention made ol a similar case) until Solomor
came and joined himsell with the dauhters ol men, like as it is written, Eccles. ii. 8.
VThONVGVTh, Ve-Thonooth And the delihts ol the sons ol men, 8c. Where (in the
leminine ender) he calleth the word ThONVGVTh, Thonooth, and not (as elsewhere in the
masculine ender) ThONVGIM, Thonoim, sons ol Adam, so that it is intimated in an occult
manner that the latter (the sons ol the Elohim) are ol those other spirits who are not contained
under the supernal wisdom, concernin which it is written, Kins v. a. And the Lord ave
wisdom unto Solomon. (Concernin these matters, lurther see the Treatise ol the Revolutions).
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - - -
|The Treatise ol the Revolutions is not puhlished in this volume.|
ac. Also it is written, ihid. iv, And He was wise ahove every man. Because these are not
classed with man.
a. (But when it is said) And the Tetrarammaton ave him wisdom, then is understood the
supernal He. (Because he ave unto him the inllux ol the wisdom ol the queen.) And he was
wise helore every man, hecause lrom her he received the wisdom here helow (throuh the path
to the kindom).
aa. Those (spirits) are powerlul who exist lrom eternity. That is, lrom (eternity or) the supernal
world (the understandin, namely, whence are excited severity and riour). The men ol the name
(that is) who exercised themselves in the name.
a. In what name: In the Holy Name, wherein they exercised themselves (lor the perlormin ol
various wonders), and not the holy inleriors. Yet (these) did not exercise themselves save in the
name (and not in holiness).
a. It is said openly the men ol the name, and not the men ol the Tetrarammaton. Not
(therelore used they the name) with respect unto the mystery ol the Arcanum, or in a diminutive
lorm, nor yet with any diminution ol the (name itsell).
a. (And hecause) the men ol the name (are) openly (spoken ol, hence) are they shut out lrom
the eneral conception ol man.
a6. It is written, Ps. xlix. a. Man hein in honour, ahideth not. (When it is said) man hein in
honour (the same is as il also it were said, a man such as was Solomon) shall not remain lon in
the honour ol the Kin without the spirit. (That is, in the inllux lrom the Kin, Microprosopus,
to whom, or to the heautilul path, the spirit heloneth.)
ay. Thirteen kins (that is, the twelve metatheses ol the Tetrarammaton with its radix, which
are the measures ol mercies) wae war with seven (with the Edomite kins, hecause, while the
lihts ol the lormer llowed down, these could not maintain themselves, and, hesides, they are the
classes ol the most riorous judments which are opposed to the mercies. Ior) seven kins are
seen in the land (Edom), and now alter that their vessels are hroken, they are called shells, who
have lallen down amon the inleriors. (These) nine vanquished in war (the measures ol
Microprosopus, concernin which see the Idra Rahha, throuh which David conquered his
enemies), which ascend in the paths ol those which pass downward, on account ol His rulin
power (that is, which make thirteen, as they are in Macroprosopus and his heard, which is called
his inlluence, and lreely lloweth down), and there is none who can withhold their hand. (Ior
whilst the supernal measures permit the increase in the inleriors, all judments are suhdiied.)
|Concernin the twelve hanners ol the sacred Name, the metatheses ol the Tetrarammaton.
see introduction, 6a, also concernin the Edomite kins. I have helore remarked that the
demons are called Qliphoth, or shells, hy the Qahalists. The thirteen in Microprosopus is
composed ol nine manilest and lour hidden.
a8. Iive kins (that is, the live letters MNTzPK, Me, Nun, Tzaddi, Pe, Kath, which are the roots
ol the judments), hetake themselves into swilt lliht helore lour (the lour letters ol the
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - 6 6 - -
Tetrarammaton which hear with them the inllux ol heninity. They cannot remain (since the
judments and riours cease and llee).
|The letters ol the Hehrew alphahet are divided into three classes, the three mothers as they are
called, AMSH, the seven duplex letters, BGDKPRTh, so called hecause they are sometimes
tenues and sometimes aspirates, accordin to whether they are written with or without the
Dahesh point, and the twelve simple letters. HVZChTILNSOTzQ. They are also divided Into
the three cateories ol Chosed, Din, and Rachmim, or mercy, judment, and mildness. Now these
live letters MNTzPK denote the severest judments, and their numher = a8c = PR = the name
ol the anel Sandalphon, SNDLPVN, the anel IOR, or ol the wood ol the world ol Asiah, since
the reatest part ol it are sterile trees.
aq. Iour kins slay lour (that is, the lour letters ol the Tetrarammaton are hound toether with
the lour letters ADNI, Adona, which) depend lrom them like rapes in a cluster (in the
concatenation ol these two names, thus, IAHDVNHI).
c. Amon them are set apart (that is, amon these paths ol the Divine names a selection ol
holiness is made lrom these hroken vessels) seven channels (that is, seven hroken vessels, which
now are like the shells, and contain in themselves a reat part ol the lihts and souls), they testily
testimony (that is, the souls thus selected, thence havin heen horn into the universe, testily that
they are lreed lrom impurity) and they do not remain in their place (and are no loner detained
under the shells).
. The tree which is mitiated (that is, the path ol the kindom or Schechinah, which is the tree
ol the knowlede ol ood and evil, which in itsell existeth lrom the judments, hut is mitiated
hy the hrideroom throuh the inllux ol mercies) resideth within (within the shells, hecause the
kindom hath its dominion over all thins, and its leet descend into death). In its hranches (in the
inlerior worlds) the hirds lode and huild their nests (the souls and the anels have their place).
Beneath it those animals which have power seek the shade (that is, the shells, lor in it every
heast ol the lorest doth walk lorth, Ps. civ. ac).
|See the Introduction lor the Sephiroth arraned in the three pillars, or tree ol lile.|
a. This is the tree which hath two paths (lor thus is this passae restored in the corrected Codex)
lor the same end (namely, ood and evil, hecause it is the tree ol the knowlede ol ood and evil).
And it hath around it seven columns (that is, the seven palaces), and the lour splendours (that is,
the lour animals) whirl around it (in lour wheels) on their lour sides (alter the lourlold
description ol the chariot ol Yechesqiel (Ezekiel).
|The seven palaces answer to the rd, th, th. 6th, yth. Sth, and qth Sephiroth, operatin throuh
the respective orders ol the anels into the spheres ol the seven planets, Saturn, upiter, Mars, Sol,
Venus, Mercury, and Luna. The lour animals, or Chaioth Ha-Qadesch, are the vivilied powers ol
the lour letters ol the Tetrarammaton operatin under the presidency ol the lirst Sephira as the
mainsprin ol primum mohile ol creation. The lour wheels are their correlatives under the
second Sephira, on their lour sides-namely, the lour elements ol the air. lire, water, and earth,
which are the ahodes ol the spirits ol the elements, the sylphs, salamanders, undines, and nomes,
under the presidency ol the tenth Sephira.
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - y y - -
. The serpent (which was made lrom the rod ol Moses -that is, the shell- NVOH, Noah, or
splendour) which rusheth lorth with three hundred and seventy leaps (the thirty-two names
toether with the live letters ol ALHIM, Elahim, which make y, multiplied hy the decad yc,
and the judments ol the hride are denoted, to which that shell directeth his sprins, hecause he
is ol middle nature hetwixt the holy and the prolane). He leapeth upon the mountains, and
rusheth swiltly over the hills, like as it is written (Cant. ii. q. That is, he leapeth hih ahove the
rest ol the shells). He holdeth his tail in his mouth hetween his teeth (that is, his extremity, hy
which he is linked to the shells, turneth towards his other extremity wherewith he looketh
towards holiness). He is pierced throuh on either side (so that he may seek to receive the
superior and inlerior nature). When the chiel ariseth (who is Matatron) he is chaned into three
spirits (that is, he assumeth the nature ol three inlerior shells).
|Noah is also the qahalistical title ol the sphere ol the planet Venus. MTTRVN, Metatron, or
Methraton, is the particular intellience ol the lirst Sephira, and is called the Prince ol Iaces, he
is said also to have heen the ruler ol Moses. Methraton has the same numeration as ShDI,
Shaddai, the Almihty.)
. (But concernin Metatron) it is written, Gen. V. aa' And Enoch walked with the Elohim
(hecause out ol Enoch, Metatron is lormed). And it is written, Prov. xxii. 6. Enoch hath heen
made into a hoy, accordin to his path, (That is, hath heen chaned into ) the hoy (namely,
Metatron, who is spoken ol under his name NOR, Nour, which meaneth a hoy).
|Enoch hath heen made into a hoy, 8c. This peculiar renderin ol the passae, Train up a child
in the way, 8c., arises lrom readin in the Hehrew text ChNVK, Chasokh, Enoch, instead ol
CHNK. Chanekh, train up, or instruct.)
. With the Elohim, and not with the Tetrarammaton (hecause he himsell is relerred unto the
path ol the queen, to whom is attrihuted this name ol Riour). And he existed not (loner)
under this name (Enoch), hecause the Elohim took him in order that he miht he called hy this
name. (Ior this name is communicahle unto the anels, and in the lirst instance unto this chiel
amon thein, namely, Metatron.)
6. There are three houses ol judment iven, which are lour (that is, the three letters IHV,
relerred into the understandin, which yield the lour letters ol the Tetrarammaton, pointed with
the vowel points ol the name Elohim. Ior) there are lour superior houses ol judment (the lour
said Tetrarammatic letters) and lour inlerior (which are the lour letters ADNI, Adona,
helonin unto the kindom). Ior it is written, Lev. xix. . Ye shall not do iniquity in judment,
in dimension, in weiht, and in measure. (Where these lour are mystically intimated.)
y. (There is one) riorous judment (ol severity),another that is not riorous (that is, ol the
kindom). There is one judment hy halance (wherein are the two scales ol merit and error),
another judment which is not made hy halance, (and this is) the entle judment (wherehy the
Israelites are juded. But also there is iven) the judment which is neither ol the one nature nor
ol the other. (Namely, the heautilul path.)
|Ol course the heautilul path is Tiphereth, the sixth Sephira.|
8. (Iurther on it is written), Gen. vi. . And it came to pass when man hean to multiply upon
the lace ol the earth. (Where hy these words) ADM, Adam, hean to multiply (there is
o||cctloa o[ _acec _aglcs v vv vv v, , s s a ac c e e c c - -m ma ag g l l c c s s, , c c o om m _ _ c c ) )s s o o t t c c e e l l c c j jl l o o e e a ae e
- - 8 8 - -
understood Daath, or the knowlede, the soul ol the heautilul path, to which Moses is relerred,
which sendeth down many lihts into the hride, the earth, when the spouse ascendeth thither).
This is that which is written (ihid. ). BShGM, Besheam, in that also, he is llesh (which word
Besheam, in that also, hy equality ol numeration equalleth MShH, Moses) Adam (namely) the
supernal (Daath, or knowlede). And it is written. Upon the lace ol the earth (which lace ol
the earth is this, that the hihest representation ol the queen is the understandin, the mother,
unto whose ates Moses ascended).
q. (Concernin this lace, it is written) Exod. xxxiv. aq. il And Moses knew not that the skin ol
his lace shone where hy the lace the mother is understood, hy the skin, the queen.) This is that
which is said, Gen. iii. a. Tunics ol skin (hecause hy itsell the kindom is wantin in liht).
c. To shine (hut when it is said the lace ol Moses, the mother is understood), accordin to
that passae, Sam. xvi. . And Samuel took the horn ol oil (where hy the oil, the wisdom, hy
the horn, or the splendour ol the oil, the understandin is denoted). Ior there is no anointin
except hy the horn (that is, every descent ol unction is throuh the mother). Hence it is said, Ps.
lxxxix. 8. And in thy lavour our horn shall he exalted. (Also) Ps. cxxxii. y. There shall the
horn ol David llourish (that is, the queen shall receive the inllux lrom the mother). This is the
tenth ol the kins (that is, the path ol the kindom), and oriinathth lrom juhilee, who is the
. Ior it is written, osh. vi. . And it shall he when the horn ol juhilee is sounded. This is the
splendour ol the juhilee, and the tenth (path) is crowned hy the mother.
a. (This is) the horn which receiveth the horn and the spirit, that it may restore the spirit ol Yod
He unto Yod He. (That is, when the spirit is to he iven unto Microprosopus, his mother
contrihuted as much, which is QRN, Qaran, the horn,' the hrilliancy, as the increase which he
receiveth lrom the lather.) And this is the horn ol juhilee. And IVBL, Yohel, juhilee, is H, He
(the lirst He ol the Tetrarammaton), and He is the spirit rushin lorth over all (hecause the
mother is the world to come, when in the resurrection all thins will receive the spirit), and all
thins shall return unto their place (like as in the juhilee, so in the world to come).
. Ior it is written, AHH, IHVH, ALHIM, Ahah Tetrarammaton Eloldni' Ah Tetrarammaton
Elohim' When the H, He, appeareth (lirst), and H, He (in the second place), then is
Tetrarammaton called Elohim (like as a jude, hecause in the world to come there will he work
lor much strenth. This is) the lull name. And it is written, Isa. ii. . And Tetrarammaton alone
shall he exalted in that day. When the one He is turned towards the other He, and Yod is taken
away, then cometh veneance into the universe, and except lor that Adam who is called
Tetrarammaton, the universe would not exist, hut all thins would he destroyed. Hence it is
written. And the Tetrarammaton alone, 8c.
. Hereunto is the hidden and involved Mystery ol the Kin, that is The Book ol Concealed
Mystery. Blessed is he who entereth into and departeth therelrom, and knoweth its paths and