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UNIT 1 2 marks questions 1. What is marketing? 2. What is advertising? 3. What is sales promotion? 4. Define : Advertising 5.

What is ASCI and its role? 6. What is code of ethics? 7. State any 2 provisions of the code of ethics enunciated by the ASCI. 8. What is Disparagement? 9. What is surrogate advertising? 10. Differentiate advertising and publicity 11. Give anyone hierarchy of an effective model of advertising 12. State some of the common ethical issues in advertising. 13. Expand: MRTP, AAAI, INS, ASCI. 14. What are the various types of advertising agencies? 15. Name some of the Advertising Agencies in India 16. Name some of the major functions of an advertising agency. 17. What is Account planning? 18. What is account servicing? 19. What is a-la-carte agency? 20. What is the role of creating services? 21. What is pitching for account? 22. Define advertising strategy. 23. Name the various elements of a marketing plan. 24. What is a advertising plan? 25. What is animation? 26. What is Brand image? 27. What is brand preference? 28. What is a campaign? 29. Who is a client? 30. How does a client differ from a customer? 31. What is positioning? 32. What is USP? 33. What are the three Phases of Campaign Planning?
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Give the social, economic and legal implications of advertising. Explain the execution of advertising campaign. Discuss the media objectives of advertising agencies What is advertising agency? Explain in detail about its operations. Give the organization structure of an advertising agency. Explain the ethical and social relevance of advertising. Mention any 5 top advertising agencies in India and how do they function.

8. Trace the steps in campaign planning with examples 9. Is advertising a social waste? Critically comment. 10. what are the various functions of advertising? Illustrate. 11. Discuss the benefits of advertising to manufacturers and traders 12. Differentiate between advertising, Publicity and Personal selling 13. Discuss the need and significance of advertising agency 14. Every advertisement is a long term investment in the image building of a brand Elaborate. 15. What is advertisement campaign? Illustrate your answer with any of the recent campaign that attracted you. 16. What is the role of an advertising agency?

UNIT 2 2 marks questions 1. What is media buying? 2. What is media planning? 3. What is media mix? 4. List the media planning objectives. 5. What is Aperture Concept in media planning? 6. What are the three types of media timing strategies? 7. What is Reach? 8. What is frequency? 9. What is advertising budget? 10. What is the yardstick to compare the cost of different media? 11. What is advertising budget? 12. What is media strategy? 13. What are BDI and CDI in geographical selectivity? 14. What is the timing and continuity in media scheduling? 15. What is media plan? 16. What is the cost of advertising?
Essay type Questions

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Explain different media available for advertising giving their suitability. Give a media plan for advertising to sell multi storied flats. Discuss the media objectives of advertising agencies What are the various steps involved in media selection for an advertising program? Explain what factors call for more frequency in an advertising media schedule and what call for more reach. How can you increase one without sacrificing the other or increasing advertising budget? What is media planning? It is often said that absolute media planning is impossible. Do you agree? Discuss. Media planning is non difficult and complex. Discuss Explain the various steps of media scheduling with relevant examples.

9. Explain the factors influencing media selection. Propose an appropriate media mix for the following products (1) Helmet (2) VCD player.

UNIT 3 2 marks questions 1. What are the different types of advertisement appeals? 2. What are the different types of advertisements? 3. List the components for message for print advertising. 4. What is layout? 5. List the types of layout. 6. What is Design Appeal? 7. What is copy? 8. List the elements of copy. 9. Differentiate Testimonial copy and Narrative copy. 10. What is copy structure? 11. Define Media Research. 12. What is validity of advertising? 13. What is Reliability of advertising? 14. What is Advertising appeals. 15. What is body copy? 16. List the layout design principles. 17. What is typography? 18. What is advertising production? 19. What is blurb? 20. What are the types of reliability? 21. What are the types of validity?

Essay type Questions

1. What are the buying motives to be considered to prefer Rational Appeal 2. What are the alternative methods available to test a advertisement copy? 3. What is copy writing? How does it differ from media to media? 4. What are the relative merits, demerits and suitability of radio and TV medias? 5. Cable TV and satellite channels have come up well in India. Describe their impact on advertising scene. Is it the same for both? 6. Explain the relevance of print media in the current scenario of satellites TV invasion 7. What are the merits of radio advertisements?

8. What are the merits and demerits of internet advertising? 9. Classify advertising appeals with relevant examples. 10. Describe the features of newspaper advertising. 11. Explain the percentage of sales method objective and task method of allocating the advertisement budget.

12. What is the significance of advertisement copy? What are the elements of an advertising copy?
13. Explain comparative, corporate and informative advertisements in detail. 14. Describe some of the post tests and pre tests used to measure the effectiveness of

advertisement. 15. Bring out the styles of copy writing in Indian context. 16. Advertising may not lead to increase in sales Discuss 17. What do you mean by layout aspects in an advertisement? Explain in detail 18. Bring out the guidelines for copy writing. 19. Radio advertisements have become unpopular and ineffective nowadays. Discuss 20. How to measure the effectiveness of advertising? Elucidate. 21. Explain the various attributes of production of television commercial. 22. Explain the production of print advertisements and commercials. 23. Explain different creative strategies for advertisement production Different creative strategies for advertisement production Measuring the effectiveness of advertisements.


2 marks questions
1. Define sales promotion. 2. What are the objectives of sales promotion? 3. What is the scope of sales promotion? 4. What are the tools of sales promotion? 5. What are the methods of sales promotion? 6. What is sales promotion campaign? 7. State the Requirement Identification Process 8. What are the opportunities & threat in sales campaign management 9. What are the elements of sales promotion campaign? 10. What are the functions of a salesman? 11. What is sales promotion engineering? 12. Who is termed as a dealer?

13. What are the sales promotion evaluation techniques?

Essay type Questions 1. Explain the need for sales promotion activities. 2. Explain the various sales promotion activities. 3. Explain in detail about the various sales promotion tools.

4. Discuss the importance of sales promotion in modern days.

5. How to make it more effective? 6. Bring out the methods of sales promotion aimed at consumers. 7. Briefly explain the planning that are needed for sales promotion. 8. Explain in detail about the various objectives of promotion. 9. Sales promotion is an integral part of marketing management. Discuss 10. Discuss the criticisms one can make against sales promotion. 11. Discuss the various steps in designing a sales promotion campaign. 12. What are the various functions of a sales person?

13. Explain the importance of sales promotion.


2 marks questions
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. What are the common forms of online sales promotion? What is a promotional plan? Define Dealer or who is a dealer? What is integrated promotion? Describe the sales management process. What are the objectives of campaign? How do you create the objectives of the campaign? Distinguish word of mouth and word of mouse. What are the design issues in sales promotion?

Essay type Questions

1. Explain the sales promotion planning process 2. Describe sales promotion plan for a textile retail outlet. 3. Explain the various sales promotion evaluation techniques in detail.