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Gmail - Monday October 31st - CELTIC NEW YEAR'S EVE!

Sven G <>

Monday October 31st - CELTIC NEW YEAR'S EVE!

Sven G <> Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 8:58 PM To:,,, Carlotta Scioldo <>, Leonie Kuipers <>, Caroline Daish <>, timothy segers <>, Elise Goldstein <>, Marilyne Grimmer <>, Esther Francis <>, Bart Van Den Eynde <>, Elke Van Campenhout <>, veridiana zurita <>,, "aleksandra a.pass" <>, michiel apass <>,, peter verwimp <> Cc: margareth kaserer <>, Dear a.passies, other pagans and religious folk, Tomorrow we celebrate Celtic New Year 'Samhain' (*) on the evening of October 31st! The end of the harvest. The transition from the lighter half to the darker half of the year. A moment to look back at one's own life, to let go of the old and prepare for the new. Coincidentally or not, November 1st also happens to be Margareth's birthday and she has been cooking up some plans of her own! May we invite you to our humble abode (De Leescorfstraat 54, 2140 Borgerhout) to partake in a dinner commemorating the past year and initiating the next one. We ask to bring with you a share of your remaining harvest; lifestock, grain supplies or homemade alcoholic brew. These will then either be consumed or preserved to get us through the coming winter. Collective cooking and festivities will commence after sunset, in keeping with Celtic tradition; starting from around 18h. Later in the evening we may propose to continue onward to the Celtic Ireland bar on the Groenplaats in the centre. Le deagh dhrachd (Best wishes), Sven, Margareth & Simon ------------------------* For the Celts everything started from the dark. "The Celts count in nights and in winters" wrote Julius Caesar. Their days started at sunset and their winter started with Samhain, the beginning of the new year. The name 'Samhain' is the Irish and Scottish-Gaelic word for the month November. (translated from Dutch Wikipedia page) * More info by PappyStu :

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