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James Overstreet 2402 21st Avenue North * Texas City, Texas 77590 Cell 409-291-5522 * Home jo15c8f9c@westpost.

net 33 years of experience in the engineering/construction business, specializing in forming responsive management teams. My capabilities range from project development, safety, planning, estimating usi ng Timberline, Richardson, and RSMeans, scheduling using P6, detailed design, pr ocurement, project management, and operational maintenance. Extensive experience contributing to operation and profitability of EPC companie s through outstanding management, engineering, and supervision expertise. Accomp lished and versatile professional with proven ability to guide complex internati onal projects within energy, petrochemical, industrial, and government sectors i ncluding project controls, plans, engineering, site safety, and subcontractor id entification / supervision. Recognized contributor with knowledge and skill need ed to understand drawings, P&IDs, electrical schematics, and mechanical flow dia grams. Articulate and collaborative communicator, negotiator, and leader with ta lent for establishing productive relationships with owners, government officials , colleagues, and subcontractors and build strong, motivated multi-trade teams.

CORE COMPETENCIES Construction Management Expertise * Project Engineering / Planning / Controls * Risk / Safety Control Petrochemical / Industrial Government * Electrical Schematics / Mechanical Flow Diagrams Multi-trade Team Building * Budget Tracking / Contro l * P&ID * Subcontractors

Representative Experience: Gross Group, Inc. - Amman Jordan (9/2009 - Present) Eastern Primary Water Transmission Project in Northern Amman, Jordan Contract Project Manager Responsible for the Construction related to the eastern primary water transmissi on project for WAJ and USAID. Work consisting of the supply, delivery, construct ion and pre-commissioning of 6 new pumps within a new pump station. The install ation of 247 km of 700 mm , 900 mm, and 1000 mm Ductile Iron pipeline. Fluor Enterprises, Inc. - Nizhnekamsk, Russia (10/2007 - 8/2009) Nizhnekamsk Refinery and Petrochemical Complex Construction Manager II Responsible for the Construction of several prime units within a new Petrochemic al Complex. Facilitate coordination between EPC General Contractor and Sub Contr actors. Monitor and audit Sub Contractor activities to ensure compliance with te chnical and commercial aspects of the contract. Work with construction managers to identify and mitigate problem areas. Review and comment on contractor's execu tion methodology. Review and assess contractor's temporary facilities plan and o

thers indirect support services. Review subcontract recommendations. Provide sit e liaison with project PMC organization, review EPC progress. Participate in wee kly safety inspections. Monitor quality audits. Monitor receiving, handling and storage of project material and equipment. Review and monitor turnover planning and execution activities. Maintain knowledge of all safety and security laws, standards, code and regulati ons. Evaluate change orders and claims. The assignment duties included the Field Quality Control for ongoing construction activities in the field. The Morganti Group, Inc. - Amman Jordan (10/2003- 10/2007) International Police Training Center, Amman, Jordan Project Manager- Responsible for Construction of living and dining facilities fo r 10,000 + people, in accordance with the Agreement between the CPA and the Jord anian Public Security Department. The project was done in two phases. Phase 1 was the modification of certain existing facilities and construction of a camp with capability of training Iraq police trainees Phase 2 was the modification of existing faciliti es and construction of a training facility capable of housing and training over 10000 Iraq police trainees. Schedule with a manpower peak of 1600 and 1.9 milli on safe man-hours. Greater Amman Water Supply Restructuring and Rehabilitation Project Project Manager Responsible for the direction of the engineering personnel and construction pers onnel for the final phases of the drinking water transmission lines, water tower s, ground water reservoirs, pumping stations and miscellaneous services. Execute d with Local Jordanian labor, Vendors, and Subcontractors.

Black & Veatch Corporation - (11/1999-7/2003) Overland Park, Kansas Senior Construction Estimator - Overland Park, Kansas Worked closely with the proposal managers, discipline engineers, group estimator s, project managers, and the proposal coordinators, from schematic design throug h construction to direct hire budget estimates. Coordinated the estimating proce ss to the final estimate related to the generation, transmission and the distrib ution of Combine Cycle, Simple Cycle, and LM6000. Work consisted of Estimating t he direct cost, indirect cost, equipment utilization, and material take off cost ing. Reliant Energy Generation Facilities, Hunterstown, Pennsylvania Estimated the Constructio n of a plant using natural gas powered generating facilities. The 3-on-1 combine d cycle design composed of three GE 7FB gas turbine generators; three triple-pre ssure reheat cycle heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), each equipped for supp lemental duct firing; and one reheat condensing steam turbine generator for a to tal nominal capacity of 800 MW. The combustion turbines were designed to fire na tural gas and were equipped with dry low NOx burners. The HRSGs was equipped wit h a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to control NOx emissions.

RISE FPLE Power Project. Estimated the Construction the 2-on-1 natural gas fueled GE 7FA combustion tur bine combined cycle power blocks four heat recovery steam generators and two GE steam turbines. The facility was capable of producing over 1,200 MW. The combust ion turbines will be equipped with dry low NOx combustors. Klamath Falls, Oregon Estimated the procurement, delivery, construction, startup, testing a nd initial operation of a 3-on-1 combined cycle design comprising three GE 7FB g as turbine generators; three triple-pressure reheat cycle heat recovery steam ge nerators (HRSG), each equipped for supplemental duct firing; and one reheat cond ensing steam turbine generator for a total nominal capacity of 800 MW. The combu stion turbines will be designed to fire natural gas and was equipped with dry lo w NOx burners. The HRSGs was equipped with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to control NOx emissions. Installed an air-cooled condenser to reject he at from the steam cycle. S&B Plant Services, LTD. - (2/1998-11/1999) DeBottlenecking Project, Baytown, Texas Project Manager - S&B Plant Services, Bayer Corporation. Managed the overall direct hire construction of four major projects within the c oating process units. Responsible for field operations on maintenance and small capital construction services. Brown and Root - (3/1994-2/1998) Weyerhaeuser Container Mill, Valliant, Oklahoma Technical Services Manager - Brown and Root, Inc. managed the direct hire constr uction on the upgrade of the No. 1 OCC plant. Scope of work was to increase the production of the OCC to 454 ODSTPD by installing new, higher efficiency equipment and reconfiguring existing equipment so that a higher quality of stock could be produced using local labor. VECO, Inc (5/1990-3/1994) Construction Manager/Estimating Manager Manager of the Estimating for direct hired construction proposals in California and Washington. Project bid were lump sum direct hire projects within major oil companies, High percent of the projects were mandated by the Air Quality Managem ent District and other agencies, such as wastewater improvement, ground water re mediation, and wastewater treatment units. Other responsibilities included the m anagement and directing of the direct hire staffing for turnarounds or facility shutdowns. Brown and Root - (9/1977-4/1990) Port Author, Texas Technical Services Manager- on the construction of a $120 million wastewater improvement project to ensure compliance with EPA environmental and OSHA regulations; this included all direct hire construction activities of raw water intake structure, Pumping station and large diameter pipeline to deliver raw water 1.5 miles to th e 225-acre Treatment plant site. The scope included design, construction, of the facility including industrial landscaping, start-up, testing, commissioning and securing

all permits for design, construction, and operation. Exxon Oflins Plant, Baytown, Texas Project Engineer - Brown and Root, Inc. Manage and administer the BAPM Contract at Exxon's Baytown Olfins Plant (BOP) facilities. Responsible for developing, im plementing, and auditing the technical services. Determined the compliance with the contract and corporate requirements during all shutdowns and direct hire cap ital work. Roche Pharma Tech Center Pilot Plant Construction Engineer - Brown and Root, Inc. Oversaw the daily construction and progress activities on a Construction Managem ent (CM) project. Estimated the total project for a control budget, reviewed sub contractors' change orders for approval, and worked with upper management to ref orecast final completion cost. Torrance, California Project Superintendent - B.R.I.S. Union Carbide. Supervised maintenance activiti es, capital projects, and turnarounds. Responsibilities included the planning, monitor and evaluate the ongoing construction activities including contractor or ganization, resources to do the work, execution and administration of the ongoin g contracts. Bakersfield, California/Portland, Oregon Site Supervisor - EPC $115 million gas plant for Shell. Managed and supervised s ubcontractors performing the civil work and Commercial building works and direct hire construction personnel. Petrochem Division, Texas Gulf Coast Area Field Engineer Responsible for day-to-day field engineering activities during ongoing construct ion from the sub contractors activities and manage the contract requirements for compliance with the Drawings and Specifications. Provided technical direction to construction engineers and superintendents.