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Yadeen Baqi Reh Jati Hain

Aitbar Sajids worth award winning poetry and memoir that keeps you in rhythmic, moving, profound and sentimental delight all the way To Aitbar Sajid, my friend, my benevolent, a tale of life and a legend. When Id written these words on Tripping Soul (A novelette of mine) while presenting it to him in the office of legendry artist Anees Yaqoob in Lahore, I even had no idea about his latest book Yadeen Baqi Reh Jati hain. On the same day he reciprocated me with his new book and once Id opportunity on the same night to go through this marvelous piece of Memoir. I recalled my words written on the Tripping Soul. How honest were my remarks. When the battles are fought and won and lost, one may tell you a tale that dwells in someones soul and becomes like blood runs in the veins and moves to drive ones laughs and cries silently whispering in your ears. By demonstrating his flair Aitbar achieved the great stature in his new book Yadeen Baqi Reh Jati Hain. An unmitigated analogy in Aitbars qualities and his works dragged me twenty seven years back in our youth days in Baluchistan that wed spent together. For long five years we had collectively fought those wars against us amid our laughs and cries. Hes candidly a born writer and poet of his era and he proved his wits successfully bringing his work before us. The great beauty of his poetry that it makes everything every place interesting was said about John Keats and I wonder how correctly Aitbars work can be seen in this perception. At that time, we had together in Nushki, he might been in his mid twenties; and at that period of life he certainly appreciated the general beauty of the composition, and felt the more passionate passages; for his features and exclamations were ecstatic.... like a true poet, and spelled a poet "born, not manufactured," a poet in grain. He especially singled out descriptions, for that felicity and power in many of his poems as eminent through whims of his own life as he unveiled in this book. The work in Yadeen Baqi Reh Jati hain is as brainy as one could conceive and inspire. Especially the delineations of fascinating scrupulous images of his different idols mirror his ingrained poetic talent. Above all his commitment remains at its crest based on his unwary compassionate traditions to bear the essence of literature. For true joyance of reading this book is recommended anytime. Naeem Baig Note. Reviewer is an Article Writer in Technobiz Magazine Lahore (An international magazine in Science & Technology) and Novelist. His first novel TRIPPING SOUL has been shelved in the market. Rest of his work can be viewed at