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ELC 8 - Christian Grooming

Christian grooming is the art of dressing or making up oneself appropriately and properly as a daughter or child of the King. I. Why should one be groomed appropriately and properly? 1. to earn respect 2. to show respect to others 3. to show respect for ones self 4. to help accomplish a purpose 5. for proper representation Can one be overgroomed or overdressed? Yes, definitely, one can be overgroomed or overdressed. - When we dress beyond what the occasion demands. Can one be underdressed or improperly dressed? Yes, definitely, one can be underdressed or improperly dressed. a. When we wear casual or sports attire in the following occasions/places: 1. weddings 2. funeral services 3. church services 4. paying courtesy calls (semi formal would do) 5. traveling in business class of plane flights (if booking is in economy class, one can go casual or in pants/dress suit IV. That Well-Groomed Look 1. Little Things Count in Grooming 2. Good Grooming Brings A Glow 3. Polish Up Your Natural Features GROOMING HABITS 1. Cleanliness first No cosmetic or beauty treatment, however costly, can give you the fresh gleam that comes from a good, old fashioned soap-and-water scrubbing! 2. Take a BathAnd Good Grooming will Follow! When you follow the rule of cleanliness first other aspects of grooming fall naturally and easily into place. 3. How and When Shall I Bathe? Some girls enjoy a morning shower to invigorate them for the day. Other perefer a leisurely tub bath at bedtime 4. Now Reach For A Deodorant!



Sorry to say your freshness wont last. Like daisies that droop and rainbows that fade, your daintiness will soon become tainted. With perspiration comes an offensive body odor.

5. Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair. Underarm hair not only traps perspiration odors, but also spoils the effect of sleeveless garments. 6. Beware of Bad Breath! a. Brush your teeth after each meal to rout our food particles. If you cant brushthen rinse! b. Keep your mouth free of tooth decay with regular dental check-ups. c. Use a hygienic mouthwash each morning. d. Carry a package of breath-purifiers in your handbag. To be truly well-groomed, you must make certain that your breath is as acceptable as your appearance. 7. Add A Touch Of Fragrance A perfume adds a delightful finishing touch. But be sure you use it as a finishing touch to your groomingnot as a cover-up for lack of grooming. 8. Clothing Must Be Neat And Clean 9. Scrutinize That Sweater 10. Check Your Shoes Too! 11. Is Your Handbag a Hodgepodge? 12. Clothes Must Be Prepared Promptly Give your clothes regular care and repair. Remember the old saying, A stitch in time saves nine. Its true. 13. Clothes Must Be Aired Frequently Between cleanings your garments absorb disagreeable room odors, food odors, and body odors. If you fail to air your clothes, you may be putting on an odor when you put on your clothes! 14. Clothes Must Be Stored Properly It must be clean and dainty, well-arranged, and in workable order.

15. Clothes Must Be Worn Neatly It is not enough that your clothes appear neat and orderly in your closet, they must also appear neat and orderly on you!

RELATING THE THEME TO CHRISTIAN LIFE 1. Poor grooming Hinders Your Witness Others are looking at you and judging Christianity by what they see. 2. Poor Grooming Dishonors Christ. As Christian girls, it is fitting that your grooming reflects self-respect and self-esteem. 3. Your Body Is Precious To God. Every part of you is precious to God---not just your spirit and soul but your body as well 4. You Must Be Polished Like A Palace. The splendor of a palace is found not only in its gleaming outer pillars and marble walls, but also in its inner beauty. Are you shining-clean like a palace both without and within? Do you give as much attention to your spiritual grooming as to you physical grooming? 5. Choose Christ As Your Ideal. Choose no other ideal than Jesus Christ! He is the only perfect One! 6. Use the Bible As A Mirror. Look at yourself through the mirror of Gods Word. See your true condition no whitewash no camouflage no mask. 7. Let God Apply His Remedy. Allow God to apply His Spiritual spot-remover and His powerful bleach to you soul. 8. The Loveliness of Christ Shines Through. When your soul is polished in mirror-like perfection, bright and clean, so that no smudges blur the reflection of Jesus Christ in you, you simply cannot help but radiate loveliness---for He Himself is lovely! V. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A Womans Guide to Etiquette Follow the Golden Rule Avoid the Things You Dislike In Others Manners Must Be Practiced Regularly Dont Rebel Against the Rules The Eating Game Requires Team Work Good Manners Make Sense

Examples of table manners: 1. Dont Be A Hostess Harasser a) What should you do when you find that youre going to be late b) What should you do when you enter the dining room? c) What should you do when you find a foreign object in your food? d) How can you keep in step with others? e) Whats wrong with leaving food uneaten? 2. Dont Be A Thoughtless Dinner Guest a) How do you permit a gentleman to seat you at the table? b) Take only your share of the floor space. c) Think about the other guests! d) Observe common decencies. e) Dont elbow other. 3. Dont Eat Like Miss Displeasing a) Watch your posture at the table. b) Dont talk with food in your mouth. c) Dont use your fingers as food pushers. d) Special precautions are required when drinking. e) What to do when you have to blow your nose. f) Do not discuss revolting subjects.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT WITH GOOD TRAINING DOES? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. When does the well-mannered woman start eating? Does she ever place her elbows on the table? Where does she leave her napkin throughout the meal? What does she do with her napkin when she leaves the table? How does she pass a pitcher? What does she do if the hostess serves food she doesnt like? How does she serve herself gravy from the gravy boat? When butter or jelly is passed, where does she place it? When finger food such as olives, cookies, or sandwiches are passed around the table, what does she do with them 10. How does she know which silver to use? 11. What does she do with her knife and fork after using them? 12. What does she do with her silver when passing her plate for second? 13. How much meat does she cut at one time? 14. What implements could she use on the following items? 15. How does she butter her bread? 16. How does she eat her soup? 17. How does she remove seeds, pits, gristle from her mouth? 18. How does she handle problems or accidents at the table? 19. If the hostess lingers at the table following the meal, what does she do?

RELATING THE THEME TO CHRISTIAN LIFE A. Why Should Christians Practice Good Manners? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Polite manners show honor and respect to others. Courteous manners show concern for the feelings of others. Pleasant manners show kindliness to others. Considerate, thoughtful manners fulfill the Golden Rule. Loving and gentle manners show forth the fruit of the Spirit

B. Courtesy Enhances A Womans Charm and Loveliness The various charm techniques that a woman develops will count for little if they are not enhanced by the crowning grace of courtesy. The Apostle Paul told the Corinthian believers that without love, their most noteworthy talents would profit them nothing. In a very real sense, courtesy is akin to love. For courtesy is simply showing love by doing those things which please and refraining from those things which annoys. VI. Christian Charm A NEW LOOK Within and Without Diet and Exercise


1. Vitality is Essential to Charm Just as a wilted droopy rose never wins a ribbon for its beauty or loveliness, so a sluggish lifeless girl never wins a prize for her charm. If you wish to be attractive, you must LOOK ALIVE, FEEL ALIVE, ACT ALIVE! For life irresistibly attracts life. 2. Vitality Bears a Tag Just as a rare diamond is never offered at a bargain sale, so genuine vitality demands full price in terms of discipline Discipline to say yes to brisk morning calisthenics, and no to lazy lying in bed yes to celery and carrot sticks, and no to hot fudge sundaes yes to daily spiritual food and exercise, and no to anything that might blur the reflection of Christ in your life. Decide now to keep your body, mind and soul in tip-top condition---- not only to be your most charming self, but also to honor the One who created you. For ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are Gods. (1 Cor. 6:20) RELATING THE THEME TO CHRISTIAN LIFE 1. 2. 3. 4. How do I Measure up spiritually? Am I keeping spiritually fir? Spiritual starvation dwarfs the personality. Daily devotions improve the personality. Stay close to Christ and you will become like him.

VIII. Facial Beauty 1. Prettiness is More than Perfect Features Look at yourself in the mirror! You are not hopeless! You ARE meant to be attractive! Your Heavenly Father is the Author of all beauty. As a Daughter of the King He wants you to be especially appealing, so that as others admire you, they will come to know and admire your Saviour too. 2. Beauty Begins With Cleanliness If you want a pretty face, you must keep it as fresh and clean as a snowflake. Nothing is more appealing than a freshly scrubbed face. This is the Way to Wash Your Face: 1. Lather massage. 2. Rinse in warm water. 3. Rinse in cool water. 4. Pat dry. Give yourself this quick beauty treatment several times a day and youll look lovelier and feel fresher, too! Remember freshly scrubbed faces are appealing! DONT POUT OVER PIMPLES Check your diet! Keep your hands off your face. Keep your face and scalp clean and free of oil. Maintain good bowel function. Avoid emotional upsets Dont become a stay at home! See your doctor! What About Makeup? You will want to use makeup properly so as to bring out your youthful attractiveness. When applying makeup, above all else, strive for naturalness. Learn to apply your cosmetics so skillfully that others will be aware of your loveliness---not your makeup. Remember, you will be admired only as a lovely girl--- not a painted doll, a circus clown, or an Egyptian mummy! If your makeup is so conspicuous that it calls attention to itself, it becomes a detriment to your charm--and to you as a person. RELATING THE THEME TO CHRISTIAN LIFE 1. God is in the beauty Business too. If Gods love and beauty are missing from our hearts, all out efforts at making ourselves pretty are in vain. The Bible says, Though thou clothest thyself with crimson, though thou deckest thee with ornaments of gold, though thou rentest thy face with painting, in vain shalt thou make thyself faire. (Jeremiah 4:30)

2. How Beautiful is Your Heart? If ugly thoughts reign in our hearts, ugly expressions stamp themselves on our faces. The apostle Paul gives us a package of thought-seeds to sow in our minds and hearts in (Phil 4:8). If we sow lovely thoughts in our hearts, we shall reap blossoms of loveliness in our faces. 3. Your Face is a Cardiogram. Unlovely attitudes and emotions deep within us are recorded on our faces for all to read. 4. Make this Test for Yourself. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. God has given you one face and you make another. Neither foundation cream nor lipstick can alter the unbecoming faces we fashion for ourselves through hateful thoughts. 5. You Cannot Hate Yourself and Be Pretty. A girl who hates cannot be truly prettynor can a girl who hates herself. Our countenance reveals not only our attitudes toward others, but also our innermost feelings toward ourselves. 6. But God Can Make Us Radiant. Gods transforming power at work in our hearts is the only beauty treatment which will restore lost facial radiance. For best results, maintain a daily appointment with God in His beauty parlor. Become one of his regular customers! As you look into the mirror of His Word. He will reveal any ugliness hiding in your heart. Just as your vanity mirror shows the blemishes and smudges upon your heart which mark both your inner and outer beauty. 7. Confession and Cleansing Restore Lost Radiance. Every girl knows that a daily soapsuds cleansing will bring a refreshing sparkle to her face. In the same way a daily inner cleansing will bring a spiritual sparkle to your countenance. 8. A Radiant Face Draws Others To Christ. A radiant face is magnetic. It will draw others to youand to your Christ. A radiant face is the beauty mark God graciously gives to those who love him. IX. YOUR HAIR A HALO OF LOVELINESS

1. Your Hair is Framing Material Pretty pictures deserves pretty frames and so do pretty faces! God has provided you an abundance of framing materialthe 120,000 hairs on your head. It is a gift from God for you to enjoy! If youll start giving your hair the attention such as a gift deserves, itll become a pleasure not a problemand youll soon discover that your face is framed in a shining halo of loveliness and beauty. 2. How to Frame Your Face a. Framing material is in perfect condition b. The shape and style of the frame bear a pleasing relationship to the picture it encloses.

How Can You Have Healthy, Shining Hair? 1. Observe rules of exercise and diet 2. Maintain a regular schedule of brushing and shampooing. a. Brushing sweeps out dust and dist b. Brushing adds luster c. Brushing stimulates the scalp d. Brushing lubricates the hair Shampooing your hair: a. Brush hair daily (up and out) b. Keep hair tools clean (give them sudsy bath then lay on towel to dry) c. Shampoo on schedule! d. Rinse and rinse again! Get Rid of Dandruff Brush your hair faithfully. Massage your scalp regularly with brush or fingerstips. Wash your hair often with a shampoo which combats dandruff. Maintain a well balanced diet and observe general rules of health. RELATING THE THEME TO CHRISTIAN LIFE I. How Much Should I Be Concerned With My Hair? I should take time to keep my hair clean, well-groomed and attractive. What Should Be My Motive In Striving For Lovely Hair? To be respected and admired so that my influence will count for Christ. Should I Choose An Extreme And Elaborate Hairdo? My hairstyle should be attractive, but always in keeping with modesty, simplicity and good taste. Should I Change Color of My Hair? I would gain nothing, but I would lose my unaffected naturalness. A false hair color would make me appear unsure of my personal worth. To be trustedbe genuine!





Your Wardrobe 1. Clothing Expresses The Real You 2. Your Clothing Affects Others 3. Your Clothing Affects You 4. Your Clothing Affects Your Saviour

If Clothing is so Important, Then How Can I Always Look Well-Dressed? 1. You must dress so as to appear up-to-date but not outlandish. a. Choose classic styles b. Learn to sew c. Avoid extremes

2. You must dress to reflect your own taste and personality a. You are a special person! b. Dont lose your identity c. Dare to be yourself! 3. You must dress appropriately. a. For dress-up dates or parties wear pretty dresses or soft feminine blouses with simple skirts. b. For church-wear a suit or dress with stockings and appropriate heels. c. For school-wear jumpers and blouses, sweaters and skirts, simple casual and everyday shoes. 4. You must dress with simplicity Simplicity can be strikingly beautiful. The trick is to add an eye-arresting feature to relieve plainness.

5. You must become color-wise Discover what color flatter your skin, your hair, your eyes. 6. You must mix and match with care 7. You must organize your closet to discover your needs. 8. You must become a smart shopper. a. Learn to recognize a bargain b. Read the labels c. Check the fit d. Check the tailoring RELATING THE THEME TO CHRISTIAN LIFE 1. The Christian Womans Wardrobe. If Jesus Christ is the most important person in your life, youll naturally want to please Him in everything---and this includes the way you dress. 2. God Wants Your Clothes To Be Pretty The kings daughter is all glorious within; her clothing is of wrought gold (Psalm 45:36) She maketh herself coverings of tapesty; her clothing is silk and purple (Proverbs 31:22)

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