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ROSE E. FABISZAK 64 Mason Blvd. Staten Island, N.Y., 10309 H: 718-356-5321 C:917-239-0985 rf13323d2@westpost.

net EXPERIENCE: 2003- Present The College Board New York, N.Y. Duties include; * Publishing CollegeEd a 7-12th grade career exploration and college planning cu rriculum; taking it from a 7th grade program to a fully expanded, standards alig ned curriculum that is unique with a Family Guide. * Conceptualizing and executing a viable cobranded, margin producing partnership that allows for licensing of our content and expanding the CB brand and the Col legeEd content to non-users with the Premier Agenda - CE Planners. Premier is a subsidiary of the Specialty Schools Corp., It should be noted this was the first time in College Board's history that such a cobranded collaboration was successfully done. * Forging partnerships with NCCEP (National Community and College Education Part ners) in order to better expose the College Board's mission to federally funded (GEAR UP) client base(s) and opportunities each year. CE has for the past 5 year s successfully sponsored the Parent Leadership Institute Awards. We have also de livered successful Parent Institute workshops (both in English and in Spanish) e very year. * Identifying and executing a marketing message and national sales strategy * Reducing costs to ensure budget goals * Expanding sales of program with a progressive margin growth since 2003 * Designing a scope and sequence that allows CollegeEd to move from just a middl e school program into a standards based 7-12th grade college planning and career exploration curriculum with a companion website, supporting district implementa tion training as well as educator and counselor professional development * Developing from concept idea to actual program component - a Family Guide, whi ch makes the CollegeEd program unique. * Managing the mapping the of ELA, ASCA and 21st Century Skills standards * Developing teacher and counselor Implementation and Delivery Guides * Overseeing the design and development of a CE website and implementation tutor ial. * Developing a highly respected curriculum that was a finalist and contended for the Educator's Publishing Industry award two years running; 2004, 2005 * Creating six guide books that have been used as additional resources to the pr ogram and were used as respected resources in teacher and counselor trainings: C reating a College Going Culture, Advisory, Sustainability, Parental Outreach, Be st Practices and Special Needs as well as an Implementation Guide * Establishing partnerships with colleges and universities such as Tulane, Emers on, Clemson, Morehouse, University of Kansas, Rochester University, etc., for ex panded student and parental outreach as well as forming college partnerships wit h feeder middle schools and high schools to formulate and create college going a gendas for all students in underserved districts. * Developing counselor training around the theme of Creating a College Going Cul ture and using our Counselor Resource guide publication - as a means to allow counselors to explore and better understand career exploration and college plann ing for students and support the implementation of CE. * Expanding client base through colleges and university outreach efforts 2001-2003 St. John's Lutheran School Staten Island, N.Y. Principal: Responsible for improving the instructional quality, training of staf f on new educational standards and updating all subject area curriculums. Other responsibilities included the development of a new school schedule in order to a ccommodate the introduction of a technology curriculum, the launch of school new spaper, music and art classes and a year book linked to English Language Arts. During my tenure the school received substantial community grants to develop and

fund a computer lab with wireless educational internet services as well as a mu sic and art program. Upgrading the Science lab equipment, donated by local organ izations and over saw all school to community sponsored fund raising and grant w riting projects as well as performed the regular day to day duties of a school a dministrator. 1999-2001 High School for Law & Public Service New York, N.Y. Assistant Principal. Assisted in the redesign of four new schools in Washington Heights. Assist in staff development, teacher training and curriculum enhanceme nt. As the Assistant Principal, my responsibilities included but were not limite d to training of personnel for their varied positions and complying with all cit y mandated reports, annual observations, and supervision of Guidance personnel. 1996-1999 High School of Economics and Finance New York, N.Y. Spanish teacher, and School to Career Coordinator Designed the 9th Grade Outreach team, that worked with the at risk students. Ass isted with teacher training, led the School to Career projects and standards as well as act as the community liaison in getting students into college courses at Baruch College and corporate sponsored internship summer programs and community service projects with organizations such as the NY Knicks. Led and taught a Virtual Enterprise class and had students participate in NFTE i nitiatives. (National Foundation for Training Entrepreneurs) 1989-1996 St. Savior High School Brooklyn, N.Y. High school Spanish teacher and school Coordinator of the Language Honor Society , Spanish Club and Community Volunteers. EDUCATION: Pace University University of New England Empire State College LICENSES: MS Ed Administration MS Ed Curriculum Design BS Interdisciplinary Ed

Licensed: NY and Georgia State Dept. of Education School District Administrator and Teacher of Spanish 7-12

AWARDS: -Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce: Salute to Women Leaders: 1994 Community Service Award -Borough President Howard Golden's Award: Civic and Community Leadership 1995 -NYC Board of Education - Chancellor Levy's Award: Year 2000: Coordinator of NYC Mentoring Programs -Pace University's: Outstanding Education Award 1999 -Office of the Superintendent: Outstanding Administrative Leadership Award 2000 Multilingual: English, Spanish, Italian,